[vtkusers] ANNOUNCE: VTK 6.0.0 is available for download

David E DeMarle dave.demarle at kitware.com
Mon Jun 24 14:01:11 EDT 2013

Kitware and the VTK team are happy to announce that VTK 6.0.0 is available
for download at:  http://www.vtk.org/VTK/resources/software.html

6.0 is the first major release since 5.0 in December 2005. The great extent
of refactoring that went into VTK’s pipeline and build system is what makes
this a major release. The pipeline changes cleanly separate the Algorithm,
DataObject, and Executive classes. The build system changes automate and
simplify intra-library build time dependency analysis. Together they
facilitate adding new features to and removing unwanted features from VTK.
To learn how to take advantage of these structural changes see
http://www.vtk.org/Wiki/VTK/VTK_6_Migration_Guide, and

Besides the low level changes, there are many new features in VTK 6.0 that
are more readily apparent to users of applications built with VTK. These

* VTK now has the ability to map values into discrete color sets.
vtkScalarsToColors and subclasses now support an IndexedLookup mode where
only values which exactly match an annotation are assigned a color.

* Vector graphics export to formats such as postscript, SVG, and PDF is
improved following a rewrite of the vtkGL2PSExporter class.

* VTK’s text rendering capabilities are greatly extended. In particular,
text can be output to vector graphics friendly raw Bezier curves, system
fonts may now be accessed through the FreeTypeFontConfig module, and
mathematical equations can now be rendering using the matplotlib Python

* There is a new polyhedron surface selection mode in which the user draws
arbitrarily shaped regions on the screen and extraction filters return all
surface elements within.

* 3D charts are new as are seamless transitions between 2D and 3D chart

* VTK’s underlying treatment of time varying data is refactored, shifting
more of the responsibility from the executives and datasets into

* The serial and parallel particle tracing filters, which track particles
in time varying vector fields, now run faster and cache results more

* This release marks a first forray into GPGPU processing within VTK.
AcceleratorsPiston is a module that calls into LANL’s Piston library to
enable Thrust-based accelerated data processing filters.

* It is now possible to smoothly and continuously warp arbitrarily complex
polygonal meshes, and other datasets that are represented by explicit point
coordinates, using the method of mean value coordinates and the
vtkDeformPointSet filter.

* The XMDF file format, which is a lightweight self describing layer over
HDF5, is now a module in VTK.

* There are new Adaptive Mesh Resolution and HyperTree data types and
filters designed for visualization of large multi-resolution scientific
data sets.

* VTK 6 can now leverage modern Mesa 3D OpenGL capabilities as it is no
longer limited to GL version 1.1 support whenever Mesa is in use. This
extends VTK's rendering capabilities primarily in HPC applications where
rendering is typically done off screen on supercomputers that lack graphics

* vtkPythonInterpreter now provides a standardized interface to make calls
into Python inside VTK classes.

The attachment has a complete list of changes in this release candidate
since the last release. Please try this version of VTK and report any
issues to the list or the bug tracker.


David E DeMarle
Kitware, Inc.
R&D Engineer
21 Corporate Drive
Clifton Park, NY 12065-8662
Phone: 518-881-4909
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Aashish Chaudhary (21):
      Query device id instead of using a fixed number
      Using proper names for the variables
      Initial implementation to support side by side stereo in VTK
      Fixed bad whitespace
      Removed unused variables
      Using offaxis stereo
      Improved test parameters
      Handle split viewport stereo for OpenGL
      Fixed incorrect offset
      Fixed pixel copy location off by one bug
      Side by side stereo does not require stereo capable window
      Fixed copy-paster error
      Improved code readability
      Initialize camera with reasonable parameters
      Added new vector reader (internall uses GDAL)
      Updated stereo test so that we can get consistent image on various platforms
      Removed wireframe background
      Fixed camera deep copy, partial copy, and window to image filer copy
      Removed debug code
      Updated offaxis stereo test
      Added essential missing export declaration

Andrew Bauer (56):
      Parallelizing the vtkNetCDFCAMREader.
      Properly initializing member variables in the constructor.
      Fixing vtkPyramid gradient calculation at apex.
      Getting rid of compilation errors.
      Making the parametric interior check tolerance consistent.
      Fixed typo in documentation that caused doxygen problems.
      Changes to get rid of C++11 compiler warnings.
      More changes to get rid of C++11 compiler warnings.
      Fixed bug doing parametric inversion at cell apex.
      Enabling the NetCDFCAM and NetCDFPOP reader tests.
      Removing finding MPI from Filters/Parallel.
      Extending vtkPassArrays to work better with ParaView.
      Fixed bug in determining locator bucket for search point.
      Fixed more problems with setting modified time.
      Adding in a filter to project a sphere onto a plane.
      Trying to fix a windows linking problem.
      Refactoring to make the code clearer.
      Fixed incorrect computation of Q criterion.
      Updating vtkGradientFilter to be consistent and less confusing.
      Setting boolean value to false instead of 0 just to be a little clearer.
      Getting rid of another compiler warning.
      Contouring behavior now allows computing normals for unstructured grids.
      Deprecating modifying an ivar that don't do anything.
      vtkXMLDataSetWriter now handles vtkUniformGrids.
      Test for handling vtkUniformGrids for vtkXMLDataSetWriter.
      Adding in LABELS for the vtk_tests macro.
      Adding in an example of how LABELS can be used for the test macro.
      Now works with multiblock data sets.
      Fixing compile issues with vtkImageDataToUniformGrid and test.
      Getting rid of another warning for vtkImageDataToUniformGrid filter.
      Fixed a bug introduced in the previous commit.
      Allowing the option to reverse which cells get blanked from the array.
      Fix potential problem with stream tracers for multiblocks.
      Cleaning up the vtkPNetCDFPOPReader and adding a test.
      Initializing a variable.
      Casting from size_t to int in appropriate places.
      Getting rid of narrowing conversion warnings.
      Fixing some more warnings in the reader.
      Making the WindBladeReader work proper in serial and parallel.
      Getting rid of trailing white space.
      More cleanup for the WindBladeReader.
      Fixing PWindBladeReader test based on CMake changes.
      Compile fix for stupid VS10 compiler.
      Making sure vector is included.
      Updating vtkPolyData documentation to be correct.
      Fixing tolerance issue for test.
      Disabling vtkPWindBladeReader on Windows due to file name issues.
      Closing an opened NetCDF file that never got closed.
      Fixed issue of using the wrong size for a vtkTypeInt64.
      Adding in warning if the input vtkPointData structures is different.
      Increasing the bounds just a bit to avoid round-off issues.
      Fix Derivative() calculation to use correct order of input data.
      Fixing the interior check tolerance for the apex of vtkPyramid.
      Fixing documentation.
      More documentation updates.
      Get rid of warning when using VTK externally through Python.

Andrew Maclean (23):
      Converted parametric functions test from Tcl to Python
      Removed the extra slash.
      BUGFIX: Resolve issue with random mode and and setting of max no of pts.
      Inadvertent inclusion of vtkGUISupportMFC causes VS Express builds to fail.
      ENH: Initial commit for vtkNamedColors.
      Moved TestNamedColorsIntegration.* to Filters/Modeling
      Many changes:
      Fixed as per David's comments and improved testing.
      Refactored vtkNamedColors
      Fixed an unused variable warning.
      TestUCharToDouble() is failing on one machine.
      Removing random in regression tests.
      Python tests manually converted from Tcl
      Fixing deciFranFace.py
      FIX: Some Rendering/Core Python tests.
      FIX: vtkIOXMLPython Tests
      TEST-FIX: fixing vtkInteractionStylePython-TestInteractorStyleTerrain
      Improved the documentation for vtkNamedColors.
      Doxygen treats some punctuation as part of the URL
      Fix MeshQuality Python test.
      Add better comments and handle case of no cdash result better.
      These Python tests have been refactored.
      Make some color methods consistent.

Andy Wilson (7):
      Add support for vtkVariants containing vtkUnicodeStrings
      Add test for vtkUnicodeString
      Remove debug printfs
      New widget to time the execution of a single filter
      Add test for vtkExecutionTimer
      Incorporate Andrew Maclean's style&comment suggestions
      Move #include "vtkExecutionTimer.h" to the top of the list

Anton Gladky (1):
      Fix compilation against libav 54 and OGG-Theora extension detection

Berk Geveci (120):
      Removed vtkSource, vtkProcessObject and subclasses.
      Fixed tests to reflect previous changes.
      Fixed more Tcl tests that broke with previous commits
      Started removing data object's dependency on the pipeline.
      More progress
      Made more progress
      More progress. Everything compiles now
      Replace SetInput etc. with SetInputData etc.
      Removed unused superclasses
      Working towards fixing tests.
      Fixed compile error
      Cleaned up the data object - pipeline dependency further.
      Fixed more tests.
      Added Test to the dependency regular expression.
      Filters should modify themselves in RequestData. Fixed.
      BUG: Polydata mapper was not setting update request properly. Fixed.
      Removed old TODO comment
      BUG: Trivial producer was not handling extents properly. Fixed.
      Post-merge fixes such that everything compiles again.
      BUG: Was using object that was deleted. Fixed.
      Fixed compile error in test
      BUG: vtkImageIterateFilter was not copying meta-data.
      Various fixes to vtkXYPlotActor bugs introduced during VTK 4 removal.
      Fixed broken test.
      Removed abort() which was introduced for debugging.
      Do not generate ghost level array unless ghost levels are there.
      BUG: Need to handle empty input properly.
      BUG: Needed to handle no input properly. Fixed.
      BUG: Was accessing NULL object. Fixed.
      Fixed vtkPolyDataStreamer. It was not doing streaming properly.
      BUG: vtkProgrammableGlyphFilter was not updating its source. Fixed.
      BUG: Filter was not allocating scalars for image data before using it.
      BUG: vtkSLCReader was not allocating output properly.
      Fixed failing tests.
      BUG: vtkPDataSetWriter was not reading meta-data properly.
      Fixed failing test. Was using SetInput instead of SetInputData.
      Updated vtkProcrustesAlignmentFilter and vtkPCAAnalysisFilter.
      Fixed code introduced since last merge.
      Fixed compile error that happened with MPI off
      Added methods to allow access to internal data structure by subclasses.
      Fixed compile issues resulting from VTK merge
      BUG: Code was using object that was already deleted. Fixed.
      COMP: Updated vtkAVIWriter to the new API.
      Fixed missing return value.
      Fixed another compile error.
      Another attempt to mave vtkAVIWriter compile on Windows.
      Fixed compiler warnings.
      Fixed compiler warnings.
      Fixed warnings.
      Added Squeeze() calls to reduce memory usage
      Fixed a very subtle and nasty bug that I introduced earlier.
      Fixed compiler errors and other problems in writers
      COMP: Update testing code to new VTK API
      Added SetInputConnection to vtkParallelCoordinatesActor.
      Added ability to accept vtkAlgorithmOutput to vtkImageDataToTkPhoto.
      Changed SetInput to SetInputData.
      Changed SetLeaderGlyph() to new API.
      Added SetInputConnection to vtkCubeAxesActor2D
      Refactored vtkGridTransform's SetDisplacementGrid method.
      Refactored vtkPieChartActor::SetInput().
      Minor cleaned. Assigned NULL to data members in destructor.
      Refactored vtkSpiderPlotActor::SetInput().
      Refactored vtkXYPlotActor input API.
      Updated examples to VTK 6 API.
      Removed unused includes.
      Removed SetInput. Use SetInputData or SetInputConnection.
      Replaced SetInput with SetInputData and SetInputConnection.
      Fixed test failures and compile errors due to VTK 6 API changes.
      Fixed bug where vtkImageBSplineCoefficients was allocating wrong.
      Fixed bug where vtkImageReslice was not setting WHOLE_EXTENT properly.
      BUG: Internal function was using the wrong output port. Fixed.
      BUG: Internal function was using the wrong output port. Fixed.
      Fixed bug where Update() was being called twice.
      Fixed and added to the vtkAlgorithm's update extent API.
      Minor cleanup, part of the VTK 4 compatibility removal.
      Minor cleanup, part of the VTK 4 compatibility removal.
      Cleaned up dependencies between modules.
      Updated and cleaned up dependencies.
      Fixed compilation error due to error in IO/Movie module.
      Fixed compile error due to typo in include.
      Still trying to fix the compile error.
      Moved readers and writers of the legacy VTK format to their own module.
      Fixed more compiler errors due to missing module dependencies.
      Added some module dependencies explicitely.
      Moved vtkModelMetadata to Exodus module.
      Added getters for various data members and a wrapper hint.
      Removed tabs.
      Fixed OSMesa render window leak.
      Linked tests against interactor styles to enable interaction
      ENH: CXX tests should not fail if VTK_LARGE_DATA_ROOT is missing.
      Added OpenGL includes for tests that directly include OpenGL.
      Fixed a bug where negative numbers were being converted to uchar.
      Disabled a number of event driven tests when using OS Mesa.
      Disabled test that should not run. Now it is compile only.
      Increased the timeout for 2 tests that were taking long on Hythloth.
      Added test for parallel probe called TestPProbe.
      Had a typo in the filename (case was wrong). Fixed.
      Fixed memory leak.
      Fixed TestParallelRendering which was hanging.
      Fixed memory leak as report in bug tracker (issue 13908).
      Increased the timeout slightly to allow passing on slow machines.
      Minor improvement to vtkProbeFilter in dealing with tolerance.
      Fixed warning about unused variable.
      Changed the default executive to be vtkCompositeDataPipeline.
      Fixed ReleaseData functionality in algorithms.
      Major reworking of vtkMultiBlockPLOT3DReader.
      Added a new reader to better handle PLOT3D files.
      Fixed compiler warning about signed/unsigned int comparison.
      Fixed test failures and compiler warnings.
      Fixed bug due to reading bytes without considering byte order.
      Revert "Prevent division by 0 by bailing early"
      Added ability to read function files to Plot3D reader.
      Several enhancements to the Plot3D readers.
      Several Plot3D improvements.
      Added the ability to report time in file.
      Oops. Forgot to remote a print statememt.
      Cleaned up garbage collection.
      Fixed ordering of wedges in Ensight readers.
      BUG: Filter was not passing parameters to sub filter.
      Fixed bug in vtkCachingInterpolatedVelocityField.

Bill Lorensen (122):
      BUG: Spacing and Origin must be set by image source.
      DOC: More spelling errors
      DOC: Bad character
      BUG: Enum values should be unique
      BUG: Restore ImageReader2Factory
      BUG: Missing dependencies in Rendering/OpenGL
      BUG: Missing dependencies in Rendering/OpenGL
      BUG: Missing dependencies in Rendering/OpenGL
      BUG: OutlineCornerFilter moved to Filters/Sources
      BUG: vtkSliceCubes was missing
      ENH: Restore vtkIVWriter
      ENH: Restore test for vtkConstrainedPointHandleRepresentation.
      BUG: Deleting SmartPointer causes segfault
      ENH: Restore tcl tests for Filters/Programmable
      ENH: Restore tcl tests for Filters/Modeling.
      ENH: Restore tcl tests for Filters/Extraction.
      ENH: Restore tcl tests for Filters/General.
      ENH: Restore the tcl tests for Imaging/Core.
      ENH: Restore tcl tests for Filters/Geometry.
      ENH: Restore tcl tests for Filters/Hybrid.
      ENH: Restore tcl tests for Filters/Core.
      ENH: Restore IO tcl tests.
      ENH: Restore ImagingHybrid tcl tests.
      BUG: Script was missing vtkOutlineCornerFilter.
      BUG: Python test was not being run
      ENH: Restore Rendering tcl tests.
      BUG: Improper default for temp and data directories.
      BUG: Missing include for tcl wrapping
      ENH: Restore Interaction tcl tests.
      COMP: Uninitialized ivar
      COMP: Update tcl tests to VTK6.
      BUG: Repair/remove incorrect tcl tests
      ENH: Consistent use of double precision pi in the toolkit.
      BUG: vtkPath should be vtkMath
      BUG: stl container accessed beyond size
      ENH: Filters/FlowPaths should be in StandAlone
      BUG: Incompatible use of define/enum.
      BUG: ModelBounds not checked for valid values
      BUG: Modules missing membership in StandAlone or Rendering.
      BUG: OrientedBounds was not initialized in constructor
      BUG: ProgrammableGlyphFilter defect.
      ENH: Migrate examples to VTK6
      ENH: Add a convenient testing class for observing errors
      ENH: Coverage is 100%
      ENH: Code coverage for Macs
      ENH: 100% coverage for XMLFileOutputWindow.
      BUG: Memory leak in TestXMLFileOutputWindow.
      ENH: Reinstate vtkPolyhedron testing
      ENH: Full coverage for SparseArray
      ENH: 100% coverage.
      BUG: Test failing on Windows platforms
      BUG: Floating point precision issues
      BUG: Memory leak in test
      BUG: Test fails if CrystalEyes stereo is not available
      BUG: Depth peeling not working on MAC
      ENH: Utility to find modules needed by a VTK app
      ENH: Remove VTK_USE_METAIO
      COMP: Adjust error threshold for TestDensifyPolyData
      COMP: Tests that require numpy should warn if numpy is missing
      COMP: Python tests missing -D argument
      COMP: ResetCameraClippingPlanes after manual camera setup
      ENH: Convert tests to new testing framework
      BUG: TestRenderView fails on some X platforms
      COMP: Suppress failing tests on MAC
      COMP: Increase timeout for 2 tests on factory
      COMP: Block tests when VTK_USE_CG_SHADERS Off
      COMP: Remove DoubleBufferingOff
      COMP: Check for supported renderer
      COMP: Block tests when VTK_USE_GLSL_SHADERS Off
      COMP: Uninitialized memory reads
      BUG: AMR Readers crash TestEmptyInput test
      COMP: Regression test failures on some platforms
      COMP: Use temp dir for TestOggTheoraWriter
      COMP: Run SQL tests serial
      COMP: Python tests should use VTK_TEMP_DIR for output
      BUG: TestSetGet crashes
      COMP: Adjust timeouts for long running tests
      ENH: Provide better output if test fails
      COMP: Memory leak, style and test length
      COMP: ASCII file compare fails on Windows vs Linux
      COMP: set_tests_properties for missing tests
      BUG: No data for TestFlashReader
      COMP: Increase timeout for TestPickingManagerSeedWidget
      COMP: Change threshold for TestParametricFunctions
      COMP: Increase timeout for volTM3DRotateClip
      COMP: Adjust tolerance for TestColorTransferFunction
      COMP: vtkCocoaRenderWindow.mm fails to compile
      COMP: Increase error tolerance for TestGL2PSExporterVolumeRaster
      ENH: Tcl tests should not fail if VTK_DATA_ROOT is missing.
      COMP: Increase tolerance for TestParametricFunctions
      COMP: define a portable ExitEvent
      BUG: Restore tcl test removed by TestingWithoutData_Tcl
      COMP: TestGL2PSMathTextActor3D regression
      ENH: Use TCL_TCLSH versus VTK_TCL_EXE
      COMP: Change to tclsh does not work on windows
      COMP: Restore TestOffAxisStereo on Mac
      ENH: Add wiki output format option
      ENH: Reduce the output of TestSetGet.tcl
      COMP: Add Render after animation loop
      COMP: Exit if required extension missing
      ENH: CXX tests should not fail if VTK_DATA_ROOT is missing.
      COMP: Remove redundant test and unify tolerances
      COMP: Disable picking test for OSMesa
      BUG: FixedPointVolumeRayCastMapper has thread issues
      COMP: Precision issues
      COMP: NetCDF tests need VTKLargeData
      COMP: Adjust the tolerance for TestTestLinearSelector3D
      BUG: Uninitialized memory in GL2PSExporter
      COMP: QuadratureSchemeDefinition uninitialized memory/leaks
      COMP: Signed/unsigned warning
      BUG: Number of points exceed number of scalars in test
      COMP: TemporalInterpolatedVelocityField failed to initialze members
      BUG: TestXMLHierarchicalBoxDataFileConverter leak
      BUG: Running past end of buffer and leak
      BUG: Invalid read for even sized windows
      ENH: Render stacked plots as separate colors in legend
      BUG: Vertext list leak
      COMP: Reduce memory usage for TestCheckerboard
      BUG: Crash in PrintSelf
      ENH: Add InteractionStyle to rendering tests
      COMP: Revert tcl precision to default value
      BUG: Examples should build if BUILD_TESTING is OFF

