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Fedora 14 example

Install package dependencies

yum install gcc gcc-c++ git texinfo ncurses-devel flex bison

Build custom GDB

Build it

cd ~
mkdir gdb
cd gdb
git clone git:// source
mkdir build install
cd build
../source/configure --prefix=$(cd ../install && pwd)
make -j2 all install

Put it at the top of the system PATH

su -
cd /usr/local/bin
ln -s /home/user/gdb/install/bin/gdb

Logout and login to a new shell to ensure the system follows the new path.

Install custom pretty-printers

Basic pretty-printers

yum install python-matplotlib

Place the following in ~/.gdbinit

some stuff
oeau eoau
mkdir ~/gdb/gdb-pretty

libstdcxx pretty-printers

cd ~/gdb/gdb-pretty
git clone libstdcxx