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0007294VTK(No Category)public2008-07-07 08:122016-08-12 09:54
Julian Ibarz 
Kitware Robot 
0007294: Make offset parameters of vtkMapper non static
Actually the offsets parameters of vtkMapper is static and so we can't have different parameters for each mappers. It would be useful, for instance to add a skin on a mesh with a different material.
I made a patch that permits that but it breaks the API and we cannot access the parameters of the offsets with static methods. So vtkOpenGLImageActor::Load(vtkRenderer *ren) has to be rewritten (the best solution is to add an interface like vtkMapper in vtkOpenGLImageActor) and also TestOrientationMarkerWidget.cxx (I remove the line that set the offsets parameters using static methods).

Please tell me if you don't want to break the API, I will try to provide a better patch.
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patch 03_offset.patch (10,977) 2008-07-07 08:12
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