Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ActionFunction< TWidget >
boost::edge_property< vtkGraph * >
boost::edge_property_type< vtkDirectedGraph * >
boost::edge_property_type< vtkDirectedGraph *const >
boost::edge_property_type< vtkGraph * >
boost::edge_property_type< vtkMutableDirectedGraph * >
boost::edge_property_type< vtkMutableDirectedGraph *const >
boost::edge_property_type< vtkMutableUndirectedGraph * >
boost::edge_property_type< vtkMutableUndirectedGraph *const >
boost::edge_property_type< vtkUndirectedGraph * >
boost::edge_property_type< vtkUndirectedGraph *const >
boost::graph_traits< const vtkDirectedGraph * >
boost::graph_traits< const vtkMutableDirectedGraph * >
boost::graph_traits< const vtkMutableUndirectedGraph * >
boost::graph_traits< const vtkTree * >
boost::graph_traits< const vtkUndirectedGraph * >
boost::graph_traits< vtkDirectedGraph * >
boost::graph_traits< vtkDirectedGraph *const >
boost::graph_traits< vtkGraph * >
boost::graph_traits< vtkMutableDirectedGraph * >
boost::graph_traits< vtkMutableDirectedGraph *const >
boost::graph_traits< vtkMutableUndirectedGraph * >
boost::graph_traits< vtkMutableUndirectedGraph *const >
boost::graph_traits< vtkTree * >
boost::graph_traits< vtkTree *const >
boost::graph_traits< vtkUndirectedGraph * >
boost::graph_traits< vtkUndirectedGraph *const >
boost::hash< vtkEdgeType >
OffsetsManagerHelper class due to PIMPL excess
boost::graph::parallel::process_group_type< vtkDirectedGraph * >
boost::graph::parallel::process_group_type< vtkDirectedGraph *const >
boost::graph::parallel::process_group_type< vtkGraph * >
boost::graph::parallel::process_group_type< vtkUndirectedGraph * >
boost::graph::parallel::process_group_type< vtkUndirectedGraph *const >
boost::property_map< vtkDirectedGraph *, edge_index_t >
boost::property_map< vtkDirectedGraph *, vertex_index_t >
boost::property_map< vtkDirectedGraph *const, edge_index_t >
boost::property_map< vtkDirectedGraph *const, vertex_index_t >
boost::property_map< vtkGraph *, edge_global_t >
boost::property_map< vtkGraph *, edge_index_t >
boost::property_map< vtkGraph *, vertex_global_t >
boost::property_map< vtkGraph *, vertex_index_t >
boost::property_map< vtkGraph *, vertex_local_t >
boost::property_map< vtkGraph *, vertex_owner_t >
boost::property_map< vtkUndirectedGraph *, edge_index_t >
boost::property_map< vtkUndirectedGraph *, vertex_index_t >
boost::property_map< vtkUndirectedGraph *const, edge_index_t >
boost::property_map< vtkUndirectedGraph *const, vertex_index_t >
boost::property_traits< vtkAbstractArray * >
boost::property_traits< vtkDataArray * >
boost::property_traits< vtkEdgeGlobalMap >
boost::property_traits< vtkGraphEdgeMap >
boost::property_traits< vtkGraphIndexMap >
boost::property_traits< vtkVertexGlobalMap >
boost::property_traits< vtkVertexLocalMap >
boost::property_traits< vtkVertexOwnerMap >
boost::vertex_property< vtkGraph * >
boost::vertex_property_type< vtkDirectedGraph * >
boost::vertex_property_type< vtkDirectedGraph *const >
boost::vertex_property_type< vtkGraph * >
boost::vertex_property_type< vtkMutableDirectedGraph * >
boost::vertex_property_type< vtkMutableDirectedGraph *const >
boost::vertex_property_type< vtkMutableUndirectedGraph * >
boost::vertex_property_type< vtkMutableUndirectedGraph *const >
boost::vertex_property_type< vtkUndirectedGraph * >
boost::vertex_property_type< vtkUndirectedGraph *const >
vtk3DSImporterImports 3D Studio files
vtk3DWidgetAbstract superclass for 3D widgets
vtk__Int64ArrayDynamic, self-adjusting array of __int64
vtkABIManage macros for exporting symbols in the binary interface
vtkAbstractArrayAbstract superclass for all arrays
vtkAbstractCellLocatorAbstract base class for locators which find cells
vtkAbstractContextBufferId2D array of ids, used for picking
vtkAbstractInterpolatedVelocityFieldAn abstract class for obtaining the interpolated velocity values at a point
vtkAbstractMapperAbstract class specifies interface to map data
vtkAbstractMapper3DAbstract class specifies interface to map 3D data
vtkAbstractParticleWriterAbstract class to write particle data to file
vtkAbstractPickerDefine API for picking subclasses
vtkAbstractPointLocatorAbstract class to quickly locate points in 3-space
vtkAbstractPolygonalHandleRepresentation3DRepresent a user defined handle geometry in 3D while maintaining a fixed orientation w.r.t the camera
vtkAbstractPropPickerAbstract API for pickers that can pick an instance of vtkProp
vtkAbstractTransformSuperclass for all geometric transformations
vtkAbstractVolumeMapperAbstract class for a volume mapper
vtkAbstractWidgetDefine the API for widget / widget representation
vtkActorObject (geometry & properties) in a rendered scene
vtkActor2DActor that draws 2D data
vtkActor2DCollectionList of 2D actors
vtkActorCollectionList of actors
vtkAddMembershipArrayAdd an array to the output indicating membership within an input selection
vtkAdjacentVertexIteratorIterates through adjacent vertices in a graph
vtkAffineRepresentationAbstract class for representing affine transformation widgets
vtkAffineRepresentation2DRepresent 2D affine transformations
vtkAffineWidgetPerform affine transformations
vtkAlgorithmSuperclass for all sources, filters, and sinks in VTK
vtkAlgorithmOutputProxy object to connect input/output ports
vtkAmoebaMinimizerNonlinear optimization with a simplex
vtkAMRBoxEncloses a rectangular region of voxel like cells
vtkAngleRepresentationRepresent the vtkAngleWidget
vtkAngleRepresentation2DRepresent the vtkAngleWidget
vtkAngleRepresentation3DRepresent the vtkAngleWidget
vtkAngleWidgetMeasure the angle between two rays (defined by three points)
vtkAnimationCueSeqin an animation
vtkAnimationSceneAnimation scene manager
vtkAnnotatedCubeActor3D cube with face labels
vtkAnnotationStores a collection of annotation artifacts
vtkAnnotationLayersStores a ordered collection of annotation sets
vtkAnnotationLayersAlgorithmSuperclass for algorithms that produce only vtkAnnotationLayers as output
vtkAnnotationLinkAn algorithm for linking annotations among objects
vtkAppendCompositeDataLeavesAppends one or more composite datasets with the same structure together into a single output composite dataset
vtkAppendFilterAppends one or more datasets together into a single unstructured grid
vtkAppendPointsAppends points of one or more vtkPolyData data sets
vtkAppendPolyDataAppends one or more polygonal datasets together
vtkAppendSelectionAppends one or more selections together
vtkApplyColorsApply colors to a data set
vtkApplyIconsApply icons to a data set
vtkApproximatingSubdivisionFilterGenerate a subdivision surface using an Approximating Scheme
vtkArcParallelEdgeStrategyRoutes parallel edges as arcs
vtkArcPlotterPlot data along an arbitrary polyline
vtkArcSourceCreate an arc between two end points
vtkAreaLayoutLayout a vtkTree into a tree map
vtkAreaLayoutStrategyAbstract superclass for all area layout strategies
vtkAreaPickerPicks props behind a selection rectangle on a viewport
vtkArrayAbstract interface for N-dimensional arrays
vtkArrayCalculatorPerform mathematical operations on data in field data arrays
vtkArrayCoordinatesStores coordinate into an N-way array
vtkArrayDataPipeline data object that contains multiple vtkArray objects
vtkArrayDataAlgorithmSuperclass for algorithms that produce vtkArrayDatas as output
vtkArrayExtentsStores the number of dimensions and valid coordinate ranges along each dimension for vtkArray
vtkArrayExtentsListStores a collection of vtkArraySlice objects
vtkArrayIteratorAbstract superclass to iterate over elements in an vtkAbstractArray
vtkArrayIteratorIncludesCentralize array iterator type includes required when using the vtkArrayIteratorTemplateMacro
vtkArrayIteratorTemplate< T >Implementation template for a array iterator
vtkArrayNormComputes L-norms along one dimension of an array
vtkArrayRangeStores a half-open range of array coordinates
vtkArrayReaderReads sparse and dense vtkArray data written by vtkArrayWriter
vtkArraySortControls sorting of sparse array coordinsates
vtkArrayToTableConverts one- and two-dimensional vtkArrayData objects to vtkTable
vtkArrayWeightsStores a collection of weighting factors
vtkArrayWriterSerialize sparse and dense arrays to a file or stream
vtkArrowSourceAppends a cylinder to a cone to form an arrow
vtkAssemblyCreate hierarchies of vtkProp3Ds (transformable props)
vtkAssemblyNodeRepresent a node in an assembly
vtkAssemblyPathList of nodes that form an assembly path
vtkAssemblyPathsList of lists of props representing an assembly hierarchy
vtkAssignAttributeLabels a field as an attribute
vtkAssignCoordinatesGiven two(or three) arrays take the values in those arrays and simply assign them to the coordinates of the vertices
vtkAssignCoordinatesLayoutStrategyUses array values to set vertex locations
vtkAssignMimeTypeAssigns MIME types to a collection of documents
vtkAttributeClustering2DLayoutStrategySimple fast 2D graph layout
vtkAttributeDataToFieldDataFilterMap attribute data to field data
vtkAttributesErrorMetricObjects that compute attribute-based error during cell tessellation
vtkAVIWriterWrites Windows AVI files
vtkAVSucdReaderReads a dataset in AVS "UCD" format
vtkAxesCreate an x-y-z axes
vtkAxesActor3D axes representation
vtkAxisTakes care of drawing 2D axes
vtkAxisActorCreate an axis with tick marks and labels
vtkAxisActor2DCreate an axis with tick marks and labels
vtkBalloonRepresentationRepresent the vtkBalloonWidget
vtkBalloonWidgetPopup text balloons above instance of vtkProp when hovering occurs
vtkBandedPolyDataContourFilterGenerate filled contours for vtkPolyData
vtkBarChartActorCreate a bar chart from an array
vtkBase64InputStreamReads base64-encoded input from a stream
vtkBase64OutputStreamWrites base64-encoded output to a stream
vtkBase64UtilitiesBase64 encode and decode utilities
vtkBezierContourLineInterpolatorInterpolates supplied nodes with bezier line segments
vtkBiDimensionalRepresentation2DRepresent the vtkBiDimensionalWidget
vtkBiDimensionalWidgetMeasure the bi-dimensional lengths of an object
vtkBiQuadraticQuadCell represents a parabolic, 9-node isoparametric quad
vtkBiQuadraticQuadraticHexahedronCell represents a biquadratic, 24-node isoparametric hexahedron
vtkBiQuadraticQuadraticWedgeCell represents a parabolic, 18-node isoparametric wedge
vtkBiQuadraticTriangleCell represents a parabolic, isoparametric triangle
vtkBitArrayDynamic, self-adjusting array of bits
vtkBitArrayIteratorIterator for vtkBitArray. This iterator iterates over a vtkBitArray. It uses the double interface to get/set bit values
vtkBivariateLinearTableThresholdPerforms line-based thresholding for vtkTable data
vtkBivariateStatisticsBase class for bivariate statistics algorithms
vtkBlankStructuredGridTranslate point attribute data into a blanking field
vtkBlankStructuredGridWithImageBlank a structured grid with an image
vtkBlockDistributionA helper class that manages a block distribution of N elements of data
vtkBlockIdScalarsGenerates scalars from blocks
vtkBlockItemVtkContextItem that draws a block (optional label)
vtkBMPReaderRead Windows BMP files
vtkBMPWriterWrites Windows BMP files
vtkBooleanTextureGenerate 2D texture map based on combinations of inside, outside, and on region boundary
vtkBoostBiconnectedComponentsFind the biconnected components of a graph
vtkBoostBrandesCentralityCompute Brandes betweenness centrality on a vtkGraph
vtkBoostBreadthFirstSearchBoost breadth_first_search on a vtkGraph
vtkBoostBreadthFirstSearchTreeContructs a BFS tree from a graph
vtkBoostConnectedComponentsFind the connected components of a graph
vtkBoostKruskalMinimumSpanningTreeContructs a minimum spanning tree from a graph and the weighting array
vtkBoostLogWeightingGiven an arbitrary-dimension array of doubles, replaces each value x with one of:
vtkBoostPrimMinimumSpanningTreeContructs a minimum spanning tree from a graph, start node, and the weighting array
vtkBoostRandomSparseArraySourceGenerates a sparse N-way array containing random values
vtkBoostSplitTableField"Splits" one-or-more table fields by duplicating rows containing delimited data
vtkBorderRepresentationRepresent a vtkBorderWidget
vtkBorderWidgetPlace a border around a 2D rectangular region
vtkBoundedPlanePointPlacerPlacer that constrains a handle to a finite plane
vtkBoundingBoxFast Simple Class for dealing with 3D bounds
vtkBoxImplicit function for a bounding box
vtkBoxClipDataSetClip an unstructured grid
vtkBoxLayoutStrategyTree map layout that puts vertices in square-ish boxes
vtkBoxMuellerRandomSequenceGaussian sequence of pseudo random numbers implemented with the Box-Mueller transform
vtkBoxRepresentationClass defining the representation for the vtkBoxWidget2
vtkBoxWidgetOrthogonal hexahedron 3D widget
vtkBoxWidget23D widget for manipulating a box
vtkBranchExtentTranslatorUses alternative source for whole extent
vtkBridgeAttributeImplementation of vtkGenericAttribute
vtkBridgeCellImplementation of vtkGenericAdaptorCell
vtkBridgeCellIteratorImplementation of vtkGenericCellIterator. It is just an example that show how to implement the Generic API. It is also used for testing and evaluating the Generic framework
vtkBridgeCellIteratorOnCellBoundariesIterate over boundary cells of a cell
vtkBridgeCellIteratorOnCellListIterate over a list of cells defined on a dataset. See InitWithCells()
vtkBridgeCellIteratorOnDataSetIterate over cells of a dataset
vtkBridgeCellIteratorOneIterate over one cell only of a dataset
vtkBridgeCellIteratorStrategyInterface used by vtkBridgeCellIterator vtkBridgeCellIterator has different behaviors depending on the way it is initialized. vtkBridgeCellIteratorStrategy is the interface for one of those behaviors. Concrete classes are vtkBridgeCellIteratorOnDataSet, vtkBridgeCellIteratorOnDataSetBoundaries, vtkBridgeCellIteratorOnCellBoundaries, vtkBridgeCellIteratorOnCellNeighbors,
vtkBridgeDataSetImplementation of vtkGenericDataSet
vtkBridgeExportManage Windows system differences
vtkBridgePointIteratorImplementation of vtkGenericPointIterator
vtkBridgePointIteratorOnCellImplementation of vtkGenericPointIterator
vtkBridgePointIteratorOnDataSetImplementation of vtkGenericPointIterator
vtkBridgePointIteratorOneIterate over one point of a dataset
vtkBrownianPointsAssign random vector to points
vtkBrushBrush that fills shapes drawn by vtkContext2D
vtkBSPCutsThis class represents an axis-aligned Binary Spatial Partitioning of a 3D space
vtkBSPIntersectionsPerform calculations (mostly intersection calculations) on regions of a 3D binary spatial partitioning
vtkButterflySubdivisionFilterGenerate a subdivision surface using the Butterfly Scheme
vtkButtonSourceAbstract class for creating various button types
vtkByteSwapPerform machine dependent byte swapping
vtkBYUReaderRead MOVIE.BYU polygon files
vtkBYUWriterWrite MOVIE.BYU files
vtkCachingInterpolatedVelocityFieldInterface for obtaining interpolated velocity values
vtkCallbackCommandSupports function callbacks
vtkCameraVirtual camera for 3D rendering
vtkCameraActorFrustum to represent a camera
vtkCameraInterpolatorInterpolate a series of cameras to update a new camera
vtkCameraPassImplement the camera render pass
vtkCameraRepresentationRepresent the vtkCameraWidget
vtkCameraWidget2D widget for saving a series of camera views
vtkCaptionActor2DDraw text label associated with a point
vtkCaptionRepresentationVtkCaptionWidget in the scene
vtkCaptionWidgetWidget for placing a caption (text plus leader)
vtkCarbonRenderWindowCarbon OpenGL rendering window
vtkCarbonRenderWindowInteractorImplements Carbon specific functions required by vtkRenderWindowInteractor
vtkCardinalSplineComputes an interpolating spline using a a Cardinal basis
vtkCastToConcreteWorks around type-checking limitations
vtkCellAbstract class to specify cell behavior
vtkCell3DAbstract class to specify 3D cell interface
vtkCellArrayObject to represent cell connectivity
vtkCellCenterDepthSortA simple implementation of vtkCellDepthSort
vtkCellCentersGenerate points at center of cells
vtkCellDataRepresent and manipulate cell attribute data
vtkCellDataToPointDataMap cell data to point data
vtkCellDerivativesCompute derivatives of scalars and vectors
vtkCellLinksObject represents upward pointers from points to list of cells using each point
vtkCellLocatorOctree-based spatial search object to quickly locate cells
vtkCellLocatorInterpolatedVelocityFieldA concrete class for obtaining the interpolated velocity values at a point
vtkCellPickerRay-cast cell picker for all kinds of Prop3Ds
vtkCellTypeDefine types of cells
vtkCellTypesObject provides direct access to cells in vtkCellArray and type information
vtkCenteredSliderRepresentationProvide the representation for a vtkCenteredSliderWidget
vtkCenteredSliderWidgetSet a value by manipulating a slider
vtkCGMWriterWrite polygonal data as a CGM file
vtkCgShaderCg Shader
vtkCgShaderDeviceAdapterAdapter to pass generic vertex attributes to the rendering pipeline to be used in a Cg shader
vtkCgShaderProgramCg Shader Program
vtkChacoGraphReaderReads chaco graph files
vtkChacoReaderRead a Chaco file and create a vtkUnstructuredGrid
vtkCharArrayDynamic, self-adjusting array of char
vtkChartFactory class for drawing 2D charts
vtkChartLegendDraw the chart legend
vtkChartParallelCoordinatesFactory class for drawing 2D charts
vtkChartXYFactory class for drawing XY charts
vtkCheckerboardRepresentationRepresent the vtkCheckerboardWidget
vtkCheckerboardWidgetInteractively set the number of divisions in 2D image checkerboard
