[vtkusers] ANNOUNCE: vtk 6.1.0 is ready

David E DeMarle dave.demarle at kitware.com
Thu Jan 23 12:51:17 EST 2014

Kitware and the entire VTK team are happy to announce that VTK 6.1.0 is
ready. 6.1 is a minor release, which fixes bugs and adds features on top of
the more modular code structure that 6.0 brought last June. You can
download the source, data, and new vtkpython binary packages from:

For starters, VTK continues to evolve to make use of the parallelism
available in modern architectures. In this release we introduce the vtkDax
accelerator module and vtkSMP multithreaded filters. The Dax interface
allows VTK to offload work to Sandia's Dax framework for GPGPU and
multi-core data processing. Inria's vtkSMP brings a framework for
fine-grained work-stealing parallel processing inside of unstructured data
processing filters.

Also in this release, VTK takes a giant leap onto the web processing
frontier. ParaView's core web interface and widget components have been
promoted to VTK and we've added new features such as an integrated,
object-oriented python framework for writing dashboard tests of web
applications, a simple python-based launcher and file upload server, and a
viewport that drives the VGL (webgl-based) rendering library developed by
Kitware and NYU. The Web/Applications directory consists of examples to
help you get started with VTK processing and rendering in a Web context.

Another advance is the introduction of the vtkMappedDataArray class and a
related set of changes that create a new abstract interface to external
data. This allows, for example, zero copy import from and export to
external simulation packages which often layout their data differently than
VTK does. You can read about Mapped Arrays at:

There are numerous improvements to VTK's low level OpenGL interfaces. These
include better error reporting, enabling depth peeled translucency on AMD
graphics chips sets, and the use of advanced rendering features available
in modern OSMesa releases. We've also removed the dated and little used XML
and Cg shaders.

We've continued to refine VTK's build system in this release. We now use
private dependencies among VTK modules to avoid exporting implementation
symbols and shorten the link line length of applications that use VTK. To
simplify the creation of applications that depend on subsets of VTK there
is a new macro that simplifies object factory creation for implementation
modules and two new python scripts that inspect and display module
dependencies. We've replaced the old setup.py driven python installation
code with a set of standard CMake installation rules and reworked the
installation rules to allow the generation Java Maven packages for any
platform. Starting with this release we use CMake's ExternalData module to
obtain the specific versions of regression test data files that are needed.
This reduces false negative results in automated testing of proposed
patches to VTK. VTK's minimum required CMake version is now 2.8.8.

Starting with this release Kitware will be publishing, in addition to the
usual source, data and documentation packages, runnable binaries of VTK's
python shell interface for Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems. These
replace and improve upon the old vtk-tcl.exe windows-only package, and like
it are intended to allow users to quickly get started using VTK without the
hassle of building it from source.

Besides these areas, VTK has numerous other focused improvements. Some of
the most notable of these are:
* Fixes to make VTK compatible with FreeBSD, OSX 10.9, c++11 and Qt 5.
* VTK can now use the system installed netCDF library.
* You can now call C++ methods that take pointers to structs from the
python interface.
* VTK has several new information visualization capabilities as described
in the kitware blog post at http://www.kitware.com/blog/home/post/554.
* A new set of JOGL based grapical components which keep VTK compatible
with Java 7 on Mac OSX.
* Improvements to text rendering such as better unicode support, font file
loading and GL2PS label export.
* Added support for rendering double precision numbers in the charts.

Thank you to everyone who contributed the funding, code and bug reports
that went into this release. We hope you enjoy this release of VTK! As
always contact Kitware and the mailing lists for assistance.

The full set of changes since 6.0.0 are in the attached change log.

David E DeMarle
Kitware, Inc.
R&D Engineer
21 Corporate Drive
Clifton Park, NY 12065-8662
Phone: 518-881-4909
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Andrew Bauer (12):
      87bd956 Get rid of warning when using VTK externally through Python.
      c5e2260 Adding in the ability for a side set to pass what cell it came from.
      b64b8a6 Improving vtkExodusIIReader and adding a test.
      d585ae6 Removing undesired debugging print statement.
      dfb5738 Fixed issue when no time steps are available in the file.
      f3ef179 Changes to allow for multiblocks and seeds to change over time steps.
      50470ad Formatting cleanup which shouldn't affect the code.
      90cbb8f Fixing the way that the cached data is accessed.
      4db27d8 More particletracer cleanup that shouldn't change behavior.
      93f187c Now updating the particle age properly when it exits the domain.
      13f05e9 Improving the documentation of vtkParticleTracerBase.
      4422dc5 Reverted change to vtkParticleTracerBase specific setter macro.

Andrew Maclean (9):
      5547527 Make some color methods consistent.
      96bc743 ENH: Eliminate CMP0020 warning.
      c055be0 ENH: Add VTK_QT_VERSION to the VTK global config. options.
      eeba833 Make Qt examples build with either Qt4 or Qt5.
      bb20b9d Eliminating CMP0020 warnings in the examples.
      d78f3ad Enhance WhatModulesVTK.py
      5eed982 ENH: Add module vtkInteractionStyle when needed.
      733ef2d Allow the examples to specify what modules to use.
      dfc562a ADD: VisualizeModuleDependencies.py

Anton Gladky (1):
      4a67254 Fix compilation against libav 54 and OGG-Theora extension detection

Arnaud Gelas (1):
      89630c0 Install CMake/vtkMakeInstantiator.cmake file

Ben Boeckel (17):
      989050f Split Python module initialization function out
      590e9cf Properly hide the subclass from the wrapping code
      3b3dada Set flags in Python for static and bound methods
      179c755 Don't create an object library for Python wrapping
      c549f58 COMP: Populate vtklibproj4 link interface
      9f3f7ce Fix warnings in generated lex.yy.c file
      c760a26 Remove unused variables in vtkWrapPythonInit
      d9de1cc Export the real_init* function from *PythonD libraries
      269cbea Use raw pointers as the map's keys
      4cf2386 Add support for declaring PODPointer variables
      cce489e Wrap methods with POD pointer arguments in Python
      7791494 Hide SetArray method on vtk*Array classes from wrapping
      df94b85 Remove range[2] overloads for vtk*DataArray wrappings
      db11cea Add hints for vtkCocoaRenderWindow methods
      1d1fb48 Abort when DISPLAY isn't valid
      13ce2ed Add hints for vtkCarbonRenderWindow methods
      4bfb80c Fix class detection macro

