vtkQtChartStyleMarker Class Reference

#include <vtkQtChartStyleMarker.h>

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Detailed Description

The vtkQtChartStyleMarker class is the interface for series marker style options.

Definition at line 37 of file vtkQtChartStyleMarker.h.

Public Member Functions

 vtkQtChartStyleMarker (QObject *parent=0)
 Creates a chart style marker.
virtual ~vtkQtChartStyleMarker ()
getStyleMarker (int index) const =0
 Gets the marker style for the given style index.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

vtkQtChartStyleMarker::vtkQtChartStyleMarker ( QObject *  parent = 0  ) 

Creates a chart style marker.

parent The parent object.

virtual vtkQtChartStyleMarker::~vtkQtChartStyleMarker (  )  [inline, virtual]

Definition at line 46 of file vtkQtChartStyleMarker.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual vtkQtPointMarker::MarkerStyle vtkQtChartStyleMarker::getStyleMarker ( int  index  )  const [pure virtual]

Gets the marker style for the given style index.

index The style index.
The marker style for the given style index.

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