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vtkTDxMotionEventInfo Class Reference

Store motion information from a 3DConnexion input device. More...

#include <vtkTDxMotionEventInfo.h>

Public Attributes

double X
 Translation coordinates. More...
double Y
double Z
double Angle
 Rotation angle. More...
double AxisX
 Rotation axis expressed as a unit vector. More...
double AxisY
double AxisZ

Detailed Description

Store motion information from a 3DConnexion input device.

vtkTDxMotionEventInfo is a data structure that stores the information about a motion event from a 3DConnexion input device.

See also

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Member Data Documentation

◆ X

double vtkTDxMotionEventInfo::X

Translation coordinates.

Definition at line 39 of file vtkTDxMotionEventInfo.h.

◆ Y

double vtkTDxMotionEventInfo::Y

Definition at line 40 of file vtkTDxMotionEventInfo.h.

◆ Z

double vtkTDxMotionEventInfo::Z

Definition at line 41 of file vtkTDxMotionEventInfo.h.

◆ Angle

double vtkTDxMotionEventInfo::Angle

Rotation angle.

The angle is in arbitrary unit. It makes sense to have arbitrary unit because the data comes from a device where the information can be scaled by the end-user.

Definition at line 52 of file vtkTDxMotionEventInfo.h.

◆ AxisX

double vtkTDxMotionEventInfo::AxisX

Rotation axis expressed as a unit vector.

Definition at line 58 of file vtkTDxMotionEventInfo.h.

◆ AxisY

double vtkTDxMotionEventInfo::AxisY

Definition at line 59 of file vtkTDxMotionEventInfo.h.

◆ AxisZ

double vtkTDxMotionEventInfo::AxisZ

Definition at line 60 of file vtkTDxMotionEventInfo.h.

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