Berk Geveci (53):
      9b06556 Replaced use of critical section with runtime initialization.
      038024b Performance improvement to CellToPoint.
      257b85f Fixed test which was failing due to new static initializer.
      d718d4f Fixed subtle bug in test.
      cc8540d Added support for atomic integers.
      47f22b8 vtkObject now uses an atomic int for reference counting.
      478f135 Addressed some minor concerned from Gerrit.
      9549a06 Various fixes to make atomic ints compile on older platforms.
      8d3f275 Implements a few improvements for the atomic integers.
      7a6d18a Cleaned up and fixed 64 bit atomic handling.
      ffe037e Fixed finalization bug in vtkTimeStamp.
      9e298cd Fixed failing static initialization.
      0c78697 Fixed user setting were being ignored after first RequestInformation.
      aef03fa Fixed initialization bug.
      6b8ef45 Fixed warning originating from wrapper generated code.
      21ab918 Added CellMask support to the MPAS reader.
      7896142 Added support for 2D data.
      92f6db7 Improved atomics API.
      6a7b1ef Fixed minor issue in CMake code.
      1cac14d Fixed wrong WRAP_EXCLUDE use.
      897585b Improved performance by removing unnecessary indirection.
      31a4770 Optimized ComputeBounds.
      af78c3e PropagateUpdateExtent really needs UpdateInformation to work.
      2311fdf Added missing header for installation.
      a71f31e Fixed typo in forward declaring extern functions.
      763d8ae Fixed compile error on 32 bit platforms related to atomic ints.
      47ca034 Removed Schwarz counter that should no longer be necessary.
      a780364 Added wrap exclusion for vtkAtomic.h.
      9ad469f Removed unused code.
      4e968a6 Fix for compile error happening on Mingw.
      72bef10 BUG: Fixed a bug introduced by removing redirection from arrays.
      948bd01 Fixed information key initialization to be thread safe.
      98e3915 Fixed bug in GetScalarRange / ComputeScalarRange.
      afcd8d9 Fixed thread safety problem.
      ff9f9c0 Removed unused debug code.
      5b13c10 Made enum public so that it can be accessed by others.
      9cc1203 Added code to handle NULL whole extent in RequestUpdateExtent().
      9792721 Make RequestData() re-entrant.
      3d40be1 Minor change to API to make useful method public.
      aadae2e Fixed thread-safety issue.
      55fab3d Refactored the location of the atomic classes.
      75062ae Fixed atomic int compile issues on Windows.
      031fdf7 Fixed bug (compile issue) introduced with previous refactor.
      5abad99 First implementation of SMP parallel primitives.
      a650913 Added 3 parallel classes and related tests.
      feee6d8 Added support for parallel execution of filters over composite data.
      4730674 Added support for updating progress in a thread-safe way.
      7d2e8f0 Fixed compile warning in the SMP class.
      3e73e29 Fixed empty input bugs in SMP filters.
      a4718ce Fixed warning about initializing variables in right order.
      16929d4 Fixed bug where an empty vector was being accessed.
      a4c85d8 BUG: Fixed bugs where counter was being over-decremented.
      3978a87 Fixed issue in filter leading to sanitizer errors.

Bill Lorensen (25):
      6711604 BUG: Wrong input data file name
      a5861dd BUG: Returned wrong value
      07e3787 DOC: Fix clang warning unknown command tag name
      1df268e BUG: Memory leak detected by valgrind
      0b2e4d3 Add TestVRMLNormals baseline
      3f75b2a BUG: DebugLeaks detected leaked objects
      3c68fe1 BUG: Examples should build if BUILD_TESTING is OFF
      fd255a8 COMP: Bad signature for GetTooltipLabel
      a8660cb COMP: Must delete strings
      e3025f5 BUG: ChartPie tooltip is wrong
      ecf4fb4 ENH: Restore Imaging/Core tests
      74e9e27 COMP: Unused variable warning
      b5e215e ENH: Restore Imaging/Core tests
      5256ee0 BUG: Missing SmartPointers
      71f44a0 COMP: Memory leak
      7a9edc6 ENH: Add test for ParallelCoordinatesView
      fb39b89 ENH: Restore test for ChacoGraphReader
      03622d1 ENH: Restore tests for IO/Infovis
      71382ac ENH: Restore tests for IO/XML
      34ac668 ENH: Restore test for FixedWidthTextReader
      ba45df8 BUG: Remove broken vtkSESAMEReader
      e38e93f ENH: Added test for vtkMFIXReader
      5df0887 COMP: Shadowed variable warning
      352e312 ENH: Add test for vtkOpenFOAMReader
      2dc2e64 ENH: Add test for POpenFOAMReader

Brad King (47):
      8bc7d03 Add ExternalData module
      a0172ac ExternalData: Remove compatibility with CMake < 2.8.5
      43f0b28 Add ExternalData infrastructure
      6943b70 Filters/Modeling: Fix sync3dAll.py valid image name
      0e3f070 vtkTestingMacros: Remove unused code
      52b5141 vtkTestingMacros: Generalize add_test_(python|tcl)
      e58d802 vtkTestingMacros: Rename add_test_(mpi|python|tcl) with vtk_ prefix
      6f18523 vtkTestingMacros: Validate argument combinations more strictly
      d45ec73 Factor vtkTestingRenderingDriver out of vtkTestingObjectFactory
      dbb4c57 vtkTestingMacros: Add vtk_add_test_cxx function
      954ca17 vtkTestingMacros: Simplify vtk_add_test_mpi signature
      ef7f019 vtkTestingMacros: Remove vtk_tests macro
      5b01886 Use vtk_add_test_cxx function
      02f0a6d Use vtk_add_test_(python|tcl) where possible
      050fd10 Mark non-baseline tests with NO_VALID option
      9eca66d vtkTestingMacros: Temporarily copy baselines to source tree
      1d24c35 vtkTestingMacros: Temporarily remove baselines from VTKData
      4362dcb vtkTestingMacros: Revert temporary data transform changes
      42baebf Use ExternalData to reference test baselines
      c0b451a Add ExternalData content links to test baselines
      0a1d19a vtkTestingMacros: Remove vtk_add_test_* baseline directory arguments
      62926b2 Update TestGraphLayoutView baseline
      d0550e6 Teach Testing/External to use ExternalData
      a731ca4 Teach Examples to use ExternalData
      d7bf9e9 Add option VTK_DATA_STORE to specify ExternalData object store
      57569cc Use vtk_test_cxx_executable in Rendering/GL2PS/Testing/Cxx
      fc5d874 Remove references to old VTKData/Baseline directories
      fb82c67 Search for Ghostscript only when needed
      4fbc3a0 Convert VTKLargeData test inputs to ExternalData content links
      33d241e ExternalData: Do not re-stage staged object files
      7b3f3da IO/Image: Fix TestSetFileNames to glob only numeric suffixes
      3797f83 Convert VTKData test inputs to ExternalData content links
      f9784d1 Fetch test data only when BUILD_TESTING is ON
      d9bd55f MetaIO: Removed the deprecated _CM24 CMake variables
      607e717 COMP: Drop extra comment terminator in vtkInteractorForwarder.java
      ed6c07d COMP: Cleanup CMP0022 and CMP0023 warnings
      9e969ab COMP: Link vtkFiltersStatisticsGnuR module to KWSys
      9ec5f55 COMP: Remove unused variable in vtkRAdapter::RToVTKTree
      6383648 COMP: Set CMake Policy CMP0022 to NEW
      f986259 COMP: Populate VTK wrapping module link interfaces
      c118d8b COMP: Populate vtkNetCDF_cxx link interface
      65a6d82 COMP: Help IBM XL compiler lookup vtkSMPTools_Impl_For
      f915a54 BUG: Fix vtk_module_config for repeated calls
      dd4b51b Report runtime linker search path to VTK clients
      360d6c7 Add release helper script SourceTarball.bash
      5739927 Port SourceTarball.bash to run on OS X
      bf5cf3c Teach SourceTarball.bash to split source and data tarballs

