dox/Common/vtkMultiThreader.h File Reference

#include "vtkObject.h"

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class  vtkMultiThreader
 A class for performing multithreaded execution. More...
class  vtkMultiThreader::ThreadInfo


#define ThreadInfoStruct   vtkMultiThreader::ThreadInfo


typedef void(* vtkThreadFunctionType )(void *)
typedef int vtkThreadProcessIDType
typedef int vtkMultiThreaderIDType

Define Documentation

#define ThreadInfoStruct   vtkMultiThreader::ThreadInfo

This is the structure that is passed to the thread that is created from the SingleMethodExecute, MultipleMethodExecute or the SpawnThread method. It is passed in as a void *, and it is up to the method to cast correctly and extract the information. The ThreadID is a number between 0 and NumberOfThreads-1 that indicates the id of this thread. The NumberOfThreads is this->NumberOfThreads for threads created from SingleMethodExecute or MultipleMethodExecute, and it is 1 for threads created from SpawnThread. The UserData is the (void )arg passed into the SetSingleMethod, SetMultipleMethod, or SpawnThread method.

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Typedef Documentation

typedef void(* vtkThreadFunctionType)(void *)

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