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The SPL-PNL brain atlas rendered in KiwiViewer

The following instructions were posted to the VES mailing list by Richard Stoner. The original post is found here. Thanks for the contribution, Rich!

Install dependencies

I recommend using homebrew to install these packages on OSX. To install, follow the instructions at Homebrew is a package manager for OSX (similar to apt/aptitude/yum/etc).


  • cmake
brew install cmake
  • git
brew install git
  • xcode

Clone the code from the git repository

git clone git://

Configure iOS superbuild

cd VES/Apps/iOS/CMakeBuild
cmake -P configure.cmake

Build iOS superbuild

cd build
make -j4

This will take some time. It will download vtkmodular and the Eigen mathematics library

Adding extra datasets

  • In the folder VES/src/vtkVES, open the file 'vesKiwiViewerApp.cpp' in your favorite editor.
  • Uncomment lines 160-161 and lines 592-602
  • Save the file.

Rebuilding with updating code

  • Return to the build directory (should be VES/Apps/iOS/CMakeBuild/build)
  • Rebuild the modular VES for iOS device and simulator
make ves-ios-device
make ves-ios-simulator

Copy external data to data folder

The external data is hosted on Midas at


The SPL Brain Atlas is licensed under the following:

Please note that the data is being distributed under the Slicer license. By downloading these data, you agree to acknowledge our contribution in any of your publications that result form the use of this atlas. Please acknowledge the following grants: P41 RR13218, R01 MH050740.

  • Download and extract the SPL brain atlas and Can simulation to the folder VES/Apps/iOS/Kiwi/Kiwi/Data (each vtp file should be the Data folder, not a subfolder)

Add data to project

  • Open the Kiwi Xcode project located at VES/Apps/iOS/Kiwi/Kiwi.xcodeproj
  • Drag & drop the new files in the VES/Apps/iOS/Kiwi/Kiwi/Data into the 'Data" folder in the Xcode project.

Xcode screenshot of Data folder in KiwiViewer project

  • Tap "Run"

The KiwiViewer application should launch in the iOS simulator. Tap on the folder in the lower right corner to select the SPL Brain or Can dataset.

With the SPL Brain view loaded, a single tap toggles between different views. Tap on the clip plane manipulator to rotate the plane. Tap on the clip plane and drag to adjust its position.