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Process images and create 3D computer graphics with the Visualization Toolkit.

The Visualization Toolkit (VTK) is open source software for manipulating and displaying scientific data. It comes with state-of-the-art tools for 3D rendering, a suite of widgets for 3D interaction, and extensive 2D plotting capability.

VTK is part of Kitware’s collection of supported platforms for software development. The platform is used worldwide in commercial applications, as well as in research and development. For examples, please see VTK in Action.

VTK/ParaView Filters: Performance Improvements

Over the last year, many VTK/ParaView filters have been significantly improved performance-wise. These changes have further enhanced the overall responsiveness of VTK/ParaView because the majority of these filters are used very often. This work is a continuation of last year’s VTK/ParaView performance improvements [1] that build on  recent vtkSMPTools improvements [2]. This is a community […]

Adding CI to your ParaView plugin and VTK modules

CI: Continuous IntegrationMR: Merge RequestPR: Pull Request In the VTK/ParaView ecosystem, there are a number of projects that rely on VTK and ParaView as dependency and are not part of VTK/ParaView per se, eg Flow3D, Salome, Themys, F3D, PVGeo, vtk-dicom, pyvista, vedo, meshio, slicer, CTK, cmb, ttk. It has always been complex for these kind […]

TensorBoardPlugin3D: Visualizing 3D Deep Learning Models in TensorBoard

The open source TensorBoard-Plugin3D allows medical image deep learning researchers to analyze their deep learning workflows and 3D data all in one tool.