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0007199VTK(No Category)public2008-06-17 14:512009-12-14 15:42
ReporterSean McBride 
Assigned ToSean McBride 
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Summary0007199: VTK's freetype is out of date. Currently version 2.3.6 includes security fixes.
DescriptionVTK should update its freetype from 2.3.5 to 2.3.6. The update includes important security fixes.

I have a patch, just need to let all the unit tests run...
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Attached Filespng file icon multiLineText2.3.5.png [^] (15,969 bytes) 2009-01-02 12:04

png file icon multiLineText2.3.7.png [^] (15,150 bytes) 2009-01-02 12:05

has duplicate 0007705closedDavid Cole vtkfreetype will not compile on OS X when SDK is set to 10.4u and compiling on OS X 10.5 
related to 0008513closedSean McBride VTK's freetype is out of date: 2.3.7 is used, 2.3.11 is current 
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Sean McBride (developer)
2008-07-18 17:59

Unfortunately, 2.3.6 breaks some VTK unit tests. The reason is that freetype renders the fonts in VTK differently. The results are worse, with 'l' and 'i' looking very similar. This could be a freetype bug, or a bug in the font itself.

Werner (freetype dev) thinks: "I suspect that the font is badly hinted; it seems to miss hints (both ghost and normal) at least for the `i'. This, in combination with a not-yet fixed problem within FreeType (which sometimes displaces horizontal strokes too much vertically) probably causes the effects you can see."

We need to convert the VTK C++-ified fonts to a standard format so that Werner can debug.
Mike Jackson (reporter)
2008-09-18 13:08

Does 2.3.7 help any on the unit tests? The fix for bug 7705 is in 2.3.7 so moving to 2.3.7 would help this out.
Sean McBride (developer)
2008-12-25 17:48

No Mike, I'm afraid 2.3.7 does not help.

Note to self: multiLineTextPython is the best test to see the problems.
Sean McBride (developer)
2008-12-26 00:01
edited on: 2009-01-02 11:58

After painstaking regression through freetype CVS, the source of the problem was committed on 2008-05-18:

    * src/pshinter/pshalgo.c (ps_hints_apply): Reset scale values after
    correction for pixel boundary. Without this patch, the effect can
    be cumulative under certain circumstances, making glyphs taller and
    taller after each call. This fixes Savannah bug #19976. [^]

Sean McBride (developer)
2009-01-02 12:05
edited on: 2009-01-02 12:05

I have attached to this bug the unit test results with 2.3.5 and 2.3.7. Notice how the 'i' character looks much worse in 2.3.7.

Sean McBride (developer)
2009-01-08 11:52

committed 2.3.7 (with change to pshalgo.c to restore old behaviour) a few minutes ago...

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