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Eclipse CDT 4.0 Generator

CMake generated Eclipse Project for TSP
Eclipse opens CMake project file

There is an Eclipse CDT 4.0 generator being developed on top of the Makefile generators available now (i.e., "Unix Makefiles", "MinGW Makefiles", "MSYS Makefiles", and maybe "NMake Makefiles").

With this generator it is possible to create a set of .project/.cproject files that can be imported in Eclipse as an "Existing Eclipse project".

Since August 1st the Eclipse generator is included in CMake cvs.

If patches are needed, you can get them this way:

  • download this file.
  • apply the patch contained to the cvs copy:
cd /path/to/cmake/source
patch -p0 < /path/to/eclipse_cdt4_generator.patch

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