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vtkVector.h File Reference
#include "vtkObject.h"
#include "vtkTuple.h"
#include <cmath>
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class  vtkVector< T, Size >
 templated base type for storage of vectors. More...
class  vtkVector2< T >
class  vtkVector3< T >
class  vtkVector4< T >
class  vtkVector2i
 Some derived classes for the different vectors commonly used. More...
class  vtkVector2f
class  vtkVector2d
class  vtkVector3i
class  vtkVector3f
class  vtkVector3d
class  vtkVector4i
class  vtkVector4d


#define vtkVectorNormalized(vectorType, type, size)
 Some inline functions for the derived types. More...
#define vtkVectorDerivedMacro(vectorType, type, size)
#define vtkVector3Cross(vectorType, type)

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ vtkVectorNormalized

#define vtkVectorNormalized (   vectorType,
vectorType Normalized() const \
{ \
return vectorType(vtkVector<type, size>::Normalized().GetData()); \
templated base type for storage of vectors.
Definition: vtkVector.h:101
vtkSmartPointer< vtkDataArray > GetData(const Ioss::GroupingEntity *entity, const std::string &fieldname, Ioss::Transform *transform=nullptr, Cache *cache=nullptr, const std::string &cachekey=std::string())
Returns a VTK array for a given field (fieldname) on the chosen block (or set) entity.

Some inline functions for the derived types.

Definition at line 452 of file vtkVector.h.

◆ vtkVectorDerivedMacro

#define vtkVectorDerivedMacro (   vectorType,
vtkVectorNormalized(vectorType, type, size); \
explicit vectorType(type s) \
: Superclass(s) \
{ \
} \
explicit vectorType(const type* i) \
: Superclass(i) \
{ \
} \
explicit vectorType(const vtkTuple<type, size>& o) \
: Superclass(o.GetData()) \
{ \
} \
vectorType(const vtkVector<type, size>& o) \
: Superclass(o.GetData()) \
{ \
templated base type for containers of constant size.
Definition: vtkTuple.h:39
@ type
Definition: vtkX3D.h:528
@ size
Definition: vtkX3D.h:265
#define vtkVectorNormalized(vectorType, type, size)
Some inline functions for the derived types.
Definition: vtkVector.h:452

Definition at line 458 of file vtkVector.h.

◆ vtkVector3Cross

#define vtkVector3Cross (   vectorType,
vectorType Cross(const vectorType& other) const \
{ \
return vectorType(vtkVector3<type>::Cross(other).GetData()); \

Definition at line 518 of file vtkVector.h.