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vtkPolyhedronUtilities Class Reference

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#include <vtkPolyhedronUtilities.h>

Public Member Functions

 vtkPolyhedronUtilities (vtkPolyhedronUtilities const &)=default
vtkPolyhedronUtilitiesoperator= (vtkPolyhedronUtilities const &)=default

Static Public Member Functions

static vtkSmartPointer< vtkUnstructuredGridDecompose (vtkPolyhedron *polyhedron, vtkPointData *inPd, vtkIdType cellId, vtkCellData *inCd)
 Decompose the input polyhedron into tetrahedrons.

Detailed Description

vtkPolyhedron utilities

This class contains specific methods used to process vtkPolyhedron. These methods are intended to improve filters behavior over bad-shaped or degenerated polyhedrons (for example, non-planar ones).

See also
vtkPolyhedronUtilities (Tests)

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ vtkPolyhedronUtilities()

vtkPolyhedronUtilities::vtkPolyhedronUtilities ( vtkPolyhedronUtilities const &  )

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator=()

vtkPolyhedronUtilities & vtkPolyhedronUtilities::operator= ( vtkPolyhedronUtilities const &  )

◆ Decompose()

static vtkSmartPointer< vtkUnstructuredGrid > vtkPolyhedronUtilities::Decompose ( vtkPolyhedron polyhedron,
vtkPointData inPd,
vtkIdType  cellId,
vtkCellData inCd 

Decompose the input polyhedron into tetrahedrons.

This method will generate new points on each faces (faces barycenters) and another that is the barycenter of the cell. These new points are used to create the tetrahedrons and will lead to better result when applying filters (for example contours) on the output if the input polyhedron contains concave faces. The user can give point data and cell data to be passed through the decomposition. The point data on the new points (barycenters) correspond to the mean value of the respective data on the faces points. The point data on the barycenter of the cell correspond to the mean value of the respective data on all points. The cell data at given cellId will simply be copied to each output tetrahedron.

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