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vtkDataArrayMeta.h File Reference
#include "vtkAssume.h"
#include "vtkDataArray.h"
#include "vtkDebugRangeIterators.h"
#include "vtkMeta.h"
#include "vtkSetGet.h"
#include "vtkType.h"
#include <type_traits>
#include <utility>
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class  vtkAOSDataArrayTemplate< ValueTypeT >
 Array-Of-Structs implementation of vtkGenericDataArray. More...
struct  vtk::detail::IsVtkDataArray< T >
struct  vtk::detail::IsValidTupleSize< Size >
struct  vtk::detail::IsStaticTupleSize< Size >
struct  vtk::detail::AreStaticTupleSizes< S1, S2 >
struct  vtk::detail::IsEitherTupleSizeDynamic< S1, S2 >
struct  vtk::detail::GenericTupleSize< TupleSize >
struct  vtk::detail::GenericTupleSize< DynamicTupleSize >
struct  vtk::detail::GetAPITypeImpl< ArrayType >
struct  vtk::detail::GetAPITypeImpl< vtkDataArray >
struct  vtk::detail::IsAOSDataArrayImpl< ArrayType >


 Specialization of tuple ranges and iterators for vtkAOSDataArrayTemplate.


#define VTK_ITER_ASSERT(x, msg)
#define VTK_ITER_INLINE   inline


using vtk::ComponentIdType = int
using vtk::TupleIdType = vtkIdType
using vtk::ValueIdType = vtkIdType
template<typename T >
using vtk::detail::EnableIfVtkDataArray = typename std::enable_if< IsVtkDataArray< T >::value >::type
template<ComponentIdType TupleSize>
using vtk::detail::EnableIfValidTupleSize = typename std::enable_if< IsValidTupleSize< TupleSize >::value >::type
template<ComponentIdType TupleSize>
using vtk::detail::EnableIfStaticTupleSize = typename std::enable_if< IsStaticTupleSize< TupleSize >::value >::type
template<ComponentIdType S1, ComponentIdType S2, typename T = void>
using vtk::detail::EnableIfStaticTupleSizes = typename std::enable_if< AreStaticTupleSizes< S1, S2 >::value, T >::type
template<ComponentIdType S1, ComponentIdType S2, typename T = void>
using vtk::detail::EnableIfEitherTupleSizeIsDynamic = typename std::enable_if< IsEitherTupleSizeDynamic< S1, S2 >::value, T >::type
template<typename ArrayType , typename = detail::EnableIfVtkDataArray<ArrayType>>
using vtk::GetAPIType = typename detail::GetAPITypeImpl< ArrayType >::APIType
template<typename ArrayType >
using vtk::IsAOSDataArray = std::integral_constant< bool, detail::IsAOSDataArrayImpl< ArrayType >::value >


static constexpr ComponentIdType vtk::detail::DynamicTupleSize = 0

Detailed Description

This file contains a variety of metaprogramming constructs for working with vtkDataArrays.

Definition in file vtkDataArrayMeta.h.

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#define VTK_ITER_ASSERT (   x,

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#define VTK_ITER_INLINE   inline

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