Brian Helba (2):
      1f965ee ENH: Remove superfluous IMMEDIATE option from CMake CONFIGURE_FILE
      8d41aea ENH: Update CMake deprecated commands with new equivalents

Burlen Loring (26):
      de509c2 stacktrace on SEGV etc in vtk cxx tests
      c0ae834 stacktrace on SEGV etc in vtk python tests
      a6fa3e3 OpenGL error hunt
      62311d5 OpenGL error hunt -- dashboard cleanup
      0994d6c OpenGL error hunt -- dashboard cleanup
      6455c58 OpenGL error hunt -- dashboard cleanup
      4d5cbfb OpenGL driver version detection and OS Mesa features
      c544585 Make "graphic error" api legacy
      6ea7945 TestShadowMapPass w/Mesa 7.11 X11 valgrind suppressions
      5ba254a OpenGL error hunt -- dashboard cleanup
      d9d8d22 workaround specific Mesa bugs
      4212d0a Fix logic in GPUVolumeRayCastMapper GL support test
      5de0ed6 fix Delete without New in vtkOpenGLGPUVolumeRayCastMapper
      ad4dddf Surface LIC : parallelization & fine tuning features
      1c8cb6e Surface LIC: dashboard clean up and bug fix
      8456b5e Surface LIC: Check for invalid bounds
      07365e3 Surface LIC: dashboard cleanup
      8cac9eb Surface LIC: dashboard cleanup
      54dafff Surface LIC: fix unused variable warning on Linux
      503d68d refactor vtkHardwareSelector device state management
      0fb0db0 BUG: Un-hide overlaoded functions in vtkOpenGLHardwareSelector
      86debd0 Allow depth peeling on AMD Radeon HD
      8f4f560 Cleanup warning of shadow variable in vtkDepthPeelingPass
      60fbcda ati projected tetra bugs
      c08211b cleanup gcc 4.8.2 warnings
      0d49103 surface LIC - stl and NULL

Chris Harris (9):
      ae9aeb1 Fix strncmp(...) length when looking for "edges"
      43d4a38 Fix assert in vtkRAdapter
      734f1d1 Use width and height of container rather than parent
      0e5cfed Add server option to chose host to listen on
      f3f0214 OutputString should include null terminator
      758fcdb Remove unnecessary calls to ostr->str().size()
      22e1caf vtkWeb: Guard against setting viewport size to zero
      c4c595a Exclude VTK Web modules from VTK_BUILD_ALL_MODULES
      47f3683 Adding support for multiple inputs/outputs

Christian Lackas (1):
      ab1aab2 Fixed buiding SimpleView example

Cory Quammen (2):
      d4b70ce BUG: Made vtkPassArrays work with vtkCompositeDataSet
      0fb3dd7 BUG: Fix build failure in RenderingParallelLIC on Intel compiler

Dan Lipsa (12):
      25f9179 fix bug 0013676: vtkLightActor crashes if the light is not positional
      a9db3e2 fix bug14192: ProbeFilter can't probe an Image with more than 2^31 cells
      fd8c750 Removed assert that prevents shading for RGBA volumes.
      995272c RandomAttributeGenerator names its generated attribute arrays
      5bad3ea RandomAttributeGenerator can generate attributes constant within a block
      8c12163 Enable vtkArrayCalculator to generate normals and texture coordinates.
      358a588 Remove VTK_USE_DISPLAY from CMakeLists, cxx and h.in files.
      caf6bf1 Compute opacity corectly for vectors.
      92f48c6 Test for generating opacity from vectors (multi-component scalars).
      3696fc4 Add another baseline image for TestOpacityVectors and polish test.
      fdba82c Added third baseline image and use proper constant for an event.
      21df2ad Change the default compression level for PNG to 5.

Dave DeMarle (41):
      39dbce5 Increment version to VTK 6.1.0
      d8e8502 install vtkpython and pvtkpython once again
      9364db5 fix a memory leak
      e28ce83 Fix exception case where LoadExtensions fails and break subsequent rendering.
      df90d84 printself should print all operation types
      815c09a Remove path length computation as it is not used and incorrect.
      e198245 fix out of bounds pointer access when given 1D texture
      b36cfc7 add scraper to diagnose intermittent problems
      e1094ed Fix unisigned comparison warnings.
      13fad84 Allow deprecation of methods in same class with different access levels
      2f9fb5f make script work again
      d39346d Add ability to query units from netcdf.
      ce7151b fix pointer/integer comparison comp failure
      b4e358f Add a facility to translate vtkPolyData to GeoJSON format.
      7cbcd88 fix windows compilation
      736a4ad BUG:0012144 correct the documentation for GetArrayIndex
      016a2a0 BUG:11948 make ClosestPointRegion mode useful.
      a974393 BUG:11947 plug memory leaks in vtkSelectPolyData exceptions
      e446b3a BUG:9826 Fix texture coordinates in tube filter
      39c627e BUG:12331 Loosen up tolerance to allow 1e-029.
      589eb78 BUG:0012699 make method access consistent with UnstructuredGridWriter.
      cf63258 Add a breadcrumb to guide new developers to the developers guide.
      beae7c6 Use cmake install instead of setup.py to install python wrapping.
      2f6111f export python module installation directory for reuse
      fcee409 update vtkpiston test for recent private link change
      83cea8c silence unused directive warning on mingw
      bec2832 Make the python module installation directory configurable.
      479a203 Fix typo inprevious commit
      71ac554 fix mem leak in test
      a0938d9 fix unused parameter warning
      d65607e fix symbol import/export warning on windows static python dashboard
      7d2f9e6 Fix interactive paraview sessions on cross compiled crays.
      7f4a0e1 Allow system netcdf
      2d3ecda bug#0014200 fix incorrect text scaling
      9ec53a3 Bug0014435 Fix hyperstreamline segfault when no cell scalars.
      921fac1 bug 14453 fix for stream tracer
      891dd74 Make cell blanking work as expected in structured grids
      f9724c3 Bug 0014446-must enable blending when we use it
      23bd3f2 BUG 14109 VTK_INSTALL_QT_DIR is only one that needs leading slash
      1e2918b BUG 0013597 fix use system hdf5 for all build types
      fe9dc76 Remove accidentally added test data files

