[vtk-developers] ANGLE backend

Róbert Špir spir.robert at gmail.com
Mon Jul 31 08:21:26 EDT 2017

Hi Alex,
this looks very interesting. We are also using vtk through remote desktop,
but we are using only machines with AMD graphics, where opengl through
remote desktop works. (NVIDIA is blocking it on all cards except quadro)

I tried building VTK with your patch, but I'm getting multiple errors with
opengl i.e.

Rendering\ContextOpenGL2\vtkOpenGLContextDevice3D.cxx(488): error C2065:
'GL_LINE': undeclared identifier
Rendering\ContextOpenGL2\vtkOpenGLContextDevice3D.cxx(509): error C3861:
'glPointSize': identifier not found
Rendering\ContextOpenGL2\vtkOpenGLContextBufferId.cxx(143): error C2065:
'GL_DRAW_BUFFER': undeclared identifier
Rendering\ContextOpenGL2\vtkOpenGLContextBufferId.cxx(145): error C2065:
'GL_ALPHA_TEST': undeclared identifier

During CMake configuration I added variable VTK_USE_QTANGLE set to true and
otherwise used standard configuration with qt5 enabled.
do you have any idea, what went wrong?


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Our application uses VTK 7.0 (OpenGL 2 module) for rendering on Windows
And we have requirement that it must to run over RDP.
Since OpenGL has limited support over Microsoft's Remote Desktop we patched
VTK to use ANGLE instead OpenGL.
As baseline version we took VTK v8.0.0.rc2. Please see attachment: 
vtk8.diff <http://vtk.1045678.n5.nabble.com/file/n5744216/vtk8.diff>  

I think that such option of switching between different backend will be
useful and for other customers.

Does it make sense to include it in official VTK?


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