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This page is not yet fully organized.  Please see other tutorials on the [[CMake#Tutorials|top page]].
This page has moved [ here].
===CMake Packages===
* [[CMake/Tutorials/Exporting_and_Importing_Targets|Exporting and Importing Targets]]
* [[CMake/Tutorials/Packaging|Packaging]]
* [[CMake/Tutorials/Package_Registry|Package Registry]]
* [[CMake/Tutorials/How_to_create_a_ProjectConfig.cmake_file|How to create a ProjectConfig.cmake file]]
===Object Libraries===
* [[CMake/Tutorials/Object_Library|Object Library Overview]]
===Cross-platform Development===
* [[CMake/Tutorials/C++Compilers|Change behavior based on the available c++ environment]]
* [[CMake/Tutorials/C++11Flags|Change c++11 flags based on the available c++ environment]]
* [[CMake/Tutorials/Qt|Using Qt through CMake on different platforms]]
===Convenience Techniques===
* [[CMake/Tutorials/SettingVariableGroups|Set a group of variables all at the same time]]

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