David C. Lonie (70):
      bcf03bc Insert comments into PS, EPS, and SVG exports for paths.
      13c6f1c Add a setting for GL2PS export of painter renderings.
      3fff279 Fix typo in GL2PSExporter.
      9f33a74 Move scalar bar GL2PS special case handler from PV to VTK.
      41ddc33 Fix set-but-not-used warnings in Domains/Chemistry tests.
      5ff4f80 Add unicode text support to charts and context2D.
      dff00e9 Add tests for unicode chart rendering.
      edf5bcf Handle UTF-8 strings in vtkMathTextFreeTypeTextRenderer.
      78d211e Add GL2PS handler for vtkDataLabelMapper.
      e040a63 Add note to make header tests happy.
      52e0f16 Prefer fonts with extended characters in FontConfig lookups.
      7224adb Update baselines for the fontconfig tests.
      a86227d Reset the camera's view angle in vtkRenderer::ResetCamera.
      a8247f0 Remove constructor argument from array classes.
      dc536f1 Add FastDownCast method to vtkDataArray, vtkDataArrayTemplate.
      0cd8cf3 Add a vtkTypedDataArray class and iterator.
      c5412ef Allow batch copying of data set attributes.
      e51c5cd Fixup bugs in vtkBoxClipDataSet.
      3a1224b Add vtkAbstractTypeMacro for abstract vtkObject subclasses.
      2b619db Add setters for vtkGenericCell's points/point-ids.
      179864e Fix vtkDebugLeaks when templated classes are used.
      833e91e Inline and optimize vtkMatrix4x4::Multiply4x4.
      9b8f6a6 Inline vtkIdList::InsertId for performance.
      b52d74e Optimize vtkPolyData::GetCellEdgeNeighbors.
      78748c5 Improve contouring locator performance.
      cddcd31 Cache the compiler-generated vtkTypeTemplate classname.
      a96bd71 Reduce calls to DataChanged() in vtkDataArrayTemplate.
      17f954f Reuse memory in DeepCopy implementations.
      25c5737 Avoid writing to unallocated memory in quadratic cells.
      6c430b5 Add vtkCellIterator for traversing cells in data sets.
      904e94d Fix mingw warnings on recent changes to Matrix4x4.
      1183f7e Perform a batch copy in vtkPoints::GetPoints.
      9cba78a Speed up vtkUnstructuredGrid::GetCell implementation.
      61689b4 Fix MSVC 2008 warning about valid STL usage.
      3b6cb42 Use ComputeNormals in vtkContourFilter.
      8707ec0 Implement vtkTextMapper using vtkTextRenderer.
      792d3ad Ensure that the number of points is suitable for the cell.
      36fd8c7 Performance tweaks to Glyph3D.
      338266d Fix copy/paste typos in vtkBitArray::InsertTuples.
      bad6627 Add missing GetArrayType virtual implementation.
      684720e Deprecate unused methods in vtkTextMapper.
      35f01d9 Fix typo in vtkTextMapper.
      4ba6f4c Fix issue introduced by cell iterator refactor.
      5f23efa Add vtkMappedDataArray.
      71b3c31 Add abstract vtkUnstructuredGridBase interface.
      8c33da4 Add a vtkMappedUnstructuredGrid templated wrapper class.
      5ebbdd2 Add vtkAbstractArray::HasStandardMemoryLayout() virtual.
      b037ed0 Fix handling of mapped data arrays in vtkDataArray.
      5ca7a26 Modify vtkContourFilter to work with mapped data.
      e7e4c21 Make surface extraction work with mapped structures.
      17182fe Make slicing work with mapped data.
      fab68b5 Make warping by vector work with mapped structures.
      47aaa1d Adapt volume mappers to operate on the UnstructuredGridBase interface.
      d549052 Update XML writers to support vtkMappedUnstructuredGrid.
      88af65b Expose the vtkExodusIIReaderPrivate::SqueezePoints variable.
      f12c292 Add in-situ exodus II node/element structures and test.
      b95ed8f Fix failing printOther test.
      978938c Fix segfault in otherPrint test.
      b4612f5c Fix warnings introduced by insitu branch.
      0e5d709 Fix the otherPrint test on old windows compilers.
      a19abb8 Fix template issue on AIX dashboard.
      bc7f537 List template implementation files in CMakeLists.txt.
      f443e75 Fix missing 'endl' errors.
      f1923b8 Fix Tcl/exodus build errors.
      be66587 Fix memory leak in new in-situ exodus code.
      96c8af9 Enable wrapping of the insitu exodus reader.
      8d9ff8e Fix marker scaling in GL2PS exports.
      c4cd824 Document vtkTypedDataArray<vtkIdType>::GetDataArray() behavior.
      68f5ba6 Add a missing break statement in vtkXMLWriter.
      11647ad Update baseline for DASH3 TestLinePlotGL2PS.

David Cole (2):
      a847fb8 BUG: Fix NULL dereference in std::copy argument
      4aeec36 Avoid calling std::copy when the number of items to copy is 0

David Doria (2):
      29bbbaf DOC: Describe how to get L and U out of the LU factorization.
      64e7b2b COMP: Fix warnings caused by a backslash at the end of a comment.

