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vtkArrayListTemplate Class Reference

thread-safe and efficient data attribute processing More...

#include <vtkArrayListTemplate.h>

Detailed Description

thread-safe and efficient data attribute processing

vtkArrayListTemplate supplements the vtkDataSetAttributes class to provide threaded processing of data arrays. It is also more efficient for certain interpolation operations. The expectation is that it will be replaced one day once vtkPointData, vtkCellData, vtkDataSetAttributes, and vtkFieldData properly support multithreading and/or are redesigned. Note that this implementation does not support incremental operations (like InsertNext()).

Generally the way this helper class is used is to first invoke vtkDataSetAttributes::CopyInterpolate() or InterpolateAllocate() which performs the initial magic of constructing input and output arrays. Then the input attributes, and output attributes, are passed to initialize the internal structures via the AddArrays() method. Essentially these internal structures are templated pairs of arrays of the same type, which can be efficiently accessed and assigned. The operations on these array pairs (e.g., interpolation) occur using a typeless, virtual dispatch base class.

vtkDataSetAttributes is not in general thread safe due to the use of its vtkFieldData::BasicIterator RequiredArrays data member. This class augments vtkDataSetAttributes for thread safety.
See also
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