Brad King (159):
      Teach vtktiff to use its own SIZEOF_(INT|LONG) test results
      Rename {CMAKE => VTK}_SIZEOF_* for fundamental types
      Drop workaround for non-ANSI 'for' scope
      Drop workaround for no std:: namespace
      Remove top-level include file compatibility checks
      Remove old CMakeBackwardCompatibilityC thread options
      Remove old CMakeBackwardCompatibilityC CMAKE_X_* options
      Remove CMakeBackwardCompatibilityC altogether
      MetaIO: Always use std:: streams for VTK
      Disallow vtk_module argument "DEFAULT"
      Fix vtkCommonDataModel and vtkTestingRendering header style
      Mark headers to be excluded from header style tests
      Restore VTK header tests removed by the modularization
      Fix QVTKWidgetPlugin library name
      Define VTK_TEST_OUTPUT_DIR to name Testing/Temporary directory
      Avoid VTK_SOURCE_DIR references in Testing/Cxx directories
      Factor module glob/load into vtk_module_glob macro
      Create project to build VTK module tests as an application
      Restore SystemInformation test
      List header files previously missing from the install tree
      Add Install test that runs "make install"
      Fix vtkArrayIteratorTemplate<vtkStdString|vtkVariant> visibility
      Fix Rendering/OpenGL/vtkgl.h generation and installation
      Fix TestSystemInformation compilation
      Allow multiple modules to auto-init a given module
      Remove vtkstd from HyperTree classes and tests
      Restore build of HyperTree classes and tests
      Add LICENSE and NOTICE
      Add 'tips' script to suggest local configuration
      Add 'setup-user' script to configure authorship information
      Add 'setup-hooks' script to install local hooks
      Add 'setup-gerrit' script to configure Gerrit access
      Add 'setup-stage' script to configure topic stage remote
      Add 'setup-ssh' script to configure ssh push access
      Add README instructions and sample configuration
      Exclude from source archives files specific to Git work tree
      Use generalized developer GitSetup scripts
      vtkAutoInit: Do not use VTK_ABI_IMPORT directly
      Tweak module summary format
      Refactor VTK version handling
      Remove vtkHyperTreeFractalSource.cxx from build
      KWSys: Remove DateStamp
      Auto-init modules that define/implement/use abstract interfaces
      Disallow invalid orbitals in vtkProgrammableElectronicData::(Set|Get)MO
      Remove RevisionMacro remnants
      Fix HyperTreeGrid PrintSelf methods
      Reject application requests for missing modules
      Fix selection of VTK thread implementation
      vtkByteSwap: Use size_t for buffer length arguments
      vtkXML(DataParser|Writer): Use size_t in PerformByteSwap
      Define vtkIOStream(Pos|Off) as portable std::stream(pos|off)
      vtk(Input|Output)Stream: Use appropriate types in API
      vtk(|ZLib)DataCompressor: Use size_t for buffer length arguments
      Remove '--' prefix from module summary format
      Remove compatibility with non-standard C++ streams
      Remove vtkIOStream(Pos|Off) types
      Rename IO/Core/vtkOffsetsManagerArray.h to IO/XML/vtkXMLOffsetsManager.h
      vtkXMLDataParser: Remove unused FindInlineDataPosition method
      vtkXMLDataElement: Add 64-bit scalar/vector attribute API
      vtkXML*: Use 64-bit integer types where appropriate
      vtkXML*: Optionally support 64-bit binary data headers
      vtkStreamTracer: Fix crash on empty input
      KWSys: Fix SystemTools environment memory handling (#13156)
      KWSys: Remove dependencies on FundamentalType
      KWSys: Remove unused environ declaration from SystemTools
      vtkPExodusIIWriter: Remove unused vtkWriter include
      vtkPNrrdReader: Fix crash when MPI is not initialized
      Parallel/MPI: Export system MPI include directories
      Wrapping/Tcl: Remove unused nested condition for pvtk
      Wrapping/Tcl: Restore "pvtk" build
      Run TestPProbe through pvtk as it requires
      vtkAMREnzoParticlesReader: Fail without FileName
      GUISupport/Qt: Export Qt executable locations
      vtkOverlappingAMR: Remove redundant metadata copies
      vtkOverlappingAMR: Avoid null ptr access on heterogeneous copy
      vtkPParticle(PathFilter|Tracer): Fix HeaderTest failure
      vtkPParticleTracerBase: Fix crash when MPI is not initialized
      vtkPipelineGraphSource: Fix compilation on VS 7.1
      Restore vtkOggTheoraWriter build in vtkIOImage module
      Exclude vtkRenderingMathText module from wrapping
      KWSys: Disable SystemInformation::GetFullyQualifiedDomainName on AIX
      Mark PostgreSQL_(LIBRARY|INCLUDE_DIR) cache entries advanced
      vtkOggTheoraWriter: Fix compilation on VS
      vtkhdf5: Drop hard-coded '-Wall' compiler option
      vtkhdf5: Skip GNU-specific flags on XL C compiler
      LSDynaFamily: Fix compilation on VS 7.1
      TestBoostDividedEdgeBundling: Include vtkObjectFactory.h
      vtkGraphItem: Fix HeaderTest failure
      vtkoggtheora: Fix module .def file
      vtkhdf5: Hide H5_LEGACY_NAMING cache option
      vtkfreetype: Remove unused files
      vtkfreetype: Add update instructions to README.VTK.txt
      vtkfreetype: Replace incorrectly encoded copyright symbol
      vtkfreetype: Define FT2_BUILD_LIBRARY only during freetype build
      vtkfreetype: Include freetype headers robustly
      vtkfreetype: Fix ftoption.h selection on Windows
      vtkfreetype: Fix ftconfig.h selection and installation
      vtkPython.h: Do not include 'sal.h' directly
      vtkfreetype: Fix headers for static libraries on Windows
      vtkfreetype: Fix path to vtk_ftmodule.h
      TestStructuredGridConnectivity: Fix include order for AIX streams
      Python: Remove POSIX feature macro 'undef' workarounds
      vtkmetaio: Compile with large file support if necessary
      Python: Restore VTK version number to python libraries
      Do not set (SO|)VERSION properties on VTK executables
      vtkAMREnzoReaderInternal: Fix include order for AIX streams
      vtkPythonWrapping: Set python module prefix on wrapper targets
      vtkPythonWrapping: Set python module prefix on wrapper targets
      Exclude vtkRendering(Matplotlib|FreeTypeFontConfig) from wrapping
      Export all targets from the build tree in one step
      vtkGL2PSExporter: Fix compilation with VS 7.1
      Do not reference VTK_(SOURCE|BINARY)_DIR from module tests
      Revert "removed extra undesirable underscore prefix to fix mangling"
      Declare a "TCL_NAME" for modules named with digits
      vtknetcdf: Prepare for new netcdf source import
      vtknetcdf: Update README-VTK instructions to update NetCDF
      vtknetcdf: Put public interface configuration in dedicated header
      vtknetcdf: Fix size_t v. long usage in C++ bindings
      vtknetcdf: Suppress warnings on GNU, Borland, and MSVC
      vtknetcdf: Add missing POSIX permission bits for Borland
      vtknetcdf: Add DLL export markup to C++ interface
      vtknetcdf: Define 'uint' for internal use by netcdf sources
      vtknetcdf: Fix a few errors and warnings from MSVC
      vtknetcdf: Restore fix for obscure netcdf4 bug in 64-bit build
      vtknetcdf: Include vtk_hdf5.h instead of hdf5.h
      vtknetcdf: Remove unused 'found' variable from NC4_inq
      vtknetcdf: Use curlys to make if/if/else unambiguous
      vtknetcdf: Use casts for lossy conversions in ncx get/put
      vtknetcdf: Fix includes and warnings from Borland
      vtknetcdf: Fix size_t consistency
      vtknetcdf: Handle all enumeration values in switch
      vtknetcdf: Fix NULL filename case in NC_check_file_type
      vtknetcdf: Remove unused 'schar' typedef
      vtknetcdf: Include config.h at top of all translation units
      vtknetcdf: Populate vtk_netcdf_mangle.h symbol list
      Use TCL_NAME for VTK Tcl static package list
      vtkXdmfReader: Do not crash in GetSIL without active domain
      vtkExecutionTimer: Add missing comment to satisfy HeaderTest
      vtkTuple.h: Include standard VTK headers
      verdict: Rename ThirdParty/{verdict => verdict/vtkverdict}
      verdict: Remove direct use of VTK install variables
      verdict: Remove unnessesary cmake_policy call
      vtkverdict: Prepare for new verdict source import
      vtkverdict: Add README-VTK with instructions to update Verdict
      vtkDispatcher: Simplify Add<> interface to a single method
      MetaIO: Avoid NULL dereference in MetaOutput::GetUsername
      Testing/Core: List vtkTestErrorObserver.h as a module header
      CTestCustom: Fix signed-overflow warning regex syntax
      KWSys: Fix SystemInformation declaration order
      Remove unused TODO-Modularization.txt file
      Replace write_file() with file(WRITE) and file(APPEND)
      Replace make_directory() with file(MAKE_DIRECTORY)
      Replace install_targets() with install(TARGETS)
      Replace remove() with list(REMOVE_ITEM)
      COMP: Load test macros in Testing/External project
      COMP: In Testing/External skip tests with missing dependencies
      Simplify vtkWrapHierarchy invocation
      COMP: Do not attach Tcl wrapping to vtk*.h class headers
      COMP: Fix static library dependencies on VS 7

Brian Helba (7):
      BUG: Make vtkFiltersStatisticsGnuR-HeaderTest pass
      ENH: Rewrite FindR.cmake to be more robust
      STYLE: FindR.cmake: Deprecate VTK_R_HOME, use R_HOME instead
      BUG: Register vtkFiltersStatisticsGnuR config header with the module
      BUG: Fix loop in vtkHardwareSelector::GetPixelInformation
      STYLE: Remove duplicate macro definition in doc generation script
      STYLE: Update documentation generation of vtkTypeMacro

Burlen Loring (8):
      KWSys: Teach SystemInformation to report more information
      RenderWindow::RemoveRenderer invalid access
      QuadraturePoints -- fix xml format regressions
      QuadraturePoints -- dashboard cleanup
      QuadraturePoints -- dashboard cleanup
      allow os mesa to provide more than version 1.1
      vtk pprobe pass arrays

Charles Law (2):
      Geometry fitler and changes in vtkHyperTreeGrid to support it.
      Tab fix  asdfasdfasdf

Chris Harris (133):
      COMP: Update to new VTK API
      COMP: Update TextAnalysis tests to new VTK API
      COMP: Update Infovis to new VTK API
      COMP: Update TestReebGraph.cxx to new VTK API
      WIP: Remove call to depricated method SetViewPlaneNormal
      WIP: Update Volume Rendering examples to use new VTK API
      Remove legacy Infovis examples
      Fix seg fault in Infovis example databases.py
      Update Java wrapping to use new pipeline API
      Update TextAnalysis tests to use new pipeline API
      COMP: Update Parallel classes to use new pipeline API
      Update Infovis Tcl and Python examples to use new pipeline API
      Update Annotation Tcl and Python examples to use new pipeline API
      Update GUI Tcl and Python examples to use new pipeline API
      Update Graphics Python examples to use new pipeline API
      Update ImageProcessing Tcl and Python examples to use new pipeline API
      Update Medical Tcl and Python examples to use new pipeline API
      Update Modelling Tcl and Python examples to use new pipeline API
      Update Rendering Tcl and Python examples to use new pipeline API
      Update VisualizationAlgorithms Tcl and Python examples to use new pipeline API
      Fix calls to SetUpdateExtentToWholeExtent
      Remove VolumePro support
      Remove hardcoded path from 'Examples/Infovis/Java/Focus.java'
      Update Infovis Java examples to work with current Java wrapping
      Fix 'graph3d.py' to read from VTKData directory
      Update Infovis example displayVTKHierarchy.py to work with current API
      Set VTK version to 6.0.0
      Remove references to deprecated vtkstd
      Update Chemistry code to work VTK 6 API changes
      COMP: Replaced SetInput with SetInputData in ImagePlaneWidget.java
      COMP: Change use of SetInput to SetInputConnection
      BUG: Ensure Update(...) is only call once in vtkAlgorithm::Update()
      COMP: Add implementation of vtkAlgorithm::Update(int port) in subclasses
      COMP: Correct method signature for AllocateOutputData(..)
      COMP: Rename vtkImageAlgorithm::ExecuteData(vtkDataObject, vtkInformation*)
      COMP: Add Update(...) implementation to silence warnings
      BUG: Add call to Delete() for vtkPointSet objects
      COMP: Rename ExecuteData to ExecuteDataWithInformation
      Add extra render call to RenderNonFinite test
      COMP: Replace use of SetPipelineInformation(...) with new pipeline API
      Override NewIterator() method so iterator of correct type is returned
      Fix cut and paste error in vtkCompositeDataPipeline
      COMP: SetPass(..) has moved to vtkOpenGLRenderer
      vtkShadowMapPass.cxx: Remove unnecessary header
      COMP: Cocoa example is using SetInput(...)
      COMP: GUI/Win32 examples where using SetInput(...)
      COMP: GraphicsViewPython.py using SetInput(...)
      ENH: Add Filters/Tracers and Filters/ParallelTracers
      FIX: Add configured headers for SQL test URL's
      Add Auto init registration for ODBC
      Move classes from Filters/Parallel into appropriate modules
      Add object factory replacement for vtkParallelFactory
      Remove references to vtkParallelFactory
      Fix export visibility for vtkImageStencilIterator
      Add CMakeLists.txt for IO/Export/Testing/Python/
      Change __APPLE__ to __clang__ for Clang visibilty fix
      Restore Filter/Statistics* cxx tests
      Add Register(...) call to increment ref count on return object
      Add CMakeLists.txt file for Filters/Statistics Python tests
      kMeansDistanceCalculator.py: SetInput(...) => SetInputData(...)
      Fix Java wrapping parallel build issue
      Remove vtkJavaDriver.java.in which is no longer used
      Remove automatic overrides taken from vtkParallelFactory
      Add include directories to vtkxml2_INCLUDE_DIRS
      Move vtkAMRVolumeMapper to AMR/Core
      Add code to module infrastruture to export module class information
      Add additional HDF5 include directory
      Exclude vtkCompositeRGBAPass from wrapping
      vtkContext2D needs to be wrapped for ParaView
      Remove vtkPStreamTracer & vtkDistributedStreamTracer from wrap exclude
      CMAKE_XXX_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY should not be cache entries
      Remove use of VTK_USE_MPI in vtkDistributedDataFilter
      Fix call to set VTK_MPIRUN_EXE
      Move Parallel specific methods from vtkExodusIIReaderPrivate
      Move Cosmo classes into vtkFiltersCosmo module
      Update export headers after Cosmo move
      Create new module vtkFiltersParallelMPI
      Update export headers after vtkDistributedDataFilter move
      Move vtkVPICReader into vtkIOVPIC module
      Update export header after vtkVPICReader move
      Move MPI specific classes from IO/Parallel to IO/ParallelMPI
      Update export header after vtkPNrrdReader move
      Move vtkExtentTranslator to Common/DataModel
      Update export header for vtkExtentTranslator after move
      VTKTargets is hardcoded as the export name
      Remove use of VTK_USE_MPI in Rendering/Parallel
      COMP: Add export statement for exodus reader types
      Exclude vtkHyperTreeSuperCursor from wrapping
      Remove use of VTK_USE_MPI from vtkVPICReader
      Replace VTKConfig.cmake guard variable with VTK target
      Add MPICH_IGNORE_CXX_SEEK declaration for modules using MPI
      Add wrapper generator option to read includes from file
      Update Java and Tcl wrapping to use --includes option
      Exclude vtkCompositeZPass from wrapping
      Rename IO/ParallelMPI to IO/MPIImage
      Refactor vtkPNrrReader into parallel and non parallel version
      Restore ParallelIso test
      Add -DMPICH_IGNORE_CXX_SEEK for vtkIOMPIImage module
      Fix typo in class name, the vtk prefix is missing
      Update build sytem to include vtkMPIImageReader
      Move vtkExodusIIWriter to ParallelExodus
      Rename vtkExodusIIWriter to vtkPExodusIIWriter
      Move Exodus writer test to vtkIOExodus module
      Restore Exodus writer test
      Create vtkExodusIIWriter a serial Exodus writer base class
      Refactored vtkPExodusIIWriter now derives from vtkExodusIIWriter
      Restoring changes made by be247f1d7 lost in conflict
      Configure vtkNativeLibrary with list of VTK modules
      Add test to validate vtkDataObjectTypes
      Fix issue with vtkPExodusIIWriter when run on one processor
      Remove vtkCommonExecutionModel from include path
      Move ParallelIso test to vtkIOMPIImage module
      Update module.cmake to reflect ParallelIso test move
      Remove vtkIOParallel dependence on MPI
      Remove vtkParallelExodus modules dependence on MPI
      Fix shadow warnings in vtkPExodusIIWriter.cxx
      Fix hidden overloaded-virtual warning in vtkPNrrdReader
      Changes to module GLOB logic exclude test modules
      Ensure enabled test modules are added to VTK_MODULES_ENABLED
      Move vtkFFMPEGWriter into IO/FFMPEG
      Add module.cmake and CMakeLists.txt for vtkIOFFMPEG module
      Update export header for vtkFFMPEGWriter
      Add directives for part of FFMPEG API that has changed
      Add build system file for FFMPEG testing
      Only add other hierarchy file if they exist
      Update FFMPG API calls to work with 0.11
      Add missing test dependancies
      Add support for selectively Python wrapping modules
      Move append filters into vtkFiltersCore
      Update export headers and CMake files for moves
      Make COMPILE_DEFINITIONS property target scoped
      Improve Java wrapping library loading error reporting
      Install vtk.jar to lib directory

Clinton Stimpson (3):
      Add new verdict metrics for tets.
      Fix QVTKWidget problem on Windows with Aero off.
      Fix regression when using Windows XP with QVTKWidget.

Cory Quammen (6):
      BUG: Made void GetPoint(vtkIdType, double x[3]) threadsafe
      BUG: Fix bug when reading shader from file (4725)
      BUG: Fixed bug where resliced image appeared to swim during rotation
      BUG: Fix a possible stack corruption
      ENH: Added a test for vtkIntersectionPolyDataFilter
      DOC: Fixed incorrect documentation in vtkMath

Dave DeMarle (101):
      Increment version to VTK 5.11.0
      Move netcdf_cxx option to the advanced option set.
      Make it possible to use vtknetcdf4 with external hdf5.
      Add interface to LANL's Piston GPGPU library.
      STYLE: Remove trailing whitespace
      remove compiled python file
      Don't test piston on dashboards that don't have CUDA.
      Allow projects to have modules that live outside of VTK.
      Don't expose VTK's two level glob and rename new macro.
      Fix VPIC Reader
      Silence unreferenced parameter warning.
      Enable vtkxdmf2 as a module
      Add readmes to describe how to update vtk's xdmf from upstream.
      remove executable mode on file per gerrit review
      Allow modules to not participate in hierarchy wrapping.
      modules that don't make hierarchy should not depend on it
      Allow reuse of wrapper infrastructure for paraview cs wrapper
      Fix dashboard compilation warnings.
      silence more comp warnings
      Fix while preserving side-effect of check call
      fix infovis
      fix infovis tests
      fix for compilation warning without making another
      fix may be used uninit warning
      silence possibly uninitialized var warnings
      silence possibly uninitialized var warnings
      silence possibly uninitialized var warnings
      fix no newline at eof warning
      fix -Wnarrowing conversion warning
      fix unused variable warning
      Fix unused argument warning
      fix typo
      fix set but not used warning
      address size_t to int type conversion compilation warnings
      fix redeclared without dllimport comp warnings
      Revert "fix redeclared without dllimport comp warnings"
      Fix redeclared without dllimport comp warnings.
      fix more redeclared without dllimport attribute comp warnings
      fix ignored return value warnings on gerrit dashboards
      fix was hidden -Woverloaded-virtual comp warnings
      fix -Wnarrowing Cxx11 compilation warnings
      missing eof line
      Silence assigned but unused var warning
      Fix array subscript is above array bounds warning.
      silence more possibly uninitialized var warnings
      Fix spurious unused variable comp warning
      Respect VTK_USE_VIDEO_FOR_WINDOWS setting.
      Fix two more tests
      Give tests right baseline directory.
      fix compilation warnings
      Fix header test failures
      Copy component names along with rest of fielddata structure.
      Fix parallel piston test on linux
      Fix TestGenericDataSetTesselator
      Fix two segfaulting geovis tests.
      remove double deletion
      TestDataObjectTypes showed that this test never had the right id.
      Fix TestFieldDataSerialization.
      Exclude classes that fail the empty input and setget tests for now
      fix conversion from 'size_t' to 'int', possible loss of data warning
      fix compilation warnings in AMR code
      Fix -Wnarrowing compilation warnings.
      Fix may be used uninitialized warnings.
      really suppress linker warning
      Fix most of the parallel tests.
      Fix another consistently failing test
      add documentation for the revised macros
      Make windblade test look in right place
      Specify where three of the failing tests get their data from
      Fix this old test.
      Add missing module that tests depend on.
      Adding remote status message delivery for ParaView
      BUG #13446 missing xdmf symbol exports
      Improve recorded movie quality.
      BUG #11923 fix non power of two framerates
      Update vtkpiston to match current piston.
      fix missing attribute data in 2d xdmf structured grids
      Fix iostream conversion errors.
      Give OpenGL include directory to everything that needs it.
      Add tests that make it easier to take the pulse of vtk on cdash
      make dashboard scraper easier to use
      add command line arg to choose date to scrape
      standardize cmake booleans
      submitter view header line off was off by one
      Publish the valgrind suppression helper script for safe keeping
      Fix GPU info gathering.
      disable wind blade reader on bigendian machines
      Report number of test failures.
      Do not use the cmake variable because it breaks install tree tests
      Don't bother testing windblade in install tree
      Enhancements to dashboard option scraper.
      Fix leaks that valgrind found
      make dashboard scraper report on legacy_remove option
      Fix compilation warnings in vtkpiston.
      Fix unused variable warning
      Cull tests that depend on VTK_DATA or VTK_LARGE_DATA when not present.
      Fix combination of java wrapping and testing off.
      suppress warnings from libxml2
      fix and restore example of external module
      guard out more tests that require vtkdata
      remove accidentally committed debug statement

David Adair (1):
      BUG: InteractorStyleImage not getting image for Window/Level.

David C. Lonie (121):
      Update MoleculeMapper polydata when glyph properties change.
      Fix bug in text rendering.
      Fix the image size and texture coordinates in vtkFreeTypeTools.
      BUG 0012898. Fix texture coordinates for vtkTextActor.
      Add support for loading system installed fonts in vtkFreeTypeTools.
      Add module for the matplotlib.mathtext latex renderer.
      Move python init out of MathTextUtil constructor.
      Add a vtkPath class to represent lines and Bezier curves.
      Add API to generate vtkPath data and colored images from MathText.
      Add MathText drawing functionality to Context2D classes.
      Add vtkMathTextActor for rendering equation overlays.
      Add vtkMathTextActor3D for rendering equations in 3D space.
      Bump included gl2ps sources to v1.3.6.
      Add support for gl2psSpecial with PDF output to gl2ps.
      Update vtkGL2PSExporter, add Rendering/GL2PS module
      Add a vtkMatplotlib module.
      Add a GL2PS special case for vtkTextActor3D.
      Add functions to check if MathText is available at runtime.
      Add missing return statements to tests.
      Clean up some compiler warnings on Mac and Windows.
      Add VTK_USE_FONTCONFIG to optionally disable FontConfig.
      Move FontConfig font lookup to its own module.
      Use a special name for the Tcl RenderingGL2PS module.
      Disable depth peeling during GL2PS export.
      Skip all Context2D handling if not needed.
      Ensure that MathTextActor's members are fully initialized.
      Fix GL2PS building with OSMesa.
      Enable zlib and libpng support in vtkgl2ps.
      Capture GL2PS special props in the renderer instead of renderwindow.
      Clean up some compiler warnings.
      Clean up GL2PS exporter.
      Add testcase for multirenderer export.
      Add vtkGL2PSExporter::Draw3DPath to reuse GL path transformation.
      Change function signatures for more consistent style.
      Silence some compiler warnings in GL2PS code.
      Link OPENGL_gl_LIBRARY to vtkgl2ps if set.
      Add missing testing dependency for Rendering/Matplotlib.
      Add function to copy pixel data from the framebuffer for GL2PS.
      Move GL2PS special prop handling to a virtual function.
      Reset vtkRenderWindow::CapturingGL2PSSpecialProps when finished.
      Forward vtkScalarBarRepresentation visibility to actor.
      Fix actor visibility preservation in GL2PS.
      Add GetBoundingBox and use rotations in MathTextUtils.
      Clean up vtkTextActor and reuse more of it in vtkMathTextActor.
      Reuse vtkTextActor3D implementation as base for vtkMathTextActor3D.
      Fixup GL2PS exporter to work with new mathtext classes.
      Style fixes.
      Remove the GetBounds implementation for vtkTextActor.
      Silence redefinition warnings in matplotlib.
      Fix warning.
      Add new GL2PS testing system using ghostscript.
      Sync with svn version of gl2ps.
      Implement HasTranslucentPolygonalGeometry for AxisActors.
      Fix subclasses of vtkMoleculeReaderBase to work with new pipeline.
      Add DrawMarkers to Context2D.
      Add opacity and stroke/fill options to GL2PS DrawPath.
      Draw ellipses as paths in vtkGL2PSContextDevice2D.
      Add vtkRenderingCoreEnums.h for marker type enum.
      Rename MarkerCacheSize to MaximumMarkerCacheSize, fix warning.
      Fix indentation.
      Merge the Rendering/MathText module into Rendering/FreeType.
      Rewrite GL2PS export to avoid offscreen rendering.
      Use ScaledTextProperty when exporting TextActors.
      Cleanup the GL2PS export private API.
      Add option to convert text in GL2PS exports to path data.
      Add a DrawColorBar property to vtkScalarBar.
      Add missing ivar initialization to vtkScalarBarActor.
      Fix the RasterizePostScript.cmake script.
      Check for matplotlib at runtime.
      Patch gl2ps.c to compress long strings.
      Add ".gz" extension to compress GL2PS output.
      Use a prop collection for GL2PS raster exclusions.
      Allow the python interpretor used by RenderingMatplotlib to change.
      Fix warning in vtkMatplotlibMathTextUtilities.
      Check python version when matplotlib is enabled.
      Sync modified gl2ps version with upstream 1.3.8.
      Add GetConstrainedFontSize to FTTools and MTUtilities.
      Add multiline, justification, and shadows to vtkFreeTypeTools.
      Clean up comments, style in FreeTypeTools.
      Add a TextRenderer interface and implementation.
      Port vtkTextActor to use vtkTextRenderer.
      Add simple benchmark to test new text rendering classes.
      Fix failing TestCaptionActor.
      Cleanup vtkTextRenderer documentation and overloads.
      Fix compiler warning on vtkFreeTypeTools.cxx.
      Exclude vtkTextRenderer from the tcl otherPrint test.
      Add missing return statement.
      Fix failing TestRenderString test.
      Fix rotated mathtext rendering.
      Fix TextContextMathImage.
      Remove \left{ and \right} from tests entirely.
      Remove dead code in #ifdef VTK_USE_GL2PS/#endif blocks.
      Add more environment variables to configure/debug matplotlib.
      Fix warning on windows.
      Make MPL rendering less verbose.
      Fix warning in matplotlib rendering.
      Work around API changes in python.
      Don't print MPL exceptions to stdout.
      Port vtkTextActor3D to use vtkTextRenderer.
      Disable python signal handlers in matplotlib module.
      Add unicode support to vtkTextRenderer.
      Add a vtkTextRendererStringToImage implementation.
      Fix MathText detection regexp.
      Simplify TextRenderer API, cleanup style.
      Unescape spaces in MPL paths.
      Unescape spaces in all paths of VTK_MATPLOTLIB_PYTHONPATH.
      Remove call to XGrabKeyboard from XOpenGLRenderWindow.
      Replace vtkFreeType(Tools|Utilities) with vtkTextRenderer.
      Add regression test for CaptionActor2D.
      Reset clipping range in MathTextActor3D test.
      Exclude text rendering classes from Tcl smoke tests.
      Update the matplotlib cmakelists to find python itself.
      Restore vtkWrappingPython for matplotlib.
      Use back buffer and vtkWindowToImageFilter for GL2PS rasterization.
      Rewrite the PrepareImageData methods to check extents, not dims.
      Replace the power-of-two scaling with a clearer implementation.
      Accumulate character data between calls to CharacterDataHandler.
      Portability fix for windows (fminf() --> std::min())
      Restore ability to scale gl2ps linewidth/pointsize.
      Remove the MathTextActor classes.
      Change matplotlib warnings to cmake STATUS messages.

