VTK  9.2.20230528
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vtkCommand.h File Reference
#include "vtkCommonCoreModule.h"
#include "vtkObject.h"
#include "vtkObjectBase.h"
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class  vtkCommand
 superclass for callback/observer methods More...


#define vtkAllEventsMacro()
#define vtkEventDeclarationMacro(_enum_name)
#define _vtk_add_event(Enum)   Enum,
 All the currently defined events are listed here. More...

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ vtkAllEventsMacro

#define vtkAllEventsMacro ( )

Definition at line 242 of file vtkCommand.h.

◆ vtkEventDeclarationMacro

#define vtkEventDeclarationMacro (   _enum_name)
enum _enum_name \
{ \
NoEvent = 0, \
vtkAllEventsMacro() UserEvent = 1000 \

Definition at line 386 of file vtkCommand.h.

◆ _vtk_add_event

#define _vtk_add_event (   Enum)    Enum,

All the currently defined events are listed here.

Developers can use – vtkCommand::UserEvent + int to specify their own event ids. Add new events by updating vtkAllEventsMacro.

Definition at line 462 of file vtkCommand.h.