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Team: Here's another scenario, something like the second variation.

A simulation is running, refining its result. There are several users looking at, and interacting with, the result. From time to time (or on user request) the server generates a snapshot of its current state. The snapshots are ephemeral. It is neither necessary nor desirable to keep them. So (for instance) each snapshot could overwrite the dataset containing the previous one.

When the server generates a snapshot we'd like the multiple client viewers to have the option to reflect the new data to the GUI without User action. something like... Each client has the option to 'update automatically' or to 'hold' . If 'update automatically' is set, then the client view echoes the current snapshot. If 'hold' is set, then the client maintains a view on the last dataset it collected. The client notifies User that 'new data is available'. If User chooses to update, the view jumps to the current snapshot.