[vtk-developers] VTK 5.0.4

David Cole david.cole at kitware.com
Tue Jan 22 15:58:34 EST 2008

Dear VTK users and developers,

The VTK 5.0.4 patch release is now available for download from the VTK
web site: http://www.vtk.org/get-software.php. The following changes
are included in this release.

*changes from 5.0.3 to 5.0.4:*
1) XML precision fix
2) Suppress deprecation warnings when using cl with Unix Makefiles generator
3) Java weak reference issue
4) Fix bug 5341: Use vtkIdType instead of int for correct 64-bit id builds
5) Fixed and simplified vtkOpenGLExtensionManager and updated OpenGL header
6) Remove legacy include of GL/glaux.h
7) Add static method VTKTypeID and merge long long bug fix in
8) Fix incorrect file names in the vtk*Kit.cmake files
9) Fix bug 5590: No relative path exists between two different Windows drive
10) Fix bug 3331: Replace MPProcessors() for better Mac OSX 64-bit
11) Selected Utilities/kwsys/SystemTools.cxx fixes for KWWidgets file
browser dialog
12) Fix problems when multiple observers invoke further events recursively
on the same object
13) Fixed bug in vtkTransform::GetOrientation when matrix is not positive
14) Set the upper limit of vtkMergeCells::PointMergeTolerance to
15) Eliminate memory leak in vtkUnstructuredGrid::BuildLinks

*changes from 5.0.2 to 5.0.3:*
1) More changes to make the code consistent with the VTK User's Guide
and textbook
2) Fix bug 3674: writing grayscale TIFFs
3) Fix bug 3663: an array bound error
4) Fix vtkMergeDataObjectFilter number of input ports
5) Fix bug 3774: vtkOpenGLImageActor
6) Fix vtkGreedyTerrainDecimation - avoid stack overflow by limiting
recursion depth
7) Fix bug 4398: vtkPythonUtil.cxx compile error building with Python 2.5
8) Fix bug 3845: create names for unnamed arrays in vtkXMLWriter
9) Fix bug 3613: allow QT Designer to load libQVTKWidgetPlugin.so
10) Improve numerical precision in cubic solver
11) Fixed problem when revision string does not end with a space
12) Fixed problem where Discrete/MarchingCubes not considering the
whole extent of the input
13) Always set VTK_WRAP_HINTS in the vtkLocal example
14) Skip cxx feature test on gcc 2.95
15) Remove the Utilities/vtkmpeg2encode directory from the VTK source
tree. (No patented code allowed.)
16) TclTk changes - ensure VTK_TK_INTERNAL set on Unix - already set
on Mac/Win32
17) Fix bug 4282: Call to vtkXMLWriterF_SetSpacing sets Origin instead
of Spacing
18) Fix bug 3790: using vtkXMLWriterC.h segfaults for unstructured grid
19) Add support for kwsys Glob feature
20) Fix bug 4139: use correct window center in vtkWindowToImageFilter
21) Fix bug 4183: initialize WholeExtents member in
vtkImageCanvasSource2D constructor
definition on first configure

*changes from 5.0.1 to 5.0.2:*
1) Use correct libs and include dirs for X on Mac OSX if VTK_USE_X is ON
2) More changes to make the code consistent with the VTK User's Guide
and textbook
3) Fix bug 3501: vtkAmoebaMinimizer - perform initial function
evaluations at the simplex vertices
4) Fix bug 3323: MPEG writer was leaking memory
5) Fix bug 3356: CanReadFile in vtkPNGReader had wrong access
6) Fix bug 3538: code error. Thanks to wwyang for patch.
7) Make sure CTest 2.4 loads the testing customization
8) Update API of DICOM reader for access to Image Orientation (Patient).
9) Fix bug: in Floor function, use union to avoid violation of aliasing
10) Fix bug 3690: in vtkFieldData::AllocateArrays(int nSize)
11) Fix bug 3259
12) Fix bug 3716

*changes from 5.0.0 to 5.0.1:*
1) Fix problem with Borland compiler when using VTK_LEGACY_REMOVE
2) Enable building with BUILD_EXAMPLES ON and BUILD_TESTING OFF
3) Enable building with VS2005/AMD64 (thanks to Peter Klotz)
4) Fix out-of-bounds indexing in the VectorKey classes
5) Enable building with Borland 2006
6) Fix bug #2879 - BUILD_SHARED_LIBS on MinGW
7) Fix a wrong try-compile result on the SGI
8) Add AbortExecute support to image iterators
9) Fix bug #2524
10) Important performance bugs fixed in vtkImageReslice
11) Slight math rounding error fix in vtkImageBlend
12) Eliminate many warnings when building with VS2005
13) Add vtkSimplePointsReader
14) Fix bug #3041
15) Fix incorrect NumberOfThreads usage in VolumeRayCastMapper classes
16) Fix crash in vtkOrderedTriangulator
17) Fix wrong parametric center coordinates in some cells
18) VTK 4.4 used to pass field data - changed the new pipeline to do the
19) Fix incorrect STL iterator usage in vtkGenericEdgeTable
20) Fix crashes that can occur in Release builds in vtkDebugLeaksManager
21) Enable building with Tcl/Tk 8.3 by adding
22) Add CPack support for building installers
23) Many changes to make it easier to use the new pipeline architecture
24) Many changes to make the code consistent with the VTK User's Guide
25) Fix several dashboard warnings
++) ...and many other minor bug fixes...

We hope you enjoy this new release of VTK.

- David
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