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0001158VTK(No Category)public2004-09-13 11:122013-04-05 19:56
Assigned ToLisa Avila 
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Summary0001158: vtkFloorFuncMacro produces incorrect results on i386
DescriptionIn file Rendering/vtkVolumeRayCastMapper.h there is a function named
vtkFloorFuncMacro. This function does not produce correct results for all
inputs on a platform that does not use the "quick-and-dirty" solution:

inline int vtkFloorFuncMacro(double x)
#if defined i386 || defined _M_IX86
  double tempval;
  // use 52-bit precision of IEEE double to round (x - 0.25) to
  // the nearest multiple of 0.5, according to prevailing rounding
  // mode which is IEEE round-to-nearest,even
  tempval = (x - 0.25) + 3377699720527872.0; // (2**51)*1.5
  // extract mantissa, use shift to divide by 2 and hence get rid
  // of the bit that gets messed up because the FPU uses
  // round-to-nearest,even mode instead of round-to-nearest,+infinity
  return ((int*)&tempval)[0] >> 1;
  // quick-and-dirty, assumes x >= 0
  return (int)(x);

As an example take vtkFloorFuncMacro(0.99989) which should return 0. Instead
it returns 1, which is wrong. Because of failures like this, volume rendering
that uses vtkVolumeRayCastMapper can produce random crashes. After I replaced
the body of this function with the standard "floor(x)" all the random crashes
I experienced before are gone.
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Chris Volpe (reporter)
2005-01-21 14:47

I just checked in a fix to this. The fix consists of a new class, vtkFastNumericConversion, in Common, and some small mods to vtkVolumeRayCastMapper.

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