vtkChooserPainterPainter that selects painters to render primitives
vtkCircularLayoutStrategyPlaces vertices around a circle
vtkCleanPolyDataMerge duplicate points, and/or remove unused points and/or remove degenerate cells
vtkClearZPassClear the depth buffer with a given value
vtkClientSocketEncapsulates a client socket
vtkClipConvexPolyDataClip any dataset with user-specified implicit function or input scalar data
vtkClipDataSetClip any dataset with user-specified implicit function or input scalar data
vtkClipHyperOctreeClip an hyperoctree with user-specified implicit function or input scalar data
vtkClipPlanesPainterAbstract class defining interface for painter that manages clipping
vtkClipPolyDataClip polygonal data with user-specified implicit function or input scalar data
vtkClipVolumeClip volume data with user-specified implicit function or input scalar data
vtkClosedSurfacePointPlacerPointPlacer to constrain validity within a set of convex planes
vtkClustering2DLayoutStrategySimple fast 2D graph layout
vtkCocoaGLViewCocoa OpenGL rendering context
vtkCocoaMacOSXSDKCompatibilityCompatibility header
vtkCocoaRenderWindowCocoa OpenGL rendering window
vtkCocoaRenderWindowInteractorImplements Cocoa specific functions required by vtkRenderWindowInteractor
vtkCocoaTkUtilitiesInternal Tk Routines for Cocoa
vtkCoincidentPointsOctree of labels
vtkCoincidentTopologyResolutionPainterPainter that resolves conicident topology
vtkCollapseGraph"Collapses" vertices onto their neighbors
vtkCollapseVerticesByArrayCollapse the graph given a vertex array
vtkCollectGraphCollect distributed graph
vtkCollectionCreate and manipulate unsorted lists of objects
vtkCollectionIteratorIterator through a vtkCollection
vtkCollectPolyDataCollect distributed polydata
vtkCollectTableCollect distributed table
vtkColorTemplated type for storage of colors
vtkColor3< T >
vtkColor4< T >
vtkColorMaterialHelperHelper to assist in simulating the ColorMaterial behaviour of the default OpenGL pipeline
vtkColorSeriesStores a list of colors
vtkColorTransferFunctionDefines a transfer function for mapping a property to an RGB color value
vtkCommandSuperclass for callback/observer methods
vtkCommonInformationKeyManagerManages key types in vtkCommon
vtkCommunicatorUsed to send/receive messages in a multiprocess environment
vtkCommunity2DLayoutStrategySimple fast 2D graph layout that looks for a community array on it's input and strengthens edges within a community and weakens edges not within the community
vtkCompassRepresentationProvide a compass
vtkCompassWidgetSet a value by manipulating something
vtkCompositeDataGeometryFilterExtract geometry from multi-group data
vtkCompositeDataIteratorSuperclass for composite data iterators
vtkCompositeDataPipelineExecutive supporting composite datasets
vtkCompositeDataProbeFilterSubclass of vtkProbeFilter which supports composite datasets in the input
vtkCompositeDataSetAbstract superclass for composite (multi-block or AMR) datasets
vtkCompositeDataSetAlgorithmSuperclass for algorithms that produce only vtkCompositeDataSet as output
vtkCompositePainterPainter that can be inserted before any vtkDataSet painting chain to handle composite datasets
vtkCompositePolyDataMapperClass that renders hierarchical polygonal data
vtkCompositePolyDataMapper2Mapper for composite dataset consisting of polygonal data
vtkCompositerSuper class for composite algorthms
vtkCompositeRenderManagerAn object to control sort-last parallel rendering
vtkCompositeRGBAPassBlend RGBA buffers of processes
vtkCompositeZPassMerge depth buffers of processes
vtkCompressCompositerImplements compressed tree based compositing
vtkComputeHistogram2DOutliersCompute the outliers in a set of 2D histograms and extract the corresponding row data
vtkComputingResourcesDefinition of computing resource (threads/kernels)
vtkConcatenateArrayMerge two arrays into one
vtkConditionVariableMutual exclusion locking class
vtkConeImplicit function for a cone
vtkConeLayoutStrategyProduce a cone-tree layout for a forest
vtkConeSourceGenerate polygonal cone
vtkConnectivityFilterExtract data based on geometric connectivity
vtkConstrained2DLayoutStrategySimple fast 2D graph layout that looks for a 'constraint' array (vtkDoubleArray). Any entry in the constraint array will indicate the level of impedence a node has to the force calculations during the layout optimization. The array is assumed to be normalized between zero and one, with one being totally constrained, so no force will be applied to the node (i.e. no movement), and zero being full range of movement (no constraints)
vtkConstrainedPointHandleRepresentationPoint representation constrained to a 2D plane
vtkContext2DClass for drawing 2D primitives to a graphical context
vtkContextActorVtkProp derived object
vtkContextBufferId2D array of ids, used for picking
vtkContextDevice2DAbstract class for drawing 2D primitives
vtkContextItemBase class for items that are part of a vtkContextScene
vtkContextMapper2DAbstract class for 2D context mappers
vtkContextSceneProvides a 2D scene for vtkContextItem objects
vtkContextViewView of the vtkContextScene
vtkContingencyStatisticsA class for correlation with contigency tables
vtkContinuousValueWidgetSet a value by manipulating something
vtkContinuousValueWidgetRepresentationProvide the representation for a continuous value
vtkContourFilterGenerate isosurfaces/isolines from scalar values
vtkContourGridGenerate isosurfaces/isolines from scalar values (specialized for unstructured grids)
vtkContourLineInterpolatorDefines API for interpolating/modifying nodes from a vtkContourRepresentation
vtkContourRepresentationRepresent the vtkContourWidget
vtkContourValuesHelper object to manage setting and generating contour values
vtkContourWidgetCreate a contour with a set of points
vtkConvertSelectionConvert a selection from one type to another
vtkConvertSelectionDomainConvert a selection from one domain to another
vtkConvexPointSet3D cell defined by a set of convex points
vtkCoordinatePerform coordinate transformation, and represent position, in a variety of vtk coordinate systems
vtkCoreGraphicsGPUInfoListGet GPUs VRAM information using CoreGraphics
vtkCornerAnnotationText annotation in four corners
vtkCorrelativeStatisticsA class for linear correlation
vtkCosmicTreeLayoutStrategyTree layout strategy reminiscent of astronomical systems
vtkCriticalSectionCritical section locking class
vtkCubeAxesActorCreate a plot of a bounding box edges -
vtkCubeAxesActor2DCreate a 2D plot of a bounding box edges - used for navigation
vtkCubeSourceCreate a polygonal representation of a cube
vtkCubicLineCell represents a cubic , isoparametric 1D line
vtkCullerSuperclass for prop cullers
vtkCullerCollectionList of Cullers
vtkCursor2DGenerate a 2D cursor representation
vtkCursor3DGenerate a 3D cursor representation
vtkCurvaturesCompute curvatures (Gauss and mean) of a Polydata object
vtkCutMaterialAutomatically computes the cut plane for a material array pair
vtkCutterCut vtkDataSet with user-specified implicit function
vtkCylinderImplicit function for a cylinder
vtkCylinderSourceGenerate a cylinder centered at origin
vtkCylindricalTransformCylindrical to rectangular coords and back
vtkDashedStreamLineGenerate constant-time dashed streamline in arbitrary dataset
vtkDataArrayAbstract superclass for arrays of numeric data
vtkDataArrayCollectionMaintain an unordered list of dataarray objects
vtkDataArrayCollectionIteratorIterator through a vtkDataArrayCollection
vtkDataArraySelectionStore on/off settings for data arrays for a vtkSource
vtkDataArrayTemplate< T >Implementation template for vtkDataArray
vtkDataCompressorAbstract interface for data compression classes
vtkDataObjectGeneral representation of visualization data
vtkDataObjectAlgorithmSuperclass for algorithms that produce only data object as output
vtkDataObjectCollectionMaintain an unordered list of data objects
vtkDataObjectGeneratorProduces simple (composite or atomic) data sets for testing
vtkDataObjectReaderRead vtk field data file
vtkDataObjectSourceAbstract class specifies interface for field source (or objects that generate field output)
vtkDataObjectToDataSetFilterMap field data to concrete dataset
vtkDataObjectToTableExtract field data as a table
vtkDataObjectWriterWrite vtk field data
vtkDataReaderHelper superclass for objects that read vtk data files
vtkDataRepresentationThe superclass for all representations
vtkDataSetAbstract class to specify dataset behavior
vtkDataSetAlgorithmSuperclass for algorithms that produce output of the same type as input
vtkDataSetAttributesRepresent and manipulate attribute data in a dataset
vtkDataSetCollectionMaintain an unordered list of dataset objects
vtkDataSetEdgeSubdivisionCriterionSubclass of vtkEdgeSubdivisionCriterion for vtkDataSet objects
vtkDataSetGradientComputes scalar field gradient
vtkDataSetMapperMap vtkDataSet and derived classes to graphics primitives
vtkDataSetReaderClass to read any type of vtk dataset
vtkDataSetSourceAbstract class whose subclasses generate datasets
vtkDataSetSurfaceFilterExtracts outer (polygonal) surface
vtkDataSetToDataObjectFilterMap dataset into data object (i.e., a field)
vtkDataSetToDataSetFilterAbstract filter class
vtkDataSetToImageFilterAbstract filter class
vtkDataSetToPolyDataFilterAbstract filter class
vtkDataSetToStructuredGridFilterAbstract filter class
vtkDataSetToStructuredPointsFilterAbstract filter class
vtkDataSetToUnstructuredGridFilterAbstract filter class
vtkDataSetTriangleFilterTriangulate any type of dataset
vtkDataSetWriterWrite any type of vtk dataset to file
vtkDataTransferHelperHelper class that aids in transferring data between CPU memory and GPU memory
vtkDataWriterHelper class for objects that write vtk data files
vtkDebugLeaksIdentify memory leaks at program termination
vtkDebugLeaksManagerManages the vtkDebugLeaks singleton
vtkDecimatePolylineFilterReduce the number of lines in a polyline
vtkDecimateProReduce the number of triangles in a mesh
vtkDefaultPainterSets up a default chain of painters
vtkDefaultPassImplement the basic render passes
vtkDelaunay2DCreate 2D Delaunay triangulation of input points
vtkDelaunay3DCreate 3D Delaunay triangulation of input points
vtkDelimitedTextReaderReads in delimited ascii or unicode text files and outputs a vtkTable data structure
vtkDelimitedTextWriterDelimited text writer for vtkTable Writes a vtkTable as a delimited text file (such as CSV)
vtkDemandDrivenPipelineExecutive supporting on-demand execution
vtkDEMReaderRead a digital elevation model (DEM) file
vtkDenseArray< T >Contiguous storage for N-way arrays
vtkDenseArray< T >::HeapMemoryBlock
vtkDenseArray< T >::MemoryBlock
vtkDenseArray< T >::StaticMemoryBlock
vtkDensifyPolyDataDensify the input by adding points at the centroid
vtkDepthPeelingPassImplement an Order Independent Transparency render pass
vtkDepthSortPolyDataSort poly data along camera view direction
vtkDescriptiveStatisticsA class for univariate descriptive statistics
vtkDiagonalMatrixSourceGenerates a sparse or dense square matrix with user-specified values for the diagonal, superdiagonal, and subdiagonal
vtkDicerAbstract superclass to divide dataset into pieces
vtkDICOMImageReaderReads some DICOM images
vtkDijkstraGraphGeodesicPathDijkstra algorithm to compute the graph geodesic
vtkDijkstraGraphInternalsHelper class due to PIMPL excess
vtkDijkstraImageContourLineInterpolatorContour interpolator for placing points on an image
vtkDijkstraImageGeodesicPathDijkstra algorithm to compute the graph geodesic
vtkDirectedAcyclicGraphA rooted tree data structure
vtkDirectedGraphA directed graph
vtkDirectedGraphAlgorithmSuperclass for algorithms that produce only directed graph as output
vtkDirectionEncoderEncode a direction into a one or two byte value
vtkDirectoryOS independent class for access and manipulation of system directories
vtkDirectXGPUInfoListGet GPUs VRAM information using DirectX
vtkDiscreteMarchingCubesGenerate object boundaries from labelled volumes
vtkDiscretizableColorTransferFunctionCombination of vtkColorTransferFunction and vtkLookupTable
vtkDiskSourceCreate a disk with hole in center
vtkDisplayListPainterAbstract superclass for painter that builds/uses display lists
vtkDistanceRepresentationRepresent the vtkDistanceWidget
vtkDistanceRepresentation2DRepresent the vtkDistanceWidget
vtkDistanceToCameraCalculates distance from points to the camera
vtkDistanceWidgetMeasure the distance between two points
vtkDistributedDataFilterDistribute data among processors
vtkDistributedEdgePropertyMapType< DataArray >
vtkDistributedGraphHelperHelper for the vtkGraph class that allows the graph to be distributed across multiple memory spaces
vtkDistributedStreamTracerDistributed streamline generator
vtkDistributedVertexPropertyMapType< DataArray >
vtkDocumentReaderReads documents into memory for text analysis
vtkDotProductSimilarityCompute dot-product similarity metrics
vtkDoubleArrayDynamic, self-adjusting array of double
vtkDSPFilterDefinitionUsed by the Exodus readers
vtkDSPFilterGroupUsed by the Exodus readers
vtkDummyCommunicatorDummy controller for single process applications
vtkDummyControllerDummy controller for single process applications
vtkDummyGPUInfoListDo thing during Probe()
vtkDuplicatePolyDataFor distributed tiled displays
vtkDynamic2DLabelMapperDraw text labels at 2D dataset points
vtkDynamicLoaderClass interface to system dynamic libraries
vtkEarthSourceCreate the continents of the Earth as a sphere
vtkEdgeCentersGenerate points at center of edges
vtkEdgeLayoutLayout graph edges
vtkEdgeLayoutStrategyAbstract superclass for all edge layout strategies
vtkEdgeListIteratorIterates through all edges in a graph
vtkEdgePointsGenerate points on isosurface
vtkEdgeSubdivisionCriterionHow to decide whether a linear approximation to nonlinear geometry or field should be subdivided
vtkEdgeTableKeep track of edges (edge is pair of integer id's)
vtkElevationFilterGenerate scalars along a specified direction
vtkEllipsoidTensorProbeRepresentationA concrete implementation of vtkTensorProbeRepresentation that renders tensors as ellipoids
vtkEllipticalButtonSourceCreate a ellipsoidal-shaped button
vtkEmptyCellEmpty cell used as a place-holder during processing
vtkEncodedGradientEstimatorSuperclass for gradient estimation
vtkEncodedGradientShaderCompute shading tables for encoded normals
vtkEnSight6BinaryReaderClass to read binary EnSight6 files
vtkEnSight6ReaderClass to read EnSight6 files
vtkEnSightGoldBinaryReaderClass to read binary EnSight Gold files
vtkEnSightGoldReaderClass to read EnSight Gold files
vtkEnSightMasterServerReaderReader for compund EnSight files
vtkEnSightReaderSuperclass for EnSight file readers
vtkEnSightWriterWrite vtk unstructured grid data as an EnSight file
vtkEntropyMatrixWeightingTerm weight strategy where every term has weight related to its entropy
vtkErrorCodeSuperclass for error codes
vtkEventComplete specification of a VTK event including all modifiers
vtkEventForwarderCommandSimple event forwarder command
vtkEventQtSlotConnectManage connections between VTK events and Qt slots
vtkExecutionSchedulerScheduling execution with thread/computing resources distributing
vtkExecutiveSuperclass for all pipeline executives in VTK
vtkExecutiveCollectionMaintain a list of executive objects
vtkExodusIIReaderRead exodus 2 files .ex2
vtkExodusIIReaderIntPointCheckThis looks for integration-point variables whose names contain an element shape and digits specifying an integration point
vtkExodusIIReaderParserInternal parser used by vtkExodusIIReader
vtkExodusIIReaderPrivateThis class holds metadata for an Exodus file
vtkExodusIIReaderPrivate::ArrayInfoTypeA struct to hold information about time-varying arrays
vtkExodusIIReaderPrivate::BlockInfoTypeA struct to hold information about Exodus blocks
vtkExodusIIReaderPrivate::BlockSetInfoTypeA struct to hold information about Exodus blocks or sets (they have some members in common)
vtkExodusIIReaderPrivate::MapInfoTypeA struct to hold information about Exodus maps
vtkExodusIIReaderPrivate::ObjectInfoTypeA struct to hold information about Exodus objects (blocks, sets, maps)
vtkExodusIIReaderPrivate::PartInfoTypeA struct to hold information about Exodus blocks
vtkExodusIIReaderPrivate::SetInfoTypeA struct to hold information about Exodus sets
vtkExodusIIReaderScalarCheckThis always accepts a single array name as a scalar. It is the fallback for all other checkers
vtkExodusIIReaderTensorCheckThis looks for symmetric tensors of a given rank and dimension
vtkExodusIIReaderVariableCheckAbstract base class for glomming arrays of variable names
vtkExodusIIReaderVectorCheckThis looks for n-D vectors whose names are identical except for a single final character
vtkExodusIIWriterWrite Exodus II files
vtkExodusModelExodus Model
vtkExodusReaderRead exodus 2 files .ex2
vtkExpandSelectedGraphExpands a selection set of a vtkGraph
vtkExplicitCellAbstract superclass for cells requiring an explicit representation
vtkExporterAbstract class to write a scene to a file
vtkExtentSplitterSplit an extent across other extents
vtkExtentTranslatorGenerates a structured extent from unstructured
vtkExtractArrayGiven a vtkArrayData object containing one-or-more vtkArray instances, produces a vtkArrayData containing just one vtkArray, indentified by index
vtkExtractArraysOverTimeExtracts a selection over time
vtkExtractBlockExtracts blocks from a multiblock dataset
vtkExtractCellsSubset a vtkDataSet to create a vtkUnstructuredGrid
vtkExtractCTHPartGenerates surface of an CTH volume fraction
