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vtkSmartPointerBase Class Reference

#include <vtkSmartPointerBase.h>

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Detailed Description

Non-templated superclass for vtkSmartPointer.

vtkSmartPointerBase holds a pointer to a vtkObjectBase or subclass instance and performs one Register/UnRegister pair. This is useful for storing VTK objects in STL containers. This class is not intended to be used directly. Instead, use the vtkSmartPointer class template to automatically perform proper cast operations.

Definition at line 30 of file vtkSmartPointerBase.h.

Public Member Functions

 vtkSmartPointerBase ()
 vtkSmartPointerBase (vtkObjectBase *r)
 vtkSmartPointerBase (const vtkSmartPointerBase &r)
void Report (vtkGarbageCollector *collector, const char *desc)
 ~vtkSmartPointerBase ()
vtkSmartPointerBaseoperator= (vtkObjectBase *r)
vtkSmartPointerBaseoperator= (const vtkSmartPointerBase &r)
vtkObjectBaseGetPointer () const

Protected Member Functions

 vtkSmartPointerBase (vtkObjectBase *r, const NoReference &)

Protected Attributes



class  NoReference

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

vtkSmartPointerBase::vtkSmartPointerBase  ) 

Initialize smart pointer to NULL.

vtkSmartPointerBase::vtkSmartPointerBase vtkObjectBase r  ) 

Initialize smart pointer to given object.

vtkSmartPointerBase::vtkSmartPointerBase const vtkSmartPointerBase r  ) 

Initialize smart pointer with a new reference to the same object referenced by given smart pointer.

vtkSmartPointerBase::~vtkSmartPointerBase  ) 

Destroy smart pointer and remove the reference to its object.

vtkSmartPointerBase::vtkSmartPointerBase vtkObjectBase r,
const NoReference

Member Function Documentation

vtkSmartPointerBase& vtkSmartPointerBase::operator= vtkObjectBase r  ) 

Assign object to reference. This removes any reference to an old object.

Referenced by vtkSmartPointer< T >::operator=().

vtkSmartPointerBase& vtkSmartPointerBase::operator= const vtkSmartPointerBase r  ) 

Destroy smart pointer and remove the reference to its object.

Reimplemented in vtkSmartPointer< T >.

vtkObjectBase* vtkSmartPointerBase::GetPointer  )  const [inline]

Get the contained pointer.

Reimplemented in vtkSmartPointer< T >.

Definition at line 55 of file vtkSmartPointerBase.h.

void vtkSmartPointerBase::Report vtkGarbageCollector collector,
const char *  desc

Report the reference held by the smart pointer to a collector.

Member Data Documentation

vtkObjectBase* vtkSmartPointerBase::Object [protected]

Definition at line 75 of file vtkSmartPointerBase.h.

Referenced by vtkSmartPointer< T >::GetPointer(), vtkSmartPointer< T >::operator *(), vtkSmartPointer< T >::operator T *(), and vtkSmartPointer< T >::operator->().

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