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If you want to add a new module to CMake, then you must volunteer to maintain it, or find someone that will. This page contains a list of Module maintainer volunteers, and instructions on how to become a maintainer.

  • This mail describes the procedure how to become maintainer, and how to modify or add modules: Call for maintainers
  • Maintainers should follow the guide lines for module files documented here: readme.txt

In addition backwards compatibility for all existing variables in the current set of modules must be maintained strictly.

If you want to become a module maintainer, please send an email with your module to the cmake mailing list.


  • NOBODY!!! Please volunteer if you are able and willing. Need new maintainers for these modules:
    • Any Find*.cmake module distributed with CMake that is not already listed under a maintainer below.
  • Dave Partyka, dave dot partyka at kitware dot com
  • Alan W. Irwin, irwin at beluga dot phys dot uvic dot ca
    • Ada
  • Matt Leotta, matt.leotta at gmail dot com
  • Clinton Stimpson clinton at elemtech dot com
  • Petr Gotthard, petr dot gotthard at honeywell dot com
  • Kovarththanan Rajaratnam, kovarththanan.rajaratnam at gmail dot com
  • James Bigler, - jbigler or jamesbigler - gmail dot com