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== CMake,CPack,CTest builtin documentation ==
All CMake tools command line do have some builtin documentation support. The tools (cmake, cpack, ctest) supports a variable subset of:
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  ctool --help-command[-list]
  ctool --help-module[-list]
  ctool --help-variable[-list]
  ctool --help-policy[-list]
  ctool --help-property[-list]
  ctool --help-full
  ctool --help-html
for the detail see:
  cmake --help
  cpack --help
  ctest --help
This builtin documentation comes from 2 different places:
# static variables in C++ sources
# text surrounded by markup in CMake script files
== Documentation in C++ sources ==
This is the primary source of builtin documentation.
== Documentation markup in CMake script files ==
This source is available since CMake 2.8.8 and is currently only used by CPack.
The idea behind CMake script markup is to be able to document CMake scripts. Documenting a script means being able to put in structured documentation using some comments.
Before 2.8.8, this was available through:
cmake --help-module
which was basically extracting the first block of comments stripping out the comment character ('#').
From 2.8.8 and up we may be able to do more by using a basic markup language which may be used to document:
* variable
* command
* section/module
The markup may then be automatically extracted by ctool (cmake, cpack, ctest) in order to feed their
command lines options.
A comment in a CMake script is a line which begin by a '#' character. A markup line is a special line which begin with a '##' (double '#') followed by a markup word. The list of currently supported markup words is:
* section
* module
* variable
* macro
* end
A documentation block must always begins with a non-end markup line and finishes with a ##end markup line.
=== Variable ===
=== Command ===
=== Section ===

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