VTK  9.0.20200710
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UnstructuredGhostZonesCommon.h File Reference
#include "vtkMPIUtilities.h"
#include "vtkMathUtilities.h"
#include <cmath>
#include <iomanip>
#include <sstream>
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struct  global


int CheckGrid (vtkUnstructuredGrid *ghostGrid, const int iteration)
void UpdateGrid (const int iteration)
void SetXYZCellField ()
void SetXYZNodeField ()
void WriteDataSet (vtkUnstructuredGrid *grid, const std::string &file)
void GetPoint (const int i, const int j, const int k, double pnt[3])
void GenerateDataSet ()

Function Documentation

◆ CheckGrid()

int CheckGrid ( vtkUnstructuredGrid ghostGrid,
const int  iteration 

◆ UpdateGrid()

void UpdateGrid ( const int  iteration)

◆ SetXYZCellField()

void SetXYZCellField ( )

◆ SetXYZNodeField()

void SetXYZNodeField ( )

◆ WriteDataSet()

void WriteDataSet ( vtkUnstructuredGrid grid,
const std::string &  file 

◆ GetPoint()

void GetPoint ( const int  i,
const int  j,
const int  k,
double  pnt[3] 

◆ GenerateDataSet()

void GenerateDataSet ( )