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#include <vtkBreakPoint.h>

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Utility function to debug with gdb and MPI.

Whereever you need to set a break point inside a piece of code run by MPI,

Step 1: call vtkBreakPoint::Break() in the code. Step 2: start MPI, each process will display its PID and sleep. Step 3: start gdb with the PID: gdb --pid=<PID> Step 4: set a breakpoint at the line of interest: (gdb) b <option> Step 5: go out of the sleep: (gdb) set var i=1 Original instructions at the OpenMPI FAQ: http://www.open-mpi.de/faq/?category=debugging#serial-debuggers

This function is in Common, not in Parallel because it does not depend on MPI and you may want to call vtkBreakPoint::Break() in any class of VTK.

Definition at line 40 of file vtkBreakPoint.h.

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static void Break ()

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static void vtkBreakPoint::Break (  )  [static]

Process fall asleep until local variable `i' is set to a value different from 0 inside a debugger.

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