vtkExtractDataOverTimeExtract point data from a time sequence for a specified point id
vtkExtractDataSetsExtracts a number of datasets
vtkExtractEdgesExtract cell edges from any type of data
vtkExtractGeometryExtract cells that lie either entirely inside or outside of a specified implicit function
vtkExtractGridSelect piece (e.g., volume of interest) and/or subsample structured grid dataset
vtkExtractHistogram2DCompute a 2D histogram between two columns of an input vtkTable
vtkExtractLevelExtract levels between min and max from a hierarchical box dataset
vtkExtractPolyDataGeometryExtract vtkPolyData cells that lies either entirely inside or outside of a specified implicit function
vtkExtractPolyDataPieceReturn specified piece, including specified number of ghost levels
vtkExtractRectilinearGridExtract a sub grid (VOI) from the structured rectilinear dataset
vtkExtractSelectedFrustumReturns the portion of the input dataset that lies within a selection frustum
vtkExtractSelectedGraphReturn a subgraph of a vtkGraph
vtkExtractSelectedIdsExtract a list of cells from a dataset
vtkExtractSelectedLocationsExtract cells within a dataset that contain the locations listen in the vtkSelection
vtkExtractSelectedPolyDataIdsExtract a list of cells from a polydata
vtkExtractSelectedRowsReturn selected rows of a table
vtkExtractSelectedSlicesExtract selected slices from a vtkArray
vtkExtractSelectedThresholdsExtract a cells or points from a dataset that have values within a set of thresholds
vtkExtractSelectionExtract a subset from a vtkDataSet
vtkExtractSelectionBaseAbstract base class for all extract selection filters
vtkExtractTemporalFieldDataExtract temporal arrays from input field data
vtkExtractTensorComponentsExtract parts of tensor and create a scalar, vector, normal, or texture coordinates
vtkExtractUnstructuredGridExtract subset of unstructured grid geometry
vtkExtractUnstructuredGridPieceReturn specified piece, including specified number of ghost levels
vtkExtractUserDefinedPieceReturn user specified piece with ghost cells
vtkExtractVectorComponentsExtract components of vector as separate scalars
vtkExtractVOISelect piece (e.g., volume of interest) and/or subsample structured points dataset
vtkFacetReaderReads a dataset in Facet format
vtkFacetWriterReads a dataset in Facet format
vtkFast2DLayoutStrategySimple fast 2D graph layout
vtkFastNumericConversionEnables fast conversion of floating point to fixed point
vtkFastSplatterA splatter optimized for splatting single kernels
vtkFeatureDictionaryGenerates a dictionary of unique terms
vtkFeatureEdgesExtract boundary, non-manifold, and/or sharp edges from polygonal data
vtkFFMPEGWriterUses the FFMPEG library to write video files
vtkFieldDataRepresent and manipulate fields of data
vtkFieldDataToAttributeDataFilterMap field data to dataset attribute data
vtkFileExtentionMimeTypeStrategyDetermines the MIME type of a resource based on a hard-coded list of file extensions
vtkFileOutputWindowFile Specific output window class
vtkFillHolesFilterIdentify and fill holes in meshes
vtkFilteringInformationKeyManagerManages key types in vtkFiltering
vtkFiniteDifferenceGradientEstimatorUse finite differences to estimate gradient
vtkFixedPointRayCastImageHelper class for a ray cast image
vtkFixedPointVolumeRayCastCompositeGOHelperA helper that generates composite images for the volume ray cast mapper
vtkFixedPointVolumeRayCastCompositeGOShadeHelperA helper that generates composite images for the volume ray cast mapper
vtkFixedPointVolumeRayCastCompositeHelperA helper that generates composite images for the volume ray cast mapper
vtkFixedPointVolumeRayCastCompositeShadeHelperA helper that generates composite images for the volume ray cast mapper
vtkFixedPointVolumeRayCastHelperAn abstract helper that generates images for the volume ray cast mapper
vtkFixedPointVolumeRayCastMapperA fixed point mapper for volumes
vtkFixedPointVolumeRayCastMIPHelperA helper that generates MIP images for the volume ray cast mapper
vtkFixedWidthTextReaderReader for pulling in text files with fixed-width fields
vtkFloatArrayDynamic, self-adjusting array of float
vtkFloatingPointExceptionsDeal with floating-point exceptions
vtkFLUENTReaderReads a dataset in Fluent file format
vtkFocalPlaneContourRepresentationRepresent a contour drawn on the focal plane
vtkFoldCaseConverts a collection of strings to lower-case
vtkFollowerSubclass of actor that always faces the camera
vtkForceDirectedLayoutStrategyForce directed graph layout algorithm
vtkForceMimeTypeStrategyReturns a specific mime type no matter what
vtkFrameBufferObjectInternal class which encapsulates OpenGL frame buffer object. Not to be used directly
vtkFreeTypeLabelRenderStrategyRenders labels with freetype
vtkFreeTypeUtilitiesFreeType library support
vtkFrustumCoverageCullerCull props based on frustum coverage
vtkFrustumSourceCreate a polygonal representation of a frustum
vtkFunctionParserParse and evaluate a mathematical expression
vtkFunctionSetAbstract interface for sets of functions
vtkGAMBITReaderReads a dataset in Fluent GAMBIT neutral file format
vtkGarbageCollectorDetect and break reference loops
vtkGarbageCollectorManagerManages the vtkGarbageCollector singleton
vtkGaussianBlurPassImplement a post-processing Gaussian blur render pass
vtkGaussianCubeReaderRead ASCII Gaussian Cube Data files
vtkGaussianRandomSequenceGaussian sequence of pseudo random numbers
vtkGaussianSplatterSplat points into a volume with an elliptical, Gaussian distribution
vtkGeneralTransformAllows operations on any transforms
vtkGenericAdaptorCellDefines cell interface
vtkGenericAttributeAbstract class defined API for attribute data
vtkGenericAttributeCollectionCollection of attributes
vtkGenericCellThread-safe access to cells
vtkGenericCellIteratorIterator used to traverse cells
vtkGenericCellTessellatorHelper class to perform cell tessellation
vtkGenericClipClip any dataset with an implicit function or scalar data
vtkGenericContourFilterGenerate isocontours from input dataset
vtkGenericCutterCut a vtkGenericDataSet with an implicit function or scalar data
vtkGenericDataObjectReaderClass to read any type of vtk data object
vtkGenericDataObjectWriterWrites any type of vtk data object to file
vtkGenericDataSetDefines dataset interface
vtkGenericDataSetAlgorithmObjects that generate adapted data sets
vtkGenericDataSetTessellatorTessellates generic, higher-order datasets into linear cells
vtkGenericEdgeTableKeep track of edges (defined by pair of integer id's)
vtkGenericEnSightReaderClass to read any type of EnSight files
vtkGenericGeometryFilterExtract geometry from data (or convert data to polygonal type)
vtkGenericGlyph3DFilterCopy oriented and scaled glyph geometry to every input point
vtkGenericInterpolatedVelocityFieldInterface for obtaining interpolated velocity values
vtkGenericMovieWriterAbstract movie writer class
vtkGenericOutlineFilterCreate wireframe outline for arbitrary generic data set
vtkGenericPointIteratorIterator used to traverse points
vtkGenericProbeFilterSample data values at specified point locations
vtkGenericRenderWindowInteractorPlatform-independent programmable render window interactor
vtkGenericStreamTracerStreamline generator
vtkGenericSubdivisionErrorMetricObjects that compute error during cell tessellation
vtkGenericVertexAttributeMappingStores mapping for data arrays to generic vertex attributes
vtkGeoAlignedImageRepresentationA multi-resolution image tree
vtkGeoAlignedImageSourceSplits hi-res image into tiles
vtkGeoArcsLayout graph edges on a globe as arcs
vtkGeoAssignCoordinatesGiven latitude and longitude arrays, take the values in those arrays and convert them to x,y,z world coordinates
vtkGeoCameraGeo interface to a camera
vtkGeodesicPathAbstract base for classes that generate a geodesic path
vtkGeoEdgeStrategyLayout graph edges on a globe as arcs
vtkGeoFileImageSourceA tiled image source on disk
vtkGeoFileTerrainSourceA source for tiled geometry on disk
vtkGeoGlobeSourceSpherical globe source
vtkGeoGraticuleCreate a polygonal lat-long grid
vtkGeoImageNodeA node in a multi-resolution image tree
vtkGeoInteractorStyleInteraction for a globe
vtkGeoMathUseful geographic calculations
vtkGeometricErrorMetricObjects that compute geometry-based error during cell tessellation
vtkGeometryFilterExtract geometry from data (or convert data to polygonal type)
vtkGeoProjectionRepresent a projection from a sphere to a plane
vtkGeoProjectionSourceA 2D geographic geometry source
vtkGeoRandomGraphSourceA geospatial graph with random edges
vtkGeoSampleArcsSamples geospatial lines at regular intervals
vtkGeoSourceA multi-resolution geographic data source
vtkGeoSphereTransformA transformation between long-lat-alt and rect coords
vtkGeoTerrainA 3D terrain model for the globe
vtkGeoTerrain2DA 2D terrain model for the globe
vtkGeoTransformA transformation between two geographic coordinate systems
vtkGeoTreeNodeStores data for a patch of the globe
vtkGeoTreeNodeCacheManages a list of vtkGeoTreeNodes
vtkGeoViewA 3D geospatial view
vtkGeoView2DA 2D geospatial view
vtkGESignaReaderRead GE Signa ximg files
vtkGL2PSExporterExport a scene as a PostScript file using GL2PS
vtkGlobeSourceSphere patch with Lat/Long scalar array
vtkGlobFileNamesFind files that match a wildcard pattern
vtkGLSLShaderGLSL Shader
vtkGLSLShaderDeviceAdapterAdapter to pass generic vertex attributes to the rendering pipeline to be used in a GLSL shader
vtkGLSLShaderDeviceAdapter2Adapter to pass generic vertex attributes to the rendering pipeline to be used in a vtkShaderProgram2
vtkGLSLShaderProgramGLSL Shader Program
vtkgluPickMatrixImplement selected glu functionality
vtkGlyph2DCopy oriented and scaled glyph geometry to every input point (2D specialization)
vtkGlyph3DCopy oriented and scaled glyph geometry to every input point
vtkGlyphSource2DCreate 2D glyphs represented by vtkPolyData
vtkGPUInfoStores GPU VRAM information
vtkGPUInfoListStores the list of GPUs VRAM information
vtkGPUInfoListArrayInternal class vtkGPUInfoList
vtkGPUVolumeRayCastMapperRay casting performed on the GPU
vtkGradientFilterA general filter for gradient estimation
vtkGraphBase class for graph data types
vtkGraphAlgorithmSuperclass for algorithms that produce only graph as output
vtkGraphEdgeRepresentation of a single graph edge
boost::vtkGraphEdgePropertyMapHelper< PMap >
vtkGraphGeodesicPathAbstract base for classes that generate a geodesic path on a graph (mesh)
vtkGraphHierarchicalBundleLayout graph arcs in bundles
vtkGraphHierarchicalBundleEdgesLayout graph arcs in bundles
vtkGraphInternalsInternal representation of vtkGraph
vtkGraphLayoutLayout a graph in 2 or 3 dimensions
vtkGraphLayoutFilterNice layout of undirected graphs in 3D
vtkGraphLayoutStrategyAbstract superclass for all graph layout strategies
vtkGraphLayoutViewLays out and displays a graph
vtkGraphMapperMap vtkGraph and derived classes to graphics primitives
boost::vtkGraphPropertyMapMultiplier< PMap >
vtkGraphReaderRead vtkGraph data file
vtkGraphToGlyphsCreate glyphs for graph vertices
vtkGraphToPointsConvert a vtkGraph a set of points
vtkGraphToPolyDataConvert a vtkGraph to vtkPolyData
vtkGraphWriterWrite vtkGraph data to a file
vtkGreedyTerrainDecimationReduce height field (represented as image) to reduced TIN
vtkGridSynchronizedTemplates3DGenerate isosurface from structured grids
vtkGridTransformNonlinear warp transformation
vtkGroupLeafVerticesFilter that expands a tree, categorizing leaf vertices
vtkHandleRepresentationAbstract class for representing widget handles
vtkHandleWidgetGeneral widget for moving handles
vtkHardwareSelectionPolyDataPainterPainter used to render polydata for selection passes
vtkHardwareSelectorManager for OpenGL-based selection
vtkHAVSVolumeMapperHardware-Assisted Visibility Sorting unstructured grid mapper
vtkHeapReplacement for malloc/free and new/delete
vtkHedgeHogCreate oriented lines from vector data
vtkHexagonalPrism3D cell that represents a prism with hexagonal base
vtkHexahedronCell that represents a linear 3D hexahedron
vtkHierarchicalBoxDataIteratorSubclass of vtkCompositeDataIterator with API to get current level and dataset index
vtkHierarchicalBoxDataSetHierarchical dataset of vtkUniformGrids
vtkHierarchicalBoxDataSetAlgorithmSuperclass for algorithms that produce vtkHierarchicalBoxDataSet as output
vtkHierarchicalDataExtractDataSetsExtract a number of datasets
vtkHierarchicalDataExtractLevelExtact levels between min and max
vtkHierarchicalDataLevelFilterGenerate scalars from levels
vtkHierarchicalDataSetGeometryFilterExtract geometry from hierarchical data
vtkHierarchicalGraphPipelineHelper class for rendering graphs superimposed on a tree
vtkHierarchicalGraphViewAccepts a graph and a hierarchy - currently a tree - and provides a hierarchy-aware display. Currently, this means displaying the hierarchy using a tree layout, then rendering the graph vertices as leaves of the tree with curved graph edges between leaves
vtkHierarchicalPolyDataMapperClass that renders hierarchical polygonal data
vtkHomogeneousTransformSuperclass for homogeneous transformations
vtkHoverWidgetInvoke a vtkTimerEvent when hovering
vtkHullProduce an n-sided convex hull
vtkHyperOctreeA dataset structured as a tree where each node has exactly 2^n children
vtkHyperOctreeAlgorithmSuperclass for algorithms that produce only octree as output
vtkHyperOctreeClipCutPointsGrabberA concrete implementation of vtkHyperOctreePointsGrabber used by vtkClipHyperOctree and vtkHyperOctreeCutter
vtkHyperOctreeContourFilterGenerate isosurfaces/isolines from scalar values
vtkHyperOctreeCursorObjects that can traverse hyperoctree nodes
vtkHyperOctreeCutterCut vtkHyperOctree with user-specified implicit function
vtkHyperOctreeDepthAssign tree depth attribute to each cell
vtkHyperOctreeDualGridContourFilterGenerate isosurfaces/isolines from scalar values
vtkHyperOctreeFractalSourceCreate an octree from a fractal. hyperoctree
vtkHyperOctreeLimiterLimit the tree's depth, averaging data from lower level branches into the new leaves at the cut points
vtkHyperOctreePointsGrabberAn object used by filters to store points computed on face or edge of an hyperoctant. It is an abstract class. vtkClipHyperOctree and vtkHyperOctreeCutter use vtkHyperOctreeClipCutPointsGrabber vtkHyperOctreeContourFilter use an internal one: vtkHyperOctreeContourFilterPointsGrabber
vtkHyperOctreeSampleFunctionSample an implicit function over an hyperoctree
vtkHyperOctreeSurfaceFilterExtracts outer (polygonal) surface
vtkHyperOctreeToUniformGridFilterFlat the octree into a uniform grid
vtkHyperStreamlineGenerate hyperstreamline in arbitrary dataset
vtkIcicleViewDisplays a tree in a stacked "icicle" view
vtkIconGlyphFilterFilter that generates a polydata with texture coordinates corresponding to icons within a sheet of icons
vtkIdentColoredPainterDEPRECATED A vtkPolyDataPainter that colors each polygon with a color coded integer
vtkIdentityTransformTransform that doesn't do anything
vtkIdFilterGenerate scalars or field data from point and cell ids
vtkIdListList of point or cell ids
vtkIdListCollectionMaintain an unordered list of dataarray objects
vtkIdTypeArrayDynamic, self-adjusting array of vtkIdType
vtkImageAccumulateGeneralized histograms up to 4 dimensions
vtkImageActorDraw an image (data & properties) in a rendered 3D scene
vtkImageActorPointPlacerConverts 2D display positions to world positions such that they lie on an ImageActor
vtkImageAlgorithmGeneric algorithm superclass for image algs
vtkImageAnisotropicDiffusion2DEdge preserving smoothing
vtkImageAnisotropicDiffusion3DEdge preserving smoothing
vtkImageAppendCollects data from multiple inputs into one image
vtkImageAppendComponentsCollects components from two inputs into one output
vtkImageBlendBlend images together using alpha or opacity
vtkImageButterworthHighPassFrequency domain high pass
vtkImageButterworthLowPassFrequency domain Low pass
vtkImageCacheFilterCaches multiple vtkImageData objects
vtkImageCanvasSource2DPaints on a canvas
vtkImageCastImage Data type Casting Filter
vtkImageChangeInformationModify spacing, origin and extent
vtkImageCheckerboardShow two images at once using a checkboard pattern
vtkImageCityBlockDistance1,2 or 3D distance map
vtkImageClipReduces the image extent of the input
vtkImageConnectorCreate a binary image of a sphere
vtkImageConstantPadMakes image larger by padding with constant
vtkImageContinuousDilate3DDilate implemented as a maximum
vtkImageContinuousErode3DErosion implemented as a minimum
vtkImageConvolveConvolution of an image with a kernel
vtkImageCorrelationCorrelation imageof the two inputs
vtkImageCursor3DPaints a cursor on top of an image or volume
vtkImageDataTopologically and geometrically regular array of data
vtkImageDataGeometryFilterExtract geometry for structured points
vtkImageDataStreamerInitiates streaming on image data
vtkImageDecomposeFilterFilters that execute axes in series
vtkImageDifferenceCompares images for regression tests
vtkImageDilateErode3DDilates one value and erodes another
vtkImageDivergenceDivergence of a vector field
vtkImageDotProductDot product of two vector images
vtkImageEllipsoidSourceCreate a binary image of an ellipsoid
vtkImageEuclideanDistanceComputes 3D Euclidean DT
vtkImageEuclideanToPolarConverts 2D Euclidean coordinates to polar
vtkImageExportExport VTK images to third-party systems
vtkImageExtractComponentsOutputs a single component
vtkImageFFTFast Fourier Transform
vtkImageFlipThis flips an axis of an image. Right becomes left ..