David Cole (17):
      BUG: Add double quotes to handle spaces in the path
      Remove duplicate file name listings in CMakeLists files
      Add skeletal documentation to the vtkLSDynaSummaryParser class
      Rendering: Use AdjustWindowRect to ensure pixel perfect client size
      VS11: Update default value of _WIN32_WINNT to target Windows XP or later
      HeaderTest: Exclude vtkMFCWindow.h from header testing
      BUG: Avoid using def file when BUILD_SHARED_LIBS is off
      MFC: Add more extra libraries for the static library case
      Examples: Modernize the MFC Examples header files
      BUG: Correct CMake message typos: FATAL -> FATAL_ERROR
      Revert "Making sure that the TestingExternal projects can be build with install tree"
      Fix uninitialized variable occurrences in oggtheora
      COMP: Suppress number of warnings summary from clang
      Suppress unused dll warning
      Comment only change to eliminate dashboard warning
      Fix Examples/GUI/Qt/FourPaneViewer
      Fix python.h induced Visual Studio compiler warning

David Doria (5):
      DOC: Clarify that the MaximumDistance parameter is a percentage.
      DOC: Add a note about the input and output range for HSVToRGB.
      DOC: Note how to create a cylinder from end points.
      DOC: Add a note to the Doxygen that the default value of Capping is true.
      DOC: Added a note about operating on PolyData objects without cells.

David Gobbi (141):
      ENH: Port VTK 6 vtkGridTransform changes to vtkBSplineTransform.
      COMP: Fix type, var, loop warnings in vtkStructuredGridConnectivity.
      BUG: Update python vtk module for VTK6-style input.
      ENH: Wrap vtkInformation::Get() for IntVector and DoubleVector.
      COMP: Fix unused local variable warnings about sddp.
      BUG 12810: Fix for int overflows in volume rendering module
      ENH: Split new module InteractionImage from RenderingImage.
      ENH: Move more Fourier filters to ImagingFourier.
      ENH: Remove ImageCore dependency on ImageMath.
      ENH: Remove ComputationalGeometry dependency from ImagingCore.
      COMP: Remove unused vtkEllipsoidSource header from vtkImageConvolve.
      COMP: On OS X, vtkRenderWindowJava must have ".mm" extension.
      COMP: No buffer lookahead space for wrapper-parser include directives.
      COMP: Trying to fix java parallel build hiccups in modular.
      COMP: Wrapper tools need full complement of include directories.
      Remove files accidentally added by stream tracer/AMR commit.
      COMP: Set WRAP_EXCLUDE for vtkContextPolygon, is not a vtkObject.
      STYLE: Add Description so that doxygen picks up method doc.
      COMP: Allow wrapping of headers that aren't listed in SRCS.
      COMP: Fix buffer lookahead for wrapper-parser include directive.
      BUG: Visibility was ignored for images in vtkImageStack.
      COMP: Fix unused fprintf argument warning in vtkWrapPython.c.
      COMP: Pass all headers to the vtkWrapHierarchy tool.
      COMP: Temporarily block vtkBoostGraphAdapter in vtkWrapHierarchy.
      ENH: Move vtkPythonCommmand into the PythonCore library.
      ENH: Remove float casts from FFT code, use double-precision.
      ENH: Add python major/minor version numbers to python libs.
      BUG: Fix arg parsing and module directory for python install.
      COMP: Add python version numbers only to files, not to targets.
      COMP: Remove vtkPythonCoreModule.h from vtkPython.h
      Move Wrapping/PythonCore to Wrapping/Python
      COMP: Move PythonCore to Python, make it a module again.
      ENH: Move Java module into Wrapping/Java to simplify cmake files.
      COMP: OS X Carbon vtkpython build used obsolete cmake variable.
      COMP: Fix segfault in vtkWrapJava on underscores in method names.
      COMP: Missing legacy implementation for vtkMath::DoublePi().
      COMP: Wrapped New() must be public, not private or protected.
      BUG 13312: Fix crash on vtkImageProperty DeepCopy with LUT.
      Rename MathText module to RenderingMathText.
      COMP: Fix name of vtkRenderingMatplotlibObjectFactory source file.
      ENH: Improve grammar rules of the parser used by the wrappers.
      ENH: Improvements to vtkParse data structures.
      ENH: Add static library vtkWrappingCore to share wrapper tool code.
      BUG: Fix backwards-compatibility of generated wrapper code.
      ENH: Allow wrapping tools to accept argument files.
      COMP: Do not include vtkPython.h in vtkWrapPython.c.
      COMP: Fix python unicode exclusion caused by previous commit.
      ENH: Remodel the parser rules to better approximate the C++ standard.
      COMP: Ambiguity error for fabs in vtkTuple::Compare with ints.
      COMP: Use uintptr_t rather than rely on VTK_SIZEOF_VOID_P.
      ENH: Move wrapper tools into Wrapper/Tools subdirectory.
      ENH: Make the Wrapping/Tools directory into a VTK module.
      STYLE: Update the file Wrapping/Tools/README.txt
      Make the QVTKRenderWindowInteractor more widely compatible.
      BUG: Fix InsertAndMergeExtent bug introduced in earlier commit.
      COMP: Fix wrapper-parser errors for nested template declarations.
      ENH: Use LINK_DEPENDS instead of DEPENDS for all wrap dependencies.
      COMP: Silence messages from vtkhdf5 and vtknetcdf.
      COMP: Mark vtkGenericMovieWriter as ABSTRACT.
      BUG 13409: Break python observer reference cycles.
      COMP: Fix warnings generated by clang.
      BUG: Add float support to vtkTransformToGrid.
      BUG: Bad triangle strip decomposition in vtkOBJExporter.
      BUG: Fix incorrect code detected by static analysis.
      BUG: Fix 64-bit indexing, extent errors in CopyStructuredData.
      Remove new object return by vtkColorSeries::BuildLookupTable.
      Replace unrecognized data set assert with a vtkErrorMacro.
      Fix possible unititialized deltaI array use in vtkWarpTransform.
      BUG: Use vtkIdType for point IDs to avoid potential overflow.
      Get the modularized Rendering/Tk working with Python and OS X.
      COMP: Fix some issues with the vtk executable compile/install.
      COMP: Fix compile problems due to empty VTK_TK_LIBRARIES.
      COMP: Remove __WRAP__ conditional from isnan, isinf in vtkMath.
      Fix vtkLookupTableLogRange clamping for missing condition.
      BUG: Negative range for log scale lookup produced no results.
      COMP: Allow compilation VTK with custom python on OS X.
      COMP: Eliminate pow() ambiguity by using "double" arguments.
      Deprecate vtkColor::Red() getter in favor of GetRed() etc.
      Deprecate vtkVector::X() in favor of vtkVector::GetX() etc.
      COMP: Use std::string, not vtkStdString, for java string func.
      COMP: Properly build and load the vtkTkRenderWidget for Tcl.
      BUG: Failure to load vtkTkRenderWidget into Python.
      ENH: Re-enable some tests for the vtkTkRenderWidget.
      STYLE: Add more documentation to vtkTriangleFilter.
      COMP: The vtkTDxConfigure header was not installed.
      COMP: Fix the way that vtkQuaternion is listed in CMakeLists.
      Also include WRAP_SPECIAL classes in the exported classes.
      COMP: Unused code in vtkXMLHierarchicalBoxDataFileConverter.
      BUG: The seldom-used "-D" option for wrapper tools was broken.
      BUG: Fix three preprocessing bugs in the wrapper tools.
      ENH: Make the wrappers detect abstract classes automatically.
      Get methods segfaulted when vtkUniformGridAMR::AMRInfo was null.
      Except vtkMathTextUtilities from the universal Tcl tests.
      BUG: Fail gracefully if factory method returns NULL in wrappers.
      ENH: Deprecate "--special", "--vtkobject" options for wrapper tools.
      COMP: Fix unused variable warnings in wrapper code.
      Fix declaration of vtkFloatingPointType
      COMP: In msvc7.1, vsnprintf requires a leading underscore.
      STYLE: Local variable "Spacing" should be lower-case.
      Fix potential integer overflow in vtkDiscreteMarchingCubes allocation.
      BUG 13588: Replace tab with spaces in python source files.
      Change python arg float-to-int conversion to python 2.7 style.
      COMP: Install missing header in IO/MINC directory.
      STYLE: Add more documentation to vtkImageAlgorithm.
      BUG 11810: VTK failed to compile with Tcl 8.6 due to errorLine.
      Fix the tcl-to-python conversion for a few tests.
      Regenerate meshQuality.py from the more complete meshQuality.cxx
      Add export/import to allow vtkTuple subclasses in other modules.
      Fix vtkWrapPython compile warnings about format strings.
      Turn off multisamples so antialiasing doesn't cause test failures.
      Don't enable FRAGMENT_PROGRAM_ARB if program fails to load.
      Force a delay before image capture in volTM2DRotateClip.
      Set the correct baseline directory for TestSurfaceLIC.
      BUG 13875: Add a separate python module to resolve dependencies.
      STYLE: Use consistent spacing and indentation in vtkCamera.
      Replace polygons with triangle strips in vtkImageSliceMapper.
      Remove delay from end of volTM2DRotateClip.py.
      BUG: Fix black image from vtkImageReslice in slab mode.
      Reduce TestProjectedHexahedra window size to 500x500.
      COMP: Fix the vtkJPEGReader setjmp clobber warning.
      COMP: Fix compare sign warning in Ensight6BinaryReader.
      ENH: Add math function for nearest power of two.
      ENH: Add math function for computing log2 on integers.
      ENH: More efficient Ceil() and Floor() with tests.
      BUG: Use id_expression in vtkTypeMacro instead of simple_id.
      STYLE: Document an important ambiguity in the parser.
      COMP: Allow the parser to handle pointers to __stdcall functions.
      COMP: Remove the obsolete WRAP_HEADER property.
      COMP: Re-apply change 87cc4c63 to eliminate warnings.
      COMP: Add missing "using" keyword to the keyword rule.
      Remove the vtkSetNGetMacro from vtkSetGet.h
      COMP: Fix -Wundefined-reinterpret-cast in TestFastNumericConversion.
      Fix logical error in TestInteractorStyleImageProperty.
      Fix camera problem in TestXMLUnstructuredGridReader.
      ENH: A new filter for triangulating contours.
      BUG: Fix overlooked oriented vs. non-oriented check.
      Clamp integer scalars in InterpolateTuple().
      Fix a memory leak in TestButterflyScalars.
      Deprecate the obsolete vtkFastNumericConversion class.
      Fix X BadRequest errors in TestInteractorStyleImageProperty.
      BUG 14037: Add hash function to PyVTKClass type.

David Luet (3):
      Fixed an error with EnSight6 and transient single file formats.
      Properly fix the issue with reading scalar properties
      EnSight6 Reader vectors per element

David Thompson (80):
      Fix OpenGL shaders for modularization.
      Add categorical data to vtkLookupTable.
      Color mapping using only annotated values.
      Test categorical color lookup and Brewer colors.
      Clarify documentation before changes.
      Make annotation API more consistent.
      Color swatches for categorical scalar bar.
      Initial annotation labels.
      Better layout of text in vertical case.
      Label horizontal swatches properly.
      Leader lines implemented.
      Leader lines tested.
      Move most annotation stuff to `vtkScalarsToColors`.
      Rendering fixes for vtkMathTextActor.
      Test IndexedLookup mode of the scalar bar widget.
      Handle annotation insertion w/ empty color table.
      Fixes from Yumin and Gerrit CDash warnings.
      Fix `vtkScalarsToColors::DeepCopy`.
      Fix warnings and move test.
      Don't downcast; vtkScalarsToColors has annotations.
      Attempt fix for failing EmptyInput/SetGet tests.
      Fix annotation label placement.
      Wrap `vtkRenderingMatplotlib` for object factory.
      Support `IndexedLookup` in more colormap classes.
      Fix a memory leak and an indexing bug.
      Force consistency in label and leader line colors.
      Move vtkColorSeries into a "Color" kit.
      Merge `vtkBrewerColors` into `vtkColorSeries`.
      Fix warning, improve const-ness.
      Test the color series class.
      Address code-style comments from Marcus.
      Pass names by const-reference; suggested by Marcus.
      Even more exhaustive unit test.
      Fix cut-and-paste test failure message.
      More coverage.
      Eliminate link error.
      Add `vtkCommonColor` to `vtkChartsCoreCxxTests`.
      Virtual methods require a virtual destructor.
      Fix floating-point vtkVariant comparison and test.
      Fix horizontal label placement.
      Add a GetBoundingBox method back to MathTextActor.
      Fix formatting.
      Fix rebuilding the discretized lookup table.
      Don't color by texture in `IndexedLookup` mode.
      Layout vertical annotations top-to-bottom.
      Fix a typo (cannot initialize a reference to NULL).
      Add `vtkDataObjectTree::NewTreeIterator()` method.
      Make Bill less unhappy; test more.
      Eliminate warnings.
      Eliminate a warning.
      Change Matplotlib test to avoid console output.
      Make `vtkVariant::ToNumeric()` private.
      Use `vtkVariantCast`, not `vtkVariantExtract`...
      Fix build errors on Linux; #include <typeinfo>.
      Methods to compute and return unique array values.
      Unit test new `vtkVariant` information key classes.
      Specify source files properly.
      Handle more exceptional conditions.
      More realistic bounds on samples required...
      Add `vtkDataObject::GetAssociationTypeFromString`.
      Exhaustive and sampled distinct-value detection.
      Fix Windows build (no log2 function).
      Small change to `vtkConvertSelection` for ParaView.
      Support aggregation extracting selection over time.
      Eliminate warnings.
      Fix LogScale mode of vtkAxis.
      Disambiguate a log10() call for VS9.
      Use scalar annotations on interval-mode scalar bar.
      Allow empty string rendering to succeed.
      Pad scalar-bar title to prevent ugly layout.
      More adjustable scalar bar widget.
      Better aesthetics for scalar bar actor.
      Fix unused variable warning.
      Fix a leak revealed by ParaView; use SmartPointer.
      Fix for subclasses overriding EditAnnotations.
      Provide information on plot input data range.
      Fix a ParaView crash related to prominent values.
      Initialize representation's scalar bar actors.
      Update the scalar bar build time.
      Use the font scaling provided by vtkTextActor.

Frederic TINGAUD (6):
      vtkCubeAxisActor custom labels.
      Don't use exponent in cube axes title with custom labels.
      Use the orientation property of axes labels.
      Correct Bug #0013522
      Repare vtkCutter for all data object types.
      Calculate the axis label positions.

FreeType Team (1):
      freetype 2.4.7 (reduced)

Félix C. Morency (2):
      BUG: Fix GLXBadDrawable when using multiple QVTKRenderWindowInteractor
      Remove focus stealing code from QVTKRenderWindowInteractor

