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vtkPieceScalars Class Reference

#include <vtkPieceScalars.h>

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Detailed Description

Sets all cell scalars from the update piece.

vtkPieceScalars is meant to display which piece is being requested as scalar values. It is usefull for visualizing the partitioning for streaming or distributed pipelines.

See also:
vtkPieceScalars (Tests)

Definition at line 38 of file vtkPieceScalars.h.

Public Types

typedef vtkDataSetAlgorithm Superclass

Public Member Functions

virtual const char * GetClassName ()
virtual int IsA (const char *type)
virtual void SetRandomMode (int)
virtual int GetRandomMode ()
virtual void RandomModeOn ()
virtual void RandomModeOff ()
void PrintSelf (ostream &os, vtkIndent indent)
void SetScalarModeToCellData ()
void SetScalarModeToPointData ()
int GetScalarMode ()

Static Public Member Functions

static vtkPieceScalarsNew ()
static int IsTypeOf (const char *type)
static vtkPieceScalarsSafeDownCast (vtkObject *o)

Protected Member Functions

 vtkPieceScalars ()
 ~vtkPieceScalars ()
int RequestData (vtkInformation *, vtkInformationVector **, vtkInformationVector *)
vtkIntArrayMakePieceScalars (int piece, vtkIdType numScalars)
vtkFloatArrayMakeRandomScalars (int piece, vtkIdType numScalars)
virtual void SetCellScalarsFlag (int)

Protected Attributes

int CellScalarsFlag
int RandomMode

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef vtkDataSetAlgorithm vtkPieceScalars::Superclass

Reimplemented from vtkDataSetAlgorithm.

Definition at line 43 of file vtkPieceScalars.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

vtkPieceScalars::vtkPieceScalars  )  [protected]

vtkPieceScalars::~vtkPieceScalars  )  [protected]

Member Function Documentation

static vtkPieceScalars* vtkPieceScalars::New  )  [static]

Create an object with Debug turned off, modified time initialized to zero, and reference counting on.

Reimplemented from vtkDataSetAlgorithm.

virtual const char* vtkPieceScalars::GetClassName  )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from vtkDataSetAlgorithm.

static int vtkPieceScalars::IsTypeOf const char *  type  )  [static]

Return 1 if this class type is the same type of (or a subclass of) the named class. Returns 0 otherwise. This method works in combination with vtkTypeRevisionMacro found in vtkSetGet.h.

Reimplemented from vtkDataSetAlgorithm.

virtual int vtkPieceScalars::IsA const char *  type  )  [virtual]

Return 1 if this class is the same type of (or a subclass of) the named class. Returns 0 otherwise. This method works in combination with vtkTypeRevisionMacro found in vtkSetGet.h.

Reimplemented from vtkDataSetAlgorithm.

static vtkPieceScalars* vtkPieceScalars::SafeDownCast vtkObject o  )  [static]

Reimplemented from vtkDataSetAlgorithm.

void vtkPieceScalars::PrintSelf ostream &  os,
vtkIndent  indent

Methods invoked by print to print information about the object including superclasses. Typically not called by the user (use Print() instead) but used in the hierarchical print process to combine the output of several classes.

Reimplemented from vtkDataSetAlgorithm.

void vtkPieceScalars::SetScalarModeToCellData  )  [inline]

Option to centerate cell scalars of poi9nts scalars. Default is point scalars.

Definition at line 49 of file vtkPieceScalars.h.

void vtkPieceScalars::SetScalarModeToPointData  )  [inline]

Definition at line 50 of file vtkPieceScalars.h.

int vtkPieceScalars::GetScalarMode  )  [inline]

Definition at line 51 of file vtkPieceScalars.h.

virtual void vtkPieceScalars::SetRandomMode int   )  [virtual]

virtual int vtkPieceScalars::GetRandomMode  )  [virtual]

virtual void vtkPieceScalars::RandomModeOn  )  [virtual]

virtual void vtkPieceScalars::RandomModeOff  )  [virtual]

int vtkPieceScalars::RequestData vtkInformation ,
vtkInformationVector **  ,
[protected, virtual]

This is called by the superclass. This is the method you should override.

Reimplemented from vtkDataSetAlgorithm.

vtkIntArray* vtkPieceScalars::MakePieceScalars int  piece,
vtkIdType  numScalars

vtkFloatArray* vtkPieceScalars::MakeRandomScalars int  piece,
vtkIdType  numScalars

virtual void vtkPieceScalars::SetCellScalarsFlag int   )  [protected, virtual]

Member Data Documentation

int vtkPieceScalars::CellScalarsFlag [protected]

Definition at line 71 of file vtkPieceScalars.h.

int vtkPieceScalars::RandomMode [protected]

Definition at line 73 of file vtkPieceScalars.h.

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