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#include <vtkBiDimensionalWidget.h>

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measure the bi-dimensional lengths of an object

The vtkBiDimensionalWidget is used to measure the bi-dimensional length of an object. The bi-dimensional measure is defined by two finite, orthogonal lines that intersect within the finite extent of both lines. The lengths of these two lines gives the bi-dimensional measure. Each line is defined by two handle widgets at the end points of each line.

The orthognal constraint on the two lines limits how the four end points can be positioned. The first two points can be placed arbitrarily to define the first line (similar to vtkDistanceWidget). The placement of the third point is limited by the finite extent of the first line. As the third point is placed, the fourth point is placed on the opposite side of the first line. Once the third point is placed, the second line is defined since the fourth point is defined at the same time, but the fourth point can be moved along the second line (i.e., maintaining the orthogonal relationship between the two lines). Onced defined, any of the four points can be moved along their constraint lines. Also, each line can be translated along the other line (in an orthogonal direction), and the whole bi-dimensional widget can be rotated about its center point (see the description of the event bindings). Finally, selecting the point where the two orthogonal axes intersect, the entire widget can be translated in any direction.

Placement of any point results in a special PlacePointEvent invocation so that special operations may be performed to reposition the point. Motion of any point, moving the lines, or rotating the widget cause InteractionEvents to be invoked. Note that the widget has two fundamental modes: a define mode (when initially placing the points) and a manipulate mode (after the points are placed). Line translation and rotation are only possible in manipulate mode.

To use this widget, specify an instance of vtkBiDimensionalWidget and a representation (e.g., vtkBiDimensionalRepresentation2D). The widget is implemented using four instances of vtkHandleWidget which are used to position the end points of the two intersecting lines. The representations for these handle widgets are provided by the vtkBiDimensionalRepresentation2D class.

Event Bindings:
By default, the widget responds to the following VTK events (i.e., it watches the vtkRenderWindowInteractor for these events):
   LeftButtonPressEvent - define a point or manipulate a handle, line,
                          perform rotation or translate the widget.
   MouseMoveEvent - position the points, move a line, rotate or translate the widget
   LeftButtonReleaseEvent - release the selected handle and end interaction
Event Bindings:
Note that the event bindings described above can be changed using this class's vtkWidgetEventTranslator. This class translates VTK events into the vtkBiDimensionalWidget's widget events:
   vtkWidgetEvent::AddPoint -- (In Define mode:) Add one point; depending on the 
                               state it may the first, second, third or fourth 
                               point added. (In Manipulate mode:) If near a handle, 
                               select the handle. Or if near a line, select the line.
   vtkWidgetEvent::Move -- (In Define mode:) Position the second, third or fourth 
                           point. (In Manipulate mode:) Move the handle, line or widget.
   vtkWidgetEvent::EndSelect -- the manipulation process has completed.
Event Bindings:
This widget invokes the following VTK events on itself (which observers can listen for):
   vtkCommand::StartInteractionEvent (beginning to interact)
   vtkCommand::EndInteractionEvent (completing interaction)
   vtkCommand::InteractionEvent (moving a handle, line or performing rotation)
   vtkCommand::PlacePointEvent (after a point is positioned; 
                                call data includes handle id (0,1,2,4))
See also:
vtkHandleWidget vtkDistanceWidget
vtkCommand::EndInteractionEvent vtkCommand::InteractionEvent vtkCommand::LeftButtonPressEvent vtkCommand::StartInteractionEvent vtkCommand::PlacePointEvent vtkCommand::LeftButtonReleaseEvent
vtkBiDimensionalWidget (Tests)

Definition at line 109 of file vtkBiDimensionalWidget.h.

typedef vtkAbstractWidget Superclass
static int IsTypeOf (const char *type)
static vtkBiDimensionalWidgetSafeDownCast (vtkObject *o)
virtual const char * GetClassName ()
virtual int IsA (const char *type)
void PrintSelf (ostream &os, vtkIndent indent)

Public Types

enum  { EndWidgetSelectEvent = 10050 }

Public Member Functions

virtual void SetEnabled (int)
void CreateDefaultRepresentation ()
int IsMeasureValid ()
virtual void SetProcessEvents (int)
void SetRepresentation (vtkBiDimensionalRepresentation2D *r)

Static Public Member Functions

static vtkBiDimensionalWidgetNew ()

Protected Types

enum  { Start = 0, Define, Manipulate }

Protected Member Functions

 vtkBiDimensionalWidget ()
 ~vtkBiDimensionalWidget ()
void StartBiDimensionalInteraction ()
virtual void EndBiDimensionalInteraction ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static void AddPointAction (vtkAbstractWidget *)
static void MoveAction (vtkAbstractWidget *)
static void EndSelectAction (vtkAbstractWidget *)

Protected Attributes

int WidgetState
int CurrentHandle
int HandleLine1Selected
int HandleLine2Selected
int Line1InnerSelected
int Line1OuterSelected
int Line2InnerSelected
int Line2OuterSelected
int CenterSelected
vtkBiDimensionalWidgetCallback * BiDimensionalWidgetCallback1
vtkBiDimensionalWidgetCallback * BiDimensionalWidgetCallback2
vtkBiDimensionalWidgetCallback * BiDimensionalWidgetCallback3
vtkBiDimensionalWidgetCallback * BiDimensionalWidgetCallback4


class vtkBiDimensionalWidgetCallback

Member Typedef Documentation

Standard methods for a VTK class.

