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vtkAOSDataArrayTemplate.h File Reference
#include "vtkBuffer.h"
#include "vtkBuild.h"
#include "vtkCommonCoreModule.h"
#include "vtkCompiler.h"
#include "vtkGenericDataArray.h"
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class  vtkAOSDataArrayTemplate< ValueTypeT >
 Array-Of-Structs implementation of vtkGenericDataArray. More...


#define vtkCreateWrappedArrayInterface(T)


 vtkArrayDownCast_TemplateFastCastMacro (vtkAOSDataArrayTemplate)
 vtkExternTemplateMacro (extern template class VTKCOMMONCORE_EXPORT vtkAOSDataArrayTemplate)

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ vtkCreateWrappedArrayInterface

#define vtkCreateWrappedArrayInterface (   T)
int GetDataType() const override; \
void GetTypedTuple(vtkIdType i, T* tuple) VTK_EXPECTS(0 <= i && i < GetNumberOfTuples()); \
void SetTypedTuple(vtkIdType i, const T* tuple) VTK_EXPECTS(0 <= i && i < GetNumberOfTuples()); \
void InsertTypedTuple(vtkIdType i, const T* tuple) VTK_EXPECTS(0 <= i); \
vtkIdType InsertNextTypedTuple(const T* tuple); \
T GetValue(vtkIdType id) const VTK_EXPECTS(0 <= id && id < GetNumberOfValues()); \
void SetValue(vtkIdType id, T value) VTK_EXPECTS(0 <= id && id < GetNumberOfValues()); \
bool SetNumberOfValues(vtkIdType number) override; \
void InsertValue(vtkIdType id, T f) VTK_EXPECTS(0 <= id); \
vtkIdType InsertNextValue(T f); \
T* GetValueRange(int comp) VTK_SIZEHINT(2); \
T* GetValueRange() VTK_SIZEHINT(2); \
T* WritePointer(vtkIdType id, vtkIdType number); \
T* GetPointer(vtkIdType id); \
void SetArray(VTK_ZEROCOPY T* array, vtkIdType size, int save); \
void SetArray(VTK_ZEROCOPY T* array, vtkIdType size, int save, int deleteMethod)
@ value
Definition: vtkX3D.h:220
@ size
Definition: vtkX3D.h:253
int vtkIdType
Definition: vtkType.h:315
void save(Archiver &ar, const std::string &str, const unsigned int vtkNotUsed(version))
#define VTK_SIZEHINT(...)
#define VTK_EXPECTS(x)

Definition at line 298 of file vtkAOSDataArrayTemplate.h.



Definition at line 336 of file vtkAOSDataArrayTemplate.h.

Function Documentation

◆ vtkArrayDownCast_TemplateFastCastMacro()

vtkArrayDownCast_TemplateFastCastMacro ( vtkAOSDataArrayTemplate  )

◆ vtkExternTemplateMacro()

vtkExternTemplateMacro ( extern template class VTKCOMMONCORE_EXPORT  vtkAOSDataArrayTemplate)