vtkImageFourierCenterShifts constant frequency to center for display
vtkImageFourierFilterSuperclass that implements complex numbers
vtkImageGaussianSmoothPerforms a gaussian convolution
vtkImageGaussianSourceCreate an image with Gaussian pixel values
vtkImageGradientComputes the gradient vector
vtkImageGradientMagnitudeComputes magnitude of the gradient
vtkImageGridSourceCreate an image of a grid
vtkImageHSIToRGBConverts HSI components to RGB
vtkImageHSVToRGBConverts HSV components to RGB
vtkImageHybridMedian2DMedian filter that preserves lines and corners
vtkImageIdealHighPassSimple frequency domain band pass
vtkImageIdealLowPassSimple frequency domain band pass
vtkImageImportImport data from a C array
vtkImageInPlaceFilterFilter that operates in place
vtkImageIslandRemoval2DRemoves small clusters in masks
vtkImageItemVtkContextItem that draws a supplied image in the scene
vtkImageIterateFilterMultiple executes per update
vtkImageIterator< DType >Simple image iterator
vtkImageLaplacianComputes divergence of gradient
vtkImageLogarithmicScalePasses each pixel through log function
vtkImageLogicAnd, or, xor, nand, nor, not
vtkImageLuminanceComputes the luminance of the input
vtkImageMagnifyMagnify an image by an integer value
vtkImageMagnitudeColapses components with magnitude function.
vtkImageMandelbrotSourceMandelbrot image
vtkImageMapper2D image display
vtkImageMapToColorsMap the input image through a lookup table
vtkImageMapToRGBAMap the input image through a lookup table
vtkImageMapToWindowLevelColorsMap the input image through a lookup table and window / level it
vtkImageMarchingCubesGenerate isosurface(s) from volume/images
vtkImageMaskCombines a mask and an image
vtkImageMaskBitsApplies a bit-mask pattern to each component
vtkImageMathematicsAdd, subtract, multiply, divide, invert, sin, cos, exp, log
vtkImageMedian3DMedian Filter
vtkImageMirrorPadExtra pixels are filled by mirror images
vtkImageMultipleInputFilterGeneric filter that has N inputs
vtkImageMultipleInputOutputFilterGeneric filter that has N inputs
vtkImageNoiseSourceCreate an image filled with noise
vtkImageNonMaximumSuppressionPerforms non-maximum suppression
vtkImageNormalizeNormalizes that scalar components for each point
vtkImageOpenClose3DWill perform opening or closing
vtkImageOrthoPlanesConnect three vtkImagePlaneWidgets together
vtkImagePadFilterSuper class for filters that fill in extra pixels
vtkImagePermutePermutes axes of input
vtkImagePlaneWidget3D widget for reslicing image data
vtkImageProcessingPassConvenient class for post-processing passes. render pass
vtkImageProgressIterator< DType >Simple image iterator with progress
vtkImageQuantizeRGBToIndexGeneralized histograms up to 4 dimensions
vtkImageRange3DMax - min of a circular neighborhood
vtkImageReaderSuperclass of transformable binary file readers
vtkImageReader2Superclass of binary file readers
vtkImageReader2CollectionMaintain a list of image readers
vtkImageReader2FactorySuperclass of binary file readers
vtkImageRectilinearWipeMake a rectilinear combination of two images
vtkImageRenderManagerAn object to control sort-first parallel rendering
vtkImageResampleResamples an image to be larger or smaller
vtkImageResliceReslices a volume along a new set of axes
vtkImageRFFTReverse Fast Fourier Transform
vtkImageRGBToHSIConverts RGB components to HSI
vtkImageRGBToHSVConverts RGB components to HSV
vtkImageSeedConnectivitySeedConnectivity with user defined seeds
vtkImageSeparableConvolution3 1D convolutions on an image
vtkImageShiftScaleShift and scale an input image
vtkImageShrink3DSubsamples an image
vtkImageSinusoidSourceCreate an image with sinusoidal pixel values
vtkImageSkeleton2DSkeleton of 2D images
vtkImageSobel2DComputes a vector field using sobel functions
vtkImageSobel3DComputes a vector field using sobel functions
vtkImageSourceSource of data for the imaging pipeline
vtkImageSpatialAlgorithmFilters that operate on pixel neighborhoods
vtkImageSpatialFilterFilters that operate on pixel neighborhoods
vtkImageStencilCombine images via a cookie-cutter operation
vtkImageStencilDataEfficient description of an image stencil
vtkImageStencilSourceGenerate an image stencil
vtkImageThresholdFlexible threshold
vtkImageToImageFilterGeneric filter that has one input of type vtkImageData
vtkImageToImageStencilClip an image with a mask image
vtkImageToPolyDataFilterGenerate linear primitives (vtkPolyData) from an image
vtkImageToStructuredPointsAttaches image pipeline to VTK
vtkImageTracerWidget3D widget for tracing on planar props
vtkImageTranslateExtentChanges extent, nothing else
vtkImageTwoInputFilterGeneric superclass for filters that have two inputs
vtkImageVariance3DVariance in a neighborhood
vtkImageViewerDisplay a 2d image
vtkImageViewer2Display a 2D image
vtkImageWeightedSumAdds any number of images, weighting each according to the weight set using this->SetWeights(i,w)
vtkImageWrapPadMakes an image larger by wrapping existing data
vtkImageWriterWrites images to files
vtkImplicitBooleanImplicit function consisting of boolean combinations of implicit functions
vtkImplicitDataSetTreat a dataset as if it were an implicit function
vtkImplicitFunctionAbstract interface for implicit functions
vtkImplicitFunctionCollectionMaintain a list of implicit functions
vtkImplicitFunctionToImageStencilClip an image with a function
vtkImplicitHaloImplicit function for an halo
vtkImplicitModellerCompute distance from input geometry on structured point dataset
vtkImplicitPlaneRepresentationClass defining the representation for a vtkImplicitPlaneWidget2
vtkImplicitPlaneWidget3D widget for manipulating an infinite plane
vtkImplicitPlaneWidget23D widget for manipulating an infinite plane
vtkImplicitSelectionLoopImplicit function for a selection loop
vtkImplicitSumImplicit sum of other implicit functions
vtkImplicitTextureCoordsGenerate 1D, 2D, or 3D texture coordinates based on implicit function(s)
vtkImplicitVolumeTreat a volume as if it were an implicit function
vtkImplicitWindowFunctionImplicit function maps another implicit function to lie within a specified range
vtkImporterImporter abstract class
vtkIncrementalOctreeNodeOctree node constituting incremental octree (in support of both point location and point insertion)
vtkIncrementalOctreePointLocatorIncremental octree in support of both point location and point insertion
vtkIncrementalPointLocatorAbstract class in support of both point location and point insertion
vtkIndentSimple class to control print indentation
vtkInEdgeIteratorIterates through all incoming edges to a vertex
vtkInformationStore vtkAlgorithm input/output information
vtkInformationDataObjectKeyKey for vtkDataObject values
vtkInformationDoubleKeyKey for double values in vtkInformation
vtkInformationDoubleVectorKeyKey for double vector values
vtkInformationExecutivePortKeyKey for vtkExecutive/Port value pairs
vtkInformationExecutivePortVectorKeyKey for vtkExecutive/Port value pair vectors
vtkInformationIdTypeKeyKey for vtkIdType values in vtkInformation
vtkInformationInformationKeyKey for vtkInformation values
vtkInformationInformationVectorKeyKey for vtkInformation vectors
vtkInformationIntegerKeyKey for integer values in vtkInformation
vtkInformationIntegerPointerKeyKey for pointer to integer
vtkInformationIntegerVectorKeyKey for integer vector values
vtkInformationInternalsInternal structure for vtkInformation
vtkInformationIteratorIterates over keys of an information object
vtkInformationKeySuperclass for vtkInformation keys
vtkInformationKeyVectorKeyKey for vector-of-keys values
vtkInformationObjectBaseKeyKey for vtkObjectBase values
vtkInformationObjectBaseVectorKeyKey for vtkObjectBase vector values
vtkInformationQuadratureSchemeDefinitionVectorKeyKey for vtkQuadratureSchemeDefinition vector values
vtkInformationRequestKeyKey for pointer to pointer
vtkInformationStringKeyKey for string values in vtkInformation
vtkInformationStringVectorKeyKey for String vector values
vtkInformationUnsignedLongKeyKey for unsigned long values in vtkInformation
vtkInformationVectorStore zero or more vtkInformation instances
vtkInitialValueProblemSolverIntegrate a set of ordinary differential equations (initial value problem) in time
vtkInputStreamWraps a binary input stream with a VTK interface
vtkInstantiatorCreate an instance of any VTK class from its name
vtkIntArrayDynamic, self-adjusting array of int
vtkInteractorEventRecorderRecord and play VTK events passing through a vtkRenderWindowInteractor
vtkInteractorObserverAbstract superclass for classes observing events invoked by vtkRenderWindowInteractor
vtkInteractorStyleProvide event-driven interface to the rendering window (defines trackball mode)
vtkInteractorStyleAreaSelectHoverAn interactor style for an area tree view
vtkInteractorStyleFlightFlight motion routines
vtkInteractorStyleImageInteractive manipulation of the camera specialized for images
vtkInteractorStyleJoystickActorManipulate objects in the scene independently of one another
vtkInteractorStyleJoystickCameraInteractive manipulation of the camera
vtkInteractorStyleRubberBand2DA rubber band interactor for a 2D view
vtkInteractorStyleRubberBand3DA rubber band interactor for a 3D view
vtkInteractorStyleRubberBandPickLike TrackBallCamera, but this can pick props underneath a rubber band selection rectangle
vtkInteractorStyleRubberBandZoomZoom in by amount indicated by rubber band box
vtkInteractorStyleSwitchClass to swap between interactory styles
vtkInteractorStyleTerrainManipulate camera in scene with natural view up (e.g., terrain)
vtkInteractorStyleTrackballTrackball motion control
vtkInteractorStyleTrackballActorManipulate objects in the scene independent of each other
vtkInteractorStyleTrackballCameraInteractive manipulation of the camera
vtkInteractorStyleTreeMapHoverAn interactor style for a tree map view
vtkInteractorStyleUnicamUnicam navigation style
vtkInteractorStyleUserCustomizable interaction routines
vtkInterpolateDataSetAttributesInterpolate scalars, vectors, etc. and other dataset attributes
vtkInterpolatedVelocityFieldA concrete class for obtaining the interpolated velocity values at a point
vtkInterpolatingSubdivisionFilterGenerate a subdivision surface using an Interpolating Scheme
vtkIOStreamInclude C++ iostreams as used by VTK
vtkIOStreamFwdForward-declare C++ iostreams as used by VTK
vtkISIReaderReader for ISI files
vtkIterativeClosestPointTransformImplementation of the ICP algorithm
vtkIVExporterExport a scene into OpenInventor 2.0 format
vtkIVWriterExport polydata into OpenInventor 2.0 format
vtkJavaProgrammableFilterExecute an algorithm defined in a Java class
vtkJavaScriptDataWriterA Javascript data writer for vtkTable Writes a vtkTable into a Javascript data format
vtkJPEGReaderRead JPEG files
vtkJPEGWriterWrites JPEG files
vtkJVMManagerManages a java virtual machine
vtkKdNodeThis class represents a single spatial region in an 3D axis aligned binary spatial partitioning. It is assumed the region bounds some set of points. Regions are represented as nodes in a binary tree
vtkKdTreeKd-tree spatial decomposition of a set of points
vtkKdTreePointLocatorClass to quickly locate points in 3-space
vtkKdTreeSelectorSelects point ids using a kd-tree
vtkKMeansDistanceFunctorMeasure distance from k-means cluster centers
vtkKMeansDistanceFunctorCalculatorMeasure distance from k-means cluster centers using a user-specified expression
vtkKMeansStatisticsA class for KMeans clustering
vtkKochanekSplineComputes an interpolating spline using a Kochanek basis
vtkLabeledDataMapperDraw text labels at dataset points
vtkLabeledTreeMapDataMapperDraw text labels on a tree map
vtkLabelHierarchyOctree of labels
vtkLabelHierarchyAlgorithmSuperclass for algorithms that produce only label hierarchies as output
vtkLabelHierarchyCompositeIteratorIterator over sub-iterators
vtkLabelHierarchyIteratorIterator over vtkLabelHierarchy
vtkLabelPlacementMapperPlaces and renders non-overlapping labels
vtkLabelPlacerPlace a prioritized hierarchy of labels in screen space
vtkLabelRenderStrategySuperclass for label rendering implementations
vtkLandmarkTransformLinear transform specified by two corresponding point sets
vtkLargeIntegerClass for arbitrarily large ints
vtkLeaderActor2DCreate a leader with optional label and arrows
vtkLegendBoxActorDraw symbols with text
vtkLegendScaleActorAnnotate the render window with scale and distance information
vtkLevelIdScalarsGenerate scalars from levels
vtkLightVirtual light for 3D rendering
vtkLightActorCone and a frustum to represent a spotlight
vtkLightCollectionList of lights
vtkLightingHelperHelper to assist in simulating lighting similar to default OpenGL pipeline
vtkLightingPainterAbstract class defining interface for painter that can handle lightin
vtkLightKitSimple but quality lighting kit
vtkLightsPassImplement the lights render pass
vtkLineCell represents a 1D line
vtkLinearContourLineInterpolatorInterpolates supplied nodes with line segments
vtkLinearExtrusionFilterSweep polygonal data creating a "skirt" from free edges and lines, and lines from vertices
vtkLinearSubdivisionFilterGenerate a subdivision surface using the Linear Scheme
vtkLinearTransformAbstract superclass for linear transformations
vtkLineIntegralConvolution2DGPU-based implementation of Line Integral Convolution (LIC)
vtkLineRepresentationClass defining the representation for a vtkLineWidget2
vtkLineSourceCreate a line defined by two end points
vtkLinesPainterPainter that paints lines
vtkLineWidget3D widget for manipulating a line
vtkLineWidget23D widget for manipulating a finite, straight line
vtkLinkEdgelsLinks edgels together to form digital curves
vtkLocatorAbstract base class for objects that accelerate spatial searches
vtkLODActorActor that supports multiple levels of detail
vtkLODProp3DLevel of detail 3D prop
vtkLogLookupTableMap scalars into colors using log (base 10) scale
vtkLogoRepresentationRepresent the vtkLogoWidget
vtkLogoWidget2D widget for placing and manipulating a logo
vtkLongArrayDynamic, self-adjusting array of long
vtkLongLongArrayDynamic, self-adjusting array of long long
vtkLookupTableMap scalar values into colors via a lookup table
vtkLookupTableWithEnablingA lookup table that allows for an optional array to be provided that specifies which scalars to "enable" and which to "disable"
vtkLoopSubdivisionFilterGenerate a subdivision surface using the Loop Scheme
vtkLSDynaReaderRead LS-Dyna databases (d3plot)
vtkMapArrayValuesMap values in an input array to different values in an output array of (possibly) different type
vtkMapperAbstract class specifies interface to map data to graphics primitives
vtkMapper2DAbstract class specifies interface for objects which render 2D actors
vtkMapperCollectionList of mappers
vtkMarchingContourFilterGenerate isosurfaces/isolines from scalar values
vtkMarchingCubesGenerate isosurface(s) from volume
vtkMarchingSquaresGenerate isoline(s) from structured points set
vtkMaskFieldsAllow control of which fields get passed to the output
vtkMaskPointsSelectively filter points
vtkMaskPolyDataSample subset of input polygonal data cells
vtkMassPropertiesEstimate volume, area, shape index of triangle mesh
vtkMaterialLibraryLibrary for Materials
vtkMathPerforms common math operations
vtkMatlabMexAdapterThis is a utility class to convert VTK array data to and from the Matlab mxArray format. It is used with the Matlab Mex and Matlab Engine interfaces
vtkMatricizeArrayConvert an array of arbitrary dimensions to a matrix
vtkMatrix3x3Represent and manipulate 3x3 transformation matrices
vtkMatrix4x4Represent and manipulate 4x4 transformation matrices
vtkMatrixToHomogeneousTransformConvert a matrix to a transform
vtkMatrixToLinearTransformConvert a matrix to a transform
vtkMCubesReaderRead binary marching cubes file
vtkMCubesWriterWrite binary marching cubes file
vtkMedicalImagePropertiesSome medical image properties
vtkMedicalImageReader2VtkImageReader2 with medical meta data
vtkMemoryLimitImageDataStreamerInitiates streaming on image data
vtkMergeCellsMerges any number of vtkDataSets back into a single vtkUnstructuredGrid
vtkMergeColumnsMerge two columns into a single column
vtkMergeDataObjectFilterMerge dataset and data object field to create dataset with attribute data
vtkMergeFieldsMerge multiple fields into one
vtkMergeFilterExtract separate components of data from different datasets
vtkMergeGraphsCombines two graphs
vtkMergePointsMerge exactly coincident points
vtkMergeTablesCombine two tables
vtkMesaActorMesa actor
vtkMesaCameraMesa camera
vtkMesaClipPlanesPainterPainter that manages clipping
vtkMesaDisplayListPainterDisplay list painter using Mesa
vtkMesaFreeTypeTextMapper2D Text annotation support
