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vtkOStrStreamWrapper Class Reference

#include <vtkOStrStreamWrapper.h>

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Detailed Description

Wrapper for ostrstream. Internal VTK use only.

Provides a wrapper around the C++ ostrstream class so that VTK source files need not include the full C++ streams library. This is intended to prevent cluttering of the translation unit and speed up compilation. Experimentation has revealed between 10% and 60% less time for compilation depending on the platform. This wrapper is used by the macros in vtkSetGet.h.

vtkOStrStreamWrapper (Tests)

Definition at line 36 of file vtkOStrStreamWrapper.h.

Public Member Functions

 vtkOStrStreamWrapper ()
 ~vtkOStrStreamWrapper ()
char * str ()
vtkOStrStreamWrapperrdbuf ()
void freeze ()
void freeze (int)

Protected Attributes

char * Result
int Frozen

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

vtkOStrStreamWrapper::vtkOStrStreamWrapper  ) 


vtkOStrStreamWrapper::~vtkOStrStreamWrapper  ) 

Destructor frees all used memory.

Member Function Documentation

char* vtkOStrStreamWrapper::str  ) 

Get the string that has been written. This call transfers ownership of the returned memory to the caller. Call rdbuf()->freeze(0) to return ownership to the vtkOStrStreamWrapper.

vtkOStrStreamWrapper* vtkOStrStreamWrapper::rdbuf  ) 

Returns a pointer to this class. This is a hack so that the old ostrstream's s.rdbuf()->freeze(0) can work.

void vtkOStrStreamWrapper::freeze  ) 

Set whether the memory is frozen. The vtkOStrStreamWrapper will free the memory returned by str() only if it is not frozen.

void vtkOStrStreamWrapper::freeze int   ) 

Returns a pointer to this class. This is a hack so that the old ostrstream's s.rdbuf()->freeze(0) can work.

Member Data Documentation

char* vtkOStrStreamWrapper::Result [protected]

Definition at line 62 of file vtkOStrStreamWrapper.h.

int vtkOStrStreamWrapper::Frozen [protected]

Definition at line 65 of file vtkOStrStreamWrapper.h.

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