George Zagaris (798):
      ENH: Introduce AMR-Kit & Base/Utility Classes
      ENH/BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and enhancements to AMR
      ENH: Added Serialize/Deserialize for AMR box
      ENH: Added  metadata and GhostCellExtrusion
      ENH: Updated Serialization/Deserialization test
      COMP: Added missing include directive
      ENH/BUGFIX: Handling & processing of ghosts
      BUGFIX: Minor indexing issue in WriteToVtkFile
      ENH: Added vtkAssertUtils::assertNotEquals()
      ENH: Access RealExtent & optimzation in HasPoint
      ENH: Distributed data handling
      BUGFIX: Added box spacing to metadata
      STYLE: Remove debugging statements
      ENH: AMR Inter-Block connectivity data-structure
      ENH: Added vtkSetNGet macro
      ENH: vtkAMRLink to store inter-block information
      ENH: Changed to use vtkAMRLink instead
      ENH: AMR inter-block connectivity filter
      ENH: Added box collision & other accessors
      COMP: Add vtkAMRLink to WrapExclude
      BUGFIX: Corrected ProcessID when adding links
      ENH: Parallel AMR Data-Transfer utility
      BUGFIX: Add NULL grid to MultiPiece
      COMP: Added AMR to include directories
      COMP: Add VTK_AMR_EXPORT in class definition
      ENH: Accept user-supplied MultiProcessController
      ENH/COMP: Minor bugfixes and compilation issues
      DEBUG: Added more info in Print
      BUGFIX: Add remote links to RemoteConnectivity
      ENH: AMR Data-transfe filter
      ENH: Added data-transfer
      ENH: Added Ghost layer extrusion
      DEBUG: Added some debug prints
      ENH:Filter to Convert ImageData to StructuredGrid
      ENH/BUGFIX: ImageData-To-StructuredGrid Updates
      Resolve conflicts with master
      COMP: Use vtkImageToStructuredGrid instead
      ENH: Use of vtkImageToStructuredGrid instead
      ENH: Added query of all encoded grid keys
      COMP: Silence warnings about unused variables
      COMP: Remove vtkUnused due to compilation issues
      ENH: Extended AMR compatability with Berger AMR
      COMP: Resolve linking issues on Macs
      ENH: Enable blaking/unblanking based on IJK
      ENH: Integer-Space AMR blanking
      DEBUG: Added assertions to detect out-of-range
      ENH: Revert to original blanking algorithm
      BUGFIX: Fix Max bounds calculation
      BUGFIX: Fix GetNumberOfNodes & GetNumberOfCells
      Revert "BUGFIX: Fix GetNumberOfNodes/GetNumberOfCells"
      ENH: Account for cell visibity for UniformGrid
      BUGFIX: Set RealExtent in legacy constructor
      ENH: Added PadCellVisibility property
      BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes with indexing
      ENH: Separated Get/Set for Metadata and data
      ENH: Adding vtkAMRUtilities to repository
      BUGFIX: Pass correct length to AllReduce
      ENH: Defined CHECK_TEST convenience macro
      STYLE: Removed debugging and error message output
      COMP: Updated in response to refactoring changes
      BUGFIX: Fix 2-D vtkUniformGrid Construction
      BUGFIX: Combine test status by an AllReduce
      ENH: Changed size_t -> vtkIdType
      ENH:Added support to create & collect AMR metadata
      BUGFIX:Set size of buffer in  DeserializeMetaData
      BUGFIX:Insert deserialized metadata to AMR dataset
      ENH:Add RealExtent serialization/deserialization
      ENH: Improved testing of CollectMetaData
      ENH: More checks for metadata creation/migration
      DEBUG: Enable the sanity checks in Coarsen()
      BUGFIX: Set Bytesize in Serialize
      DEBUG: Added more informing print-outs
      ENH: Added method to ComputeGlobalBounds()
      ENH: Added GenerateMetaData wrapper function
      COMP: Resolve compiler warnings
      BUGFIX: Set actual AMR box dimensionality
      BUGFIX: Revert SetDataSet method to older & stable
      BUGFIX: Fixed indexing when inserting metada
      BUGFIX: Remove false assert in SetDataSet()
      ENH: Minor improvements
      BUGFIX: Minor fixes for 1-D & 2-D data
      ENH: Changed vtkAssertUtils -> assert
      BUGFIX:Remove partial overlaps from sample problem
      BUGFIX: Fixed memory leaks
      BUGFIX: Fix memory leak
      ENH: Added gaussian pulse solution over the domain
      ENH: Compute PointOwnership & DonorLevel Info
      ENH: DataTransfer Error Quantification
      ENH: Replace deprecated call to GetComponent()
      ENH: Modularized AMR Data-transfer example
      BUGFIX: Set BlockId when constructing vtkAMRBox
      BUGFIX: Set global origin in metadata
      BUGFIX:Consistent GetMax*() w.r.t. GetMaxBounds()
      DEBUG: Minor changes for debugging purposes
      COMP: Fix issues with passing in const object
      ENH:Improvements in donor-search implementation
      ENH: Implemented AddReceiverInformation()
      ENH: Ghost data-exchange metada information
      ENH: Attach ghost data-information to output AMR
      BUGFIX: Set point ownership w.r.t. the mesh
      ENH: AMR dual mesh extraction filter
      ENH: AMR contour filter (incomplete)
      ENH: Added vtkAMRDualMeshExtractor to the pipeline
      ENH: Use vtkUnstructuredGrid to represent dual
      BUGFIX: Return actual cell if cell is not visible
      BUGFIX: Skip blank cells when extracting dual
      ENH: Shallow copy grid cell data to dual nodes
      ENH: Improved checks for processing dual cells
      ENH: Restrict formation of dual cells
      ENH: Interlevel point ownership implementation
      ENH: Additional logic for constructing dual cells
      BUGFIX:Base point ownership w.r.t initial AMR data
      ENH: Squeeze() vtkCellArray() after construction
      BUGFIX:Load AMRbox metadata requested w/iterator
      DEBUG: Remove debug statements
      ENH: Single AMR box calucation at root level
      ENH: Removed assertion for processID ivar
      ENH: Utility to generate sample 3-D AMR dataset
      BUGFIX: Correct AMR metadata box construction
      ENH: Change gaussian pulse amplitude
      BUGFIX: Fix dimensions in Root AMR calculation
      ENH:Filter out visible faces on AMR block
      ENH: Attached donor-centroid infomration to data
      ENH: Fix cracks at the inter-level regions
      COMP: Update code to reflect API changes
      COMP: Added KIT_*LIBS for AMR kit
      COMP: Added Python wrapping for AMR kit
      ENH: Make Extract dataset output to be Multiblock
      COMP: Resolve compilation of non-existent target
      ENH: Adding AMR dual-extraction example/utility
      ENH: Encapsulate ghost-data exchange
      DOC: Updated output description
      ENH: 2D AMR case generator with Gaussian pulse
      ENH: Implemented vtkAMRBox::GrowWithinBounds
      ENH:Routines for AMR patch creation + cell-center
      ENH: Compute global AMR box w/prescribe spacing
      ENH: Dealing with ghost cells outside domain
      BUGFIX: Correct dimensions in GrowWithinBounds()
      ENH: Ignore dual-cells outside the domain
      ENH: Ignore dual cells outside domain
      BUGFIX: Fix incorrect orphaning of dual nodes
      ENH: AMR probe filter implementation
      COMP: Inclusion of missing C++ headers
      ENH: Improvements in AMR probe filter
      ENH: Add AppendDataSet method
      ENH: AMR Homogenization filter
      ENH: AMR base reader abstract class
      ENH: AMR Enzo Reader from vtkAMRBaseReader
      COMP: Resolve linking issues
      ENH: Updated AMR reader infrastructure
      BUGFIX: Fix loop through requested AMR blocks
      BUGFIX: Access to NULL object
      ENH:Added LoadAttribute & BlockAttribute
      ENH: Added InitializeArraySelections
      ENH: Adding VTK AMR Flash Reader
      ENH: Selective loading of data arrays
      ENH: Add global origin ivar in AMR dataset
      ENH: Added call to set the global origin
      ENH: Initial commit of AMR Slice filter
      ENH: AMRSlicer utility driver
      ENH: Added Extraction of Slice data
      BUGFIX: Minor typo when extracting XZ plane
      ENH: Fix erroneous global AMR origin
      BUGFIX: Fixed GetCellLinearIndex()
      COMP:Fix compilation issue due to outdated header
      BUGFIX: Correct blanking on XZ & YZ planes
      BUGFIX: 2-D AMR was assuming XY plane only
      COMP: Commented out calls to older API
      ENH: Clean-up first pass
      ENH: Clean-up first pass
      ENH: Clean-up Pass #2
      BUGFIX: Correct construction of vtkAMRBox
      ENH: Clean-up Pass #3
      ENH: Improved internal AMR box construction
      ENH: Improved AMR box construction
      ENH: Extended support for XZ & YZ planes
      ENH: Improvements for YZ,XZ planar AMR
      ENH: Improved planar AMR Box construction
      BUGFIX: Fix LCV for YZ plane
      BUGFIX: Correct indexing in Coarsen()
      BUGFIX: Correct calculation of AMR box
      ENH: Cleanup & Modularization
      BUGFIX: Correct vtkAMRBox::GetCellIndex
      ENH: Enabled grid description query: XY,YZ,etc.
      DEBUG: Assert slice dimension is 2
      ENH: Added GridDescription ivar
      ENH: Use GridDescription for 2-D Logic
      ENH: Set GridDescription in AMR Box
      ENH: Explicitely set AMR dimension & description
      ENH: Added GEOMETRIC_DESCRIPTION integer key
      DEBUG: Added assert() to ensure slice topology
      BUGFIX: Correct linear cell index calcuation
      DEBUG: Remove debug statements
      ENH: Initialize cut-plane offset at the center
      ENH: Direct-injection of slice CellData
      COMP: Remove unneeded headers
      COMP: Temporarily deprecate this example code
      ENH: Class Rename to vtkAMRGhostExchange
      COMP: Use renamed class vtkAMRGhostExchange
      ENH: Ghost cell extrusion AMR filter
      ENH: Add Set/Get for NumberOfGhostLayers parameter
      COMP:Add AMRGhostCellExtruder example to the build
      ENH: Used vtkAMRGhostCellExtruder
      ENH: Replace calls to vtkAssertUtils with assert()
      BUGFIX: Initialize & declare porigin
      BUGFIX: Fix Cut-plane initialization
      ENH: AMR particle support
      COMP: Fix minor compilation issues
      COMP: Add missing VTK_AMR_EXPORT
      ENH: Use global controller by default
      COMP: Fix warnings
      ENH:Move internal enzo reader to a separate header
      ENH:Move internal enzo reader to a separate header
      ENH:Move internal flash reader to separate header
      ENH:Move internal flash reader to separate header
      COMP: Fix python wrapper linking on Mac OSX
      ENH: Added Java and TCL library deps
      ENH: AMR Base Particles Reader
      COMP:Abstract vtkAMRBaseParticlesReader
      ENH: ENZO AMR to VTH converter utility
      ENH: FLASH AMR to VTH converter utility
      BUGFIX: Array out-of-bounds in initialization
      ENH: Removing vtkAMRParticles data-type
      COMP: Adding missing include directives
      ENH: Initial commit of Flash/Enzo Particle Readers
      ENH: Completed Base Particles Reader
      ENH: AMR automated testing
      ENH: Change file extension from *.hpp to *.h
      COMP: Fix typo in class name
      ENH:Internal enzo reader separation of API/impl
      ENH:Remove enzo reader from internal reader
      ENH:Modular implementation of Enzo Particles readr
      ENH: Made SetFileName to virtual
      BUGFIX: Fix type in FillOutputPortInformation
      BUGFIX: Intialize FileName to NULL
      BUGFIX:Initialize internal reader & indexing
      BUGFIX: Proper handling of blocks with 0 particles
      BUGFIX: Fix issue with particle sub-sampling
      ENH:Use VTK_POLY_VERTEX in partilces vtkPolyData
      ENH: Particle Array selection
      ENH: Method stubs for Particle Array selection
      ENH: Particle data array selection
      ENH: Rename *.hpp to *.h
      COMP: Exclude internal flash reader from wrapping.
      COMP: Missing inclusion of needed VTK headers
      ENH: Internal flash reader Separate header/impl.
      ENH: Add Internal Flash reader
      ENH: Initial Query-driven support for AMR Slice
      COMP: Remove vtkSerializable from build
      ENH: AMR flash paricles reader
      COMP: Implement pure virtual function from parent
      ENH: Support for loading Flash particles
      COMP: Resolve merge conflicts.
      BUGFIX: Portable parsing of filename
      DEBUG: Remove debug statements
      ENH: Filter by particle type
      ENH: Initial commit of AMR Particles "Slice"
      ENH: Employ GenericOutlineFilter
      BUGFIX: Fix version 0 XML files
      BUGFIX: Fixed erroneous asserts in constructor
      ENH: Driver for AMR to uniform grid resampling
      ENH: Conversion to CGS units
      ENH: QDV for AMR -- Load Metadata
      BUGFIX: Handling unigrid case in FillMetaData
      BUGFIX: Fix typo when computing grid spacing
      ENH: Get metadata propagated from upstream
      STYLE: Conform to VTK stlyle
      COMP: Updated to reflect API changes
      ENH: Bi-directional (level,id) to flat ID mapping
      ENH: VTHB file support
      ENH: Utility to dump enzo variable data
      ENH: (level,id) to internal idx mappings
      COMP: Add algorithm include directive
      BUGFIX: non-void functions must return value
      BUGFIX: non-void functions must return a value
      ENH: QDV updates
      BUGFIX: Berk's fixes for QDV CompositeDataPipeline
      ENH: Add Clear() which removed all AMR data
      ENH: QDV -- Pipeline updates
      ENH: Made GetNumLevels & GetNumBlocks public
      ENH: Added GetTotalNumberOfParticles() method
      WIP: Remove Particle slice filter
      DEBUG: Issue with clearing datasets
      ENH: Store metadata as an ivar
      BUGFIX: Erroneous loop through all levels
      COMP: Replace round() with vtkMath::Round()
      ENH: Add GetTotalNumberOfBlocks
      COMP: Explicitely list all the sources
      BUGFIX: Use global MPI controller by default
      COMP: Remove vtkAMRDataSetCache from Kit_SRCs
      COMP: Resolve warnings
      ENH: Added ability to Set/Get Composite Index
      ENH: Use COMPOSITE_INDEX instead
      COMP: Missing include
      ENH: Added EnableCahcing ivar
      STYLE: Omit debugging statements
      STYLE: Ommit debugging statements
      ENH: Initial commit of AMR dataset cache
      ENH: Improvements for caching of AMR blocks
      BUGFIX: Allocate AMR cache in vtkAMRBaseReader
      ENH: Implement AMR cache using STL map
      ENH: Separate Loading of Point/Cell Data
      ENH: Performance improvements to AMR readers
      ENH: Added timerlogs
      ENH: Added some statistics
      ENH:Pre-fetching of blocks in upstream requests
      ENH: Add AMR-to-uniform grid resampling.
      COMP: Resolve compiler warnings
      DOC: Added missing documentation
      ENH:Extraction of ROI from AMR datasets with LOD
      ENH: Serial AMRToGrid filter
      BUGFIX: Fixed reversed tuple specification
      ENH: Make timer logs less verbose
      BUGFIX: Fix interpolation to ROI grid
      DEBUG: Remove debugging statements
      ENH: Implemented cell-centered interpolation
      BUGFIX: Fix issue with slicing in Parallel
      BUGFIX: Call Modified() in RequestData()
      ENH: Dual mode implementation for AMR Reader
      BUGFIX:Employ AMR metadata to determine spacing
      ENH: Added Extent RCB partitioner class
      ENH: Initial commit of UniformGridPartitioner
      ENH: Getter for the total number of extents
      COMP: Add vtkUniformGridPartitioner to the build
      ENH: Include vtkExtentPartitioner
      ENH: RCB partitioning for structured data
      ENH: Changed AMRToGrid to use external partitioner
      BUGFIX: Fix issue with acquiring a reference grid
      BUGFIX: Fix issue acquring reference grid.
      ENH: Initial commit of AMR cut-plane
      STYLE: Remove debugging statements
      ENH: AMR Cutting (in progress)
      COMP: Explicitely cast params to double in pow()
      ENH: AMR Arbitrary cut-plane (in progress)
      ENH: AMR Cutting (in progress)
      BUGFIX: Fix image interpolation on XZ/YZ planes
      BUGFIX: Parsing of cfactors before filename is set
      ENH: Filter to conver AMR dataset to Multi-block
      WIP: Commiting recent updates
      ENH: Add set scalars after adding the array
      WIP: Handling of sources other than a reader
      ENH: Toggle between demand-driven/std mode
      BUGFIX: Fix allocation of data arrays
      ENH: Arbitrary RCB Partitioning
      ENH: Specify number of partitions instead of iters
      ENH: Partition prioritization
      WIP: Snapping & API changes
      ENH: Snapping for AMR Resampling
      BUGFIX: Fix memory leaks
      ENH: Resample to requested number of samples
      WIP: Dynamic adjustment of N
      ENH: Dynamic adjustment of N
      BUGFIX: Correct initialization
      WIP:Improve the performance of resampling
      STYLE: Conform to VTK's standards
      ENH: Faster probing algorithm & modularization
      STYLE: Conform to VTK's coding style
      STYLE: Rename metadata ivar to Metadata
      STYLE: Conform to VTK's coding guidelines
      ENH: Rename LoadAllBlocks to LoadRequestedBlocks
      STYLE: Rename numBlocks* ivars to NumBlocks
      STYLE: Conform to VTK's coding guidelines
      STYLE: Conform to VTK's Coding guidelines
      WIP: Modify Resample filter to produce image data
      WIP: Remove error macro
      BUGFIX: Remove call to Modified() from RequestData
      COMP: Fix compilation issue due to const params
      ENH: Revert resample filter to generate multiblock
      ENH:Implement Shallow/Deep Copy and CopyStructure
      WIP: Computing bounds with incomplete data
      ENH: Caching of the reader's metadata
      DEBUG: Report number of levels and numblocks/level
      ENH: Added timer logs in SearchDonorAtLevel
      BUGFIX: Use AMR index when loading data on demand
      BUGFIX: Fix typo in GetLevelAndIndex
      DEBUG: Remove debugging statements
      BUGFIX:Correct computation of refinement ratio
      COMP: Add header for vtkTimerLog
      COMP: Added missing "{"
      BUGFIX:Get Parent/Child rel. before barrier
      WIP: New AMR class hierarchy
      WIP: Access dataset by composite data iterator
      COMP: Resolve issues with iterator access
      ENH: Register new AMR classes with VTK
      ENH: Forward Shallow/Deep Copy & CopyStructure
      STYLE: Fix coding style
      STYLE: Fixing code indentation
      ENH: Remove references to vtkstd
      DOC: Fixing typo in code documentation
      ENH: Rename to vtkOverlappingAMR
      ENH: Rename to vtkUniformGridAMRDataIterator
      ENH: Legacy classes for backwards compatibility
      ENH: Adding support for AMR classes
      ENH: Added new AMR classes to build
      ENH: Ironing out some of the base class API
      ENH: Added vtkUniformGridAMRDataIterator
      WIP: Overlapping AMR
      BUGFIX: Add vtkStandardNewMacro
      Overlapping AMR
      ENH: Adding AMR Algorithm base class hierarchy
      ENH:Change vtkExtractLevel base class to MBDS
      ENH: Change vtkExtractDataSets base class
      STYLE: Whitespace changes
      STYLE: Conform to VTK's formatting guidelines
      ENH: Remove AssertUtils singleton class
      ENH: Rename vtkLevelIdScalars
      ENH:Overlapping/NonOverlapping AMR LevelIdScalars
      ENH: Move common metadata locic upstream
      ENH: vtkLevelIdScalars for backwards compatibility
      ENH: Add new level ID scalars filters to built
      BUGFIX: Correct superclass in vtkTypeMacro
      BUGFIX:Add GetDataObjectType for correct type
      BUGFIX: Full 2-D/3-D AMR box intersection
      STYLE: Fix coding style and identations
      ENH: Do not build Parent/Child relationship
      ENH: Remove vtkstd
      COMP: Add std namespace for STL vector
      ENH: Call GenerateVisibility & ParentChildInfo
      ENH: Remove vtkstd from AMR readers
      ENH: Moving old code to a Reference folder
      ENH: Moving old code to Reference folder
      COMP: Remove include of vtkAMRIndexEncoder
      ENH: Added README for Reference directory
      COMP: Removed reference classes from built
      ENH: Move vtkAMRParticleType to Reference
      ENH: Change AMR readers to use vtkOverlappingAMR
      STYLE: identation fixes
      ENH:Adding AMR gaussian pulse source
      ENH:Make AMR slicer a vtkOverlappignAMRAlgorithm
      ENH:Make AMRResampler a vtkOverlappingAMRAlgorithm
      BUGFIX: Delete AMR metadata
      BUGFIX: Fix memory leak in RequestInformation
      ENH:Use vtkOverlappingAMR in AMR volume mapper
      ENH: Add support for new AMR types
      ENH: Compute bounds based on root AMR box
      ENH: Use vtkOverlappingAMR
      BUGFIX: Construct Parent/Child in metadata
      ENH: Implemented "!=" operator
      STYLE: Fix identations
      ENH: Improved testing of AMR box
      ENH: Removing old AMR examples
      ENH: Removing old examples from build
      BUGFIX: Encapsulate class definition in #ifndef
      STYLE: Fix code identation + style
      BUGFIX: Fix erroneous array access
      BUGFIX: Fix memory leak
      BUGFIX: Fix erroneous array access
      ENH: Added test for AMR Blanking
      ENH: Removing old reference code
      COMP: Fix compiler warnings
      STYLE: Fix identation
      BUGFIX: Call Modified() in setters
      ENH: Add AMR/Testing
      ENH: Add HeaderTesting for AMR kit
      BUGFIX: Fix typo in forearch loop
      ENH: Exclude internal classes from header testing
      ENH: Fix PrintSelf signature for HeaderTesting
      STYLE: Change CMake commands to upper-case
      ENH: Pass VTK_DATA directory to tests
      ENH:Expose GetNumberOfLevels/GetNumberOfBlocks
      ENH: Simple unit test for Flash/Enzo AMR readers
      WIP: Patch refinement
      Patch refinement
      COMP: Remove "vtkAMRUtilities.h" include
      COMP: Build AMR kit iff VTK_PARALLEL is ON
      ENH: Removed old no longer used code
      ENH: Remove std namespace from PrintSelf()
      COMP: Fix python wrapping for AMR kit
      COMP: Fix windows issues by adding C++ includes
      BUGFIX: Revert to old code for blanked cells
      BUGFIX: Fix memory leak when attaching blanking
      COMP: Rename SetInput to SetInputData for VTK 6
      COMP: Yanking out VTK4 pipeline logic on vtkObject
      COMP: Fix compiler warnings with unused vars
      COMP: Rename SetInput to SetInputData for VTK6
      COMP: Updates for VTK6
      ENH: Fix header tests
      COMP: Change SetInput to SetInputData
      COMP: Make AMR examples depend on parallel
      COMP: Include cmath for fmin/fmax definition
      COMP: Added missing C++ includes for iostream
      COMP: Fix compiler warnings due to unused vars
      COMP: Remove vtkMPIController reference
      COMP: Fix warnings with uninitialized vars
      COMP: Replace fmin/fmax with min/max for Windows
      ENH: Fix PrintSelf-Common ivar defects
      ENH: Fix PrintSelf-Filtering ivar defects
      ENH: Fix PrintSelf-Rendering ivar defects
      ENH: Rename SetInput to SetInputData
      ENH: Updated AMR volume mapper for VTK 6 updates
      COMP: Conditional compilation of AMR VolumeMapper
      COMP: Fix minor compiler warnings
      COMP: Fix AMRBaseReader compiler warnings
      COMP: Fix AMR slice filter warnings
      COMP: Fix AMR resampler filter warnings
      COMP: Fix particle reader warnings
      ENH: Move COMPOSITE_INDEX() to vtkCompositeDataSet
      ENH: Use vtkCompositeDataSet::COMPOSITE_INDEX()
      ENH:Mesh Property Encoder/Decoder and Definitions
      ENH: Adding convenience method for GetPointId
      ENH: Reset bit in a property bitfield
      ENH: Structured Grid Connectivity
      ENH: Simple test for StructuredGridConnectivity
      BUGFIX: Fix erroneous logic in IsNodeWithinExtent
      ENH: Apply logic to color nodes accordingly
      DEBUG: Remove debug statements
      ENH: Hanling 1-D/2-D/3-D cases
      ENH: Making some method virtual
      Distributed Structured Grid connectivity
      ENH: Add RCB partitioner
      STYLE: Conform to VTK's coding standards
      ENH: Add WholeExtent and PieceExtent information
      STYLE: Adhere to the 80 character line limit
      ENH: More extensive testing
      Support for Partial overlap
      STYLE: Whitespace changes
      ENH: Handling for partial overlaps
      BUGFIX: Corrected vtkTypeMacro
      ENH: Test for parallel Structured connectivity
      ENH:Added TestPStructuredGridConnectivity to build
      ENH: Minor code structure enhancements
      BUGFIX: Fix some memory leaks
      ENH: Parallel Structured Grid connectivity
      ENH: Renaming MeshPropertyEncoder to GhostArray
      ENH: GhostArray rename/enhancements
      ENH: Propagate GhostArray rename
      ENH: Adding Abstract Grid Connectivity base-class
      DOC: Updated docs to reflect recent changes
      ENH:Rename FillMeshPropertyArrays->FillGhostArrays
      ENH: Added tests for computing the average
      STYLE: Conform to VTK's coding guidelines
      ENH: Changed AddExtent to take just the extent
      ENH: Add PERIODIC state to NodeProperties enum
      STYLE: Conform to VTK's guidelines
      ENH: Enable re-use of extent partioner instance
      BUGFIX: Correct IJK of origin of each sub-grid
      ENH: Full partitioning support for 1D/2D
      ENH: Support for ghost-layers
      ENH: Add NumberOfGhostLayers option
      STYLE: Conform to VTK's guidelines
      Add testing with ghost layers
      ENH: Add registration of field data
      ENH: Add XYZ fields on test grids
      ENH: By default set grid's FieldData to NULL
      Changing API to pass vtkUnsignedCharArray
      ENH: Using vtkUnsignedCharArray*
      ENH: Progress of API for growing ghost-data
      BUGFIX: Add export macro to class
      ENH: Fix PrintSelf signature for HeaderTesting-*
      STYLE: Improvements to satisfy HeaderTesting
      ENH:Exclude vtkStructuredNeighbor from HeaderTests
      ENH: Fix compiler wanrnings
      ENH: Fix compiler comparisson warnings
      ENH: Added orientation info to Neighbor class
      ENH: Moving code from Common to Filtering
      ENH: Grid connectivity base class enrichment
      ENH: API Changes in RegisterGrid signature
      ENH: Updated tests to reflect API changes.
      ENH: NeighborOrientation and operations
      ENH: Neighbor Blockn Orientation Information
      ENH: Added more neigbor orientation cases
      ENH: Improved handling of neighbor orientation
      ENH: Added additional 2-D tests.
      ENH: Improved neighbor orientation handling
      ENH: Added commandline-driven Simple 2D/3D tests
      ENH: Transparent Computation of GhostArrays
      ENH: Added Allocate() method to the API
      ENH: Minor beautification of the PrintSelf output
      ENH:Initialization/Allocation of the vis. arrays
      ENH: Added block topology and nodal predicates
      ENH: Added GhostedGridExtents ivar and methods
      Full 2-D and 3-D support
      ENH: Full support for 1-D, 2-D and 3-D data
      BUGFIX: Corrected block topology + improvements
      DOC: Added missing method documentation.
      ENH: Define BlockFace enum for BlockTopology
      ENH: Inline methods querying BlockTopology info
      DOC: Updated documentation -- BlockFace changes
      ENH: Implement GetNodeBlockOrientation
      ENH: Rename to GetIJKBlockOrientation
      ENH: Implement IsNodeOnSharedBoundary
      ENH: Pass RealExtent to IsGhostNode
      ENH:Node count test to Simple 2-D and 3-D cases
      BUGFIX: Set orientation in GetIJKBlockOrientation
      ENH: Alleviate redundant function calls
      BUGFIX: Ghost-layer correction
      ENH: Enable tests with more ghost cells
      BUGFIX: RealExtent correction
      BUGFIX: GetStructuredCoordinates method signature
      ENH: Implemented AttachPointFlagsArrays
      BUGFIX: Fix IsNodeOnBoundaryOfExtent predicate
      BUGFIX: Fix issue w/marking IGNORE nodes
      BUGFIX: Call SetNumberOfGhostLayers
      ENH: Generalized PartialOverlap() for all cases
      ENH: Inline methods to improve performance
      ENH: Get the cell extent from node extent
      ENH:GetCellExtentFromNodeExtent--assert postcond.
      ENH: Added more states for cell ghost array
      COMP: Rename cell properties to avoid collision
      BUGFIX: Fixed erroneous asserts
      Correctly marking cell properties
      BUGFIX: Add missing return in MarkCellProperty
      BUGFIX:Fix indexing in GetCellExtentFromNodeExtent
      BUGFIX: Corrected GetCellDims for 1-D and 2-D data
      ENH: Attach cell flags to grids in Simple2DTest
      ENH: Modularized FillGhostArrays
      COMP: Fix unsigned/signed comparissong warnings
      ENH: Implement method to create ghosted extents
      COMP: Fix signed/unsigned comparisson warnings
      COMP: Fix unused variable compiler warnings
      COMP: Fix compiler warnings
      ENH: Added GetPoints() method
      Ghost layer creation
      ENH: Add GetNumberOfNodes() and GetNumberOfCells()
      BUGFIX: Fix memory leaks
      ENH: Implemented ghosting with masking
      ENH: Remove older test code
      ENH: Combine Simple2DTest and Simple3DTest
      ENH: Specify file prefix in WriteMultiblock()
      BUGFIX:Fix allocation of GhostedGridExtents vector
      BUGFIX: Marking of ghost nodes on the boundary
      ENH: Check ghosted dataset
      ENH: Added method to compute total number of cells
      BUGFIX: Fix if-statement in FillCellGhostArray
      ENH: Testing of Ghost cell arrays
      ENH:Added Test for creating ghost layers
      ENH: Apply XYZ Field to the dataset
      ENH: Ghosted fields initialization/allocation
      ENH: Added field comparisson test
      Copy registered data to ghosted data
      ENH: Transfer of registered data to ghosted data
      ENH: Acquire data dimension based on whole extent
      DEBUG: Comment debug print statements
      Compute Send/Rcv extent for each neighbor
      ENH:Init and computation of SND/RCV extents
      ENH: Specify number of ghost layers to create
      Local ghost data transfer
      ENH:Improve SND/RCV extent calculation
      ENH: Update DetermineNeighborOrientation
      ENH: Local ghost-data transfer from neighbor
      COMP: Fix unused variable warning
      Correct neighbor orientation
      ENH: Neighbor Orientation + SND/RCV extent comp.
      ENH: Robust transfer of local ghost data
      DEBUG: Remove debug statements
      Generic serialization of Field data
      ENH: Added WaitAll method
      ENH: Simple test for non-blocking communication
      ENH: Added WaitAny method
      ENH: Non-blocking comm. for MPI_UNSIGNED_CHAR
      ENH: Added method to acquire the stream size
      ENH: Additional accessor to raw data
      ENH: Added array Push/Pop methods
      ENH: Fuse the for-loops in CreateGhostLayers
      DOC: Improved code documentation
      ENH: Modularized ghost data serialization
      ENH: Add method to test if bytestream is empty
      ENH: Modular deserialization of ghost-data
      ENH: Made TransferGhostDataFromNeighbors virtual
      ENH: Ghost data transfer (remote+local)
      ENH: Implemented TransferRemoteNeighborData
      ENH: Initialize ghosted grid points arrays
      ENH: Add CopyCoordinates for ghost data creation
      ENH: Add CopyCoordinates when filling ghost data
      Split GhostDataExchange
      ENH:Map neighboring grid pairs to nei list index
      BUGFIX: Incomplete assert
      Modularize ghost-data exchange
      Modularize ghost-data exchange (Part 2)
      BUGFIX: Fix size calculation in GetRawData
      DEBUG: Added some code for debugging
      ENH:Methods to check if grid has point/cell data
      BUGFIX:Restrict ghost extents/masks to local grids
      ENH: Fuse loops for computing SND/RCV extents
      ENH: Enrich Non-blocking funcationality
      BUGFIX: Handling of SUPERSET case
      ENH: Write distribute multiblock dataset
      ENH: Refactoring of ghost-data exchange
      ENH: Base class for ghost generation filters
      Testing of VTK ghost data generation filters
      BUGFIX: Compute ghosted grid block origin
      ENH: Ghost data generation test for uniform grid
      ENH: Disable copy constructor and '=' operator
      ENH: Disable copy constructor and '=' operator
      ENH: Add StructuredGridConnectivity test
      ENH: Parallel ghost generator for uniform grids
      ENH:Parallel ghost data test for uniform grids
      BUGFIX: Fix call to ComputePointIdForExtent
      ENH:Test ghost data generation of uniform grids
      BUGFIX: DeserializeDataArray pass pointer by ref
      ENH: Handle grids with single points
      BUGFIX: Fix issue with multiple-blocks per process
      ENH: Added more test cases for ghost exchange
      DOC: Added See Also section
      StructuredGrid/RectilinearGrid partitioners
      COMP: Fix build issues due to typos and copy/paste
      ENH: Structured grid Ghost data generation filter
      ENH: Structured partitioners & corresponding tests
      BUGFIX: Add // Not implemented to fix header tests
      BUGFIX: Set registered number of ghost layers to 0
      ENH: Added convenience point-access method
      STYLE: Conform to VTK's coding style
      DOC: Improve class documentation
      COMP: Add vtkStructuredGridGhostDataGenerator
      BUGFIX: Proper allocation of cell visibility array
      COMP: Add vtkPStructuredGridGhostDataGenerator
      ENH: Added more tests
      ENH: Parallel test for StructuredGrid ghost data
      ENH: Ensure points are doubles
      ENH: Added asserts to check individual test status
      BUGFIX: Added missing code
      COMP: Move MPI code under if clause
      COMP:Fix build issues when configured w/out MPI
      COMP: Fixing compiler warnings on Windows
      COMP: VTK 6 Updates
      COMP: Fixing minor warnings and header test fails
      ENH: Reduce the number of test cases run
      COMP: Fix minor compiler warnings
      ENH: Fixing PrintSelf ivar defects
      ENH: Fix ivar defects and minor style changes
      ENH: Remove 'using std::cout/endl'
      COMP: Fixing minor warnings
      DEBUG: Adding some printouts
      ENH: Bitfield initialization
      BUGFIX: Set level of AMR box for iterator
      ENH: Simple AMR Iterator accesss API test
      ENH: Exclude Set/Get *GridConnectivtiy::NumGrids
      ENH: Change API of vtkRectilinearGrid::GetPoints()
      ENH: Field data serialization
      DOC: Correct class documentation
      ENH: API change, inputs first outputs last
      ENH: Change some asserts to vtkGenericWarningMacro
      ENH: Field data metadata serialization
      ENH: Change API to use VTK datatypes as parameters
      ENH: Use vtkOverlappingAMR + style changes
      ENH: Remove vtkContourValues and use endl
      ENH: Use octree point locator to extract cells
      COMP: Fix compiler warnings
      ENH: Implement extraction of cells on plane
      ENH: Use vtkUnstructuredGrid in CutAMRBlock
      ENH: Remove vtkPlane from class ivars
      ENH: Add GetParticleName to internal flash reader
      COMP: Resolve warning for converting to int from double
      STYLE: Fix indentation of AMR classes
      BUGFIX: Fix TestSetGet for AMR Enzo reader
      BUGFIX: Fix Flash Reader TestSetGet HDF5 errors
      ENH: Move AMR under Filters/AMR
      COMP: Update CMakeLists and AMR headers
      COMP: Update Tracers AMR dependencies
      ENH: First pass on resolving AMR valgrind defects
      BUGFIX: Add guards for empty input in Enzo reader
      STYLE: Remove debug statements.
      ENH: Detect partially overlapping ghost cells
      ENH: Test for partial overallping ghost cells
      ENH: Stripping partially overlapping ghost-layers
      ENH: Test suite for stripping out ghost layers
      BUGFIX: Fix issue with blanked cells
      ENH: Remove unused variable & style enhancements
      COMP: Fix shadow parameter
      BUGFIX: Fix bug with non-null terminated string
      ENH: Changed method to return std::string
      COMP: Restore building of ghost generation tests
      BUGFIX: Resolve issue with empty cells
      ENH: Encapsulated writing to files in and ifdef
      COMP: Build parallel ghost generation tests
      STYLE: Minor cleanup
      ENH: Add #ifdef DEBUG_ON
      STYLE: Centralize where information logging
      BUGFIX: Resolve blanked cell issue
      BUGFIX: Fix memory leak
      ENH: Encapsulate writing to files in an ifdef
      DOC: Correct copy/paste error in documentation
      ENH: Remove non-ctests from CMakeLists
      BUGFIX: Refer to target using TARGET_FILE syntax
      COMP: Resolve compiler warnings on unused vars
      COMP: Fix size_t != int warnings on windows
      COMP: Fix size_t to unsigned int conversion
      ENH: Fix warnings and update to new AMR datatypes
      COMP: Fix warnings about hsize_t by static_cast
      ENH: Fix indentation in headers
      ENH: Make some methods virtual
      ENH: Add StructuredAMRNeighbor class
      ENH: Make some methods protected
      ENH: Added functionality to return the neighbor
      ENH: Serial AMR grid connectivity & ghosting
      Exclude vtkStructuredAMRNeighbor from header test
      ENH: Add test for vtkStructuredAMRNeighbor
      COMP: Fix minor compiler warnings
      ENH: Updates to reflect AMR API changes
      ENH: Improve code coverage in test
      BUGFIX: Fix minor typo in GetRelationShipString()
      Disabling old vtkHierearchicalBoxDataSet test
      COMP: Fix include order for AIX
      COMP: Fix redeclared without ddlimport warning
      STYLE: Make test less verbose
      ENH: Reduce grid size to 10x10x10