vtkMesaImageActorMesa texture map
vtkMesaImageMapper2D image display support for Mesa
vtkMesaLightMesa light
vtkMesaLightingPainterPainter that manages lighting
vtkMesaPainterDeviceAdapterAn adapter between a vtkPainter and a rendering device
vtkMesaPolyDataMapperPolyDataMapper for the Mesa library
vtkMesaPolyDataMapper2D2D PolyData support for Mesa
vtkMesaProjectedTetrahedraMapperMesa implementation of PT
vtkMesaPropertyMesa property
vtkMesaRayCastImageDisplayHelperMesa subclass that draws the image to the screen
vtkMesaRendererOpenGL renderer
vtkMesaRenderWindowMesa rendering window
vtkMesaRepresentationPainterPainter handling representation using Mesa
vtkMesaTextureMesa texture map
vtkMesaVolumeTextureMapper2DAbstract class for a volume mapper
vtkMeshQualityCalculate functions of quality of the elements
vtkMetaImageReaderRead binary UNC meta image data
vtkMetaImageWriterWrite a binary UNC meta image data
vtkMFCWindowClass to display a VTK window in an MFC window
vtkMFIXReaderReads a dataset in MFIX file format
vtkMILVideoSourceMatrox Imaging Library frame grabbers
vtkMimeTypesDetermines the MIME type of a resource
vtkMimeTypeStrategyAbstract interface for an object that can identify the MIME type of a resource
vtkMINCImageAttributesA container for a MINC image header
vtkMINCImageReaderA reader for MINC files
vtkMINCImageWriterA writer for MINC files
vtkMinimalStandardRandomSequencePark and Miller Sequence of pseudo random numbers
vtkModelMetadataThis class encapsulates the metadata that appear in mesh-based file formats but do not appear in vtkUnstructuredGrid. It can pack itself into the field arrays of a vtkUnstructuredGrid, and be unpacked by metadata aware filters and writers later on
vtkModifiedBSPTreeGenerate axis aligned BBox tree for raycasting and other Locator based searches
vtkMoleculeReaderBaseRead Molecular Data files
vtkMPASReaderRead an MPAS netCFD file
vtkMPEG2WriterWrites MPEG2 Movie files
vtkMPICommunicatorClass for creating user defined MPI communicators
vtkMPIControllerProcess communication using MPI
vtkMPIEventLogClass for logging and timing
vtkMultiBlockDataGroupFilterCollects multiple inputs into one multi-group dataset
vtkMultiBlockDataSetComposite dataset that organizes datasets into blocks
vtkMultiBlockDataSetAlgorithmSuperclass for algorithms that produce only vtkMultiBlockDataSet as output
vtkMultiBlockMergeFilterMerges multiblock inputs into a single multiblock output
vtkMultiBlockPLOT3DReaderRead PLOT3D data files
vtkMultiCorrelativeStatisticsA class for linear correlation
vtkMultiPieceDataSetComposite dataset to encapsulates pieces of dataset
vtkMultiProcessControllerMultiprocessing communication superclass
vtkMultiProcessStreamStream used to pass data across processes using vtkMultiProcessController
vtkMultiThreaderA class for performing multithreaded execution
vtkMultiThresholdThreshold cells within multiple intervals
vtkMultiThreshold::BooleanSetA subset of a mesh represented as a boolean set operation
vtkMultiThreshold::IntervalA subset of a mesh represented by a range of acceptable attribute values
vtkMultiThreshold::NormKeyA class with comparison operator used to index input array norms used in threshold rules
vtkMultiThreshold::SetA base class for representing threshold sets
vtkMutableDirectedGraphAn editable directed graph
vtkMutableGraphHelperHelper class for building a directed or directed graph
vtkMutableUndirectedGraphAn editable undirected graph
vtkMutexLockMutual exclusion locking class
vtkMySQLDatabaseMaintain a connection to a MySQL database
vtkMySQLQueryVtkSQLQuery implementation for MySQL databases
vtkNetCDFPOPReaderRead NetCDF files .Author Joshua Wu 09.15.2009
vtkNetworkHierarchyFilter that takes a graph and makes a tree out of the network ip addresses in that graph
vtkNGramExtractionConverts a collection of tokens into a collection of N-grams
vtkNonLinearCellAbstract superclass for non-linear cells
vtkNonMergingPointLocatorDirect / check-free point insertion
vtkNormalizeMatrixVectorsGiven a sparse input matrix, produces a sparse output matrix with each vector normalized to unit length
vtkOBBDicerDivide dataset into spatially aggregated pieces
vtkOBBTreeGenerate oriented bounding box (OBB) tree
vtkObjectAbstract base class for most VTK objects
vtkObjectBaseAbstract base class for most VTK objects
vtkObjectFactoryAbstract base class for vtkObjectFactories
vtkObjectFactoryCollectionMaintain a list of object factories
vtkOBJExporterExport a scene into Wavefront format
vtkOBJReaderRead Wavefront .obj files
vtkObserverMediatorManage contention for cursors and other resources
vtkOctreePointLocatorOctree spatial decomposition of a set of points
vtkOctreePointLocatorNodeOctree node that has 8 children each of equal size
vtkODBCDatabaseMaintain an ODBC connection to a SQL database
vtkODBCInternalsSimple class to hide ODBC structures
vtkODBCQueryVtkSQLQuery implementation for ODBC connections to databases
vtkOggTheoraWriterUses the ogg and theora libraries to write video files
vtkOldStyleCallbackCommandSupports legacy function callbacks for VTK
vtkOnePieceExtentTranslatorReturns the whole extent for any piece.. vtkOnePieceExtentTranslator returns the whole extent for any piece
vtkOOGLExporterExport a scene into Geomview OOGL format
vtkOpaquePassRender the opaque geometry with property key filtering
vtkOpenFOAMReaderReads a dataset in OpenFOAM format
vtkOpenGLActorOpenGL actor
vtkOpenGLCameraOpenGL camera
vtkOpenGLClipPlanesPainterPainter that manages clipping
vtkOpenGLContextBufferId2D array of ids stored in VRAM
vtkOpenGLContextDevice2DClass for drawing 2D primitives using OpenGL
vtkOpenGLDisplayListPainterDisplay list painter using OpenGL
vtkOpenGLExtensionManagerInterface class for querying and using OpenGL extensions
vtkOpenGLFreeTypeTextMapper2D Text annotation support
vtkOpenGLGPUVolumeRayCastMapperOpenGL subclass that draws the image to the screen
vtkOpenGLHardwareSupportOpenGL rendering window
vtkOpenGLHAVSVolumeMapperHardware-Assisted Visibility Sorting unstructured grid mapper, OpenGL implementation
vtkOpenGLImageActorOpenGL texture map
vtkOpenGLImageMapper2D image display support for OpenGL
vtkOpenGLLightOpenGL light
vtkOpenGLLightingPainterPainter that manages lighting
vtkOpenGLPainterDeviceAdapterAn adapter between a vtkPainter and a rendering device
vtkOpenGLPolyDataMapperPolyDataMapper for the OpenGL library
vtkOpenGLPolyDataMapper2D2D PolyData support for OpenGL
vtkOpenGLProjectedPolyDataRayBounderOpen GL ray bounder
vtkOpenGLProjectedTetrahedraMapperOpenGL implementation of PT
vtkOpenGLPropertyOpenGL property
vtkOpenGLRayCastImageDisplayHelperOpenGL subclass that draws the image to the screen
vtkOpenGLRendererOpenGL renderer
vtkOpenGLRenderWindowOpenGL rendering window
vtkOpenGLRepresentationPainterPainter handling representation using OpenGL
vtkOpenGLScalarsToColorsPainterImplementation of vtkScalarsToColorsPainter for OpenGL
vtkOpenGLStateRaw OpenGL State
vtkOpenGLStateCacheChecks for redundancies in state-change requests
vtkOpenGLTextureOpenGL texture map
vtkOpenGLVolumeProVP1000MapperConcrete class for VolumePRO mapper
vtkOpenGLVolumeTextureMapper2DAbstract class for a volume mapper
vtkOpenGLVolumeTextureMapper3DConcrete implementation of 3D volume texture mapping
vtkOrderedTriangulatorHelper class to generate triangulations
vtkOrderStatisticsA class for univariate order statistics
vtkOrientationMarkerWidget2D widget for manipulating a marker prop
vtkOrientedGlyphContourRepresentationDefault representation for the contour widget
vtkOrientedGlyphFocalPlaneContourRepresentationContours constrained to a focal plane
vtkOrientedPolygonalHandleRepresentation3DRepresent a user defined handle geometry in 3D while maintaining a fixed orientation w.r.t the camera
vtkOSOpenGLRenderWindowOffScreen Mesa rendering window
vtkOStreamWrapperWrapper for C++ ostream. Internal VTK use only
vtkOStrStreamWrapperWrapper for ostrstream. Internal VTK use only
vtkOutEdgeIteratorIterates through all outgoing edges from a vertex
vtkOutlineCornerFilterCreate wireframe outline corners for arbitrary data set
vtkOutlineCornerSourceCreate wireframe outline corners around bounding box
vtkOutlineFilterCreate wireframe outline for arbitrary data set
vtkOutlineSourceCreate wireframe outline around bounding box
vtkOutputStreamWraps a binary output stream with a VTK interface
vtkOutputWindowBase class for writing debug output to a console
vtkOverlayPassRender the overlay geometry with property key filtering
vtkOverrideInformationFactory object override information
vtkOverrideInformationCollectionMaintain a list of override information objects
vtkPainterAbstract class for drawing poly data
vtkPainterDeviceAdapterAn adapter between a vtkPainter and a rendering device
vtkPainterPolyDataMapperPolyDataMapper using painters
vtkPairwiseExtractHistogram2DCompute a 2D histogram between all adjacent columns of an input vtkTable
vtkParallelCoordinatesActorCreate parallel coordinate display from input field
vtkParallelCoordinatesHistogramRepresentationData representation that takes generic multivariate data and produces a parallel coordinates plot. This plot optionally can draw a histogram-based plot summary
vtkParallelCoordinatesInteractorStyleInteractive manipulation of the camera specialized for parallel coordinates
vtkParallelCoordinatesRepresentationData representation that takes generic multivariate data and produces a parallel coordinates plot
vtkParallelCoordinatesViewView to be used with vtkParallelCoordinatesRepresentation
vtkParallelopipedRepresentationDefault representation for vtkParallelopipedWidget
vtkParallelopipedWidgetWidget to manipulate 3D parallelopipeds
vtkParallelRenderManagerAn object to control parallel rendering
vtkParametricBoyGenerate Boy's surface
vtkParametricConicSpiralGenerate conic spiral surfaces that resemble sea-shells
vtkParametricCrossCapGenerate a cross-cap
vtkParametricDiniGenerate Dini's surface
vtkParametricEllipsoidGenerate an ellipsoid
vtkParametricEnneperGenerate Enneper's surface
vtkParametricFigure8KleinGenerate a figure-8 Klein bottle
vtkParametricFunctionAbstract interface for parametric functions
vtkParametricFunctionSourceTessellate parametric functions
vtkParametricKleinGenerates a "classical" representation of a Klein bottle
vtkParametricMobiusGenerate a Mobius strip
vtkParametricRandomHillsGenerate a surface covered with randomly placed hills
vtkParametricRomanGenerate Steiner's Roman Surface
vtkParametricSplineParametric function for 1D interpolating splines
vtkParametricSuperEllipsoidGenerate a superellipsoid
vtkParametricSuperToroidGenerate a supertoroid
vtkParametricTorusGenerate a torus
vtkParticleReaderRead ASCII or binary particle data and (optionally) one scalar value associated with each particle
vtkPassArraysPasses a subset of arrays to the output
vtkPassInputTypeAlgorithmSuperclass for algorithms that produce output of the same type as input
vtkPassThroughShallow copies the input into the output
vtkPassThroughEdgeStrategyPasses edge routing information through
vtkPassThroughFilterFilter which shallow copies it's input to it's output
vtkPassThroughLayoutStrategyLayout strategy that does absolutely nothing
vtkPBGLBreadthFirstSearchBreadth-first search on a distributed vtkGraph
vtkPBGLCollapseGraphCollapse multiple vertices into a single vertex
vtkPBGLCollapseParallelEdgesCollapse multiple vertices into a single vertex
vtkPBGLCollectGraphCollects all of the pieces of a distributed vtkGraph into a single, non-distributed vtkGraph
vtkPBGLConnectedComponentsCompute connected components for a distributed vtkGraph. For directed graphs, this computes the connected components; for undirected graphs, this computes the strongly-connected components
vtkPBGLDistributedGraphHelperEnd namespace boost::graph::distributed
vtkPBGLGraphAdapterAdapter to the Parallel Boost Graph Library (
vtkPBGLGraphSQLReaderRead a vtkGraph from a database
vtkPBGLMinimumSpanningTreeMinimum spanning tree of a distributed vtkGraph
vtkPBGLRandomGraphSourceGenerates a distributed graph with random edges
vtkPBGLRMATGraphSourceDistributed graph with random edges built accorting to the recursive matrix (R-MAT) model
vtkPBGLShortestPathsCompute the shortest paths from the origin vertex to all other vertices in a distributed vtkGraph
vtkPBGLVertexColoringCompute a vertex coloring for a distributed, undirected vtkGraph, where each vertex has a color distinct from the colors of its adjacent vertices
vtkPBivariateLinearTableThresholdPerforms line-based thresholding for vtkTable data in parallel
vtkPCAAnalysisFilterPerforms principal component analysis of a set of aligned pointsets
vtkPCAStatisticsA class for principal component analysis
vtkPCellDataToPointDataCompute point arrays from cell arrays
vtkPChacoReaderRead Chaco files
vtkPComputeHistogram2DOutliersExtract outlier rows from a vtkTable based on input 2D histograms, in parallel
vtkPContingencyStatisticsA class for parallel univariate contingency statistics
vtkPCorrelativeStatisticsA class for parallel bivariate correlative statistics
vtkPCosmoHaloFinderFind halos within a cosmology data file
vtkPCosmoReaderRead a binary cosmology data file
vtkPDataSetReaderManages reading pieces of a data set
vtkPDataSetWriterManages writing pieces of a data set
vtkPDBReaderRead Molecular Data files
vtkPDescriptiveStatisticsA class for parallel univariate descriptive statistics
vtkPenPen that draws the outlines of shapes drawn by vtkContext2D
vtkPentagonalPrism3D cell that represents a prism with pentagonal base
vtkPerlinNoiseImplicit function that implements Perlin noise
vtkPerspectiveTransformDescribes a 4x4 matrix transformation
vtkPerturbCoincidentVerticesPerturbs vertices that are coincident
vtkPExodusIIReaderRead Exodus II files (.exii)
vtkPExodusReaderRead exodus 2 files .ex2
vtkPExtractArraysOverTimeExtract point or cell data over time (parallel)
vtkPExtractHistogram2DCompute a 2D histogram between two columns of an input vtkTable in parallel
vtkPickerSuperclass for 3D geometric pickers (uses ray cast)
vtkPieceRequestFilterSets the piece request for upstream filters
vtkPieceScalarsSets all cell scalars from the update piece
vtkPiecewiseFunctionDefines a 1D piecewise function
vtkPiecewiseFunctionAlgorithmSuperclass for algorithms that produce only piecewise function as output
vtkPieChartActorCreate a pie chart from an array
vtkPImageWriterWrites images to files
vtkPipelineGraphSourceGraph constructed from a VTK pipeline
vtkPipelineSizeCompute the memory required by a pipeline
vtkPixelCell that represents an orthogonal quadrilateral
vtkPixelBufferObjectAbstracts an OpenGL pixel buffer object
vtkPKdTreeBuild a k-d tree decomposition of a list of points
vtkPKMeansStatisitcsA class for parallel k means clustering
vtkPlainTextExtractionStrategyText extraction strategy that works with text/* data
vtkPlanePerform various plane computations
vtkPlaneCollectionMaintain a list of planes
vtkPlanesImplicit function for convex set of planes
vtkPlanesIntersectionA vtkPlanesIntersection object is a vtkPlanes object that can compute whether the arbitrary convex region bounded by it's planes intersects an axis-aligned box
vtkPlaneSourceCreate an array of quadrilaterals located in a plane
vtkPlaneWidget3D widget for manipulating a finite plane
vtkPlatonicSolidSourceProduce polygonal Platonic solids
vtkPlaybackRepresentationRepresent the vtkPlaybackWidget
vtkPlaybackWidget2D widget for controlling a playback stream
vtkPLinearExtrusionFilterSubclass that handles piece invariance
vtkPlotAbstract class for 2D plots
vtkPLOT3DReaderRead PLOT3D data files
vtkPlotBarClass for drawing an XY plot given two columns from a vtkTable
vtkPlotGridTakes care of drawing the plot grid
vtkPlotLineClass for drawing an XY line plot given two columns from a vtkTable
vtkPlotParallelCoordinatesClass for drawing an XY plot given two columns from a vtkTable
vtkPlotPointsClass for drawing an XY plot given two columns from a vtkTable
vtkPLYReaderRead Stanford University PLY polygonal file format
vtkPLYWriterWrite Stanford PLY file format
vtkPMultiCorrelativeStatisticsA class for parallel bivariate correlative statistics
vtkPNGReaderRead PNG files
vtkPNGWriterWrites PNG files
vtkPNMReaderRead pnm (i.e., portable anymap) files
vtkPNMWriterWrites PNM (portable any map) files
vtkPNrrdReaderRead nrrd files efficiently from parallel file systems (and reasonably well elsewhere)
vtkPointDataRepresent and manipulate point attribute data
vtkPointDataToCellDataMap point data to cell data
vtkPointHandleRepresentation2DRepresent the position of a point in display coordinates
vtkPointHandleRepresentation3DRepresent the position of a point in 3D space
