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0009191VTK(No Category)public2009-06-22 10:552009-07-10 16:27
ReporterJoey Mukherjee 
Assigned ToFrançois Bertel 
StatusclosedResolutionnot fixable 
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Summary0009191: Carbon + Qt 4.4+ + Mac fails to handle events
DescriptionWith recent versions of VTK, when compiled with Carbon, the example program fails to render correctly. There is a flashing/kaleidoscope type of issue going on. I would attach a screen shot, but when I capture it, the picture looks just fine! The error only occurs while the program is expecting events (i.e. vtkRenderWindowInteractor). I think it has something to do with the recent timers additions.

Other example programs like work perfectly. The difference is there are no window handles or the like.
Additional InformationI can reproduce the error on both of my Macs. One is a PowerPC G4 and the other is a Intel Mac Powerbook. In the case of the G4, I compiled universally (i.e. -ppc -i386) and on the Intel Mac just for x86. I normally compile static, but in the Intel case, I also tried shared libraries and I still see the same problem.

In the console window, I see:

Debug: Off
Modified Time: 2562
Reference Count: 1
Registered Events: (none)
  QVTKInteractor:RightButtonPressEvent <----> GUI4::1popup( vtkObject*, unsigned long, void*, void*, vtkCommand*)
  QVTKInteractor:RightButtonPressEvent <----> GUI4::1popup( vtkObject*, unsigned long, void*, void*, vtkCommand*)
  QVTKInteractor:EnterEvent <----> QRadioButton::1animateClick()
  QVTKInteractor:EnterEvent <----> QRadioButton::1animateClick()
  QVTKInteractor:MouseMoveEvent <----> GUI4::1updateCoords(vtkObject*)
  QVTKInteractor:MouseMoveEvent <----> GUI4::1updateCoords(vtkObject*)

I would love to help more, but have no idea what else I can try.

Thanks for any help!
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Joey Mukherjee (reporter)
2009-06-22 11:00

I also should mention that on the Intel Mac, I have Leopard (10.5.3) and on the Power PC, I am running Tiger (10.4.11) so the issue seems independent of OS version.

I have also noticed the error with Qt 4.4.1 and Qt 4.5.1 so it seems to make no difference on version of Qt.
Joey Mukherjee (reporter)
2009-06-22 18:02

Amazingly enough, something came through the X11 Apple Mailing List:

Well, this looks like a known issue with some of the leopard graphics drivers. What video card do you have?

It's an ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT. My student got the same problem with an older MacPro with an NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT.

Yep, it's known with the r600 series (the 2600 XT), the r500 series (older ATI cards) and the nVidia GeForce 7 series. Sorry. =/

Hopefully your application has an option to disable stereo.

I can confirm that if I SetStereoWindowCapable to Off, I no longer see the problem. Hope this helps someone else!

François Bertel (developer)
2009-07-10 16:27

Thanks for the report. I added a section about this issue in the VTK wiki: [^]

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