David Gobbi (86):
      01b4db0 BUG: The vtkTubeFilter assumed data had no verts.
      1c4d5ee BUG: Off-by-one error for multi-frame TIFF images.
      9df193f BUG: Use array for OutputExtent to avoid null pointer deref.
      3c1ef1a ENH: Faster low-level implementation for TransformPoints.
      b327246 BUG: The vtkCellPicker was not returning image mappers.
      f808e0c 14164: Fix incorrectly set VTK_HAS_STD_ISFINITE variable.
      f1760ed COMP: Clear VTK_HAS_STD_ISFINITE and related variables.
      3680d94 COMP: Cache VTK_HAS_STD_ISFINITE and related variables.
      ba3c24c ProjectVector method was modifying plane normal.
      9b46579 Perform explicit list deletion in CCSEdgeLocator.
      e6d1e30 Add a copy constructor to vtkArrayWeights.
      23f6ba7 Implement multi-sample antialiasing on OS X.
      4ecfc7f Turn off multisampling in two tests.
      520ba01 Add copy ctors and operators to clear warnings.
      2f6eeb6 Clear warning by explicitly calling base copy ctor.
      0a68fe2 Fix some more warnings in vtkDispatcher.
      5d600bd Remove assignment operator from octree_path.
      d2785d1 Remove assignment operator from octree_iterator.
      ca37fcb COMP: Fix warning about inlines reference before definition.
      8e0a977 Fix "reorder" warning about Scroll member.
      820124f Fix wrapper-parser rule for templated destructors.
      bb7932b Wrappers saw GetDataType() method declaration twice.
      6449822 Remove the "ifndef __WRAP__" from vtkAtomicInt.h.
      99a6adb Fix a compile error when some overloads marked LEGACY.
      e45038a Export the Java library targets.
      fa15dcd Consolidate the new python pointer-wrapping code.
      0f6d9de Consider arrays and pointers to be equivalent for precedence.
      9ffbf1d Add missing IsPODPointer check, for overload resolution.
      a323116 Function call resolution failed because function was static.
      00a6ae6 ENH: Move tokenization routines into vtkParseString.
      00673a8 Add missing rule for nested template declarations.
      6a1f36d Add special right angle bracket handling for C++11.
      f4346a2 Simplify the enumerator_list rule for enum definitions.
      688ca51 Allow qualifiers const, volatile with method pointers.
      96d9ee6 Fix parsing of parentheses within function parameter declarations.
      5e60a15 Remove the unused "reject_class()" method.
      4fcc2ae Handle friend functions where "friend" is not first specifier.
      45c0f13 Add ability to parse function try blocks.
      1355d3a Allow a parameter list that is nothing but ellipsis.
      624403b Add parsing of rvalue references for C++11 support.
      fc6bdb9 Add constexpr specifier to support C++11 code.
      fdd1d07 Add decltype() to parser via new decltype_specifier rule.
      f5c7f28 Add "auto" keyword with C++11 interpretation.
      2aee050 Add parsing of trailing return types for C++11.
      d96df1f Add parsing of "final" and "override" for C++11.
      12c368f Add nullptr literal and type for C++11.
      ca4d140 Ignore static_assert() declarations in c++11 code.
      01f0d5e Add new C++11 noexcept trailing specifier.
      e939674 Change the class_specifier rules to better match standard.
      af31718 Simplify the way that tilde is handled in the grammar.
      c8f60b5 Allow the "final" specifier in class definitions for C++11.
      65163bc Add function bodies "= delete" and "= default" for C++11.
      d6efeca Add parsing of enum classes for C++11.
      2644b9b Add specifier "thread_local" for C++11 support.
      1e2184e Add IsExplicit to conversion operators for C++11 support.
      827c30d Add literal operator "" for C++11 support.
      c02fdcd Allow string prefixes and user-defined suffixes for C++11.
      7266e4b Support raw string literals for C++11.
      196075a Require leading underscore for user-defined string suffix.
      dc317c1 Add alias declarations for C++11 support.
      1417fa1 Add char16_t and char32_t types for C++11 support.
      931b7b2 Add explicit template instantiation, with extern for C++11.
      32241bf Add parsing of variadic templates for C++11 support.
      688dad8 Add attribute specifiers for C++11, ignore them for now.
      402d35d Add support for variadic macros for C++11 support.
      a2e6547 Allow variadic macro argument to be empty (C++ extension).
      5d034e9 Improve skimming of headers for preprocessor directives.
      05e9796 Parse raw strings in included headers for C++11.
      0eb64a1 Add new C++11 string and char tokens to preprocessor.
      475dedf Use vtkParseString routines for all token identification.
      48c6a6b Allow any unicode characters in IDs for C++11.
      7ed570f Add named operator preprocessor tokens for C++11.
      d1433df Add digraphs.
      297c236 Add the new specifiers and qualifiers for C11.
      171497e Change the constant expression rule wrt templates.
      17c4159 Use the bison GLR parser algorithm to resolve ambiguities.
      ef4c212 Check for EOF in addition to null as end of file marker.
      8fe6e54 Enhance the error reporting of the parser.
      1d5cda0 Allow new C++11 default initialization braces.
      b30c4f2 Regenerate lex.yy.c and vtkParse.tab.c for C++11 support.
      41f1ded Fix typedefs that were incorrectly stored during parsing.
      9a5b8c2 Fix vtkPython.tab.c compilation under VS11.
      e6dd94e Fix gcc "unused-but-set-variable" warning in vtkParse.tab.c.
      4434962 Fix compile warnings in vtkParse.tab.c.
      665da82 Fix accidental modification of preproc_uint_t definition.
      8cbaa9b Invoke ConfigureEvent in the vtkCocoaRenderWindowInteractor.

David Stoup (3):
      c3c23c6 Alter camera interactions to fix orbiting behaviour on rotate.
      0d0d902 Create a new viewport to support the vgl library.
      5c1f438 Update vgl library to fix clipping bug.

David Thompson (14):
      118aa20 Update the scalar bar build time.
      a2b1ba7 Update baseline image.
      8e5b524 Shapefiles: If active layer specified, load only it.
      06ef3b9 Change `vtkScalarsToColors::SetAnnotations` behavior.
      2f4a9ca Fix problems processing polyhedron connectivity.
      31d834a Don't forget to copy polyhedron cell-data...
      ee3a7c3 Fix polyhedron-ray intersection...
      fc0ee6c Reset point ID list when appending polyhedra.
      0627519 Terminate early when possible.
      e8bc3b4 Remove rule-of-three warnings.
      577db10 Read requested Exodus block-attributes.
      02452eb Test that exodus attributes can be read properly.
      0fb084b Use doubles to store GDAL point coordinates.
      35c403a Add option to GDAL reader to output feature IDs.

Dean Inglis (2):
      f487550 Fix WindowLevelEvent handling bug in vtkInteractorStyleImage.
      9aadfc9 fix bug in MedicalImageProperties

Frederic TINGAUD (1):
      5a8c613 Add margin in vertical scalar bar between title and bar.

George Zagaris (9):
      6f7e36b ENH: Add byte-swapping capability to CosmoReader
      1011cb9 Adding adaptive-cosmo reader.
      03ae825 Remove legacy ThirdParty/Cosmo and Filters/Cosmo
      01204dd ENH: multi-process stream enhancements
      55eb011 ENH: Support for VtkIdType & enhancements
      0f73b92 ENH: NearlyEqual fuzzy comparator and SafeDivision
      7c35e23 ENH: Add vtkMPIUtilities -- parallel printf utils
      a07749d ENH: Ghost zone generation for unstructured grids
      e9ebae9 Fix warnings and TestEmptyInput test

Giuseppe D'Angelo (1):
      ecaddd4 BUG 13603: make vtkContourFilter properly push progress notifications

Goodwin Lawlor (1):
      168e0b9 Write welcome message to console only when interactive

Jamie Snape (6):
      6025498 ENH: Update selected Filters/General to support DesiredOutputPrecision
      28976fd ENH: Update selected Filters/Sources to support DesiredOutputPrecision
      716436e ENH: Update vtkProcrustesAlignmentFilter to support DesiredOutputPrecision
      767de42 ENH: Update selected Filters/Core to support DesiredOutputPrecision
      e5316a5 ENH: Update more Filters/Core to support DesiredOutputPrecision
      399b31f BUG: Fix invalid call to GetDataType() when vtkPoints is NULL

Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin (2):
      384636e COMP 12945: Allow VTK to build against Qt5
      e4e3dfa COMP 12945: Fix Qt5 specific build error related to vtkQtCxxTests

Jeffrey Baumes (1):
      8bb4760 Fixing Boost graph algorithms on Windows

Jerome Robert (1):
      a49ec0b BUG 7589 Fix Mingw Java libraries name

Joachim Pouderoux (7):
      7ffa317 Fix IsEdge test when points id is larger than maxid inserted.
      7b567e5 Remove typos & spurious spaces in the class description.
      4e2c834 Add CEA support signature in the copyright information.
      7d702bc Add algorithm header for std::max function.
      5693f02 Introduce Bag Plot and HDR statistic filter.
      970dd0f Fix bag plot compilation error on AIX.
      bdb8bbf Introduce FunctionBagPlot and related filters.

John Biddiscombe (1):
      80b3fd6 Fix 0014170 segfault in setting of GPU resampler input

John Stark (2):
      540f6d0 Fix problem with Pipeline Mtime when connecting to itk. See Bug id 12684
      7b045ad Fix typo in vtktiff CMakeLists to areroul.