Reimplemented from vtkAbstractWidget.

Definition at line 117 of file vtkBiDimensionalWidget.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

Events. BTX


Definition at line 143 of file vtkBiDimensionalWidget.h.

anonymous enum [protected]


Definition at line 159 of file vtkBiDimensionalWidget.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

vtkBiDimensionalWidget::vtkBiDimensionalWidget (  )  [protected]

vtkBiDimensionalWidget::~vtkBiDimensionalWidget (  )  [protected]

Member Function Documentation

static vtkBiDimensionalWidget* vtkBiDimensionalWidget::New (  )  [static]

Instantiate this class.

Reimplemented from vtkObject.

virtual const char* vtkBiDimensionalWidget::GetClassName (  )  [virtual]

Standard methods for a VTK class.

Reimplemented from vtkAbstractWidget.

static int vtkBiDimensionalWidget::IsTypeOf ( const char *  type  )  [static]

Standard methods for a VTK class.

Reimplemented from vtkAbstractWidget.

virtual int vtkBiDimensionalWidget::IsA ( const char *  type  )  [virtual]

Standard methods for a VTK class.

Reimplemented from vtkAbstractWidget.

static vtkBiDimensionalWidget* vtkBiDimensionalWidget::SafeDownCast ( vtkObject o  )  [static]

Standard methods for a VTK class.

Reimplemented from vtkAbstractWidget.

void vtkBiDimensionalWidget::PrintSelf ( ostream &  os,
vtkIndent  indent 
) [virtual]

Standard methods for a VTK class.

Reimplemented from vtkAbstractWidget.

virtual void vtkBiDimensionalWidget::SetEnabled ( int   )  [virtual]

The method for activiating and deactiviating this widget. This method must be overridden because it is a composite widget and does more than its superclasses' vtkAbstractWidget::SetEnabled() method.

Reimplemented from vtkAbstractWidget.

void vtkBiDimensionalWidget::SetRepresentation ( vtkBiDimensionalRepresentation2D r  )  [inline]

Specify an instance of vtkWidgetRepresentation used to represent this widget in the scene. Note that the representation is a subclass of vtkProp so it can be added to the renderer independent of the widget.

Definition at line 130 of file vtkBiDimensionalWidget.h.

void vtkBiDimensionalWidget::CreateDefaultRepresentation (  )  [virtual]

Create the default widget representation if one is not set.

Implements vtkAbstractWidget.

int vtkBiDimensionalWidget::IsMeasureValid (  ) 

A flag indicates whether the bi-dimensional measure is valid. The widget becomes valid after two of the four points are placed.

virtual void vtkBiDimensionalWidget::SetProcessEvents ( int   )  [virtual]

Methods to change the whether the widget responds to interaction. Overridden to pass the state to component widgets.

Reimplemented from vtkAbstractWidget.

static void vtkBiDimensionalWidget::AddPointAction ( vtkAbstractWidget  )  [static, protected]

static void vtkBiDimensionalWidget::MoveAction ( vtkAbstractWidget  )  [static, protected]

static void vtkBiDimensionalWidget::EndSelectAction ( vtkAbstractWidget  )  [static, protected]

void vtkBiDimensionalWidget::StartBiDimensionalInteraction (  )  [protected]

virtual void vtkBiDimensionalWidget::EndBiDimensionalInteraction (  )  [protected, virtual]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class vtkBiDimensionalWidgetCallback [friend]

Definition at line 193 of file vtkBiDimensionalWidget.h.

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 161 of file vtkBiDimensionalWidget.h.

Definition at line 162 of file vtkBiDimensionalWidget.h.

Definition at line 163 of file vtkBiDimensionalWidget.h.

Definition at line 164 of file vtkBiDimensionalWidget.h.

Definition at line 165 of file vtkBiDimensionalWidget.h.

Definition at line 166 of file vtkBiDimensionalWidget.h.

Definition at line 167 of file vtkBiDimensionalWidget.h.

Definition at line 168 of file vtkBiDimensionalWidget.h.

Definition at line 169 of file vtkBiDimensionalWidget.h.

Definition at line 178 of file vtkBiDimensionalWidget.h.

Definition at line 179 of file vtkBiDimensionalWidget.h.

Definition at line 180 of file vtkBiDimensionalWidget.h.

Definition at line 181 of file vtkBiDimensionalWidget.h.

vtkBiDimensionalWidgetCallback* vtkBiDimensionalWidget::BiDimensionalWidgetCallback1 [protected]

Definition at line 182 of file vtkBiDimensionalWidget.h.

vtkBiDimensionalWidgetCallback* vtkBiDimensionalWidget::BiDimensionalWidgetCallback2 [protected]

Definition at line 183 of file vtkBiDimensionalWidget.h.

vtkBiDimensionalWidgetCallback* vtkBiDimensionalWidget::BiDimensionalWidgetCallback3 [protected]

Definition at line 184 of file vtkBiDimensionalWidget.h.

vtkBiDimensionalWidgetCallback* vtkBiDimensionalWidget::BiDimensionalWidgetCallback4 [protected]

Definition at line 185 of file vtkBiDimensionalWidget.h.

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