VTK  9.1.20211115
vtkHyperTreeCursor Class Reference

Objects for depth-first traversal HyperTrees. More...

#include <vtkHyperTreeCursor.h>

Detailed Description

Objects for depth-first traversal HyperTrees.

Objects that can perform depth-first traversal of HyperTrees. This is an abstract class. Cursors are created by the HyperTree implementation.

See also
vtkObject vtkHyperTree vtkHyperTreeGrid
This class was written by Philippe Pebay, Joachim Pouderoux, and Charles Law, Kitware 2013 This class was modified by Guenole Harel and Jacques-Bernard Lekien 2014 This class was revised by Philippe Pebay, 2016 This work was supported by Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique (CEA/DIF)

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