dox/Filtering/vtkGraph.h File Reference

#include "vtkDataObject.h"

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namespace  boost


struct  vtkEdgeBase
struct  vtkOutEdgeType
struct  vtkInEdgeType
struct  vtkEdgeType
class  vtkGraph
 Base class for graph data types. More...


bool VTK_FILTERING_EXPORT operator== (vtkEdgeBase e1, vtkEdgeBase e2)
bool VTK_FILTERING_EXPORT operator!= (vtkEdgeBase e1, vtkEdgeBase e2)
VTK_FILTERING_EXPORT ostream & operator<< (ostream &out, vtkEdgeBase e)

Function Documentation

bool VTK_FILTERING_EXPORT operator== ( vtkEdgeBase  e1,
vtkEdgeBase  e2 

bool VTK_FILTERING_EXPORT operator!= ( vtkEdgeBase  e1,
vtkEdgeBase  e2 

VTK_FILTERING_EXPORT ostream& operator<< ( ostream &  out,
vtkEdgeBase  e 

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