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0006388VTK(No Category)public2008-02-20 03:532008-02-25 11:15
Reporterdan white 
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Summary0006388: fails on OSX with VTK Cocoa build
DescriptionCocoa enabled build of VTK CVS on OSX 10.5.2 with 10.5 SDK
-arch -i386;86_64
cocoa needed for 64 bit VTK, carbon is not 64 bit and is depreciated. throws a type error as it is getting only 1 argument when expecting 2
in onPaint. This does not happen wiht a Carbon build of VTK,
so there must be some thing wrong with the way cocoa vtk render window is talking to wx render window interactor?
This bug also shows up in BioImageXD with a VTK cocoa build, as it also uses wx.
(again carbon vtk works as expected, but cant build 64 bit with carbon, and never will be able to )

private-white:Desktop dan$ python2.5 /Users/dan/Desktop/VTKCVSgcc/VTK/Wrapping/Python/vtk/wx/
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/Users/dan/Desktop/VTKCVSgcc/VTK/Wrapping/Python/vtk/wx/", line 311, in OnPaint
TypeError: function takes exactly 2 arguments (1 given)

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dan white (reporter)
2008-02-20 10:50

this is actually not a VTK bug,
it happens because wxWidgets mac port wxMac uses Carbon
so cant use wxPython GUI with Cocoa VTK yet.

there isa new wxCocoa port of wxWidgets in the wxWidgets source tree,
this needs work as there are missing features.
not sure it it will work yet for VTK

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