Julien Finet (5):
      2c559a9 Add vtkAxisActor::UseTextActor3D
      d086e75 vtkImageActor now supports DisplayExtent starting at -1
      0cef6bd vtkTextActor3D bounds are not padded to power of two
      415d2b0 Fix memory leak with vtkProp3DFollower device
      95d5a8f Split vtkBorderRepresentation::ShowBorder

Kenneth Moreland (1):
      14c8487 Safer fake coordinates for structured from unstructured CF grids

Kent Williams (1):
      8147525 ENH: fix std::string usage

Kevin H. Hobbs (1):
      631d795 Reads past EOF are expected

Kyle Lutz (9):
      f562dfe Skip rendering of invalid points in PlotLine/PlotPoints
      5a5b3d2 Render trailing good points in line/point plots
      3ed8ae6 Fix bounds calculation for vtkPlotPoints with bad points
      bc424e2 Add asserts to vtkDataArrayTemplate Set/GetValue()
      cac24ae Fix crash in EnSight reader
      6f7d3a6 Fix off-by-one error in ComputeBounds() for vtkPlotPoints
      45a2e6c Add ZOOM_AXIS interaction mode to vtkChart
      9ec9e70 Switch chart selection modifiers
      d92bf40 Fix vtkDataReader with signed char

Marcus D. Hanwell (47):
      5c01511 Quote the compile flags for Qt 5
      9007d12 Removed assignment operator from vtkQuaternion
      632a924 Removed explicit destructors for vtkAtom and vtkBond
      6c18d39 Allow JsonCpp to be VTK or system supplied
      2f5fdb1 Removed the deprecated _CM24 CMake variables
      874a5bb Corrected the case of the install source variable
      5790145 Add support for private dependencies in VTK
      b154f1a Link the pvtk binary to MPI libraries
      ee016b9 Revert to CodecID for now
      01a26ad Added code to deal with rendering double precision data
      082acec Added a test exercising the rendering of tiny numbers
      62f8f2a COMP: Fixed ambiguous overload seen on Windows
      597cfab Use the std::string API from vtkContextUnicode
      da970a2 COMP: Fixed warning about signed/unsigned comparison
      043de2d Changed to fit the VTK style, separated some logic
      dc73d91 Added scaling to the vtkPlotBar class (and a test)
      dd403de STYLE: Minor fixes to documentation strings
      d8317ae Prefer to overflow rather than die when wrapping lines
      7cee41d Shift the origin and/or apply scaling in charts
      6cd8f93 Ensure the tool tip item gets the correct number
      1b6bed0 Additional base line for double prevision test
      36ee1b7 Added a new macro to initialize a VTK module
      a4cce56 Enable the Qt examples, update their build systems
      b65dcc3 Fix bad point detection for large double values
      67cb974 Removed the XML shaders and associated classes
      4b96f6f vtkIOImage not needed by vtkRenderingCore now
      6501ce8 Removed vtkUtilitiesMaterialsLibrary
      980e895 Added missing private dependency, disabled test
      3c67759 Made the Filters modules a private dependency
      38505fc Move several vtkRenderingContext2D dependencies
      9eda1c0 Move the Qt module to private dependency
      3fba096 Removed the final remnants of the Cg shader code
      f62731d Added a Get method for the smart pointer classes
      39a97ad Added baselines for Windows double precision charts
      acf00d7 Reset the plot's selection when select is called
      eee9f52 Bumping CMake minimum to 2.8.8 as agreed
      347fb12 Enhanced the parallel coordinates chart for doubles
      592643f Clean up coding style, use vtkNew instead of VTK_CREATE
      32e4802 If the original file is missing, make it non-fatal
      fe72e9d Added Doxygen support for configured files
      5b39c91 Updates to the FFMPEG code, modernizing and improving
      74057f3 BUG: Fixed a bug with zooming in charts
      790c9a2 Initialize unused variables when setting event
      46e9f2f Removed the check for the old URL fclose
      9b076af DOC: Added documentation to CMake API functions
      fff9c3b Fixed the install of chemical data files
      c68b549 Ensure libproj4 defaults to use pthreads if VTK does

Martin Müllenhaupt (1):
      bfe5a4c libtheora links against libogg: fix linking order

Matt McCormick (1):
      ce185b2 Add script to upload content-linked external data files to MIDAS

Nikhil Shetty (6):
      fe1e47e Adding config options.
      42278e9 Adding TestThreshold.
      3a945b5 Enable Marching Cubes
      467aaf3 Adding TrianglesContainer
      24d1de8 Adding CMAke options to select from available DAX_BACKENDS.

Patrick Emond (1):
      c4d2fc9 vtkMySQLQuery incorrectly returning non NULL values

Paul Edwards (1):
      ee02727 Fix for polyhedron cells.

Pietro Cerutti (5):
      d822e94 - FreeBSD, just like OSX, uses stat instead of stat64
      47ff281 - Space missing between argv[0] and first argument
      5d97d7d Add support for PNG compression in vtkPNGWriter
      d933d3c Revise comment as per David's suggestion
      f660dc1 Revise comment as per Andrew's suggestion

Robert Maynard (38):
      7e6f2d6 Add Dax Module to VTK.
      5d6ae65 Dax can now build with any device adapter.
      16d85f0 Move implementation of algorithms to Impl files.
      4377bb7 Correct classes to pass vtk header tests.
      e58c767 marching cubes now properly generates a valid polydata result
      04bc80d Update testing code to work.
      2b9799d Allow vtkDax to produce better error messages.
      3faf1c2 Modify DataSetTypeToType.h so that wrap hierarchy can parse it.
      a8943ff Dax has renamed all .worklet to .h
      d690807 Update the newest dax changes to MC and Threshold.
      67c0086 Update to the new testing data framework.
      402c3f1 Update Dax accelerator to the latest Dax version.
      6c23b8e Update testing to use the new external data infrastructure.
      642c5a7 Portal writes don't go outside the bounds of the array.
      0b61aab Portals now reads vector and renamed the GetVtkData method.
      1ec587a Remove unneded code from the allocators and containers.
      d19d85b The conversion back to vtk objects to use new GetVtkData API.
      61acf60 Don't try to fill vtk objects when we have no output.
      849a290 Clean up the CMake files for the Dax accelerator
      675800d Update MarchingCubes implementation to use new class names.
      0ec8ddb MFixReader: Add support for 1.79 and up versions.
      9d1758d Fix bug that incorrectly allocated vtk arrays with components > 1.
      956670e Refactor the Dax Config header to follow vtk naming policy.
      c2c93eb Refactor file names to obey vtk naming convention.
      1ff91b2 Correct header guards and include style to obey vtk style.
      7cfc935 Properly install helper headers for the dax module.
      2cecbd8 Correct errors found from the vtk header test.
      0a2836c Fix off by one error in vtkFLUENTReader::GetCellsAscii().
      47515d7 Dax Accelerator now obeys the size of vtkIdType and vtkPoints.
      9f745cb Dax: GCC 4.2 had problems parsing the self::pointer syntax.
      5988246 VTK includes now follow the vtk style guideline.
      df8c363 MFIXReader: Properly close file handles and delete array of arrays.
      197fe3d Allow us to convert back from any dax container to vtk.
      4646c7b Teach vtkMathConfigure about nvcc support for std::isnan and friends.
      962c7ed Fix warnings about comparing to enum type.
      cfcbf59 Correct memory leak in DaxMarchingCubes test.
      278a9a7 Update Cocoa GUI example to link to VTK6 rendering libraries.
      873da3e Update xdmf to compile with clang 3.4 and c++11 enabled.

