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This page describes how to compile and develop with Point Cloud Library on Android and iOS, in conjunction with VTK, VES, and Kiwi

Framework bundle

If you don't want to compile the source code yourself, you can download a PCL framework bundle for iOS at the KiwiViewer packages pages.

Getting Started

Make sure you have first setup for development environment for Android and/or iOS. Install the official Android and iOS SDKs and try out some of the sample applications that come with the SDKs. Also, familiarize yourself with VES and Kiwi, and try installing KiwiViewer on your mobile device. See the VES Developer's Guide for more instructions. After these are working, follow this guide to integrate the Point Cloud Library into your mobile apps.

Checkout the source from Git

Use Git to checkout the cmake scripts used to cross compile PCL and its dependencies for Android and iOS

$ git clone git://

Build with CMake

CMake is used to configure a superbuild project that will cross compile PCL and its dependencies as subprojects. For more information about superbuilds and cross compiling see the VES Developer's Guide. The commands to configure and make the superbuild are:

$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ../pcl-superbuild

When you configure with cmake, you can run ccmake or cmake-gui to configure options. You can toggle the options BUILD_ANDROID, BUILD_IOS_DEVICE, and BUILD_IOS_SIMULATOR.

$ make -j4

iOS Example App

An example app for iOS, as shown here can be found in the VES repository on the branch stage/pcl-ios-app.

$ git clone -b pcl-ios-app git://

The app is configured with cmake to generate an Xcode project file.

$ cd VES/Apps/iOS/HelloPCL
$ ./
$ open build/HelloPCL.xcodeproj