vtkPointLoadCompute stress tensors given point load on semi-infinite domain
vtkPointLocatorQuickly locate points in 3-space
vtkPointPickerSelect a point by shooting a ray into a graphics window
vtkPointPlacerAbstract interface to translate 2D display positions to world coordinates
vtkPointsRepresent and manipulate 3D points
vtkPoints2DRepresent and manipulate 2D points
vtkPointSetAbstract class for specifying dataset behavior
vtkPointSetAlgorithmSuperclass for algorithms that produce output of the same type as input
vtkPointSetSourceAbstract class whose subclasses generate point data
vtkPointSetToLabelHierarchyBuild a label hierarchy for a graph or point set
vtkPointSetToPointSetFilterAbstract filter class
vtkPointSourceCreate a random cloud of points
vtkPointsPainterThis painter paints verts
vtkPointsProjectedHullConvex hull of the orthogonal projection of the vtkPoints in the 3 coordinate directions
vtkPointWidgetPosition a point in 3D space
vtkPointwiseMutualInformationComputes pointwise mutual information
vtkPolyDataConcrete dataset represents vertices, lines, polygons, and triangle strips
vtkPolyDataAlgorithmSuperclass for algorithms that produce only polydata as output
vtkPolyDataCollectionMaintain a list of polygonal data objects
vtkPolyDataConnectivityFilterExtract polygonal data based on geometric connectivity
vtkPolyDataContourLineInterpolatorContour interpolator for polygonal data
vtkPolyDataMapperMap vtkPolyData to graphics primitives
vtkPolyDataMapper2DDraw vtkPolyData onto the image plane
vtkPolyDataNormalsCompute normals for polygonal mesh
vtkPolyDataPainterAbstract class for drawing poly data
vtkPolyDataPointPlacerBase class to place points given constraints on polygonal data
vtkPolyDataPointSamplerGenerate points from vtkPolyData
vtkPolyDataReaderRead vtk polygonal data file
vtkPolyDataSilhouetteSort polydata along camera view direction
vtkPolyDataSourceAbstract class whose subclasses generate polygonal data
vtkPolyDataSourceWidgetAbstract PolyDataSource-based 3D widget
vtkPolyDataStreamerStream appends input pieces to the output
vtkPolyDataToImageStencilUse polydata to mask an image
vtkPolyDataToPolyDataFilterAbstract filter class
vtkPolyDataWriterWrite vtk polygonal data
vtkPolygonCell that represents an n-sided polygon
vtkPolygonalHandleRepresentation3DRepresent a user defined handle geometry in 3D space
vtkPolygonalSurfaceContourLineInterpolatorContour interpolator for to place points on polygonal surfaces
vtkPolygonsPainterThis painter paints polygons
vtkPolyLineCell represents a set of 1D lines
vtkPolynomialSolversUnivariatePolynomial solvers
vtkPolyVertexCell represents a set of 0D vertices
vtkPOpenFOAMReaderReads a decomposed dataset in OpenFOAM format
vtkPOPReaderRead POP data files
vtkPostgreSQLDatabaseMaintain a connection to a PostgreSQL database
vtkPostgreSQLDatabasePrivateInternal details of a connection to a PostgreSQL database
vtkPostgreSQLQueryVtkSQLQuery implementation for PostgreSQL databases
vtkPostScriptWriterWrites an image as a PostScript file
vtkPOutlineCornerFilterCreate wireframe outline corners for arbitrary data set
vtkPOutlineFilterCreate wireframe outline for arbitrary data set
vtkPOVExporterExport scene into povray format
vtkPowerWeightingGiven an arbitrary-dimension array of doubles, replaces each value x with x^Power
vtkPPairwiseExtractHistogram2DCompute a 2D histogram between all adjacent columns of an input vtkTable in parallel
vtkPPCAStatisticsA class for parallel principal component analysis
vtkPPolyDataNormalsCompute normals for polygonal mesh
vtkPProbeFilterProbe dataset in parallel
vtkPReflectionFilterParallel version of vtkReflectionFilter
vtkPrimitivePainterSuperclass for class that handle single privmitives
vtkPriorityQueueList of ids arranged in priority order
vtkProbeFilterSample data values at specified point locations
vtkProbeSelectedLocationsSimilar to vtkExtractSelectedLocations except that it interpolates the point attributes at the probe locations
vtkProcessProcess that can be launched by a vtkMultiProcessController
vtkProcessGroupA subgroup of processes from a communicator
vtkProcessIdScalarsSets cell or point scalars to the processor rank
vtkProcessObjectAbstract class specifies interface for visualization filters
vtkProcessStatisticsGet statistics such as cpu and memory usage
vtkProcrustesAlignmentFilterAligns a set of pointsets together
vtkProgrammableAttributeDataFilterManipulate attribute (cell and point) data via a user-specified function
vtkProgrammableDataObjectSourceGenerate source data object via a user-specified function
vtkProgrammableFilterUser-programmable filter
vtkProgrammableGlyphFilterControl the generation and placement of glyphs at input points
vtkProgrammableSourceGenerate source dataset via a user-specified function
vtkProjectedTerrainPathProject a polyline onto a terrain
vtkProjectedTetrahedraMapperUnstructured grid volume renderer
vtkProjectedTextureAssign texture coordinates for a projected texture
vtkPropAbstract superclass for all actors, volumes and annotations
vtkProp3D3D object for placement in a rendered scene
vtkProp3DCollectionList of 3D props
vtkPropAssemblyCreate hierarchies of props
vtkPropCollectionList of Props
vtkPropertyRepresent surface properties of a geometric object
vtkProperty2DRepresent surface properties of a 2D image
vtkPropPickerPick an actor/prop using graphics hardware
vtkPruneTreeFilterPrune a subtree out of a vtkTree
vtkPSphereSourceSphere source that supports pieces
vtkPStreamTracerAbstract superclass for parallel streamline generators
vtkPTableToStructuredGridVtkTableToStructuredGrid specialization which handles distribution of the input table
vtkPyramid3D cell that represents a linear pyramid
vtkQImageToImageSourceCreate image data from a QImage
vtkQtAbstractModelAdapterSuperclass for Qt model adapters
vtkQtAnnotationLayersModelAdapterAdapts annotations to a Qt item model
vtkQtAnnotationViewA VTK view that displays the annotations on its annotation link
vtkQtBarChartUsed to display a bar chart
vtkQtBarChartOptionsStores the drawing options for a bar chart
vtkQtBarChartViewWraps a vtkQtChartArea into a VTK view
vtkQtChartAreaManages the chart axes and layers
vtkQtChartAxisUsed to display a cartesian axis
vtkQtChartAxisCornerDomainUsed to merge similar domains for a pair of axes
vtkQtChartAxisDomainUsed to merge similar domains for an axis
vtkQtChartAxisDomainPriorityStores the domain priority order
vtkQtChartAxisLayerUsed to display the chart axes
vtkQtChartAxisModelStores the labels for a chart axis
vtkQtChartAxisOptionsStores the drawing options for a chart axis
vtkQtChartBarDefines a bar used by the chart bar locator
vtkQtChartBarLocatorUsed to locate bars in a tree structure
vtkQtChartBarLocatorNodeUsed to build a tree of chart bar shapes
vtkQtChartBasicSeriesOptionsModelVtkQtChartBasicSeriesOptionsModel is a concrete subclass of vtkQtChartSeriesOptionsModel that keeps itself in-sync with the vtkQtChartSeriesModel so that as new series are added/removed from the vtkQtChartSeriesModel, corresponding options are added/removed as well
vtkQtChartBasicStyleManagerManages chart options using a vtkQtChartStyleRegistry
vtkQtChartBrushGeneratorGenerates series brush options using a list of brushes
vtkQtChartColorGeneratorGenerates series brushs using a color list
vtkQtChartColorsStores a list of colors
vtkQtChartColorStyleGeneratorGenerates series pens using color and pen style lists
vtkQtChartContentsSpaceDefines the contents space for a chart
vtkQtChartGridLayerUsed to dislpay the chart background grid
vtkQtChartHelpFormatterUsed to generate help text from a format string
vtkQtChartIndexRangeUsed to build a tree of index ranges
vtkQtChartIndexRangeListStores a searchable list of index ranges
vtkQtChartInteractorUsed to interact with a chart
vtkQtChartInteractorSetupUsed to set up the chart interactor
vtkQtChartKeyboardFunctionBase class for all chart keyboard functions
vtkQtChartKeyboardHistoryNavigates backwards in the chart view history
vtkQtChartKeyboardHistoryNextNavigates forwards in the chart view history
vtkQtChartKeyboardPanPans the chart contents right
vtkQtChartKeyboardPanDownPans the chart contents down
vtkQtChartKeyboardPanLeftPans the chart contents left
vtkQtChartKeyboardPanUpPans the chart contents up
vtkQtChartKeyboardZoomZooms the chart contents
vtkQtChartKeyboardZoomOutZooms out the chart contents in both directions
vtkQtChartKeyboardZoomOutXZooms out the chart contents in the x-direction
vtkQtChartKeyboardZoomOutYZooms out the chart contents in the y-direction
vtkQtChartKeyboardZoomXZooms in the chart contents in the x-direction
vtkQtChartKeyboardZoomYZooms in the chart contents in the y-direction
vtkQtChartLayerBase class for all chart drawing layers
vtkQtChartLayerDomainUsed to merge chart layer domains
vtkQtChartLegendDisplays a chart legend
vtkQtChartLegendManagerBuilds a chart legend from the chart series layers
vtkQtChartLegendModelStores the data for a chart legend
vtkQtChartMouseBoxUsed to draw a mouse box that can be used for zooming or selection
vtkQtChartMouseFunctionBase class for all chart mouse functions
vtkQtChartMousePanPans the contents in response to mouse events
vtkQtChartMouseSelectionUsed to select chart elements based on the current selection mode
vtkQtChartMouseSelectionHandlerBase class for all selection handlers
vtkQtChartMouseZoomZooms the contents in response to mouse events
vtkQtChartMouseZoomBoxZooms the contents to a rectangle
vtkQtChartMouseZoomXZooms the contents in the x-direction
vtkQtChartMouseZoomYZooms the contents in the y-direction
vtkQtChartPenGeneratorGenerates series pen options using a list of pens
vtkQtChartQuadDefines a quad used by the chart shape locator
vtkQtChartRepresentationA representation for displaying a vtkTable in a vtkQtChartView
vtkQtChartSceneUsed to draw the mouse box and make it possible for chart layers to clip correctly
vtkQtChartSeriesColorsUsed to color a chart series with multiple colors
vtkQtChartSeriesDomainUsed to associate the two domains for a series
vtkQtChartSeriesDomainGroupUsed to group together series with similar domains
vtkQtChartSeriesHueRangeUsed to color a chart series with a range of colors
vtkQtChartSeriesLayerBase class for chart layers that use the chart series model
vtkQtChartSeriesModelBase class for all chart series models
vtkQtChartSeriesModelCollectionUsed to combine chart series models
vtkQtChartSeriesModelRangeStores the series ranges for a series model
vtkQtChartSeriesOptionsStores the common series drawing options
vtkQtChartSeriesOptionsModelVtkQtChartSeriesOptionsModel is the base class for all chart series options models
vtkQtChartSeriesOptionsModelCollectionUsed to combine chart series options models
vtkQtChartSeriesSelectionUsed for series and point selection
vtkQtChartSeriesSelectionHandlerHandles mouse selection for chart series layers
vtkQtChartSeriesSelectionModelTies a series selection to a series model
vtkQtChartShapeBase class for shapes used in the chart shape locators
vtkQtChartShapeLocatorUsed to locate shapes in a tree structure
vtkQtChartShapeLocatorNodeUsed to build a tree of chart shapes
vtkQtChartStyleAxesCornerInterface for series axes corner options
vtkQtChartStyleBooleanInterface for series boolean options
vtkQtChartStyleBrushInterface for series brush options
vtkQtChartStyleManagerAllows several chart layers to share the same style generators
vtkQtChartStyleMarkerInterface for series marker style options
vtkQtChartStylePenInterface for series pen options
vtkQtChartStyleRegistryKeeps track of reserved style indexes
vtkQtChartStyleSeriesColorsInterface for multi-colored series options
vtkQtChartStyleSizeInterface for series size options
vtkQtChartTableSeriesModelChart series model proxy for a QAbstractItemModel table
vtkQtChartTitleUsed to draw a chart title
vtkQtChartViewWraps a vtkQtChartArea into a VTK view
vtkQtChartWidgetContainer for the chart widgets
vtkQtChartZoomHistoryStores a list of vtkQtChartZoomViewport objects
vtkQtChartZoomViewportStores the position and zoom factors for a viewport
vtkQtInitializationInitializes a Qt application
vtkQtLabelRenderStrategyRenders labels with Qt
vtkQtLineChartUsed to display a line chart
vtkQtLineChartOptionsStores the line chart options
vtkQtLineChartViewWraps a vtkQtChartArea into a VTK view
vtkQtListViewA VTK view based on a Qt List view
vtkQtPointMarkerUsed to draw a shape at a point
vtkQtRecordViewSuperclass for QAbstractItemView-based views
vtkQtRichTextViewSuperclass for QAbstractItemView-based views
vtkQtSeriesFilterLineEditUsed to filter series in a chart
vtkQtSQLDatabaseMaintains a connection to an sql database
vtkQtSQLQueryQuery class associated with vtkQtSQLDatabase
vtkQtStackedChartUsed to display a stacked chart
vtkQtStackedChartOptionsStores the stacked chart options
vtkQtStatisticalBoxChartUsed to display a statistical box chart
vtkQtStatisticalBoxChartOptionsStores the drawing options for a box chart
vtkQtTableModelAdapterAdapts a table to a Qt item model
vtkQtTableRepresentationSet up a vtkTable in a Qt model
vtkQtTableViewA VTK view based on a Qt Table view
vtkQtTimePointUtilityPerforms common time operations
vtkQtTreeModelAdapterAdapts a tree to a Qt item model
vtkQtTreeRingLabelMapperDraw text labels on a tree map
vtkQtTreeViewA VTK view based on a Qt tree view
vtkQtViewSuperclass for Qt widget-based views
vtkQtXMLProcessorProcesses data using XQuery or XSLT
vtkQuadCell that represents a 2D quadrilateral
vtkQuadraticEdgeCell represents a parabolic, isoparametric edge
vtkQuadraticHexahedronCell represents a parabolic, 20-node isoparametric hexahedron
vtkQuadraticLinearQuadCell represents a quadratic-linear, 6-node isoparametric quad
vtkQuadraticLinearWedgeCell represents a, 12-node isoparametric wedge
vtkQuadraticPyramidCell represents a parabolic, 13-node isoparametric pyramid
vtkQuadraticQuadCell represents a parabolic, 8-node isoparametric quad
vtkQuadraticTetraCell represents a parabolic, 10-node isoparametric tetrahedron
vtkQuadraticTriangleCell represents a parabolic, isoparametric triangle
vtkQuadraticWedgeCell represents a parabolic, 15-node isoparametric wedge
vtkQuadricEvaluate implicit quadric function
vtkQuadricClusteringReduce the number of triangles in a mesh
vtkQuadricDecimationReduce the number of triangles in a mesh
vtkQuadricLODActorSpecific level-of-detail strategy using the quadric clustering decimation algorithm
vtkQuantizePolyDataPointsQuantizes x,y,z coordinates of points
vtkQuaternionInterpolatorInterpolate a quaternion
vtkRAdapterThis is a utility class to convert VTK array data and VTK tables to and from Gnu R S expression (SEXP) data structures. It is used with the R .Call interface and the embedded R interpreter
vtkRandomAttributeGeneratorGenerate and create random data attributes
vtkRandomGraphSourceGraph with random edges
vtkRandomLayoutStrategyRandomly places vertices in 2 or 3 dimensions
vtkRandomSequenceSequence of random numbers
vtkRayCastImageDisplayHelperHelper class that draws the image to the screen
vtkRayCastStructuresStructure definitions for ray casting
vtkRearrangeFieldsMove/copy fields between field data, point data and cell data
vtkRect< T >
vtkRectangularButtonSourceCreate a rectangular button
vtkRectilinearGridDataset that is topologically regular with variable spacing in the three coordinate directions
vtkRectilinearGridAlgorithmSuperclass for algorithms that produce only rectilinear grid as output
vtkRectilinearGridClipReduces the image extent of the input
vtkRectilinearGridGeometryFilterExtract geometry for a rectilinear grid
vtkRectilinearGridOutlineFilterCreate wireframe outline for a rectilinear grid
vtkRectilinearGridReaderRead vtk rectilinear grid data file
vtkRectilinearGridSourceAbstract class whose subclasses generates rectilinear grid data
vtkRectilinearGridToPolyDataFilterAbstract filter class
vtkRectilinearGridToTetrahedraCreate a Tetrahedral mesh from a RectilinearGrid
vtkRectilinearGridWriterWrite vtk rectilinear grid data file
vtkRectilinearSynchronizedTemplatesGenerate isosurface from rectilinear grid
vtkRectilinearWipeRepresentationRepresent a vtkRectilinearWipeWidget
vtkRectilinearWipeWidgetInteractively control an instance of vtkImageRectilinearWipe filter
vtkRecursiveDividingCubesCreate points lying on isosurface (using recursive approach)
vtkRecursiveSphereDirectionEncoderA direction encoder based on the recursive subdivision of an octahedron
vtkReferenceCountObsolete / empty subclass of object
vtkReflectionFilterReflects a data set across a plane
vtkRegularPolygonSourceCreate a regular, n-sided polygon and/or polyline
vtkRemoveHiddenDataRemoves the rows/edges/vertices of input data flagged by ann
