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#include <vtkPExtractHistogram2D.h>

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Detailed Description

compute a 2D histogram between two columns of an input vtkTable in parallel.

This class does exactly the same this as vtkExtractHistogram2D, but does it in a multi-process environment. After each node computes their own local histograms, this class does an AllReduce that distributes the sum of all local histograms onto each node.

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Developed by David Feng and Philippe Pebay at Sandia National Laboratories ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Definition at line 46 of file vtkPExtractHistogram2D.h.

Public Types

typedef vtkExtractHistogram2D Superclass

Public Member Functions

virtual const char * GetClassName ()
virtual int IsA (const char *type)
void PrintSelf (ostream &os, vtkIndent indent)
virtual void SetController (vtkMultiProcessController *)
virtual vtkMultiProcessControllerGetController ()

Static Public Member Functions

static vtkPExtractHistogram2DNew ()
static int IsTypeOf (const char *type)
static vtkPExtractHistogram2DSafeDownCast (vtkObject *o)

Protected Member Functions

 vtkPExtractHistogram2D ()
 ~vtkPExtractHistogram2D ()
virtual int ComputeBinExtents (vtkDataArray *col1, vtkDataArray *col2)
virtual void Learn (vtkTable *inData, vtkTable *inParameters, vtkMultiBlockDataSet *outMeta)

Protected Attributes


Member Typedef Documentation

Reimplemented from vtkExtractHistogram2D.

Definition at line 50 of file vtkPExtractHistogram2D.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

vtkPExtractHistogram2D::vtkPExtractHistogram2D (  )  [protected]

vtkPExtractHistogram2D::~vtkPExtractHistogram2D (  )  [protected]

Member Function Documentation

static vtkPExtractHistogram2D* vtkPExtractHistogram2D::New (  )  [static]

Create an object with Debug turned off, modified time initialized to zero, and reference counting on.

Reimplemented from vtkExtractHistogram2D.

virtual const char* vtkPExtractHistogram2D::GetClassName (  )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from vtkExtractHistogram2D.

static int vtkPExtractHistogram2D::IsTypeOf ( const char *  name  )  [static]

Return 1 if this class type is the same type of (or a subclass of) the named class. Returns 0 otherwise. This method works in combination with vtkTypeMacro found in vtkSetGet.h.

Reimplemented from vtkExtractHistogram2D.

virtual int vtkPExtractHistogram2D::IsA ( const char *  name  )  [virtual]

Return 1 if this class is the same type of (or a subclass of) the named class. Returns 0 otherwise. This method works in combination with vtkTypeMacro found in vtkSetGet.h.

Reimplemented from vtkExtractHistogram2D.

static vtkPExtractHistogram2D* vtkPExtractHistogram2D::SafeDownCast ( vtkObject o  )  [static]

Reimplemented from vtkExtractHistogram2D.

void vtkPExtractHistogram2D::PrintSelf ( ostream &  os,
vtkIndent  indent 
) [virtual]

Methods invoked by print to print information about the object including superclasses. Typically not called by the user (use Print() instead) but used in the hierarchical print process to combine the output of several classes.

Reimplemented from vtkExtractHistogram2D.

virtual void vtkPExtractHistogram2D::SetController ( vtkMultiProcessController  )  [virtual]

virtual vtkMultiProcessController* vtkPExtractHistogram2D::GetController (  )  [virtual]

virtual int vtkPExtractHistogram2D::ComputeBinExtents ( vtkDataArray col1,
vtkDataArray col2 
) [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented from vtkExtractHistogram2D.

virtual void vtkPExtractHistogram2D::Learn ( vtkTable inData,
vtkTable inParameters,
vtkMultiBlockDataSet inMeta 
) [protected, virtual]

Execute the calculations required by the Learn option. This is what actually does the histogram computation.

Reimplemented from vtkExtractHistogram2D.

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 60 of file vtkPExtractHistogram2D.h.

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