vtkAtomicTypes.h File Reference
#include "vtkAtomic.h"
#include "vtkType.h"
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typedef vtkAtomic< vtkTypeInt32 > vtkAtomicInt32
typedef vtkAtomic< vtkTypeUInt32 > vtkAtomicUInt32
typedef vtkAtomic< vtkTypeInt64 > vtkAtomicInt64
typedef vtkAtomic< vtkTypeUInt64 > vtkAtomicUInt64
typedef vtkAtomic< vtkIdTypevtkAtomicIdType

Typedef Documentation

typedef vtkAtomic<vtkTypeInt32> vtkAtomicInt32

Definition at line 21 of file vtkAtomicTypes.h.

typedef vtkAtomic<vtkTypeUInt32> vtkAtomicUInt32

Definition at line 22 of file vtkAtomicTypes.h.

typedef vtkAtomic<vtkTypeInt64> vtkAtomicInt64

Definition at line 23 of file vtkAtomicTypes.h.

typedef vtkAtomic<vtkTypeUInt64> vtkAtomicUInt64

Definition at line 24 of file vtkAtomicTypes.h.

typedef vtkAtomic<vtkIdType> vtkAtomicIdType

Definition at line 25 of file vtkAtomicTypes.h.