vtkRemoveIsolatedVerticesRemove vertices of a vtkGraph with degree zero
vtkRenderedAreaPickerUses graphics hardware to picks props behind a selection rectangle on a viewport
vtkRenderedSurfaceRepresentationDisplays a geometric dataset as a surface
vtkRendererAbstract specification for renderers
vtkRendererCollectionList of renderers
vtkRendererDelegateRender the props of a vtkRenderer
vtkRendererSourceTake a renderer into the pipeline
vtkRenderLargeImageUse tiling to generate a large rendering
vtkRenderPassPerform part of the rendering of a vtkRenderer
vtkRenderPassCollectionList of RenderPasses
vtkRenderStateContext in which a vtkRenderPass will render
vtkRenderViewA view containing a renderer
vtkRenderWindowCreate a window for renderers to draw into
vtkRenderWindowCollectionList of RenderWindows
vtkRenderWindowInteractorPlatform-independent render window interaction including picking and frame rate control
vtkRepresentationPainterPainter that handles representation
vtkReverseSenseReverse the ordering of polygonal cells and/or vertex normals
vtkRibbonFilterCreate oriented ribbons from lines defined in polygonal dataset
vtkRIBExporterExport a scene into RenderMan RIB format
vtkRIBLightRIP Light
vtkRIBPropertyRIP Property
vtkRISReaderReader for RIS files
vtkRotationalExtrusionFilterSweep polygonal data creating "skirt" from free edges and lines, and lines from vertices
vtkRotationFilterDuplicates a data set by rotation about an axis
vtkRowQueryAbstract interface for queries that return row-oriented results
vtkRowQueryToTableExecutes an sql query and retrieves results into a table
vtkRRandomTableSourceGenerates vtkTables with columns of random numbers using Gnu R
vtkRTAnalyticSourceCreate an image for regression testing
vtkRTXMLPolyDataReaderRead RealTime VTK XML PolyData files
vtkRuledSurfaceFilterGenerates a surface from a set of lines
vtkRungeKutta2Integrate an initial value problem using 2nd order Runge-Kutta method
vtkRungeKutta4Integrate an initial value problem using 4th order Runge-Kutta method
vtkRungeKutta45Integrate an initial value problem using 5th order Runge-Kutta method with adaptive stepsize control
vtkSampleFunctionSample an implicit function over a structured point set
vtkScalarBarActorCreate a scalar bar with labels
vtkScalarBarRepresentationRepresent scalar bar for vtkScalarBarWidget
vtkScalarBarWidget2D widget for manipulating a scalar bar
vtkScalarsToColorsSuperclass for mapping scalar values into colors
vtkScalarsToColorsPainterPainter that converts scalars to colors. It enable/disables coloring state depending on the ScalarMode
vtkScalarTreeOrganize data according to scalar values (used to accelerate contouring operations)
vtkScaleDimensionScales every element in an N-way array along one dimension
vtkScaledTextActorCreate text that will scale as needed
vtkScenePickerPicks an entire viewport at one shot
vtkSCurveSplineComputes an interpolating spline using a a SCurve basis
vtkSectorSourceCreate a sector of a disk
vtkSeedRepresentationRepresent the vtkSeedWidget
vtkSeedWidgetPlace multiple seed points
vtkSelectArraySlicesProduces a selection based on array slice values
vtkSelectEnclosedPointsMark points as to whether they are inside a closed surface
vtkSelectionA node in a selection tree. Used to store selection results
vtkSelectionAlgorithmSuperclass for algorithms that produce only Selection as output
vtkSelectionNodeA node in a selection tree. Used to store selection results
vtkSelectionSourceGenerate selection from given set of ids vtkSelectionSource generates a vtkSelection from a set of (piece id, cell id) pairs. It will only generate the selection values that match UPDATE_PIECE_NUMBER (i.e. piece == UPDATE_PIECE_NUMBER)
vtkSelectPolyDataSelect portion of polygonal mesh; generate selection scalars
vtkSelectVisiblePointsExtract points that are visible (based on z-buffer calculation)
vtkSequencePassExecute render passes sequentially
vtkServerSocketEncapsulate a socket that accepts connections
vtkSESAMEReaderRead SESAME files
vtkShader2GLSL Shader
vtkShader2CollectionList of Shader2 objects
vtkShaderCodeLibraryLibrary for Hardware Shaders
vtkShaderDeviceAdapterAdapter to pass generic vertex attributes to the rendering pipeline. .SECTION This class is an adapter used to pass generic vertex attributes to the rendering pipeline. Since this changes based on the shading language used, this class merely defines the API and subclasses provide implementations for Cg and GSince this changes based on the shading language used, this class merely defines the API and subclasses provide implementations for Cg and GLSL
vtkShaderProgram2GLSL Program
vtkShadowMapPassImplement a shadow mapping render pass
vtkShepardMethodSample unstructured points onto structured points using the method of Shepard
vtkShortArrayDynamic, self-adjusting array of short
vtkShrinkFilterShrink cells composing an arbitrary data set
vtkShrinkPolyDataShrink cells composing PolyData
vtkSignedCharArrayDynamic, self-adjusting array of signed char
vtkSimple2DLayoutStrategySimple 2D graph layout
vtkSimple3DCirclesStrategyPlaces vertices on circles in 3D
vtkSimpleCellTessellatorHelper class to perform cell tessellation
vtkSimpleElevationFilterGenerate scalars along a specified direction
vtkSimpleImageFilterExampleSimple example of an image-image filter
vtkSimpleImageToImageFilterGeneric image filter with one input
vtkSimplePointsReaderRead a list of points from a file
vtkSimpleScalarTreeOrganize data according to scalar values (used to accelerate contouring operations)
vtkSLCReaderRead an SLC volume file
vtkSliceAndDiceLayoutStrategyHorizontal and vertical slicing tree map layout
vtkSliceCubesGenerate isosurface(s) from volume four slices at a time
vtkSliderRepresentationAbstract class defines the representation for a vtkSliderWidget
vtkSliderRepresentation2DProvide the representation for a vtkSliderWidget with a 3D skin
vtkSliderRepresentation3DProvide the representation for a vtkSliderWidget with a 3D skin
vtkSliderWidgetSet a value by manipulating a slider
vtkSmartPointer< T >Hold a reference to a vtkObjectBase instance
vtkSmartPointerBaseNon-templated superclass for vtkSmartPointer
vtkSmoothErrorMetricObjects that compute geometry-based error during cell tessellation according to some max angle
vtkSmoothPolyDataFilterAdjust point positions using Laplacian smoothing
vtkSobelGradientMagnitudePassImplement a post-processing edge detection with a Sobel gradient magnitude render pass
vtkSocketBSD socket encapsulation
vtkSocketCollectionCollection for sockets
vtkSocketCommunicatorProcess communication using Sockets
vtkSocketControllerProcess communication using Sockets
vtkSortDataArrayProvides several methods for sorting vtk arrays
vtkSortFileNamesGroup and sort a set of filenames
vtkSourceAbstract class specifies interface for visualization network source
vtkSparseArray< T >Sparse, independent coordinate storage for N-way arrays
vtkSparseArrayToTableConverts a sparse array to a vtkTable
vtkSpatialRepresentationFilterGenerate polygonal model of spatial search object (i.e., a vtkLocator)
vtkSphereImplicit function for a sphere
vtkSphereHandleRepresentationA spherical rendition of point in 3D space
vtkSpherePuzzleCreate a polygonal sphere centered at the origin
vtkSpherePuzzleArrowsVisualize permutation of the sphere puzzle
vtkSphereRepresentationClass defining the representation for the vtkSphereWidget2
vtkSphereSourceCreate a polygonal sphere centered at the origin
vtkSphereWidget3D widget for manipulating a sphere
vtkSphereWidget23D widget for manipulating a point on a sphere
vtkSphericalDirectionEncoderA direction encoder based on spherical coordinates
vtkSphericalTransformSpherical to rectangular coords and back
vtkSpiderPlotActorCreate a spider plot from input field
vtkSplineSpline abstract class for interpolating splines
vtkSplineFilterGenerate uniformly subdivided polylines from a set of input polyline using a vtkSpline
vtkSplineGraphEdgesSubsample graph edges to make smooth curves
vtkSplineRepresentationVtkWidgetRepresentation for a spline
vtkSplineWidget3D widget for manipulating a spline
vtkSplineWidget2Widget for vtkSplineRepresentation
vtkSplitColumnComponentsSplit multicomponent table columns
vtkSplitFieldSplit a field into single component fields
vtkSQLDatabaseMaintain a connection to an sql database
vtkSQLDatabaseGraphSourceGenerates a vtkGraph based on an SQL query
vtkSQLDatabaseSchemaCreate a SQL database schema
vtkSQLDatabaseTableSourceGenerates a vtkTable based on an SQL query
vtkSQLGraphReaderRead a vtkGraph from a database
vtkSQLiteDatabaseMaintain a connection to an SQLite database
vtkSQLiteQueryVtkSQLQuery implementation for SQLite databases
vtkSQLQueryExecutes an sql query and retrieves results
vtkSquarifyLayoutStrategyUses the squarify tree map layout algorithm
vtkStackedTreeLayoutStrategyLays out tree in stacked boxes or rings
vtkStandardPolyDataPainterA standard implementation of vtkPolyDataPainter
vtkStatisticsAlgorithmBase class for statistics algorithms
vtkStdStringWrapper around vtkstd::string to keep symbols short
vtkSTLReaderRead ASCII or binary stereo lithography files
vtkSTLWriterWrite stereo lithography files
vtkStrahlerMetricCompute Strahler metric for a tree
vtkStreamerAbstract object implements integration of massless particle through vector field
vtkStreamGraphCombines two graphs
vtkStreamingDemandDrivenPipelineExecutive supporting partial updates
vtkStreamingTessellatorAn algorithm that refines an initial simplicial tessellation using edge subdivision
vtkStreamLineGenerate streamline in arbitrary dataset
vtkStreamPointsGenerate points along streamer separated by constant time increment
vtkStreamTracerStreamline generator
vtkStringArraySubclass of vtkAbstractArray that holds vtkStdStrings
vtkStringToCategoryCreates a category array from a string array
vtkStringToNumericConverts string arrays to numeric arrays
vtkStringToTimePointConverts a string array to a integral time array
vtkStripperCreate triangle strips and/or poly-lines
vtkStructuredDataAbstract class for topologically regular data
vtkStructuredExtentHelper class to aid working with structured extents
vtkStructuredGridTopologically regular array of data
vtkStructuredGridAlgorithmSuperclass for algorithms that produce only structured grid as output
vtkStructuredGridClipReduces the image extent of the input
vtkStructuredGridGeometryFilterExtract geometry for structured grid
vtkStructuredGridOutlineFilterCreate wireframe outline for structured grid
vtkStructuredGridReaderRead vtk structured grid data file
vtkStructuredGridSourceAbstract class whose subclasses generates structured grid data
vtkStructuredGridToPolyDataFilterAbstract filter class
vtkStructuredGridToStructuredGridFilterAbstract filter class
vtkStructuredGridWriterWrite vtk structured grid data file
vtkStructuredPointsA subclass of ImageData
vtkStructuredPointsCollectionMaintain a list of structured points data objects
vtkStructuredPointsGeometryFilterObsolete class
vtkStructuredPointsReaderRead vtk structured points data file
vtkStructuredPointsSourceAbstract class whose subclasses generates structured Points data
vtkStructuredPointsToPolyDataFilterAbstract filter class
vtkStructuredPointsToStructuredPointsFilterAbstract filter class
vtkStructuredPointsToUnstructuredGridFilterAbstract filter class
vtkStructuredPointsWriterWrite vtk structured points data file
vtkStructuredVisibilityConstraintHelper object to manage the visibility of points and cells
vtkSubCommunicatorProvides communication on a process group
vtkSubdivideTetraSubdivide one tetrahedron into twelve for every tetra
vtkSubGroupScalable collective communication for a subset of members of a parallel VTK application
vtkSubPixelPositionEdgelsAdjust edgel locations based on gradients
vtkSuperquadricImplicit function for a Superquadric
vtkSuperquadricSourceCreate a polygonal superquadric centered at the origin
vtkSurfaceLICDefaultPainterVtkDefaultPainter replacement that inserts the vtkSurfaceLICPainter at the correct position in the painter chain
vtkSurfaceLICPainterPainter that performs LIC on the surface of arbitrary geometry
vtkSurfaceReconstructionFilterReconstructs a surface from unorganized points
vtkSynchronizedTemplates2DGenerate isoline(s) from a structured points set
vtkSynchronizedTemplates3DGenerate isosurface from structured points
vtkSynchronizedTemplatesCutter3DGenerate cut surface from structured points
vtkSystemIncludesTransition VTK to ANSI C++, centralize inclusion of system files
vtkTableA table, which contains similar-typed columns of data
vtkTableAlgorithmSuperclass for algorithms that produce only vtkTables as output
vtkTableBasedClipDataSetClip any dataset with a user-specified implicit function or an input scalar point data array
vtkTableExtentTranslatorExtent translation through lookup table
vtkTableReaderRead vtkTable data file
vtkTableToArrayConverts a vtkTable to a matrix
vtkTableToGraphConvert a vtkTable into a vtkGraph
vtkTableToPolyDataFilter used to convert a vtkTable to a vtkPolyData consisting of vertices
vtkTableToSparseArrayConverts a vtkTable into a sparse array
vtkTableToStructuredGridConverts vtkTable to a vtkStructuredGrid
vtkTableToTreeFilterFilter that converts a vtkTable to a vtkTree
vtkTableWriterWrite vtkTable to a file
vtkTDxDeviceAPI to access a 3DConnexion input device
vtkTDxInteractorStyleProvide 3DConnexion device event-driven interface to the rendering window
vtkTDxInteractorStyleCameraInteractive manipulation of the camera with a 3DConnexion device
vtkTDxInteractorStyleSettings3DConnexion device settings
vtkTDxMacDeviceImplementation of vtkTDxDevice on Mac
vtkTDxMotionEventInfoStore motion information from a 3DConnexion input device
vtkTDxUnixDeviceImplementation of vtkTDxDevice on Unix
vtkTDxWinDeviceImplementation of vtkTDxDevice on Windows
vtkTecplotReaderA concrete class to read an ASCII Tecplot file
vtkTemplateAliasMacroDispatch a scalar processing template
vtkTemporalDataSetComposite dataset that holds multiple times
vtkTemporalDataSetAlgorithmSuperclass for algorithms that produce only vtkTemporalDataSet as output
vtkTemporalDataSetCacheCache time steps
vtkTemporalFractalA source to test AMR data object
vtkTemporalInterpolatedVelocityFieldA helper class for interpolating between times during particle tracing
vtkTemporalInterpolatorInterpolate datasets between time steps to produce a new dataset
vtkTemporalPathLineFilterGenerate a Polydata Pointset from any Dataset
vtkTemporalShiftScaleModify the time range/steps of temporal data
vtkTemporalSnapToTimeStepModify the time range/steps of temporal data
vtkTemporalStatisticsCompute statistics of point or cell data as it changes over time
vtkTemporalStreamTracerA Parallel Particle tracer for unsteady vector fields
vtkTensorSupporting class to enable assignment and referencing of tensors
vtkTensorGlyphScale and orient glyph(s) according to tensor eigenvalues and eigenvectors
vtkTensorProbeRepresentationAbstract class that serves as a representation for vtkTensorProbeWidget
vtkTensorProbeWidgetWidget to probe tensors on a polyline
vtkTerrainContourLineInterpolatorContour interpolator for DEM data
vtkTerrainDataPointPlacerPlace points on terrain data
vtkTessellatedBoxSourceCreate a polygonal representation of a box with a given level of subdivision
vtkTessellatorFilterApproximate nonlinear FEM elements with simplices
vtkTestingUnified VTK regression testing framework
vtkTestingObjectFactoryObject overrides used during testing
vtkTetra3D cell that represents a tetrahedron
vtkTextActorAn actor that displays text. Scaled or unscaled
vtkTextActor3DAn actor that displays text
vtkTextExtractionExtracts text from documents based on their MIME type
vtkTextExtractionStrategyAbstract interface for an object that can extract tagged text from a resource
vtkTextMapper2D text annotation
vtkTextPropertyRepresent text properties
vtkTextRepresentationRepresent text for vtkTextWidget
vtkTextSourceCreate polygonal text
vtkTextureHandles properties associated with a texture map
vtkTexturedActor2DActor that draws 2D data with texture support
vtkTexturedSphereSourceCreate a sphere centered at the origin
vtkTextureMapToCylinderGenerate texture coordinates by mapping points to cylinder
vtkTextureMapToPlaneGenerate texture coordinates by mapping points to plane
vtkTextureMapToSphereGenerate texture coordinates by mapping points to sphere
vtkTextureObjectAbstracts an OpenGL texture object
vtkTextureUnitManagerAllocate/free texture units
vtkTextWidgetWidget for placing text on overlay plane
vtkThinPlateSplineTransformNonlinear warp transformation
vtkThreadedImageAlgorithmGeneric filter that has one input.