Giuseppe D'Angelo (1):
      BUG #13706: enable VTK_CURSOR_CROSSHAIR for vtkXOpenGLRenderWindow

Goodwin Lawlor (11):
      Link static libs into vtk-tcl interpreter
      Search Tk source tree for resources
      Update CMakeLists.txt for Common/* tcl tests
      Change SetInput -> SetInputData
      BUG: Update ThirdParty path. Prevent including empty include path
      Bug: Automagically add an ExitEvent callback to vtkRWI
      Change vtk to pvtk for parallel binary
      Build Tk widgets for Tcl and Python
      Backport using Tcl_GetErrorLine with Tcl8.6
      Let macro find TclTk version 8.6
      Update the TclTk internal files for 8.6

Gregory P. Johnson (1):
      Render stacked plots as separate colors in legend

Hal Canary (1):
      Document the return value of vtkFieldData::AddArray().

Ho Cheung (1):
      COMP: Add missing #include <functional> for std:bind_2nd

Jeffrey Baumes (28):
      Remove boost dependence from vtkViewsInfovis
      Adding missing boost dependence in testing directory
      Divided edge bundles and new graph rendering
      Fixing vtkObjectFactory error from missing include
      Adding another missing vtkObjectFactory include
      Fix ambiguous sqrt error
      Incremental force layout strategy
      Fix unused variable warnings
      Explictly cast to int to avoid compiler warnings
      Fixing context2d point sprites and graphics item
      Avoiding crash by removing observer on destruction
      Fix bug where repeating timer was not stopped
      Fix infinite recursion
      Add vtkGraphMapper to the build
      Add vertex dragging and tooltip to vtkGraphItem
      Fix warnings
      Wrap long line and reset bound texture
      Being more careful about graph animations
      Set brush properties on sprite texture
      Fixing default texture interpolation mode for vtkBrush
      Remove layout jitter by weighting vertices by degree
      Fix a few warnings
      Fixing Clear() method for the context scene
      Guard against accessing NULL scene
      Bugfix for bottleneck in vtkGraph::RemoveVertexInternal
      Fix bug in squarify treemap layout strategy
      Adding guard to incremental force layout SetFixed
      Adding alternate mode (alt + left click) for panning

Joachim Pouderoux (38):
      Add support for texture coordinates and per vertices normals in PLY Reader
      Fix trailing spaces
      Improve the PDBReader to support secondary structures
      Fix ribbon normals and colors
      Fix 4 warning messages in PDBReader
      Fix 2 unitialized variable warnings and 1 cast warning.
      Enhance vtkMoleculeReaderBase with a vtkMolecule output.
      Fix 2 static cast warnings
      Fix and enhance the protein ribbon filter.
      Fix the caffein regression test.
      Fix a compilation issue when crosscompiling.
      Add bool IntializeFromCurrentContext() method to vtkRenderWindow.
      Fix a problem when cross compiling using NMake.
      Add a context ownership flag to avoid destruction of not-owned ctx
      Fix the Print() method in Java wrapping.
      Accelerate the bonds creation thanks to a vtkPointLocator.
      Minor code lisibility improvements on HTG and HTG geom filter.
      Many code cleaning, small optimizations and credits added.
      Allow an image reader to read data from buffer instead of file.
      Introduce the new AWT and SWT java components.
      Add sample classes for both AWT and SWT components.
      Fix typos, remove empty lines, simplify code and uniformize style.
      Fix memory leak on operator=
      Added support for bit arrays instead of strings to create an HTGSource
      Add 2 new tests of HTG source creation from bit arrays.
      HTG modification to support only defined (has mat) level 0 cells.
      Optimize HTG for large & sparse level 0 grids.
      Add depth and coordinates on each non leaf points.
      Fix tests - seems like non leaf points are not well computed yet.
      Fix the 3DGeometry test - revert the depth computed at all nodes.
      Fix HyperTreeTernary3DLargeMaterialBits test.
      Fix 2 HTG warnings.
      Change per tree BSF indexing by global BSF indexing.
      Change the indexing of HyperTree and remove dead code & vars.
      Fix warning on HTG 2D FullMaterial test.
      Fix signed/unsigned warning in HTG.
      Fix sign/unsigned warnings in HTG.
      Fix GRAM size detection under X Window.

Johan Andruejol (4):
      REFACTOR: Move vtkTuple to Common/Math
      ENH: Add a quaternion class to vtk, vtkQuaternion
      REFACTOR: Change vtkQuaternionInterpolator to use vtkQuaternion
      FIX: vtkQuaternionInterpolator Header (Only one class include)

John Stark (1):
      Fix memory leak in vtkDataReader::IsFileValid.

Julien Finet (11):
      Memory leak in vtkControlPointsItem::GetControlPointsIds
      Add performance test for vtkObject observations
      Speed-up vtkObject::InvokeEvent()
      Fix unused variables in TestObserversPerformance
      Potential inf. loop with vtkObject::InvokeEvent
      Speedup vtkCollection::RemoveItem(vtkObject*)
      vtkCollection::RemoveItem(int) fired Modified too early
      no pick in vtkProp3DButtonRepresentation if window not mapped
      Add support for more keyboard keys in QVTKInteractorAdapter
      vtkMath::*Quaternion*() expects quaternions in [w,x,y,z]
      Fix TestPickingManager memory leaks and inverted test

Karthik Krishnan (2):
      Backward compatibility support for the contour initialization routine
      Backward compatibility support for the contour initialization routine

Kathleen Biagas (8):
      Reduce retrievals of GL_ALPHA_BITS to improve rendering performance.
      Avoid displaying offscreen render windows by not setting them as key.
      COMP: Do not map rendering x window if offscreen rendering is requested.
      Fix vtkTextActor to prevent truncation of text.
      Correct multi-line text spacing.
      Prevent empty output when input is single-point mesh.
      Improve text shadows.
      Export vtkgl::LoadExtension and vtkgl::GLVersionExtensionsString.

Kenneth Moreland (11):
      Make Frequency and Phase internal ivars be vectors.
      Change vtkSLACReader::ReadFieldData interface for multiple modes.
      Add ability to open multiple mode files in vtkSLACReader::RequestData.
      Move array reading inside of conditionals.
      Accumulate multiple modes together in SLAC reader.
      Add test for multiple modes in SLAC reader.
      Add ability to adjust amplitude and phase of SLAC reader modes.
      Check for more time units for the netCDF CF time dimension.
      Modify NRRD reader to handle ASCII encoding.
      Add test for NRRD Reader.
      Minor compile fixes.

Kent Williams (4):
      BUG: B.Lowenkamp's changes to detect empty fields in Meta files
      BUG: isblank is missing on Microsoft Visual Studio.
      COMP: Replace alloca with stack-based allocator -- bug 13781
      COMP: Added patch from Dirk Padfield -- http://review.source.kitware.com/#/c/9938/

Kyle Lutz (86):
      Fix misspellings in VTK/Charts
      Fix misspellings in VTK/Common
      Fix misspellings in VTK/Filtering
      Fix misspellings in VTK/GenericFiltering
      Fix misspellings in VTK/Geovis
      Fix misspellings in VTK/Graphics
      Fix misspellings in VTK/GUISupport
      Fix misspellings in VTK/Hybrid
      Fix misspellings in VTK/Imaging
      Fix misspellings in VTK/Infovis
      Fix misspellings in VTK/IO
      Fix misspellings in VTK/Parallel
      Fix misspellings in VTK/Rendering
      Fix misspellings in VTK/Views
      Fix misspellings in VTK/VolumeRendering
      Fix misspellings in VTK/Widgets
      Fix misspellings in VTK/Wrapping
      Fix whitespace error in vtkParametricDini
      Fix VTK/Chemistry compilation error with OpenQube/Qt
      Add vtkChartXY::SetTooltip() method
      Make vtkChartXY handle having no tooltip
      Add support for custom tooltips in vtkScatterPlotMatrix
      Add support for polygonal selection for charts
      Add export for TIFFSetTagExtender in vtktiff
      Fix bug when using hyperjump on ScatterPlotMatrix
      Change HeaderTesting to not require semicolon for vtkTypeMacro
      Fix header test for vtkContextPolygon
      Add copy constructor and assignment operator to vtkContextPolygon
      Improve polygon selection to handle concave selections
      Disable multisampling for TestMoleculeSelection
      Add API to allow users to set desired output point precision
      Fix segfault in vtkMolecule's destructor
      Fix misspelling for SetOutputPointsPrecision()
      Fix bug with default mouse actions in vtkChart
      Add support for surface scalar opacity functions
      Fix invalid '#elsif' preprocessor directive
      Copy field data in vtkDataSet::CopyAttributes()
      Add vtkProteinRibbonFilter class
      Add vtkObjectFactory include to vtkProteinRibbonFilter
      Call parent class PrintSelf() in vtkProteinRibbonFilter::PrintSelf()
      Fix "expression always true" warning in vtkHardwareSelector
      Fix warning in vtkChartXYZ
      Fix warning in vtkInteractiveChartXYZ
      Fix shadowed variable warning in vtkPriorityQueue
      Fix bug with setting the shader program vtkGLSLShaderDeviceAdapter2
      Allow vtkShaderDeviceAdaptor2 objects to be passed via vtkInformation
      Fix bug in vtkScalarsToColorsPainter when passing attributes
      Workaround for single specular color bug in Mesa 7.7
      Fix warning in vtkOpenGLExtensionManager
      Fix warning in vtkOpenGLScalarsToColorsPainter
      Set indexed labels when big chart changes in vtkScatterPlotMatrix
      Check for valid vtkOpenGLRenderer in vtkOpenGLScalarsToColorsPainter
      Fix bug in vtkDataObject::GetAssociationTypeFromString()
      Change CreatePieceFileName() to better handle absolute paths
      Prevent capturing selection buffer for the cached image
      Add vtkPainterDeviceAdapter::SendMaterialProperties()
      Fix segfault in vtkMatplotlibMathTextUtilities destructor
      Add vtkProperty::RenderMaterial() method
      Add composite data display attributes
      Fix vtkCompositePainter with vtkMultiPieceDataSet
      Fix uninitialized variable warning in vtkLookupTableWithEnabling
      Remove ParallelMPI Python tests
      Increase default line width for point handle 2D
      Increase GL2PS image error threshold to 15
      Disable multi-samples on TestSeedWidget
      Fix memory leak in TestRandomPMomentStatisticsMPI
      Fix memory leak in TestAMRReadWrite
      Fix memory leak in TestGDALVectorReader
      Fix valgrind error in vtkBlueObeliskDataParser
      Remove invalid return from void method in vtkIdList
      Fix thread-safety issue in vtkImageData::GetDimensions()
      Change vtkVolumeMapper to use thread-safe GetDimensions()
      Fix thread-safety issue in vtkInformationVector
      Zero initialize values in vtkGradientFilter
      Only allow selection on visible blocks
      Fix display attribute handling in vtkCompositePainter
      Reduce memory usage for TestCheckerboard
      Make vtkDataArray::ComputeRange() thread-safe
      Fix issues in vtkOpenGLPainterDeviceAdapter::SendMaterialProperties()
      Use an anonymous namespace for vtkImageMedian3DAccumulateMedian
      Add per-block color support to vtkCompositePainter
      Use RenderMaterial() instead of SendMaterialProperties()
      Refactoring code to set color/opacity/visibility for blocks.
      Skip rendering of invalid points in PlotLine/PlotPoints
      Render trailing good points in line/point plots
      Fix bounds calculation for vtkPlotPoints with bad points

Luca Barbato (1):
      Use newest FFMPEG API.

Marcus D. Hanwell (218):
      ENH: Remove the deprecated strstream includes.
      ENH: Removed legacy code in vtkRenderer.
      ENH: Spring cleaning of the rendering classes.
      COMP: Remove include that is not used.
      STYLE: Fixes to indentation, braces.
      ENH: Use a timer and a callback to animate.
      ENH: Added an ivar to modify tick mark visibility.
      ENH: Show axis titles in the big scatter plot chart.
      ENH: Adding some 3D concepts to the charts.
      ENH: Added a new vtkChartXYZ, enhance scatter plot.
      ENH: Fixed up the transformations between plots a little.
      ENH: Added test using vehicle data for scatter plots.
      ENH: Handle all numeric inputs to vtkChartXYZ.
      ENH: Only account for axis tick labels if visible.
      ENH: Improvements to the scatter plot matrix.
      BUG: Fixed a few issues with the 3D context.
      COMP: Fixed header test failure for vtkChartXYZ.
      BUG: Fixed a bug in scrolling of top and right axes.
      ENH: Some tweaks to scatter plot matrix defaults.
      ENH: Improved axis rotation in vtkChartXYZ.
      BUG: Fixed state saving/restoring on the 3D API.
      ENH: First pass at 3D API for lines and points.
      ENH: Removed GL calls from vtkChartXYZ.
      COMP: Removed deprecated calls from Java AxesActor.
      COMP: Fixed compilation failures due to API changes.
      COMP: Removed another unused header.
      COMP: Fixed warnings about unused variables.
      COMP: Fixed unused and set but unused warnings.
      COMP: Fixed MSVC warning about forcing int to bool.
      COMP: Removed vtkstd includes/uses.
      COMP: Added missing vtkDataArray includes.
      BUG: Fixed a bug in scrolling of top and right axes.
      COMP: Remove assert on variable that is not used.
      COMP: FreezeFocalPoint should be a bool.
      ENH: Removed deprecated API from classes in Common.
      ENH: Removed deprecated API in Filtering.
      ENH: Removed the deprecated API in Graphics.
      ENH: Removed deprecated API and classes from Hybrid.
      ENH: Removed deprecated API and classes from Parallel.
      ENH: Removed the deprecated Qt chart classes and library.
      ENH: Moved render pass to vtkOpenGLRenderer.
      ENH: Separate interactors from rendering.
      COMP: Porting the parallel render tests for SetPass.
      ENH: Removing Qt Chart examples and tests I missed.
      COMP: Fix valgrind error for unitialized ivar.
      COMP: Fixed compiler warnings.
      ENH: Removed deprecated mangled mesa option.
      Removed classes that have been removed.
      Removed vtktd.
      COMP: VLAs are not supported by MSVC (C99).
      COMP: More VLAs in the chemistry filters.
      COMP: Remove unused includes.
      COMP: Fix OSMesa (previous commit broke logic).
      BUG: Remove the GetTileScale logic.
      BUG: Export key and mouse event symbols.
      ENH: Remove unused configured header.
      ENH: Remove the remains of mangled mesa code.
      COMP: Added export macros for events in charts.
      ENH: Removed the TextAnalysis kit from VTK.
      COMP: Removed unused includes.
      COMP: Fix compilation failures with GCC 4.7.
      COMP: No stdint.h on Visual Studio.
      Removed warning macro for no input
      Added new event when the active plot changes
      Store the viewport and tile size in the device
      Added hyperjump to the scatter plot matrix
      Added new API to manipulate path animations
      ENH: Move back to main VTK project for CTest submission
      BUG: Removed vtkRenderingParallel from StandAlone.
      ENH: Moved the OpenGL components into separate module
      ENH: Added build system for RenderingVolumeOpenGL
      ENH: Restore GCC visibility support
      ENH: Ensure the cell type constants are wrapped.
      Removed references to CMake 2.4
      Mark some verdict options as advanced cache variables
      Mark VTK_MATERIALS_DIRS as advanced
      Mark HDF5 cache variable as advanced.
      Marked Mac OS X specific variables as advanced
      VTK_BUILD_ALL_MODULES is an advanced variable
      Make StandAlone default to ON too
      Remove rendering modules from StandAlone
      Removed Boost, R, QT and N-Way from vtkConfigure.h
      Removed MySQL, PostgreSQL ifdefs
      The Qt string rendering is not really needed
      Split out the FreeType OpenGL rendering code
      Fixed some annotation tests.
      Moved Hybrid rendering code into its own module
      Move the LIC tests to HybridOpenGL
      Moves necessary after FiltersHybrid changes
      Removed the OpenGL depedence of this widget class
      Added in vtkRenderingHybridOpenGL
      Add back in the static Python module call
      Depends on ParallelMPI, can't be in StandAlone
      Removed warning when GCC/Intel compiler is too old
      Moved the VTK_USE_MPI define to ParallelMPI
      Added an option to make instantiators for modules
      Create an include with all instantiators for Python
      Restore Tcl interactor and configure/install Tcl testing
      Add the auto init compile definitions for Tcl
      Update the Python calls to use execute_process
      Remove FiltersParallelImaging from Imaging group
      Ensure header files don't confuse the wrappers
      Changed RenderingHybridOpenGL export macros I missed
      Ensure we never auto initialize anything twice
      Added Geovis to Views group
      Added in some Tcl rendering tests
      Fixed more errors that crept in with header installs
      Use per-target include directories when available
      Fixed a few segfaults in tests
      Fixed up some GLSL test logic
      Removed debug output from test CMakeLists
      Removed a couple of CMake files for kits
      Removed old export macros from pre-modularization
      Produce a more human-readable summary of modules
      Fixed Windows callback export
      Fixed export macro for vtkOutlineCornerFilter
      Windows does not like char** for tests
      Use the module specific export macro
      Fixed compile issues with vtkOutlineCornerFilter
      Get the Doxygen documentation building again
      Enable polygonal selection in a scatter plot test
      Removed files from bad merge commit
      Stop using the imaging factory to instantiate
      Moving the text mapper and property to core
      Build system and header changes moving text API
      Let other projects set modules dir too
      Updated CMake to do MPI stuff in Parallel/MPI
      Test the variable MPIEXEC (not its value)
      Moved to CMakeCustom.cmake.in - new name
      Dynamically build up a list of excluded tests
      Initialize the polygon selection to NO_BUTTON
      Set color ivars direct, be sure to delete strings
      Added back support for off screen mesa
      Simplify molecule selection test and fix memory leak
      Refactored the selection code in vtkChartXY
      Bring back some parallel rendering glsl
      Ensure hyperjump remains in the lower-left quadrant
      Improved rendering speed of selected points
      Fixed a couple of bugs when rendering selected points
      Created new vtk*NewMacros to replace some factories
      Port RenderingCore classes to use new new macros
      Ported RenderingVolume to new macros
      Make sure vtkInteractorStyleSwitchBase usesd object factory
      Ensure the statistics classes use the object factory
      Use the object factory to vtkStreamTracer
      Removed support for Panther and older Mac cats
      Moved Chemistry/Core to Domains/Chemistry
      Build system updates moving to vtkDomainsChemistry
      Use MPI_LIBRARIES instead of the deprecated vars
      Corrected the path for the baseline image for multiblock
      Exclude vtkPythonCore from header testing
      Removed some leftover link line from before modular
      You must supply the full path for MPI exec
      Check for null selections before continuing
      Ensure we always initialize the 3D drawing device
      BUG: Make the Python tests do image comparisons
      Use the vtk_target macro to export/install wrappers
      Automatically set wrap exes if targets imported
      These tests include MPI headers
      Only render selected points if there are some
      Avoid creating two transitions when only one is needed
      Render the selected points in the 3D view
      Added an ivar for item interactivity in the scene
      Make the bottom-left charts non-interactive
      Add a new macro to compute depdendent include dirs
      Refactored the module export logic
      Changes for non-standard modules to export info
      Fix to use public form of the module variable
      Don't show the 2D chart when transitioning
      Only accept numeric columns, we can't process others
      The big chart should always use the top-corner
      Add ivar for number of transition frames
      Removed the LastConfigureStep logic
      Simplified the variable names in modular
      Added ability to change library suffix
      Removed *_OUTPUT_PATH variables from VTK
      Added back vtkForwardingExecutable
      If vtkContextTransform is non-interactive pass events
      Fixed compiler warnings in charts classes
      Charts tests should use standard naming scheme
      Separate out custom tick labels, add more testing
      Perform a deep copy of custom axis positions/labels
      Deprecate SetTickPositions/SetTickLabels for new API
      Add a vtkModuleMacros wrapper for external users
      Improved periodic table test coverage
      Use vtkColor in the protein ribbon filter
      Move several operator overloads to vtkTuple
      Move the vtkColor tests into their own test
      Short-circuit equality for tuples
      Don't set the scene geometry from a child
      Minor style fixups (braces, anonymous namespace)
      Put all wrap hierarchy files in VTK_MODULES_DIR
      Check if the PythonD target exists
      Fixes bug 13796 where bottom-right plots pan badly
      Add some warnings when abtract classes are returned
      Moved the vtk*NewMacros to vtkObjectFactory.h
      Simplify the LinePlot3D test
      Warn if lines have a blank at the end of line
      Improved the warning for vtkInteractorStyleSwitchBase
      VTK_LEGACY_REMOVE should default to OFF
      Move the Python wrapping to the end
      Complete the rename of vtkWrappingPython
      Rename vtkModule-Classes.cmake to vtkModule-Headers.cmake
      Fixed Tcl wrapping, and some special classes
      As discussed in review - rename CLASS->HEADER in modules
      Pass complete list of include directories to the wrappers
      Renamed to vtkModuleHeaders.cmake.in
      Removed vtk.qt - Qt 3 is not supported in VTK
      Added facility to export custom hints for modules
      Fixed copy/paste error - WRAP_HINTS install path
      These should be appending the WRAP_HINTS to the vars
      Fix crash on AIX related to static use of vtkNew
      Fix bug on Mac OS X PPC platform
      Introduced a new chart selection mode
      Added back in rendering of selected points
      Fixed compiler warning, size_t is not int...
      Only add the headers that were WRAP_SPECIAL
      Ensure module files are generated in the build tree

Mathieu Malaterre (2):
      WorldPosition is the ultimate maintainer.
      Prevent a file descriptor leak in vtkSLCReader

Matt McCormick (14):
      DOC: vtkCommand non-NULL callData.
      BUG: Move vtkPythonConfigure.h into Wrapping/PythonCore.
      BUG: Fix multi-object MetaIO reading for ASCII MetaVesselTube.
      STYLE: Improve readability and debugability in MetaScene.
      BUG: Fix multi-object MetaIO reading for ASCII MetaVesselTube.
      MetaIO: Remove the executable bit from metaFEMObject.{h,cxx}.
      MetaIO: Fix invalid memory dereference with empty Meta field.
      Initialize this->Axes in vtkChartXYZ.
      Remove using std::vector from vtkChartXYZ.h.
      Add SetAxisColor method to vtkChartXYZ.
      MetaIO: Prevent vessel tube from getting stuck in while loop
      MetaIO: Fix error in metaVesselTube ASCII reader.
      Remove using std::vector from Charts header.
      Add vtkPlotLine3D class.

Matthew Woehlke (1):
      Support third-party modules that use CamelCase

Michael Jeulin-L (4):
      Avoid SegFault from vtkBalloonWidget::SetEnabled at destruction:
      Add Picking Manager to deal with the picking process:
      Fix leak in vtkRenderWindowInteractor() instantiating the picking manager
      Fix picking-manager warnings

Michael Wild (1):
      Fix -fsanitize=float-cast-overflow in Ogg/Theora writer

NetCDF Developers (1):
      netcdf 4.1.2 (reduced)

Nikhil Shetty (106):
      Removing unnessary header file
      Residue of code previously moved to VolumeRendering/Testing/Tcl
      Delete residual file which had moved to VolumeRendering/Testing/Tcl
      Deleting duplicate test.
      Deleting unused tests
      Renaming file to fix possible modularization conflict.
      Removing dependency on vtkDataRepresentation
      Moving vtkPipelineGraphSource.* from Views/Infovis to Infovis/Core.
      Adding Views/Infovis/Test/Cxx/CMakeLists.txt
      Removing unnecessary dependencies.
      Fixing libproj4.
      Adding Geovis/Core/Testing/Cxx.
      Implement add_test_mpi macro.
      Adding Parallel/MPI/Testing/Cxx/CMakeLists.txt
      Bringing Filters/ParallelGeometry tests to use add_test_mpi macro.
      Bringing Filters/ParallelStatistics tests to use vtk_test_mpi() macro.
      Adding Infovis/Parallel/ Tests + test dependencies.
      Adding vtk_tests() declarative macro.
      Making MPI explicit in the test names which use MPI.
      Adding Cxx tests for IO/Parallel and fixing dependencies.
      Making new module Testing/GenericBridge
      Adding Filters/Generic cxx tests.
      Adding Filters/ReebGraph Cxx tests and dependencies.
      Moving TestExodusImplicitArrays.cxx into IO/ParallelExodus/Testing/Cxx
      Adding IO/ParallelExodus cxx tests + dependencies
      Adding Parallel/Core testing +dependencies
      Some tests may belong in Python direcory.
      Adding IO/ParallelLSDyna/ cxx tests and dependencies.
      Adding Filters/Parallel cxx tests + dependencies.
      Adding Rendering/Parallel cxx tests + test dependencies.
      Moving vtk_tests() macro and add_test_mpi() macto into seperate cmake files
      Moving testing macros into one single file.
      Adding missing vtkObjectFactory.h to different tests.
      Making sure that the TestingExternal projects can be build with install tree
      Adding add_test_tcl() macro.
      Adding FiltersTexture tcl tests.
      Adding FiltersParallel tcl tests
      Adding ParallelCore Tcl tests.
      Removing blankline at at end of file.
      Adding test dependency.
      Adding TestPrintSelf and TestSetObjectMacro tests to all modules.
      Adding macro vtk_tests_python() and add_test_python()
      Using add_test_python macro for FiltersCore.
      Adding RenderingCore python tests
      Adding FiltersVerdict python tests.
      Adding CommonComutationalGeometry python tests
      Adding RenderingVolume python tests.
      Adding RenderingLabel python tests.
      Adding RenderingFreeType python tests
      Adding RenderingAnnotation python tests.
      Adding InteractionStyle python tests.
      Adding ImagingHybrid python tests.
      Adding vtkImagingCore python tests
      Adding IOPLY python tests
      Adding CommonDataModel python tests
      Adding FiltersHybrid python tests
      Adding IONetCDF python tests
      Adding IOMINC python tests
      Adding IOImport python tests
      Adding IOImage python tests
      Adding IOGeometry python tests
      Adding IOEnSight python tests
      Adding FiltersTexture python tests
      Adding FiltersSources python tests
      Adding FiltersProgrammable python tests
      Adding FiltersModeling python tests
      Adding FiltersGeometry python tests
      Adding FiltersGeneral python tests
      Adding FiltersExtraction python tests
      Adding CommonTransforms python tests
      Adding test driver for python tests
      Fixing python test driver to build in Binary directory
      Adding auto-converted python tests.
      BUGFIX: fix test vtkCommonDataModelPython-TestNumericArrayImageData
      BUGFIX: umath is found in numpy.core.umath
      BUGFIX: fixing test vtkCommonDataModelPython-TestQuadricClustering
      BUGFIX: fixing vtkCommonDataModelPython-TestConvexPointSet
      BUGFIX: Error in translation.
      TEST-FIX: fixing  vtkInteractionWidgetsPython-TestImagePlaneWidget.
      TEST-FIX: fixing vtkRenderingCorePython-TestMapperLUT
      TEST-FIX: fixing vtkRenderingCorePython-TestGenericVertexAttributesGLSL
      Fixing compilation errors on test.
      TEST-FIX: fixed vtkRenderingCorePython-TestWindowToImageTransparency
      TEST-FIX: fixing vtkRenderingCorePython-TexturedSphere
      TEST-FIX: fixed  vtkRenderingVolumePython-volTM3DCompressedCropRegions
      TEST-FIX: fixing vtkRenderingVolumePython-volTM3DCropRegions
      TEST-FIX: fixing vtkRenderingVolumePython-volTM3DRotateClip
      TEST-FIX: fixing vtkCommonComputationalGeometryPython-TestParametricFunctions
      Slice order is not a test. Instead it is a utlitiy used by other tests
      TEST-FIX: fixing  vtkRenderingOpenGLPython-TestFreetypeTextMapperBigger
      TEST-FIX: remove test. There is no such test in source
      TEST-FIX: fixing  vtkFiltersCorePython-TestTextureGlyph
      TEST-FIX: fixing vtkFiltersCorePython-TestTensorGlyph
      TEST-FIX: fixing vtkCommonDataModelPython-otherDataSetAttributes
      DISABLE-TEST: Commenting out vtkIOGeometryPython-TestPolygonWriters
      TEST-FIX: fixing vtkIOMINCPython-TestMINCImageReader
      TEST-FIX: fixing vtkImagingCorePython-TestImageWeightedSum
      REMOVE-TEST: removing vtkImagingCorePython-WindowLevelInterface
      TEST-FIX: fixing vtkParallelCorePython-TestPolyDataPieces
      TEST-FIX: fixing (part) vtkInteractionStylePython-TestInteractorStyleTerrain
      REM-TEST: removing vtkRenderingCorePython-TestParallelCoordinates
      TEST-FIX: fixing vtkParallelCorePython-TestUnstructuredPieces
      The test is dependent on data. Supplied data directory
      Fixing POutlineFilter and POutlineCornerFilter for CompositeData types.
      Fix to use newer libjpeg API.
      Adding support to use MPI based tests in Testing/External

Pat Marion (3):
      Show error if VTK_USE_FONTCONFIG is enabled but FontConfig is not found
      Move vtkQtDebugLeaksView and test from ViewsQt to GUISupportQt
      Add RunStringWithConsoleLocals() to vtkPythonInteractiveInterpreter

Patrick Shinpaugh (1):
      Correct last variables not loading correctly

Paul Edwards (1):
      Fixing loss of point-precision in certain filters.

Pavel Pokutnev (2):
      Fix for MFC compatibility issue with bad_alloc
      Shortening comment.

