vtkLabelSizeCalculator Class Reference

#include <vtkLabelSizeCalculator.h>

Detailed Description

This filter takes an input dataset, an array to process (which must be a string array), and a text property. It creates a new output array (named "LabelSize" by default) with 4 components per tuple that contain the width, height, horizontal offset, and descender height (in that order) of each string in the array.

Use the inherited SelectInputArrayToProcess to indicate a string array. In no input array is specified, the first of the following that is a string array is used: point scalars, cell scalars, field scalars.

The second input array to process is an array specifying the type of each label. Different label types may have different font properties. This array must be a vtkIntArray. Any type that does not map to a font property that was set will be set to the type 0's type property.

vtkLabelSizeCalculator (Tests)

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