Rodrigo Mologni (1):
      493dee9 This commit fixes an interoperability issue with PySide.

Sankhesh Jhaveri (5):
      1942e91 Renamed local variable to fix redeclaration warnings
      5632235 Fix JavaRegression test classpath for Windows
      b5c1107 BUG: Prevent buffer overwrite in vtkJPEGWriter::Write
      a443bea Fixed compiler warning about shadow declaration of variable
      37615d2 BUG: Fix buffer overflow in vtkPUnstructuredGridConnectivity

Scott Wittenburg (10):
      eadf589 Added module registration api to vtkWeb, also added registration.
      cd398d3 Added some code to allow web testing.  Also provided a stop function.
      e0e1093 Refactored and fixed some import problems that were breaking dashboard.
      658b5bb Added some CMake macros to support discovery of Python modules.
      03701d8 Add a vtkweb module providing application code for running web tests.
      16145df Integrated an object-oriented, phased testing approach for web tests.
      850dc80 Support providing a temp dir so that pvweb test images go to dashboard.
      4e55f3b Added file upload server which can be run with server.py or launcher.py
      59ae032 Added code to support a cache option for filebrowser widget.
      c2af9cb Added code to draw current selection rectangle in viewport.

Sean McBride (75):
      ba56a23 Fixed warnings given by clang 3.4's new -Wlogical-not-parentheses warning
      1d6d9eb removed the obsolete register keyword to fix clang warning
      fe57982 Fixed typo in include guard define
      3e490c8 Removed deprecated and useless 'register' keyword
      10280aa Fixed compile error with llvm libcxx
      e58852e Suppress clang dynamic exception specifiers warning
      890a976 Conservative elimination of !null checks before 'delete'
      9e42e0e Removed a bunch of empty destructors
      8812203 Conservative elimination of !null checks before 'delete'
      eb22e91 Fixed null deref by adding null check.
      35848f5 Fixed more clang warnings about 'rule of three' violations
      6e2fc78 Removed obsolete vtkCxxRevisionMacro (in comments)
      bf64aea Replaced use of deprecated constants
      512e4e2 Replaced deprecated constant names with new names
      915de18 removed various dtors that do nothing and violate the rule of three
      3bc798e Removed obsolete/unneeded warning suppression
      84b1bec Silence clang static analyzer warning about null dereference
      af6a35d Silence clang static analyzer warning about possible null deref
      cd4d9a3 Fixed null dereference
      e708853 Silence clang static analyzer warning about null deref
      5021dc5 Convince clang static analyzer that null deref will not occur
      3771e63 Convince clang analyzer that no uninitialize read occurs
      7ab56ff Removed unneeded checks for null before calling delete
      a3dee77 Fixed clang -Wloop-analysis warning
      879e9ce Replaced #include "assert.h" with #include <cassert>
      425da91 Replaced #include <assert.h> with #include <cassert>
      80cf633 Replaced #include <assert.h> with #include <cassert>
      6669391 Removed unused function, make private functions static
      82a8447 Made private functions static
      1348962 Made private functions static
      eae091f Tweaked Apple gcc 4.2 check
      357c0d4 Remove compiler-specific check
      cd68a70 Removed bizarre useless comments
      678a3d3 Fix warnings in flex-generated code
      f91373e Added 'const' to several public setters
      5ca8328 Removed MSVC 6 workaround
      8e04493 Remove MSVC 7.0 workaround
      dc75816 Fixed some OS X-related spelling; comments only.
      6aae266 Eliminated gcc-only prototype
      d064712 Eliminated gcc-specific __builtin_memcpy use
      e24f0e4 Expunge YY_USE_CONST (dead code)
      ba60bf7 Removed dead code that could #define __cplusplus
      0b20826 Removed dead code that would '#define const'
      d629737 Simplify YY_USE_PROTOS and YY_PROTO
      a119430 Removed unused 'hex_digits' constant
      45020cc Removed unused constants
      67cf5a4 Suppress unused const variable warning
      b9658e5 Conditionalize insane "#define inline" in libtiff
      a76e204 Fixed compiler warning about rule of three violation
      05c33b7 Removed dead code identified by -Wunused-function
      35e341d Marked a few API parameters as const
      327a0f3 Added function prototype to fix warning
      1badae7 Removed a bunch of dead code
      6e6da31 Removed unused method
      7f12099 Made private functions static
      8f33c68 Made private functions static
      fe31ece Made private functions static
      a3da41d Fixed mismatched declaration/definition
      a550d83 Made a bunch of globals const
      c2fa863 Made some private functions static
      c90aab7 Made a bunch of globals static
      08a70d8 Made various globals const or static.
      ed664ce Made some float* parameters const
      37c1e4a Changed method declarations slightly from * to [] style
      e17528f Added const to a few more APIs
      8aab49f Removed a bunch of extra semicolons at end of line
      a56e243 Fixed warnings about unused function and constants
      eda5e1a Fix gcc -Wliteral-suffix warning
      5a92d05 Removed unused typedef
      0482ec0 Fix gcc -Wliteral-suffix warning
      5b1f54f Fixed/suppressed various dashboard compiler warnings
      41b56d9 Correct comment about required string encoding
      a540b59 Fix/suppress some of the few remaining dashboard warnings
      7c5dfb9 Added copy ctor to satisify rule-of-three
      1ce7c91 Fixed glsl compilation error on OS X 10.9