Philippe Pébay (595):
      Consistency in distance namings
      Fixed documentation
      Clarified comment
      Brought some doc up to standard
      Whitespace cleanup
      The Test operation is not implemented in parallel with np > 1
      No hypothesis testing for np > 1 with correlative stats
      Do not run Test operation in parallel for correlative nor for PCA
      A new, generalized HyperTree class written by Charles Law
      New HyperTree classes written by Charles Law
      Removed repeated line in CMakeLists
      A topic branch with C. Law's extended hyper tree, that compiles
      Fixed a number of formatting issues
      A few fixes to make HyperTree compile
      Added a HyperTree fractal source written by Charles Law
      A new test program for the 27 hyper tree
      Now testing slicing and contouring with hypertrees as well
      Eliminated now unused methods
      Fixed memory leaks
      Removed no longer needed hyper tree point grabber
      Formatting issue
      Updated documentation to account for the addition of trisection
      Added a definition for VTK_TREE_BASED_AMR
      A minimal API and implementation of new AMR dataset that compiles
      Progress checkpoint
      Updated to grid structure, fixed template warnings
      Removed double de-referencing due to direct use of internals
      A hyper tree grid that compiles
      Modified HyperTree fractal source to make it work as a grid
      Fixed hyper tree test to make it work with grid
      Added a test specifically for the binary subdivision case
      No Set method in constructor
      Fixed macro issue; simplified hyper tree test
      Implemented variable number of root cells
      Added support for rectilinear geometry
      Removing single-cell hyper tree
      Removing dead branch
      Locate to which hyper tree cell root a given x y z point belongs
      Completed implementation of FindPoint for HT grid
      Solidified documentation
      Fixed numerous formatting issues
      Massive clarification of hard-to-read (and maintain) code
      Progress checkpoint
      A NewCellCursor method that is now defined by i,j,k parameters
      Cleaned up constructor and removed redundancies
      Use actual geometry for dual tree
      Now uSing actual geometry for primal grid as well
      Fixed i,j,k bug and eliminated all references to Origin/Size
      Modified Subdivide: no longer use geometry, but needs offset
      Properly offsetting and inserting cell values into HT grid source
      Inserting leaf nodes in dual with appropriate offset
      Generate cells with correct offsets into dual point array
      Progress checkpoint: dual grid almost completely correct
      A much better HT grid fractal source
      Implemented calculation of primal grid
      Restored use of dual mode in testing by default
      Consistency in the use of int vs. vtkIdType
      Killed one useless include
      Header clean up
      Now connecting trees along x-axis
      Test with 3-D HT source
      Now calculate y-axis inter-tree connectivity
      Initialize z-connectivity cursors
      Fixed formatting
      Removed spurious assert
      Fixed indexing bug in coordinates retrieval
      Removed another spurious assert
      So many spurious assert statements
      Added an Offset ivar to internals and a Get() method on it
      Modified Initialize() method on LW cursors to use tree index
      Reorganized UpdateDualGrid() execution flow
      Internals API change required by need of global indexing of vertices
      Eliminated need to pass point offset explicitly
      Header clean up
      Cleaner constructor/destructor for internals
      Nailed down global offsets into dual points array
      Create convenience GetGlobalLeafIndex() method for dual grid
      Implemented (x,y)-connectivity cursor for dual grid
      Implemented (x,z)-connectivity cursor for dual grid
      Implemented (y,z)-connectivity cursor for dual grid
      Implemented all 8 (x,y,z) super connectors
      Setting HT offsets in primal grid as well
      Removed passing of leaf offsets for primal grid (using HT offsets)
      Formatting issue
      A more generic approach to super-connectors
      Removed now unnecessary overloading of internals' Initialize()
      A much more generic way to handle super connectors
      Removed not really useful shortcuts
      Global renaming of module and ancillaries Octree->Tree
      More consistent naming for hyper tree GRID test
      White space and EOF clean up
      Whitespace and EOF clean up
      Include clean up
      Consistent formatting
      Consistent formatting
      Gave credits
      Added camera and decent camera parameters for regression testing.
      Patched a leak
      Patched a leak
      Had forgotten to clean things up prior to early termination
      Header clean up and reorg
      Cleaner bypassing of the pipeline in New method
      Fixed erroneous names in test output
      Renamed HT FractalSource a Generator because it is not a source
      Moved HyperTreeGrid to Common/DataModel
      Added a vtkHyperTreeGridAlgorithm
      A new hyper tree grid source
      Removed debug Print() statement
      Had included a debug test by error
      Running the tests with a hyper tree grid SOURCE now
      Created a new type of data set for hyper tree grids
      Restored header file of vtk hyper tree source that got lost
      Do not build (but yet retain) a currently problematic test.
      Eliminated a (shadowed declaration) warning from HT grid
      Cleaner constructor for HT grids
      A hyper tree grid source
      Expose Dual flag of hyper tree source at a more logical place
      Implement PrintSelf(), fix warnings, always use Dual grid API
      Fixed PrintSelf() defects, turn dual grid API to ON, fix warning
      More thorough test: all hyper tree functionalities; render geometry
      Added a test for the hyper tree axis cut
      Added a test for the hyper tree grid geometry filter
      Include all hyper tree grid tests into test harness
      Restored interactivity for tests (missing module dependency)
      Fixed duality problem into hyper tree fractal source
      Fixed formatting error into hyper tree generator
      Restoring outline corner filter into the build
      Ensure that hyper tree geometry filter uses dual grid API
      Eliminated unnecessary cast to int of some integer variable
      Fixed bug that was causing failure for dim < 3.
      Fixed bug in cell data retrieval for dimension == 2
      Fixed order of execution for axis cut (preparing for dim=2)
      Consistent formatting of pure virtual methods
      Make sure that HT axis cut restores duality flag to original state
      Ensure that HT geometry filter restores original dual grid API
      Test hyper tree filters in arbitrary order to verify duality issues
      A new test with plenty of options for thorough and convenient testing
      The hyper tree grid source is not a fractal
      Documentation as to information objects sent by this source
      Fixed bool to int cast warning
      Fixed int to bool cast warning
      Active hyper tree grid geometry test
      Activate hyper tree grid axis cut
      Renamed test and changed it to make it better (2D+binary)
      Renaming tests for the sake of clarity
      Make sure that global hyper tree test has consistent input
      Use smart pointers for testing
      Allow for variable levels of recursion
      Allow for binary or ternary subdivisions
      Removing the old hyper tree generator which was bypassing the pipeline
      CMake list error
      Header clean up
      Giving credits for regression tests and hyper tree generator
      A program to illustrate the use of various hyper tree filters.
      Removed this non-test, replaced it with an Example (HTGridDemonstrator)
      Documentation clean up
      Fixed array sizing error
      Removed incorrect block assignment (which was commented out anyway)
      Updated to new pipeline
      Restored build of TestScalarBar
      Format and credits
      Fixed more formatting issues
      Style fixed
      An API for the auto-correlative statistics
      Fixed typo in doc (missing "be" in several places)
      A minimal implementation that compiles
      Added an AutoCorrelationOffset instance to specify auto-correlation
      Fixed PrintSelf() defect
      Implemented auto-correlation's Learn()
      End of loop comment for legibility
      Fixed an incorrect ordering in the order of model columns.
      Completed implementation of Learn() of AutoCorrelative engine
      Removed unused variable names
      Implemented Derive operation of the autocorrelative engine
      Comment for legibility
      Added a test for the auto correlative engine
      Fixed leak in auto correlative test
      Removed forgotten unused variables from test
      Fixed documentation
      Removed case of constant metric which is useless for autocorrelation
      Introduced the notion of time lag
      Added the notion of time slice cardinality
      Verifying that slice cardinality and lag are consistent with data
      Modified Learn() to accommodate variable slice size
      Removed constant column from test data (no interest for AC stats)
      Added a test that is meaningful for time autocorrelation
      Completed test for autocorrelation
      Apparently one cannot use div_t with vtkIdType under VS compiler
      Added a new API to the vtkArcSource, that is consistent and unambiguous
      Default values for new API. Typo: radius->angle
      Make use of polar vector to specify arc in the new API
      Completed implementation of new, consistent and unambiguous API
      Switched construction of polar arcs to new arc source API
      A Python example that uses a honest 180-degree opening
      There is no longer a notion of "theta max" for arcs in the new API
      Finally, replaced notion of "min" by polar angle.
      Fixed outdated documentation
      Consistency in formatting
      Doc for AutoCorrelative engine
      Better autocorrelation testing. Also look for complete decorrelation
      Verify autocorrelation values for time-varying set
      Verify retrieved slice (at constant time) cardinality
      Finally we also verify auto-correlated means for sanity.
      Fixed problems with k-means test
      Meak attempt to clarify this code (which is extraordinarily complex)
      Incidentally found a bug in Aggregate() of Correlative statistics
      Implemented model aggregation for auto-correlative stats
      Make sure that when testing correlative aggregation, Test() is OFF
      Regroup cleaning operations to facilitate maintenance
      Updated Correlative test to make use of automatic aggregation.
      Correlative statistics: also run Test operation
      Testing autocorrelative model aggregation (at least for stationary case)
      Minor reorganization for consistency with other tests
      Clarified documentation of (non-auto) correlative test
      Fixed referenc Pearson r values
      Verify aggregated cardinality
      Added cardinality test for CorrelativeStats::Aggregate()
      Learn() operation of autocorrelative now processes input params (time lags)
      Have the AC tests now use the input parameters table for time lags
      Fixed PrintSelf defect
      AC model now has as many blocks as variables. Updated tests.
      Complete update of AC test to match new multiblock structure
      Fixed documentation
      Made AC statistics now iterate over list of time lags
      Entirely eliminated the TimeLag iVar (now replaced with parameters)
      Fixed a bug (partial sums must be initialized for each time lag)
      Testing several statistics for each time lag
      Modified Aggregate() for new per-variable multi-block structure
      Whitespace cleanup
      Restored testing of aggregated statistics (with new structure)
      Consistency in reference values naming scheme
      Implemented parallel aggregation for autocorrelative statistics
      Removed EOF new line
      More EOF new line clean up
      Several files had EOF new lines.
      Checkpoint: added a CMakeLists file, but which does not work with VTK6
      An updated CMakeLists for parallel stats
      Removed mpi.h include
      Parallel statistics tests depend on MPI
      Restored mpi.h include (for MPI_Attr_get and such)
      Restored building of all parallel statistics tests to VTK6
      Upgraded some MPI routines to MPI 2.0
      This example works again with recent changes in VTK modularization
      Print out information about calculated meshes, contours, cuts, etc.
      Removed old (VTK5 maybe?) boilerplate code
      Auto-adjust contour values to data range
      Added option to specify number of contours. Fixed a bug.
      Removed trailing whitespaces
      Fixed formatting issue
      Implemented safeguard in Derive() for consistency in time lags
      Removed unnecessary static cast of block ID
      Derive operation now stores all values to be FFT'ed
      Allow to build with necessary FFT stuff; calculate it
      Now use vtkTableFFT which was moved into VTK
      Fixed documentation
      Completed implementation of autocorrelative FFT, updated tests
      Modified Aggregate() to take into account the FFT block
      Autocorrelative test now also outputs results of FFT
      Fixed several formatting issues in test harness of autocorrelative
      A fix to prevent a R/T error when used with composite pipeline
      Removing one static cast (to unsigned) to verify with dashboard
      Cleaned AC stats of unnecessary static casts
      Cleaned order stats of unnecessary casts, and did some optimization
      Fixed formatting issue
      Removed unnecessary static casts from contingency stats
      Documented multi-correlative code that is difficult to understand
      Simplified implementation of Derive() by better block tracking
      Made this code more legible
      Rewrite of some parts of this code in order to simplify it
      Fix documentation
      Added a new class for distance-based selection
      Include vtkCellDistanceSelector into build
      Slight fixes to the linear selector
      Fixed indentation issue
      Multiple improvements to cell distance selector
      Added a test for the new cell distance selector
      Include cell distance selector test in the build
      Fixed includes, documentation, and formatting of header file
      Fixed formatting issues into vtkLinearSelector
      Linear selector credits
      Documented multiple loops for legibility and maintenance
      A first test that corresponds to something real
      Fixed a leak (composite iterator deletion)
      Testing more parameters of cell-distance selector
      Caught a bug a fixed it
      Better naming conventions for inner loops
      Fixed a bug w.r.t. to the AddIntermediate option
      Added test to verify AddIntermediate option
      Testing non-connected domain
      Moved these selection filters where they belong (Filters/General)
      Made port indices generic (with macros), fixed dependencies
      Whitespace clean up
      Fixed modules and exports after having moved directories
      PrintSelf() should be virtual
      Fixed header defects
      Added a test for the IncludeSeed option when the seed is visible
      Documentation of iVars
      Polar axes were fully supported by CEA/DAM/DIF
      Part of the axis actor work was supported by CEA/DAM/DIF
      Part of the cube axes actor work was supported by CEA/DAM/DIF
      Broken line widget was fully supported by CEA/DAM/DIF
      Documentation and credits to CEA
      Added all CEA prototypes and ivars
      Header fix
      A correct header file for the enriched XY plot actor
      Implemented all Set/Get methods for new iVars
      Compilation: not all compilers support implicit enum conversion
      A new version of the plot actor, implementing numerous new methods
      Added freetype utilities
      Implemented new RenderOpaqueGeometry() method
      Implemented RenderOverlay()
      Implemented RelaseGraphicsResources()
      Implemented PlaceAxes()
      Completed implementation of ancillary methods
      Implemented and added to build a representation for XY plots
      Whitespace cleanup
      Improvements and clean up of the XY plot representation
      Fixed snprintf compilation problem on Windows
      A test for the XY plot actor
      Fixed XY plot viewport
      Updated credits for XY plot actor
      Fixed convenience methods
      Testing more XY plot features
      Fixed formatting issues
      Testing with synthetic data, with no recourse to IO
      A full-featured test harness for the XY plot actor
      Multiple fixes (modified time in particular)
      Fixed indentation that was completely messed up
      Testing almost all plot features
      Fixed conflict between Box and Background
      Fixed Y title orientation problem
      Fixed memory leak in destructor
      Correct settings for test to generate baseline image
      Implemented non-regression testing for XY plot actors
      Minor formatting issue
      Keep idiotic Windows compiler from complaining
      Restore default y axis title to middle position (horizontal layout)
      Test different fonts and shapes on axis and plot titles
      Fixed initialization of label and axis title text properties
      Checkpoint in clean-up to eliminate a subtle runtime failure
      Fixed bug that was causing circular references across pointers
      Removed code that was used to hunt down a memory stomping issue.
      Renaming test to make clear it is 3D, before creation of a 2D one
      A placeholder that compiles for the actual 2D test
      Make sure 3D extractions are named as such
      A functional non-regression test for 2D cell distance selection
      Fixed some labels; also better chosen seed cells in 2D case
      Fixed warning (a variable might be left uninitialized)
      Fixed documentation
      Update to new modular structure
      Parse file name
      Created an example to test with string description of AMR
      Removed leftover debug statements
      Fixed formatting issue
      Added a Descriptor iVar to HTG source. Cf. detailed explanation below:
      Implemented string parsing logic in HTG source
      Progress checkpoint
      Fully implemented AMR descriptor syntax parsing and verification
      A lot of stuff added -- make progress checkpoint
      Many more tests
      Interpretation of format fully implemented
      Simplified inner workings (made output HTG an iVar)
      Fixed PrintSelf() defect
      Made i-j-k ordering consistent with that of HTG source
      Made i-j-k root cell indexing consistent throughout all HTG code
      Removed debug statements
      A good test 2D case, which will replace the older ones
      Saved the state of a really good 3D case which will be made a test
      Whitespace cleanup
      Fixed warning (shadowed variable)
      Consistent use of unsigned ints for levels and related things
      Fixed a warning (unsigned int vs. size_t)
      Updated test to reflect all novelties in HTG implementation
      Header clean up
      A very challenging test for the 3D hyper tree geometry filter
      A new test, for the HTG 3D contour filter
      Removed useless polygon offsetting
      Checkpoint towards a much better axis cut test
      Added a scale[3] ivar to hyper tree grid source. Updated test
      Updated 3D HTG test so they all use the GridScale ivar correctly.
      Fixes to the hyper tree axial cut
      A test with no plane/boundary overlaps for the HTG cut.
      Improved well-needed documentation, clarified code that is too hard
      Fixed an incorrect assignment
      A single example case combining 2D and 3D
      The HTG generator can now also generate random refinement patterns
      Fixed formatting issues
      Forgotten commits
      Restored functionality of regression tests
      Fixed PrintSelf defects
      Fixed missing initialization of Output ivar (was causing errors)
      Fixed an incorrect initialization (only visible for single level)
      Various fixes
      Clarified pointers
      Fixed hyper tree grid's shallow copy
      ShallowCopy must also (shallow) copy cell and point data
      Fixed a warning (variable set but not used)
      Fixed an incorrect ShallowCopy() implementation
      Moved selection algorithms to a new subdirectory
      Move tests to where they belong
      Fixed compiling issues due to General->Selection transfers
      Fixed erroneous Initialize() (not all corners were visited)
      Calling SetLeafFlags in internal class constructor. Fixed formatting.
      A test to exercise leak. Removed extraneous = 0 statements
      Delete() rather than UnRegister()
      Some fixes
      Number of root cells is now an iVar; not accessible; auto-updated
      Consistent naming ho/htg (octree/tree grid)
      VTK style
      Formatting consistency
      Remove from ShallowCopy things that are done by superclass
      Corrected strange format
      Refactored hyper tree grid so individual trees are stored as collection
      More compact code
      Do not set pointers to 0 when UnRegistering
      Finally resolved memory leaks caused by ShallowCopy()
      Ensure that ShallowCopy() deregisters even low-level structures
      Renamed CellTree into HyperTrees ivar to prepare for material naming
      Fixed format
      Separated implementation of the HT grid from that of the hypertree
      CreateInstance() is more consistent with vTK style than Instantiator()
      Formatting detail
      Formatting details
      Eliminated notion of MinimumLevel (not pertinent)
      Enforce non-negative indices, dimensions, cardinalities, factors, etc.
      Opitmization of several conditionals
      Added a UseMaterialMark ivar and ancillary methods
      Format prototypes correctly
      DualGridFlag --> UseDualGrid
      Added support to specify Material Mask
      Ensure that material mask is consistent with grid descriptor
      Ensure that use of ' ' separators is consistent (descriptor/mask)
      Implemented parsing of material mask (with checks). Updated test.
      Ensuring that invalid R/0 Descriptor/Mask pairing be rejected.
      Fixed formatting issue
      Use material mask as value for debugging purposes
      Mask some cells with material for testing purposes
      Added a test for material geometry. Renamed grid cursors for ease
      Code reorganization to make it cleaner and easier to maintain
      Implemented default destructors for ht grid filters
      Checkpoint prior to major hyper tree grid cursor overhaul
      Accelerated bailout process from recursive tree processing
      Code simplification and clarification
      Fixed bad interface (SetCursor/SetIndex) and underlying ivars
      Fixed bad interface
      static_cast rather than SafeDownCast when possible, for efficiency
      Fixed a warning (shadowed declaration)
      Faster initialization prior to recursion
      Better API for HT cursors
      Static cast whenever possible (avoid safe cast)
      USe booleans rather than ints for boolean ivars
      IsEqual() should return a bool
      Added a Blank boolean state ivar; and ancillary methods
      Fixed methods that use Blank
      Added a method to blank a HT grid leaf cell
      Formatting issues
      Implemented a BlankLeaf() method on the hyper tree grid
      Implemented support for material mask blanking
      Implemented HTG axis cut with material blanking support. Testing.
      Forgot to commit a minor change
      Implemented a HTgrid to unstructured grid converter, and test
      A test for the HTG to UG converter; this time with material
      Removed trailing white spaces
      Whitespace cleanup
      whitespace cleanup
      Fixed boolean / int warning
      Renamed the material mask array as such
      Replacing multiplicity of variables with an array
      Progress checkpoint. Many small changes.
      Fixed bug (extra ++i). Use static (not safe) cast when possible
      Progress checkpoint; many changes
      zsh:1: command not found: :wq
      Use static int arrays for convenience
      Correct filling of void spaces when masked neighbor that is deeper
      Complemented implementation of material support for geometry filter
      Improved internal implementation
      Whitespace cleanup
      Simplified nested loops
      Break ties for shared faces at equal levels
      More brutal testing
      Code cleanup: removed unnecessary reference to a SuperCursorEntry
      Added spaces to make this code more legible
      Created an illustration example for the HyperTreeGrids
      Whitespace cleanup
      Whitespace cleanup
      Removed empty header comments
      Modified command line options to be in line with HTG parameters
      Translate comments from French to English
      Translated French outputs into English
      Removed now unused global variable
      Removed unused variable
      Added a UseDescriptor ivar and checking for it.
      Implemented the quadric-based subdivision for sphere. Added test.
      PERF: Accelerate a few things
      Fully implemented test case for HTG sphere
      PERF: accelerated SubdivideFromDescriptor()
      PERF: accelerated SubdivideFromDescriptor()
      PERF: accelerate SubdivideFromQuadric()
      Implemented complete genericity in terms of generating quadric
      Added material support to quadric definition. Testing it.
      Max Level = 4 for regression testing
      Better figure placement for testing
      Do not modify time when parameters are unchanged
      Reimplemented GetMTime()
      Renamed "Cell Value" field into "Depth"
      Implemented new array of quadric values when quadric mode used
      Implemente correct 0-set computation up to max depth. Also a test.
      whitespace cleanup
      Added color transfer function, scalar bar, fixed module.cmake
      Squeeze() data arrays associated with the HTG generated by source
      Whitespace clean up
      Fixed license headers
      Renamed test for consistency
      Build 0-isocontour of quadric field. Also fixed formatting issues.
      Added a new test, ternary+quadric+2D+material
      A new test that is binary+quadric+material+2D
      Renamed Material test files for better understanding
      This sphere has a Material in it -- say it!
      Removed unnecessary test variables
      A complete test for material+ternary+quadric
      Whitespace cleanup
      Implemented a cleaner division scheme eliminating truncation errs
      A regression test with apt colors, scalar bar, and other things
      A much better implementation of the HTG geometry filter
      Better testing in the context of material for HTG
      New tests for material + dual
      Implemented support for dual and hyper tree grids with material
      Eliminated int/vtkIdType VS7 warnings
      Modified 2D test so the dual grid is shown explicitly
      Modified 2D + material test so the dual grid is shown explicitly
      Now testing with multiple isocontours + material
      A single call to the (static) coincident topology resolution method
      Always use 'this' handle when applicable.
      By default, hyper tree grid source will use dual grid API
      It is no longer necessary for tests to specify which grid to use
      A number of fixes
      Eliminated all references to Dual grid setting from HTG source
      Removed entirely the primal grid API
      Eliminated all references to dual grid in primal filters
      Eliminated UseDualGrid instance variable and ancillary methods.
      Fixed dual point initialization
      Added a test using the data set API for a generic cut (3D, ternary)
      Added a test for a clip through a 3D ternary dual of a HTG
      Build links in all cases, including 27-trees (3D ternary)
      Whitespace cleanup
      Added an Origin variable to HTG sources, to generalize further
      Added a test for a bi-material case
      White space clean up
      Fixed formatting style
      Eliminated CornerPoints and LeafCornerIds
      Rework of API to make it more consistent with vtkPointSet
      Natively use PointData as the primal grid API is gone
      Eliminated GetLeafData() from API
      Cleaned-up how the associated Quadric is set (use the Cxx macro)
      PERF: reimplemented a more efficient ComputeBounds()
      DOC: fully updated documentation
      Improved dual boundary adjustment -- for 2D only
      Implemented boundary fix for corner cases in 3D.
      Implemented boundary fix for edge cases in 3D
      Implemented massive acceleration for corner/edge dual fixes
      PERF: Do not compute half cell sizes multiple times; cache them
      Modified HyperTree API so cursor have direct access to grid scales
      Whitespace cleanup
      Modified hyper tree implementation so hyper tree grid can access scales
      Whitespace cleanu
      PERF: compute negative powers of branch factor only once, then cache
      Added a test
      A 2D test, to ensure visually that all is fine in the ternary case
      Added a new test case; ternary + 2D + material, quite tricky
      Implemented reverse boundary connection for material in 2D case
      Implemented reverse boundary connection for material in 3D case
      White space clean up
      Fixed a signed/unsigned mismatch warning
      Fixed material mask
      A better representation for baseline comparison
      Now testing auto-correlative engine in parallel
      Verify numbers output by parallel auto-correlative stats
      Eliminated NumberOfRoots ivar, cleaner implementation of initialization
      Implemented an IndexingMode iVar and convenience methods
      Implemented IJK/KJI indexing modes for hyper tree grid data set
      A new test for the IJK indexing
      Modified HTG geometry filter to take care of IJK/KJI indexing
      Fixed ShallowCopy defect
      Replaced the IndexingMode ivar with an TransposedRootIndexing bool
      A new test to verify that transposed root indexing also works with materials
      Fixed uninitialized ivar valgrind defect
      Added support for transposed indexing to HTG => UG converter

Robert Maynard (13):
      Improved the comments on why we have three Initialize methods.
      Improved the comments on why we have three Initialize methods.
      Add single, double, and data array functor dispatch classes.
      Correct warning about no virtual destructors.
      Check for vfw32 support when IOMovie or IOVideo are turned on.
      Fix warnings about assignment operator and style check.
      Design a faster ghost level detection for unstructured grids.
      Implement a faster ghost level subsetting for polydata.
      Algorithm doesn't apply ghost levels when not needed now.
      Properly initialize sb_full so windows debug builds work.
      Correct off by one error in extraction code
      Correct incorrectly calculating min and max cell for each piece.
      Correct indexing to use unsigned char instead of signed chars.

Robert O'Bara (45):
      BUG:Fixed a problem with volume rendering with non-active scalars
      ENH: Renamed vtkAMRToGrid to vtkAMRResampleFilter
      BUG:Fixed problem with filter deleting the Process Controller
      BUG:Fixed problem with interactive vs still frame rate
      ENH: Added new Set Min/Max Point Methods and changed defaults
      ENH: Added sanity check for number of outputs
      ENH:Added GetBounds methods to both vtkAMRBox and vtkHierarchicalBoxDS
      ENH:Added new Volume Mappers for AMR Data
      DOC: Changed comment to reflect the proper default interactive rate
      BUG:Fixed crash due to internal mappers not finding the correct scalars
      BUG:Removed the assumption of Active Scalars
      ENH: Tightened the bounds of the View Frustrum
      ENH: Improved Resample Filter Speed
      ENH: Increased the default resolution to 128x128x128
      ENH: Optimized vtkAMRBox methods
      ENH: Made vtkImageData's ComputeBounds more efficient
      ENH: Optimized BlankGridsAtLevel
      BUG: Removed uneeded Modified() calls
      ENH: Cleaned-up the AMR Resample Filter
      BUG:Fixed problem with smart mapper not updating its input
      ENH: Removed internal Uniform Grid
      ENH: Removed MinMaxChanged ivar
      ENH: Reverted mapper to work with multi-blocks
      BUG: Removed assert to see if the filter is connected
      WIP: First pass in getting mapper to work in demand driven mode
      ENH:Made mapper work in non-demand driven mode
      BUG: Fixed bad GridMin assignment
      ENH: Removed still render checks - not needed
      BUG: Removed check for visibility
      BUG: Fixed error in logical comparison
      ENH: Added ability to use Meta data in updating resampler
      ENH: Improved AMR Resampling speed
      BUG: Fixed problem when probing from coarse to fine
      ENH:Removed Debugging Info
      DEBUG:Added Statistical Information
      BUG: Fixed assert statement
      WIP: Added a hack that allows for not moving the focal pt
      ENH: Added new resample method and way of controlling focal pt
      ENH: Added a DoesIntersect method
      ENH: Added Parent/Child Information to Hierarchy
      ENH: Parent/Child Information is now computed when creating Meta Data
      ENH: Now uses Parent/Child Information when doing point searches
      ENH: Added a biasing vector to resample filter
      ENH: Focal Point Method uses the distance between FP and Camera
      ENH: Made AMR Volume Mapper Multi-thread aware and more efficient

Sankhesh Jhaveri (39):
      Removed SetInput and SetSource from examples
      Fixed additional examples for WHOLE_EXTENT & SetInput
      FIX: closedSplines tcl test
      Removed commented out code
      FIX: tcl tests for SetInputData, AddInputConnection, SetSourceConnection
      FIX: Canny Tcl Test. Required Update when passing data to next filter
      FIX: CellDataToPointData Tcl Test - SetInputData and Update
      FIX: Delaunay tests SetInputData
      FIX: Fixed additional Tcl tests
      FIX: Additional Tcl tests
      FIX: Additional Tcl tests. ADD: Added GetWholeExtent to hints for wrapping
      FIX: Tcl Tests ReleaseDataFlag
      FIX: All Graphics tcl tests fixed
      FIX: All Imaging Tcl Tests for SetInputData, Update, ReleaseDataFlag
      FIX: Fixed all IO Tcl tests for SetInputData, Update
      FIX: All Rendering Tcl tests
      FIX: VolumeRendering Tcl tests
      FIX: Hybrid Tcl Tests
      FIX: Widgets Tcl Tests
      FIX: Parallel Tcl Tests
      FIX: Added Update before doing a GetOutput
      FIX: Python tests for SetInputData, Update and GetWholeExtent
      FIX: MultidimensionalSolution test Tcl and Python
      FIX: fieldToPolyData test
      ENH: Added SetSourceConnection to vtkProjectedTerrainPath
      Removed Update that was not necessary
      Removed unnecessary Update calls
      Removed unnecessary Update calls
      ENH: SetSourceConnection
      FIX: SetSourceConnection and UseStripsOn
      FIX: SetImageConnection instead of SetImageData
      Rollback unnecessary changes
      Fixed additional tests and removed redundant Update calls
      FIX:TestBlendStencil. ADD: SetStencilConnection
      ENH: Added SetUpdateExtent method with six different inputs
      FIX: Compile errors due to recent API changes
      FIX: vtkPolyDataSource is yanked. Removed access methods
      FIX: Initialized multiblockdataset in vtkExtractSelection.cxx
      FIX:Replaced geometryfilter datasetsurfacefilter for composite data

