VTK  9.0.20200927
vtkRect< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for vtkRect< T >, including all inherited members.

AddPoint(const T point[2])vtkRect< T >inline
AddPoint(T x, T y)vtkRect< T >inline
AddRect(const vtkRect< T > &rect)vtkRect< T >inline
Cast() constvtkVector< T, 4 >inline
Compare(const vtkTuple< T, Size > &other, const T &tol) constvtkTuple< T, Size >inline
DatavtkTuple< T, Size >protected
Dot(const vtkVector< T, Size > &other) constvtkVector< T, 4 >inline
GetBottom() constvtkRect< T >inline
GetBottomLeft() constvtkRect< T >inline
GetBottomRight() constvtkRect< T >inline
GetData()vtkTuple< T, Size >inline
GetData() constvtkTuple< T, Size >inline
GetHeight() constvtkRect< T >inline
GetLeft() constvtkRect< T >inline
GetRight() constvtkRect< T >inline
GetSize() constvtkTuple< T, Size >inline
GetTop() constvtkRect< T >inline
GetTopLeft() constvtkRect< T >inline
GetTopRight() constvtkRect< T >inline
GetWidth() constvtkRect< T >inline
GetX() constvtkRect< T >inline
GetY() constvtkRect< T >inline
Intersect(const vtkRect< T > &other)vtkRect< T >inline
IntersectsWith(const vtkRect< T > &rect) constvtkRect< T >inline
MoveTo(T x, T y)vtkRect< T >inline
Norm() constvtkVector< T, 4 >inline
Normalize()vtkVector< T, 4 >inline
Normalized() constvtkVector< T, 4 >inline
operator()(int i) constvtkTuple< T, Size >inline
operator[](int i)vtkTuple< T, Size >inline
operator[](int i) constvtkTuple< T, Size >inline
Set(const T &x, const T &y, const T &width, const T &height)vtkRect< T >inline
SetHeight(const T &height)vtkRect< T >inline
SetWidth(const T &width)vtkRect< T >inline
SetX(const T &x)vtkRect< T >inline
SetY(const T &y)vtkRect< T >inline
SquaredNorm() constvtkVector< T, 4 >inline
vtkRect()=defaultvtkRect< T >
vtkRect(const T &x, const T &y, const T &width, const T &height)vtkRect< T >inline
vtkRect(const T *init)vtkRect< T >inlineexplicit
vtkTuple()=defaultvtkTuple< T, Size >
vtkTuple(const T &scalar)vtkTuple< T, Size >inlineexplicit
vtkTuple(const T *init)vtkTuple< T, Size >inlineexplicit
vtkVector()=defaultvtkVector< T, 4 >
vtkVector(const T &scalar)vtkVector< T, 4 >inlineexplicit
vtkVector(const T *init)vtkVector< T, 4 >inlineexplicit