Sebastien Jourdain (51):
      058b2c4 Add Java callback when window is ready
      1094afc Remove vtkPTableToStructuredGrid and fix vtkTableToStructuredGrid for parallel
      5c6f176 Update documentation/comment
      2c2d52d Fix memory leak in ParaView due to circular reference
      abda2e5 Do not try to delete a WeakPointer
      640180a Add support for Java/JOGL graphical rendering component
      9b0c0e5 Use proper install path and dependency
      eb3bdff Allow wamp module to work in both vtk and paraview context
      aca2b93 Provide more flexibility in the GLContext creation of GLCanvas
      37d8be8 Add key binding to JOGL cone example
      432b6ca Allow JOGL renderer to be based either on GLCanvas or GLJPanel
      78cced8 Allow ParaView to disable Python install rules
      2f743ad Fix windows.h mangling issue and header tests
      af9cb38 Fix flushing issue in vtkWeb process at startup
      14e73bd Add CMake cache option for VTK_BUILD_PYTHON_MODULE_DIR
      a586170 Add vtkWeb JavaScript loader helper
      d1e502e Add CMake options to allow proper Java Packaging of the VTK libraries
      ec63dd6 Fix javac command line to only use -source 1.5
      417bd68 Add Graph Layout example in VTK-Web
      423daa8 Add support for Scroll event on vtkWeb viewport
      4cb2867 Fix JOGL interactor widget issue
      804c8fa Fix struct/class definition warning
      5611f9c Migrate ParaViewWeb widgets into more generic VTK ones
      3a2d3f7 Add basic url parameter extractor within vtkWeb
      7087e30 Add server side FileBrowser
      2a91342 Add double-click picking inside JoglConeRendering sample code
      80edc28 Extend vtkWeb with basic properties and improve File browser
      d6ff0a3 Fix vtkWeb loader dependancy order
      a4241fe Fix vtkWeb file widget relative path info
      367c7d0 Add smarter connect method that take care of URL parameters
      a288dca Fix web css loader ordering
      d07dbf5 Add common set of JavaScript libraries
      70690d5 Update vtkWeb loader to reference additional libraries
      31ae28c Make sure if Webgl trigger exception it won't prevent other modules to load
      742e705 Extend Web file browser to support file grouping
      38676bd Add tree Widget into VTKWeb
      f1ccc96 Fix WebKit issue with attribute selector using ?type? as attribute name.
      b8d3647 WebGL render is now pushing its camera position.
      e72eb60 Let the file browser fetch the root directory by itself.
      ce14c36 Python web launcher
      e472fc3 Fix resource management when process end
      0046a2d Add chart library abstraction to vtkWeb
      78311c2 Fix few css issue in another context
      3d93e0b Allow to keep or replace previous data
      4e7d5bc add a / at the end of the session manager url
      eec7270 update JS doc comments
      64bce42 Escape StringArray in ArrayCalculator
      40e2464 Provide valid dll directory path for Java install rules
      44ea875 Add Web event for viewport interaction
      4fc72e8 Add area parameter in endInteraction event for Web
      1a8d823 Add catalyst web widget into VTK

Shawn Waldon (1):
      b47332b Fixed reference counting bug in vtkTransform

Stephen Aylward (4):
      c666773 BUG: Fixed bugs in Form and hidden virtual funcs in Image
      f95b0b0 COMP: Fixed unused variable warnings in tests
      bb74dcc COMP: Disable tests since paths are set wrong in VTK
      2c597d3 COMP: Fix warnings from VTK dashboard, contributed by Sean McBride

Sven Buijssen (1):
      5ef33d3 Fix typos

Terry Jordan (1):
      f6c0f71 Fixes issue with MFix reader and timesteps.

Tristan Coulange (3):
      12a9dff BUG: Fix the weight computation in the InterpolateFunctions method
      4f14d56 ENH: Introduce the vtkQuadraticPolygon class and its tests.
      bb954ad Fix quadratic polygon test memory leak

Utkarsh Ayachit (23):
      4b20f9b Increasing timeout for test.
      f7f8253 Fixed regression introduced by a6fa3e375c.
      1509669 Cleaning up transfer function widgets.
      37a10c6 Release graphics resources properly.
      1654337 Cleanup logic for indexed colors.
      2d67f63 Opacity function doesn't support log mapping.
      22e0a23 BUG #14202. Modify arrays when changed.
      953a597 Remove unncessary assert.
      c241bbc Fix dependency issues with vtklibproj4.
      e89d728 Update Cosmo library.
      271999a Fix various windows build issues.
      1749bb0 Fix 64bit types in cosmo reader.
      f694dbf BUG #14273: Don't segfault when mapper has empty input.
      a6b0b0d BUG #14283. Fix change events fired by vtkControlPointsItem.
      0226969 Restore lighting settings after render.
      323ad38 Refactor vtkExtractCTHPart.
      73414b0 Fix issues with using system HDF5 with MPI support.
      558b34a Bringing back support for rectilinear input.
      eb4019f Fix issue with external HDF5
      13b3151 Adding new naming modes to vtkSplitColumnComponents.
      84c0666 Preserve composite-data names in legacy readers/writers.
      af508c8 Fix send/receive for composite datasets.
      4834170 Attempt to fix race condition.

Xiaoxiao Liu (3):
      2b8e685 ENH: Enable string input for NewickTreeReader.
      59da79c BUG: Use smart pointer for table in vtKTanglegramItem.
      ade7751 ENH: DelimitedTextReader supports string input.

Zach Mullen (4):
      07aaa32 Web module.
      9d9aed0 Place vtk web python modules into "vtk.web" package
      80b1d01 Rename vtk.web python modules.
      0ddf449 Fix web python build directory.

Zack Galbreath (51):
      4fa063d always label leaf nodes
      5f1dcf5 hide tooltip when hovering over a blank row
      1b0150a change leaf node display behavior
      7308311 separate color maps for categorical & continuous data
      e60dab3 improve "heatmap only" performance
      633d50a update vtkTreeHeatmapItem baselines
      a9abb46 add row/column info to tooltip
      02ffb7a change MAX_DISCRETE_VALUES into an ivar
      2c86574 use SetMaxDiscreteValues for categorical color map
      080a7f7 resolve new warning
      8a4c60b preserve FieldData when pruning a tree
      ab99961 new function: ComputeFontSizeForBoundedString
      3ea8045 refactor vtkTreeHeatmapItem into three classes
      bd266aa new class: vtkTanglegramItem
      dda5318 update tests & baselines
      2e85c7c various minor improvements to tanglegrams
      8bb5d5f various minor improvements to vtkTanglegram
      5a30ad8 fix failing SetGet test
      76d6ab2 make vtkTreeHeatmapItem tolerate missing input
      d547d0d improve appearance of VTK web example
      2d4f0a0 fix freeze on large dendrograms
      7f0544b wrap more of vtkTreeHeatmapItem's public API
      e271189 restore "missing rows" behavior to vtkHeatmapItem
      78b929c new class: vtkReduceTable
      e9a5d4f support Newick files with no edge weights
      728192e Add a dendrogram for the columns of the heatmap
      8c716e6 add test for column trees
      5e3ccfd resolve unused variable warning
      e0cd2a5 add scalar bar legend to vtkHeatmapItem
      352f55b new class: vtkCategoryLegend
      3eba81a tests to cover new legends functionality
      a376116 prevent segmentation fault
      fe9bf22 fix unused variable warning
      9f5eb49 Resolve valgrind defects
      fe59cba prevent the whole dendrogram from being collapsed
      98a5b2a make it easier to change dendrogram edge width
      02f7a43 Update TestTreeHeatmapItem for line width changes
      772916a change key of NewRowToOldRowsMap to a vtkVariant
      e86c7af eliminate unused variable warning
      dcaed73 display number of leaf nodes in a collapsed tree
      d651290 new class: vtkNewickTreeWriter
      2202e55 only create an edge weight array when necessary
      5bd3962 fix bug in vtkRAdapter::VTKTreeToR(vtkTree* tree)
      270a6e4 handle tables with no row labels
      ca924e7 fix failing RCalculator tests
      9c5d606 restore original settings after painting tooltip
      7e18b30 new baseline for TestColumnTree
      4cadcb6 always write tree edges in incremental order
      f50733e display scalar bar for colored tree
      0b0777a map tree #1's root to tree #2's root
      5e49402 fix TestEmptyInput for vtkDelimitedTextReader

xabi riobe (2):
      1276286 Add a pointer check in vtkPolyData::ShallowCopy to avoid a crash
      a7c12e8 Fix case of neighbor loop points

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