Sean McBride (174):
      COMP: removed support for older than Mac OS X 10.5
      COMP: various changes for C++11 compatibility
      COMP: Fixes for C++11 compatibility.
      recent clang started warning when seeing non-UTF8, fixed.
      Removed various Mac-specific cruft now that <= 10.4 are unsupported.
      added missing #include, fixing compiler error with llvm's libc++
      removed extra undesirable underscore prefix to fix mangling
      COMP: removed C++11-style comma at end of enum declaration
      COMP: fixed dead store warned about by clang static analyzer
      BUG: fixed memory leak warned about by clang static analyzer.
      BUG: changed a deliberate a null pointer deference to an assert.
      BUG: switch statement was missing many 'break's.
      COMP: added assert to deal with clang static analyzer warning
      COMP: fixed several dead stores warned about by clang static analyzer
      Removed assert(0) in 3 places that I added it previously
      COMP: fixed a few dead reads and dead writes
      BUG: added default case to switch to fix invalid read
      BUG: fixed null dereference found by clang static analyzer
      BUG: fixed null deref by testing pointer first
      COMP: fixed dead write (that was itself a warning workaround?)
      COMP: fixed various dead writes found by clang static analyzer
      BUG: fixed what looks like accidental bitwise instead of logical OR
      [BUG] fixed error checking in vtkCoreGraphicsGPUInfoList::Probe
      [COMP] removed some redundant stores
      [COMP] removed dead code and unused parameter
      [COMP] Move variable declaration together with initial assignment
      replaced all uses of vtkFloatingPointType with double
      removed vtkFloatingPointType from the wrapping tools
      misc code review of VTK Cocoa code.
      BUG: fixed signed integer overflow by switching to unsigned int
      Removed use of deprecated Cocoa resolution independence APIs
      COMP: fixed warnings issued by clang's -Wdocumentation
      Updated SimpleCocoaVTK example to work better on modern OS X
      Restored VTK_REQUIRED_OBJCXX_FLAGS in main CMakeLists.txt
      Restored VTK_REQUIRED_OBJCXX_FLAGS in main CMakeLists.txt
      fixed harmless dead store warnings from clang static analyzer
      fixed dead store warning by adding what is probably a missing 'break'
      fixed dead store warning
      fixed null deref warning
      fixed null deref warning with more careful error logging
      fixed dead store by matching store and use in 'ifndef NDEBUG'
      use ignored return value in output log
      fix warning by eliminating redundant loop termination variable
      fixed dead store warning by removing the dead store
      fixed redundant store warning by declaring & assigning together
      fixed dead store warnings
      fixed null deref warning in ctor
      fixed null deref warning
      fixed dead store warning
      fixed dead store warning by removing dead store
      moved some declarations together with initial assignments.
      Improved/fixed clang analyzer fixes after David's review
      fixed a couple more -Wdocumentation warnings.
      Attempt to suppress JAWT_GetAWT deprecation warning
      Another attempt at suppressing warning about JAWT_GetAWT deprecation
      Improved -Wdeprecated-declarations warning suppression
      Removed obsolete checks for compiler 'bool' support
      COMP: fixed compilation error using llvm's libc++
      COMP: removed '-read_only_relocs suppress' linker option on Mac
      Fixed invalid cast caught by clang ubsan
      Fixed array underrun caught by clang ubsan
      fixed out-of-bounds array access caught by clang ubsan
      Suppress ld warning about "duplicate dylib"
      COMP: fixed llvm libc++ build error by removing invalid 'operator<<'
      Fixed spelling in debug string.
      Prevent writing of non-0/1 values into bool
      Tweaked existing suppression to catch variants
      Fixed undefined behaviour left shifting a negative integer
      Fixed incorrect 'delete' to be 'delete []'
      Added many missing fclose() calls, mostly in error branches
      Fixed use of null object.
      Eliminated (undefined) signed integer overflow
      Initialize ivars to 0 to prevent access of uninitialized data
      Changed computations to uint64 to prevent signed overflow
      Eliminated (undefined) negation of INT_MIN
      Fixed isnan compile error on some platforms
      Fixed (undefined) use of null object.
      Fixed (undefined) use of null object.
      Reverted some recent changes to detect isnan()
      Fixed many memory leaks, mostly in error branches
      Fixed many memory leaks, mostly in error branches.
      Fixed undefined use of uninitialized variable
      Fixed memory leaks in error branches by rearranging order.
      Added missing fclose() calls in error branches
      Fixed cppcheck warning about null dereference
      Fixed many memory leaks in error branches.
      Added #error for Carbon + OS X 10.7 SDK
      Fix Carbon build with newer Xcodes
      Fixed Carbon build error due to modularization changes.
      Removed dead code special-casing isnan()
      Removed unused VTK_SIGN macro
      Use vtkMath::IsNan unconditionally instead of isnan()
      Removed special case for gcc 3 on OS X
      Removed workarounds for old gcc's
      Fixed undefined signed overflow
      Fixed undefined shift into sign bit
      Fixed various clang -Wundef warnings
      Silence warning about possible uninitialized use
      Removed dead code to fix -Wundef warning
      Made various private functions static to fix warnings
      Removed workraounds for Borland 5.6
      Fixed a few OS X-related comments.
      Fixed the 'double' variant of SetColor to use 1.0 not 255
      Fixed tonnes of -Wmissing-prototypes warnings
      Removed Win 9x support
      removed dead function
      Silence warning by toggling an "#if 1"
      Updated SimpleCocoaVTK to actually build against VTK git master
      Replaced most __GNUG__ with __GNUC__
      Big find-replace of VTK_LARGE_INTEGER -> VTK_INT_MAX
      Big find-replace of VTK_LARGE_FLOAT -> VTK_FLOAT_MAX
      Prevent division by 0 by bailing early
      Fixed invalid double->uchar conversion due to off-by-one error
      Minor misc cleanup of vtkUnstructuredGridPreIntegration.cxx
      Added newline to better group different things
      Added VTK_ID_MIN and VTK_ID_MAX constants
      Replaced "-VTK_LARGE_ID-1" with "VTK_ID_MIN"
      Replaced all "VTK_LARGE_ID" with "VTK_ID_MAX"
      Wrapped deprecated constants in #ifndef VTK_LEGACY_REMOVE
      Put RenderString() in VTK_LEGACY
      Put SetScalars() in VTK_LEGACY
      Stop using deprecated variant of GetPixelInformation
      Put GetPixelInformation() variant in VTK_LEGACY
      Fixed 64-to-32 truncation warning
      Removed superfluous semi-colon
      Fixed Wcast-align warning by removing cast
      Removed unused macro DICOM_DBG_MSG
      Removed unused vtkTrilinFuncMacro macro
      Removed unused MAX_LIGHTS macro
      Removed unused VTK_RINT macro
      Removed unused VTK_FTTM_DEBUG_CD macro
      Removed unused sameDirection macro
      Removed unused MAX_FACE_POINTS macro
      Moved unused D2R and R2D macros into comment
      Removed unused VTK_FREE_ARG macro
      Removed unused CONSTANT_DECL macro
      Removed unused vtkReebGraphMin macro
      Removed unused FreeItem macro
      Removed unused macros
      Removed unused macros
      Removed duplicate vtkDrawStripLinesMacro macro
      Removed unused vtkDrawStripLinesMacro macro
      Removed unused REGIONIDCHECK macro
      Removed unused macros
      Removed unused vtkTTFEQUAL macro
      Removed unused MY_MIN and MY_MAX macros
      Removed unused MIN and MAX macros
      Removed unused min and max macros
      Removed unused vtkStackedMIN and vtkStackedMAX macros
      Removed unused vtkVRCMultiplyViewPointMacro macro
      Removed unused VTK_CREATE macro
      Removed unused sign macro
      Removed unused TEST macro
      Removed unused NMAX macro (constant)
      Moved ROUND_SIZE macro into '#ifdef __CUDACC__' condition
      Removed dead code in private tableVert and tableDeg classes
      Replaced invalid casts with memcpy
      Moved and renamed macros from .cxx to .h
      Replaced invalid casts with memcpy
      Fixed -Wshift-sign-overflow warning
      Suppress -Wconditional-uninitialized warning
      Suppress -Wconditional-uninitialized warning
      Removed VS6 and VS7 workarounds
      fixed out-of-range stack buffer read
      SimpleCocoaVTK Xcode project now links properly
      ENH: Improve finding of isnan and friends.
      Fixed -Wmissing-variable-declarations warnings in headers
      Fixed -Wmissing-variable-declarations warnings in .cxx
      Removed dead code found by compiler warning
      Fixed -Wcast-align warning by changing variable type.
      Removed C++11 extensions warned about by clang
      Fixed out-of-range colour component value

Sebastien Jourdain (43):
      Remove deprecated API
      Allow user to invalidate function from the API
      Fix point selection by avoiding the selection to be spilled across block
      Fix point selection
      Extend cube axis to support oriented bounding box
      Fix inner grid-line
      Fix 2D cube axes
      Fix label position
      CubeAxesActor + AxisActor code cleanup
      Fix typo + code refactoring
      Add contribution of bug# 13300
      Disable any grid drawing when cubeAxis is used as base axis (cross)
      Add testing for new cube axes features
      Add TIME_LABEL_ANNOTATION to the keySet of vtkStreamingDemandDrivenPipeline
      Make sure the tolerance don't get crazy small
      Fix vtkCutter regarding the number of contours
      Fix invalid merge commit made in v2
      Add extra test label argument for vtk_module macro
      Allow Grid visibility to be independant of the axis visibility
      Fix hardwareSelector unsigned/signed operations
      Exclude invalid warning for CDash
      Fix log scale coloring
      Prevent infinite loop in case of flat cube axes
      Fix warning
      Make sure axis label are shown when looking at a 2D plane in 3D
      Revert "Fix log scale coloring"
      Fix various warnings
      Add code to support 'invalid' symmetric axis value
      Revert "Add code to support 'invalid' symmetric axis value"
      Revert "ENH: Provide a method to set axis of symmetry."
      Revert "ENH: Provide code for aligned of axis along the global y-axis."
      Revert "BUG: Axis of symmetry claimed to be the global z axis, but was the y-axis."
      Revert "Revert "BUG: Axis of symmetry claimed to be the global z axis, but was the y-axis.""
      Revert "Revert "ENH: Provide code for aligned of axis along the global y-axis.""
      Revert "Revert "ENH: Provide a method to set axis of symmetry.""
      Revert "Revert "Add code to support 'invalid' symmetric axis value""
      Bring back the old behavior
      Add extra hdf5 condition to support a broader set of system
      Fix overloaded-virtual warning issue
      Fix credit in vtkEarthSource.cxx
      Properly check array bounds before accessing array
      Update JavaRegression test to run inside the EDT
      Prevent vtkCutter to access invalid object in RequestData

Sven Buijssen (3):
      BUG: Axis of symmetry claimed to be the global z axis, but was the y-axis.
      ENH: Provide code for aligned of axis along the global y-axis.
      ENH: Provide a method to set axis of symmetry.

Thomas Otahal (1):
      COMP: Windows Visual Studio 2010 fixes.

Utkarsh Ayachit (93):
      Fixed rounding issue.
      BUG: Make it easier to subclass and cleanup observers on delete.
      Fire vtkCommand::InteractionEvent on interaction.
      Fixing vtkContextActor to work with tiled displays.
      BUG #13101. STL ascii reader was report failures prematurely.
      Updating comment.
      BUG #13118. Fix segfault due to dangling pointers.
      BUG #12898. Fixed occasional clipping of text.
      Fixed leaks (detected in parallel paraview tests).
      Fixed update issue with vtkGPUVolumeRayCastMapper.
      DataObjectTypes were not defined correctly.
      Minor API cleanup for consistency.
      Added support for reading/writing Overlapping AMR.
      Minor AMR fixes.
      Pass composite id along.
      Added enhancements to hardware selection code.
      Fix vtk_module_dep_includes to scan dependencies correctly.
      BUG #13297: Don't enable modules needed only for tests.
      Moving vtkTableFFT from ParaView to VTK.
      Cleanup building of static modules for Python.
      Fixes bugs when BUILD_SHARED_LIBS was ON.
      Specify export visibility flags only for shared builds.
      Fixing static python to import modules on demand.
      Fixing wrapping issue.
      Expose VTK_WRAP_PYTHON, VTK_WRAP_TCL, etc. to VTKConfig.cmake
      Fixing code to locate wrapping executables using targets, if possible.
      Fixing code to locate wrapping executables using targets, if possible.
      Adding mechanisms to deal with compile-tools.
      Fixing code to locate wrapping executables.
      Fix install rules to respect VTK_INSTALL_NO_DEVELOPMENT.
      Install cmake file for development installs.
      Fix build issue when VTK_BUILD_ALL_MODULES=ON.
      Adding install rules for Python modules.
      Fix search path for vtk module in the build directory.
      BUG #13396. Fix issues with using system hdf5.
      Minimize dependecies when generating wrapping hierarchies.
      Make vtkDataObjectTree API consistent.
      BUG #13418. Adding support to render AMR composite ids for selection.
      Fix ffmpeg build issues with 0.6/0.7.
      Fixing CMake Version requirements for OPTIONAL_COMPONENTS.
      Link to math library correctly.
      Fixing AVI build issues on Windows.
      Fix invalid iterator access after erase().
      Fixed demand-driven reading logic.
      Fixing dangling pointer issues.
      Added SetInputDataObject() API to vtkAlgorithm.
      Callback was not removed when object was destroyed.
      Fixing AMR serializing.
      Clean up vtkAppendCompositeDataLeaves.
      Fixed errors when data blocks are missing.
      Fixing build issues.
      Updating code to use newer CMake MPI variables.
      Fixing windows MPI build issue with Cosmo.
      Fixing bug in if logic.
      Link against MPI_CXX_LIBRARIES when present.
      vtkImageToAMR filter to convert image to AMR.
      Fix vtkXMLDataElement::RemoveAttribute() memory issues.
      Fixing XML reader/writer for AMR datasets.
      Fixed dashboard warnings.
      Minor restructuring of code to make it reuseable.
      BUG #11923. Fix computation of bit-rate-tolerance.
      Set VTK_PYTHON_WRAPPED correctly.
      BUG #13659. Fix segfault in vtkPMaskPoints.
      BUG #13655: Fix include to use H5public instead of H5pubconf.
      BUG #13766. Fix issues with Xdmf reader for small timesteps.
      Adding API to make it easier to access properties in ParaView.
      Make the warning message more human readable.
      Fix warnings.
      Fix testing macros.
      Fixed mismatched delete call.
      Fixing arrays being deleted using free() instead of delete.
      BUG: Fix issues when num-pts in > VTK_CELL_SIZE.
      BUG 13817: Fix issues when num-pts in > VTK_CELL_SIZE.
      BUG #13821. Fixed vtkRenderingFreeTypeObjectFactory leaks.
      BUG #13776. Fixed mtime computation.
      Moving vtkTestingObjectFactory.cmake to ${VTK_SOURCE_DIR}/CMake.
      Generalizing module config files importing logic.
      Adding mechanism to locate Hierarchy.txt file for a module.
      Use newer variables for install rules.
      Macros beginning with GL_* are reserved by GLSL.
      Fix memory leas in vtkCamera::ShallowCopy()
      Module macros cleanup.
      Determine enabled modules dynamically.
      Fix build issues on BG/P.
      Fix OpenGL include dependency.
      BUG: Fix GetProcAddress call when OSMesa is being used.
      BUG #2379. Passing flags correctly to internal writers.
      Fixing zlib dependency for libxml2.
      Fix accidentally commented out code.
      Added a new module, vtkPythonInterpreter.
      BUG #12994. vtkXMLMultiBlockDataWriter not writing names for leaf nodes.
      Cleanup OggTheora support.
      BUG #14086: Fix vtkImageAppend when no active scalars are present.

VTK Developers (6):
      Remove monolithic VTK files not used after modularization
      Modularize VTK tree layout
      Add modular VTK build system
      Include module-wide headers and export macros
      Remove trailing whitespace from all source files
      verdict 2012-08-24 (reduced)

Will Schroeder (1):
      Added new class to warp a vtkPointSet using MVC interpolation

XDMF Developers (2):
      xdmf2 2012-08-01 (reduced)
      xdmf2/vtk 2012-08-01 (reduced)

Xiaoxiao Liu (9):
      Enable vtkTree I/O with R and multiple inputs in vtkRCalculaterFilter.
      Implement a reader to read a file that contains multiple newick trees.
      More flexible MultiNewickTreeReader.
      ENH: Remove leaves from a vtkTree.
      ENH: New filter to extract subtrees.
      BUG: Fix a couple of warnings
      ENH: Do not draw heatmap for leaves with no names.
      ENH: Expose the collapsed tree to the API.
      FIX: for degenerate tree with a single leave.

Yuanxin Liu (71):
      fix a typo that causes memory corruption
      Add a function to check whether there exists parent child information
      move classes for stream tracing to the tracers module
      modify stream tracer to allow AMR input
      fix build error and warnings for interpolated velocity field
      add back one more test and clean up the existing one
      add default data selection behavior back for backward compatability
      move classes from Parallel to ParallelTracers
      Move temporal filters and tests to hybrid and turn on the tests
      Enable Parallel Stream Tracer test
      Re-enable a unit test that was disabled by the modular changes.
      new parallel stream tracer
      remove vtkTemporalDataSet and push its pipeline support to filters
      Fix compiler errors and warnings. The error is windows only.
      refactor tracer classes to parallel and non-parallel
      Fix a bug in parallel stream tracer in receiving point data
      new particle tracers built on top of modified vtkTemporalStreamTracer
      rename modules: Tracers->FlowPaths, ParallelTracers->ParallelFlowPaths
      fix compiling errors and warnings
      Fix types for VTK_USE_64BIT_IDS in vtkPParticleTracerBase
      Add two pipeline passes to handle time-dependent meta data
      Fix a few performance bugs in parallel stream tracing
      A new subclass of vtkCutter that support composites and streaming AMR
      vtkPStreamTracer: Set parameter consistently with parent
      Add seed points to streak lines
      Update streakline filter test results
      Fix msvc compiler warning in particle tracers
      Fix bug in streakline filter introduced by f329b260a23
      vtkParticlePathFilter:: Fix compiler warning
      Remove obselete files vtkTemporalDataSet.* and vtkTemporalDataSetAlgorithm.*
      vtkGradientFilter: Fix an unsafe pointer access to an empty vector
      vtkParticleTracerBase:: Improve functionality for coprocessing
      AMR classes: major data structure changes
      particle tracing: fix test failures
      vtkParticleTracerBase:: Better Handling of one time step input
      Fix build errors from compiling examples
      Fix amr data structure issues exposed paraview tests
      vktDataObjectTree: Fix CopyStructure bug
      Fix bug in vtkDataObjectTree::GetDataSet(vtkCompositeDataIterator*)
      Change the behavior of vtkDataObjecTree::CopyStructure
      vtkAMRBox: fix copy paste error in 6f1490f1e0
      vtkOverlappingAMR: Generate correct blanking
      Clean up amr data structure API
      vtkOverlappingAMR: Fix blanking algorithm
      Fix bug in 6fb8ded76f2 to fix compiler warning
      Changes to be compatible with AMR data structure changes.
      Remove the Size... prefix from Exodus block names
      vtkCompsiteCutter: Remove a wrong assertion
      vtkUniformGridAMRDataIterator: Fix out of bound error
      Changes related to the extra time update passes
      vtkExodusIIReader: Fix backward compatibility issue
      vtkCompositeDataIterator: Move some methods to child class
      Fix compiler warnings
      vtkUniformGridAMRDataIterator: Fix a bug for empty AMR
      Fix the reader/writer for amr.
      Fix MSVC linking warnings (see comments for details)
      fix windows-only compilation error
      vtkCutter: Add new option to produce contour polygons
      vtkImageToAMR: Handle empty input.
      fix warnings and disable header test for vtkPolygonBuilder
      Fix MSVC compiler warnings
      Further improve the previous fix.
      Fix orientation for some tetra and pyramid contour cases
      Fix contourCells tcl test
      Fix parallel streakline filter bugs
      vtkCompositeDataPipeline: Remove redundant code
      CompositeDataPipeline: Put back yanked APIs.
      vtkContourFilter: Add polygon output option
      vtkThreshold: Add continuous range option
      vtkSynchronizedTemplates3D: Fix bug when local and global extent differ
      vtkAMREnzoReader:: Properly initialize ivar ConvertCGS in the constructor

Yumin Yuan (9):
      Cleaned up logic to change chart selection mode.
      Fixed a bug in reading vtu data with polyhedron cells
      Added a test for XMLUnstructuredGridReader
      Added polygon selection to hardware selector.
      Fixing warnings in vtkHardwareSelector
      Attempts to fix random failure of TestPolygonSelection on amber8.
      Delimited text reader not correctly stripping spaces
      Fix the failing tests on AIX Dashboard.
      Fixed wrongful logic for ExtractOnlyBoundaryCells in vtkExtractGeometry.

Zack Galbreath (108):
      new class: vtkTreeHeatmapItem
      Create test for TreeHeatmapItem
      documentation, automatic text resizing, support for coloring string columns
      new Infovis reader: vtkNewickTreeReader
      new Infovis I/O class: vtkBiomTableReader
      update TreeHeatmapItem's documentation and move its test
      remove trailing whitespace
      remove extraneous test dependency
      fix compile errors on Linux
      fix new warnings revealed by CDash at home
      fix warnings in new Infovis classes
      support drawing just a tree or just a heatmap
      remove trailing whitespace
      fix more warnings
      fix ambiguous call to overloaded function (floor)
      Fix automatic font resizing.
      fix indentation
      New class: vtkInteractiveChartXYZ
      remove vtkChartXYZPrivate
      Fix compile error due to missing header file
      We can now color points in a vtkInteractiveChartXYZ
      panning now seems to work for vtkInteractiveChartXYZ
      can now spin an Interactive 3D chart
      zooming on an InteractiveChartXYZ works now
      moving towards colors as a single array
      color now works as a single array.
      implement mouse wheel zoom for vtkInteractiveChartXYZ
      First step towards 3D chart labels
      X Axis label now looks reasonable in 3D
      new functions to snap to 2D views in the 3D interactive charts.
      Clipping now looks good for interactive 3D charts.
      still working on axis labels
      update InteractiveChart test.
      remove trailing whitespace
      first draft of 2D axes labels
      resize axes & data when the scene size changes
      I think rotation was backwards before this commit
      smoother resizing on scene size change
      better test for axes out of bounds
      correct sphere points, reasonably good autozoom
      more progress on auto resize
      finally happy with auto-resize
      rename some members
      smart positioning of tick marks and axis labels
      clean up include files and remove unnecessary ivar
      label tick marks
      fix warnings, clean up style, add more documentation
      allow TestInteractiveChartXYZ to be run in interactive mode.
      style fixes for XYZ charts
      clean up windows build of InteractiveChartXYZ
      tweaks to clean up vtkInteractiveChartXYZ
      fix remaining windows warnings
      remove copy & pasted code
      reinstate smart pointers
      use tooltips to display heatmap values
      Smarter initialization and assignment of some variables.
      update vtkInteractiveChartCxx to behave with the fix to vtkChartXYZ
      Fix Infovis IO classes that fail TestEmptyInput
      fix valgrind error in vtkTreeHeatmapItem tests
      new functionality for vtkTreeHeatmapItem: collapsible subtrees
      re-add #include <algorithm>
      Fix "unreferenced formal parameter" warnings
      refactor vtkChartXYZ
      incorporating feedback from reviewers into 3D charts
      fix compile error in vtkPlot3DTcl.cxx
      fix errors, warnings, and test failures
      various improvements for vtkTreeHeatmapItem.
      fix shadow warning
      Rewrite 3D chart clipping to use OpenGL clipping planes
      Make sure the heatmap is rendered when it should be.
      Fix segfault in TestSetGet
      new function for vtkTreeHeatmapItem: CollapseToNumberOfLeafNodes
      style cleanups for vtkTreeHeatmapItem tests
      more accurate documentation for CollapseToNumberOfLeafNodes
      fix variable shadowing warning
      separate SetColors() out of SetInputData()
      remove duplicate line of code
      fix vtkChartsCore-HeaderTest failure
      Ensure points are black if SetInputData is called with no color.
      fix valgrind defect
      maintain consistent scaling across subtree collapse & expand
      in test, perform auto-collapse after initial render.
      fix uninitialized variable warning revealed by CDash at Home
      Update TestTreeHeatmapItem for recent changes to collapse/expand
      fix compile error on Visual Studio 2008
      fix some unused variable warnings
      fix memory leaks in TestRInterface
      Allow the input tree or table to this item to be set to NULL.
      Fix TestMultipleRenderers on Dash3's continuous
      Fix memory leak when getting a tree from RCalculatorFilter's output
      new option to color the tree based on vertex data
      new class: TreeDifferenceFilter
      Fix some logic errors
      address Gerrit feedback
      silence warnings
      add difference array to output tree
      Change color map generated by SetTreeColorArray()
      reintroduce segfault fix for PrintSelf
      address Gerrit review feedback
      create another VertexData array in RToVTKTree
      better support for vtkCompositeDataSet output
      fix error message
      minor cleanup
      better support for comparing identical trees
      improve performance when reading a large Newick tree
      Fix invalid read in vtkNewickTreeReader
      Another approach to fix this degenerate case
      fix Newick reader for named root vertex

Zsolt Janko (1):
      vtkRenderWindow: ability to use the same offsets at focal depth rendering.

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