ITK/Release 4/DICOM/Meeting 2011.09.01 Roadmap

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  1. Review roadmap


  • Alex, Steve, Stephen, terry, dan and William


  • DCMTK Module
    • Modularization of ITK has been helpful
    • Need to patch DCMTK to expose build settings to be used through external_project() / superbuild
    • Need to create a FindDCMTK.cmake
      • Need to fix findpackage commands
      • Need a UseDCMTK.cmake file
  • Need ITK ImageFile reader/writer using itk's IO factory mechanism based on DCMTK ( itkDCMTKImageIO a-la itkGdcmImageIO )
    • Focus of Dan's team
    • this is enough on the image processing point of view. One could/should decorrelate the PACS, Dicom Metadata handling, and image processing.
  • Dicom Metadata dictionnary handling
    • using DCMTK in memory structure (as CTK does)
    • currently using gdcm in memory structure, at best
    • structures being incompatible, you need to aprse twice today in slicer to go from itk to ctk
    • Possible goal: Consistent population of MetaData Dictionary between DCMTK and GDCM, perhaps through DB
      • common in memory structure that could be populated arbitrarily by the user (file list, cosines, spacing, ...)?
      • common DB structure that could be then read into either gdcm or dcmtk ?
      • Work in progress
      • Future work - might not happen
  • Slicer
    • Will use cmd line methods from DCMTK for now (RSNA Release)
    • Will use DCMTK::PACSModule and ITK::DCMTKModule when they are ready
  • Funding
    • Alex
      • 1 FTE until 15 of december
      • underspent
    • Dan/William/Mayo
      • Underspent
    • Terry mentioned that a no cost extension could be possible. The new target could be SPIE as there is an ITK tutorial programmed. That would give an extra one month and a half and could cover NAMIC week. Dan asked if traveling to SLC would then be covered?