vtkThreadedStreamingPipelineExecutive supporting multi-threads
vtkThreadMessagerA class for performing inter-thread messaging
vtkThresholdExtracts cells where scalar value in cell satisfies threshold criterion
vtkThresholdPointsExtracts points whose scalar value satisfies threshold criterion
vtkThresholdTableThresholds table rows
vtkThresholdTextureCoordsCompute 1D, 2D, or 3D texture coordinates based on scalar threshold
vtkTIFFReaderRead TIFF files
vtkTIFFWriterWrite out image data as a TIFF file
vtkTimePointToStringConverts a timestamp array to a string array
vtkTimePointUtilityPerforms common time operations
vtkTimerLogTimer support and logging
vtkTimeSourceCreates a simple time varying data set
vtkTimeStampRecord modification and/or execution time
vtkTkImageViewerWidgetTk Widget for viewing vtk images
vtkTkRenderWidgetTk Widget for vtk renderering
vtkTokenizerConverts a document collection into a term collection
vtkTokenLengthFilterFilters tokens based on their length (number of characters)
vtkTokenValueFilterFilters tokens based on their value
vtkTooltipItemTakes care of drawing 2D axes
vtkTransferAttributesTransfer data from a graph representation to a tree representation using direct mapping or pedigree ids
vtkTransformDescribes linear transformations via a 4x4 matrix
vtkTransform2DDescribes linear transformations via a 3x3 matrix
vtkTransformCollectionMaintain a list of transforms
vtkTransformCoordinateSystemsTransform points into different coordinate systems
vtkTransformFilterTransform points and associated normals and vectors
vtkTransformInterpolatorInterpolate a series of transformation matrices
vtkTransformPolyDataFilterTransform points and associated normals and vectors for polygonal dataset
vtkTransformTextureCoordsTransform (scale, rotate, translate) texture coordinates
vtkTransformToGridCreate a grid for a vtkGridTransform
vtkTranslucentPassRender the translucent polygonal geometry with property key filtering
vtkTransmitImageDataPieceFor parallel processing, restrict IO to the first process in the cluste.r
vtkTransmitPolyDataPieceReturn specified piece, including specified number of ghost levels
vtkTransmitRectilinearGridPieceFor parallel processing, restrict IO to the first process in the cluster
vtkTransmitStructuredGridPieceFor parallel processing, restrict IO to the first process in the cluster
vtkTransmitUnstructuredGridPieceReturn specified piece, including specified number of ghost levels
vtkTransposeMatrixComputes the transpose of an input matrix
vtkTreeA rooted tree data structure
vtkTreeAlgorithmSuperclass for algorithms that produce only Tree as output
vtkTreeAreaViewAccepts a graph and a hierarchy - currently a tree - and provides a hierarchy-aware display. Currently, this means displaying the hierarchy using a tree ring layout, then rendering the graph vertices as leaves of the tree with curved graph edges between leaves
vtkTreeCompositerImplements tree based compositing
vtkTreeDFSIteratorDepth first seedgeh iterator through a vtkGraph
vtkTreeFieldAggregatorAggregate field values from the leaves up the tree
vtkTreeLayoutStrategyHierarchical layout
vtkTreeLevelsFilterAdds level and leaf fields to a vtkTree
vtkTreeMapLayoutLayout a vtkTree into a tree map
vtkTreeMapLayoutStrategyAbstract superclass for all tree map layout strategies
vtkTreeMapToPolyDataConverts a tree to a polygonal data representing a tree map
vtkTreeMapViewDisplays a tree as a tree map
vtkTreeOrbitLayoutStrategyHierarchical orbital layout
vtkTreeReaderRead vtkTree data file
vtkTreeRingToPolyDataConverts a tree to a polygonal data representing radial space filling tree
vtkTreeRingViewDisplays a tree in concentric rings
vtkTreeWriterWrite vtkTree data to a file
vtkTriangleCell that represents a triangle
vtkTriangleFilterCreate triangle polygons from input polygons and triangle strips
vtkTriangleStripCell that represents a triangle strip
vtkTriangularTCoords2D texture coordinates based for triangles
vtkTriangularTextureGenerate 2D triangular texture map
vtkTriQuadraticHexahedronCell represents a parabolic, 27-node isoparametric hexahedron
vtkTrivialProducerProducer for stand-alone data objects
vtkTryDowncastHelper< TargetT, FunctorT >
vtkTryDowncastHelper1< TargetT, FunctorT, Arg1T >
vtkTStripsPainterPainter for triangle strips
vtkTubeFilterFilter that generates tubes around lines
vtkTulipReaderReads tulip graph files
vtkTupleInterpolatorInterpolate a tuple of arbitray size
vtkTypedArray< T >Provides a type-specific interface to N-way arrays
vtkTypeTemplate< ThisT, BaseT >Provides the equivalent of vtkTypeMacro for use with template classes
vtkTypeTraitsTemplate defining traits of native types used by VTK
vtkUGFacetReaderRead EDS Unigraphics facet files
vtkUncertaintyTubeFilterGenerate uncertainty tubes along a polyline
vtkUndirectedGraphAn undirected graph
vtkUndirectedGraphAlgorithmSuperclass for algorithms that produce undirected graph as output
vtkUnicodeStringString class that stores Unicode text
vtkUnicodeStringArraySubclass of vtkAbstractArray that holds vtkUnicodeStrings
vtkUniformGridImage data with blanking
vtkUniformVariablesGLSL uniform variables
vtkUnityMatrixWeightingTerm weight strategy where every term has weight 1
vtkUnivariateStatisticsBase class for univariate statistics algorithms
vtkUnsigned__Int64ArrayDynamic, self-adjusting array of unsigned __int64
vtkUnsignedCharArrayDynamic, self-adjusting array of unsigned char
vtkUnsignedIntArrayDynamic, self-adjusting array of unsigned int
vtkUnsignedLongArrayDynamic, self-adjusting array of unsigned long
vtkUnsignedLongLongArrayDynamic, self-adjusting array of unsigned long long
vtkUnsignedShortArrayDynamic, self-adjusting array of unsigned short
vtkUnstructuredGridDataset represents arbitrary combinations of all possible cell types
vtkUnstructuredGridAlgorithmSuperclass for algorithms that produce only unstructured grid as output
vtkUnstructuredGridBunykRayCastFunctionSuperclass for ray casting functions
vtkUnstructuredGridGeometryFilterExtract geometry from an unstructured grid
vtkUnstructuredGridHomogeneousRayIntegratorPerforms peicewise constant ray integration
vtkUnstructuredGridLinearRayIntegratorPerforms piecewise linear ray integration
vtkUnstructuredGridPartialPreIntegrationPerforms piecewise linear ray integration
vtkUnstructuredGridPreIntegrationPerforms ray integration with pre-integration tables
vtkUnstructuredGridReaderRead vtk unstructured grid data file
vtkUnstructuredGridSourceAbstract class whose subclasses generate unstructured grid data
vtkUnstructuredGridToPolyDataFilterAbstract filter class
vtkUnstructuredGridToUnstructuredGridFilterAbstract filter class
vtkUnstructuredGridVolumeMapperAbstract class for a unstructured grid volume mapper
vtkUnstructuredGridVolumeRayCastFunctionSuperclass for ray casting functions
vtkUnstructuredGridVolumeRayCastMapperA software mapper for unstructured volumes
vtkUnstructuredGridVolumeRayIntegratorSuperclass for volume ray integration functions
vtkUnstructuredGridVolumeZSweepMapperUnstructured grid volume mapper based the ZSweep Algorithm
vtkUnstructuredGridWriterWrite vtk unstructured grid data file
vtkVariantA atomic type representing the union of many types
vtkVariantArrayAn array holding vtkVariants
vtkVariantBoostSerializationSerialization support for vtkVariant and vtkVariantArray using the Boost.Serialization library
vtkVector< T, Size >Templated base type for storage of vectors
vtkVector2< T >
vtkVector3< T >
vtkVectorDotGenerate scalars from dot product of vectors and normals (e.g., show displacement plot)
vtkVectorNormGenerate scalars from Euclidean norm of vectors
vtkVectorTextCreate polygonal text
vtkVersionVersioning class for vtk
vtkVertexCell that represents a 3D point
vtkVertexDegreeAdds an attribute array with the degree of each vertex
vtkVertexGlyphFilterMake a vtkPolyData with a vertex on each point
vtkVertexListIteratorIterates all vertices in a graph
vtkVideoSourceSuperclass of video input devices for VTK
vtkViewThe superclass for all views
vtkViewDependentErrorMetricObjects that compute a screen-based error during cell tessellation
vtkViewportAbstract specification for Viewports
vtkViewThemeSets theme colors for a graphical view
vtkViewUpdaterUpdates views automatically
vtkVisibilitySortAbstract class that can sort cell data along a viewpoint
vtkVisibleCellSelectorA helper that orchestrates color buffer visible cell selection. This is deprecated. Refer to vtkHardwareSelector instead
vtkVoidArrayDynamic, self-adjusting array of void* pointers
vtkVolumeVolume (data & properties) in a rendered scene
vtkVolume16ReaderRead 16 bit image files
vtkVolumeCollectionList of volumes
vtkVolumeMapperAbstract class for a volume mapper
vtkVolumeOutlineSourceOutline of volume cropping region
vtkVolumePickerRay-cast picker enhanced for volumes
vtkVolumeProMapperSuperclass for VolumePRO volume rendering mappers
vtkVolumePropertyCommon properties for rendering a volume
vtkVolumeProVP1000MapperSuperclass for VP1000 board
vtkVolumeRayCastCompositeFunctionRay function for compositing
vtkVolumeRayCastFunctionSuperclass for ray casting functions
vtkVolumeRayCastIsosurfaceFunctionAn isosurface ray caster for volumes
vtkVolumeRayCastMapperA slow but accurate mapper for rendering volumes
vtkVolumeRayCastMIPFunctionA maximum intensity projection ray caster for volumes
vtkVolumeReaderRead image files
vtkVolumeTextureMapperAbstract class for a volume mapper
vtkVolumeTextureMapper2DAbstract class for a volume mapper
vtkVolumeTextureMapper3DVolume render with 3D texture mapping
vtkVolumetricPassRender the volumetric geometry with property key filtering
vtkVoxelCell that represents a 3D orthogonal parallelepiped
vtkVoxelContoursToSurfaceFilterCreate surface from contours
vtkVoxelModellerConvert an arbitrary dataset to a voxel representation
vtkVPICReaderClass for reading VPIC data files
vtkVRMLExporterExport a scene into VRML 2.0 format
vtkVRMLImporterImports VRML 2.0 files
vtkWarpLensDeform geometry by applying lens distortion
vtkWarpScalarDeform geometry with scalar data
vtkWarpToDeform geometry by warping towards a point
vtkWarpTransformSuperclass for nonlinear geometric transformations
vtkWarpVectorDeform geometry with vector data
vtkWeakPointer< T >Weak reference to a vtkObject
vtkWeakPointerBaseNon-templated superclass for vtkWeakPointer
vtkWedge3D cell that represents a linear wedge
vtkWeightedTransformFilterTransform based on per-point or per-cell weighting functions
vtkWidgetCallbackMapperMap widget events into callbacks
vtkWidgetEventDefine widget events
vtkWidgetEventTranslatorMap VTK events into widget events
vtkWidgetRepresentationAbstract class defines interface between the widget and widget representation classes
vtkWidgetSetSynchronize a collection on vtkWidgets drawn on different renderwindows using the Callback - Dispatch Action mechanism
vtkWin32HeaderManage Windows system differences
vtkWin32OpenGLRenderWindowOpenGL rendering window
vtkWin32OutputWindowWin32 Specific output window class
vtkWin32ProcessOutputWindowWin32-specific output window class
vtkWin32RenderWindowInteractorImplements Win32 specific functions required by vtkRenderWindowInteractor
vtkWin32VideoSourceVideo-for-Windows video digitizer
vtkWinCEOpenGLRenderWindowOpenGL rendering window
vtkWindBladeReaderClass for reading WindBlade data files
vtkWindowWindow superclass for vtkRenderWindow
vtkWindowedSincPolyDataFilterAdjust point positions using a windowed sinc function interpolation kernel
vtkWindowLevelLookupTableMap scalar values into colors or colors to scalars; generate color table
vtkWindowToImageFilterUse a vtkWindow as input to image pipeline
vtkWorldPointPickerFind world x,y,z corresponding to display x,y,z
vtkWriterAbstract class to write data to file(s)
vtkX3DExporterCreate an x3d file
vtkX3DExporterJavaHelperCreate an x3d file
vtkX3DExporterWriterX3D Exporter Writer
vtkX3DExporterXMLWriterX3D Exporter XML Writer
vtkXGMLReaderReads XGML graph files. This reader is developed for a simple graph file format based loosely on the "GML" notation. This implementation is based heavily on the vtkTulipReader class that forms part of the Titan toolkit
vtkXGPUInfoListGet GPUs VRAM information using X server extensions
vtkXMesaRenderWindowMesa rendering window
vtkXMLCompositeDataReaderReader for multi-group datasets
vtkXMLCompositeDataWriterWriter for multi-group datasets
vtkXMLDataElementRepresents an XML element and those nested inside
vtkXMLDataParserUsed by vtkXMLReader to parse VTK XML files
vtkXMLDataReaderSuperclass for VTK XML file readers
vtkXMLDataSetWriterWrite any type of VTK XML file
vtkXMLFileOutputWindowXML File Specific output window class
vtkXMLFileReadTesterUtility class for vtkXMLReader and subclasses
vtkXMLHierarchicalBoxDataReaderReader for hierarchical datasets
vtkXMLHierarchicalBoxDataWriterWriter for vtkHierarchicalBoxDataSet
vtkXMLHierarchicalDataReaderReader for hierarchical datasets
vtkXMLHyperOctreeReaderRead VTK XML HyperOctree files
vtkXMLHyperOctreeWriterWrite VTK XML HyperOctree files
vtkXMLImageDataReaderRead VTK XML ImageData files
vtkXMLImageDataWriterWrite VTK XML ImageData files
vtkXMLMaterialEncapsulates a VTK Material description
vtkXMLMaterialParserParses VTK Material file
vtkXMLMaterialReaderProvide access to elements in Material files
vtkXMLMultiBlockDataReaderReader for multi-block datasets
vtkXMLMultiBlockDataWriterWriter for vtkMultiBlockDataSet
vtkXMLMultiGroupDataReaderReader for multi-block datasets
vtkXMLParserParse XML to handle element tags and attributes
vtkXMLPDataReaderSuperclass for PVTK XML file readers
vtkXMLPDataSetWriterWrite any type of PVTK XML file
vtkXMLPDataWriterWrite data in a parallel XML format
vtkXMLPHierarchicalBoxDataWriterParallel writer for vtkHierarchicalBoxDataSet
vtkXMLPImageDataReaderRead PVTK XML ImageData files
vtkXMLPImageDataWriterWrite PVTK XML ImageData files
vtkXMLPMultiBlockDataWriterParallel writer for vtkHierarchicalBoxDataSet
vtkXMLPolyDataReaderRead VTK XML PolyData files
vtkXMLPolyDataWriterWrite VTK XML PolyData files
vtkXMLPPolyDataReaderRead PVTK XML PolyData files
vtkXMLPPolyDataWriterWrite PVTK XML PolyData files
vtkXMLPRectilinearGridReaderRead PVTK XML RectilinearGrid files
vtkXMLPRectilinearGridWriterWrite PVTK XML RectilinearGrid files
vtkXMLPStructuredDataReaderSuperclass for parallel structured data XML readers
vtkXMLPStructuredDataWriterSuperclass for PVTK XML structured data writers
vtkXMLPStructuredGridReaderRead PVTK XML StructuredGrid files
vtkXMLPStructuredGridWriterWrite PVTK XML StructuredGrid files
vtkXMLPUnstructuredDataReaderSuperclass for parallel unstructured data XML readers
vtkXMLPUnstructuredDataWriterSuperclass for PVTK XML unstructured data writers
vtkXMLPUnstructuredGridReaderRead PVTK XML UnstructuredGrid files
vtkXMLPUnstructuredGridWriterWrite PVTK XML UnstructuredGrid files
vtkXMLReaderSuperclass for VTK's XML format readers
vtkXMLRectilinearGridReaderRead VTK XML RectilinearGrid files
vtkXMLRectilinearGridWriterWrite VTK XML RectilinearGrid files
vtkXMLShaderEncapsulates a Shader XML description
vtkXMLStructuredDataReaderSuperclass for structured data XML readers
vtkXMLStructuredDataWriterSuperclass for VTK XML structured data writers
vtkXMLStructuredGridReaderRead VTK XML StructuredGrid files
vtkXMLStructuredGridWriterWrite VTK XML StructuredGrid files
vtkXMLTreeReaderReads an XML file into a vtkTree
vtkXMLUnstructuredDataReaderSuperclass for unstructured data XML readers
vtkXMLUnstructuredDataWriterSuperclass for VTK XML unstructured data writers
vtkXMLUnstructuredGridReaderRead VTK XML UnstructuredGrid files
vtkXMLUnstructuredGridWriterWrite VTK XML UnstructuredGrid files
vtkXMLUtilitiesXML utilities
vtkXMLWriterSuperclass for VTK's XML file writers
vtkXOpenGLRenderWindowOpenGL rendering window
vtkXRenderWindowInteractorX event driven interface for a RenderWindow
vtkXRenderWindowTclInteractorTCL event driven interface for a RenderWindow
vtkXYPlotActorGenerate an x-y plot from input dataset(s) or field data
vtkXYPlotWidget2D widget for manipulating a XY plot
vtkXYZMolReaderRead Molecular Data files
vtkYoungsMaterialInterfaceReconstructs material interfaces
vtkZLibDataCompressorData compression using zlib

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