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Installation steps

This page explains the VES and Kiwi installation process using Microsoft Visual C++ (the compiler for the host code compilation, and the NMake tool to compile the whole bundle) under Windows, targeting the Android platform.


  • Android NDK r8c
  • Android SDK

Important: You need to add the subdirectories of Android SDK "platform-tools" and "tools" to your PATH environment variable.

Compiling VES

1. Edit Apps/Android/CMakeBuild/configure.bat and set the variable ANDROID_NDK to your NDK installation path. You may also change the build type to Debug while the default is Release.

2. Start a VisualStudio command prompt. Go to the Apps/Android/CMakeBuild/ directory and type:

 > configure.bat
 > cd build
 > nmake

The superbuild compilation process starts.

Compiling Kiwi



The download of Eigen fails. This is because CMake may not support HTTPS protocol (through an URL redirection) used to fetch the Eigen archive.


In file CMake/ves-superbuild.cmake, change the line: