vtkTemplateAliasMacro Class Reference

#include <vtkTemplateAliasMacro.h>

Detailed Description

Dispatch a scalar processing template.

vtkTemplateAliasMacro is used in a switch statement to automatically generate duplicate code for all enabled scalar types. The code can be written to use VTK_TT to refer to the type, and each case generated will define VTK_TT appropriately. The difference between this and the standard vtkTemplateMacro is that this version will set VTK_TT to an "alias" for each type. The alias may be the same type or may be a different type that is the same size/signedness. This is sufficient when only the numerical value associated with instances of the type is needed, and it avoids unnecessary template instantiations.

Example usage:

void* p = dataArray->GetVoidPointer(0); switch(dataArray->GetDataType()) { vtkTemplateAliasMacro(vtkMyTemplateFunction(static_cast<VTK_TT*>(p))); }

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