vtkDelimitedTextReader Class Reference

#include <vtkDelimitedTextReader.h>

Detailed Description

reads in delimited ascii or unicode text files and outputs a vtkTable data structure.

vtkDelimitedTextReader is an interface for pulling in data from a flat, delimited ascii or unicode text file (delimiter can be any character).

The behavior of the reader with respect to ascii or unicode input is controlled by the SetUnicodeCharacterSet() method. By default (without calling SetUnicodeCharacterSet()), the reader will expect to read ascii text and will output vtkStdString columns. Use the Set and Get methods to set delimiters that do not contain UTF8 in the name when operating the reader in default ascii mode. If the SetUnicodeCharacterSet() method is called, the reader will output vtkUnicodeString columns in the output table. In addition, it is necessary to use the Set and Get methods that contain UTF8 in the name to specify delimiters when operating in unicode mode.

There is also a special character set US-ASCII-WITH-FALLBACK that will treat the input text as ASCII no matter what. If and when it encounters a character with its 8th bit set it will replace that character with the code point ReplacementCharacter. You may use this if you have text that belongs to a code page like LATIN9 or ISO-8859-1 or friends: mostly ASCII but not entirely. Eventually this class will acquire the ability to read gracefully text from any code page, making this option obsolete.

This class emits ProgressEvent for every 100 lines it reads.

Thanks to Andy Wilson, Brian Wylie, Tim Shead, and Thomas Otahal from Sandia National Laboratories for implementing this class.
This reader assumes that the first line in the file (whether that's headers or the first document) contains at least as many fields as any other line in the file.
BTX void operator=(const vtkDelimitedTextReader&); // Not implemented ETX

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