[vtkusers] Possible Bug in vtkXMLReader when reading timeseries

Simon Praetorius Simon.Praetorius at tu-dresden.de
Wed Sep 21 11:23:30 EDT 2016


When reading a VTK XML-file that includes timesteps, the  
`vtkXMLDataReader:282` throws an error that multiple arrays with the  
same name are present in the file. In general this is a valid test and  
the error is correct, except for the case that multiple timesteps are  
written in the file. An example file can be created by the test  

<Piece NumberOfPoints="8" NumberOfCells="1">
   <PointData Scalars="example data">
     <DataArray type="Float32" Name="example data" TimeStep="0"  
format="appended" RangeMin="0" RangeMax="0" offset="0" />
     <DataArray type="Float32" Name="example data" TimeStep="1"  
format="appended" RangeMin="1" RangeMax="1" offset="240" />
     <!-- ... -->
Here all DataArrays refer to the same dataset at different timesteps.

Reading back this file, using a `VTLXMLUnstructuredGridReader` (e.g.  
`Examples/IO/Cxx/DumpXMLFile.cxx`), produced the error above:

vtkXMLDataReader.cxx, line 282: Duplicate array names.

Writing TimeSteps seems to be supported by the XMLReader and the  
XMLWriter. Maybe the `vtkXMLWriterC` is not valid/compatible any more?  
Is the structure of the vtk format changed when writing timeseries,  
compared to the xml-code shown above?
(I'm referring to the VTK version 7.0.0, when naming line-numbers.)

This issue refers to an old ParaView issue #5542  
(http://www.paraview.org/Bug/view.php?id=5542). The file was readable  
with at least vtk-5.2 and paraview-3.6.2.


Dr. Simon Praetorius
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Fachrichtung Mathematik
Technische Universität Dresden
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Web: www.math.tu-dresden.de/~spraetor
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