vtkArrayPrint Class Reference

#include <vtkArrayPrint.h>

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Print arrays in different formats.

Developed by Timothy M. Shead (tshead@sandia.gov) at Sandia National Laboratories.

Related Functions

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template<typename T>
void vtkPrintCoordinateFormat (ostream &stream, vtkTypedArray< T > *array)
template<typename T>
void vtkPrintMatrixFormat (ostream &stream, vtkTypedArray< T > *matrix)
template<typename T>
void vtkPrintVectorFormat (ostream &stream, vtkTypedArray< T > *vector)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

template<typename T>
void vtkPrintCoordinateFormat ( ostream &  stream,
vtkTypedArray< T > *  array 
) [related]

Serializes the contents of an array to a stream as a series of coordinates. For 2D arrays of double values, the output is compatible with the MatrixMarket "Coordinate Text File" format.

template<typename T>
void vtkPrintMatrixFormat ( ostream &  stream,
vtkTypedArray< T > *  matrix 
) [related]

Serializes the contents of a matrix to a stream in human-readable form.

template<typename T>
void vtkPrintVectorFormat ( ostream &  stream,
vtkTypedArray< T > *  vector 
) [related]

Serializes the contents of a vector to a stream in human-readable form.

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