vtkFixedSizeHandleRepresentation Class Reference

A marker that has the same size in pixels. More...

#include <vtkFixedSizeHandleRepresentation3D.h>

Detailed Description

A marker that has the same size in pixels.

This class is a concrete implementation of vtkHandleRepresentation. It is meant to be used as a representation for vtkHandleWidget. Unlike the other representations, this can maintain a constant size in pixels, regardless of the camera zoom parameters. The size in pixels may be set via SetHandleSizeInPixels. This representation renders the markers as spherical blobs in 3D space with the width as specified above, defaults to 10 pixels. The handles will have the same size in pixels, give or take a certain tolerance, as specified by SetHandleSizeToleranceInPixels. The tolerance defaults to half a pixel. PointPlacers may be used to specify constraints on the placement of markers. For instance a vtkPolygonalSurfacePointPlacer will constrain placement of these spherical handles to a surface mesh.

See also
vtkHandleRepresentation vtkHandleWidget

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