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vtkTypeList Class Reference

TypeList implementation and utilities. More...

#include <vtkTypeList.h>

Public Types

template<typename... Ts>
using Create = typename vtkTypeList::detail::CreateImpl< Ts... >::type

Detailed Description

TypeList implementation and utilities.

vtkTypeList provides a way to collect a list of types using C++ templates. In VTK, this is used heavily by the vtkArrayDispatch system to instantiate templated code for specific array implementations. The book "Modern C++ Design: Generic Programming and Design Patterns Applied" by Andrei Alexandrescu provides additional details and applications for typeLists. This implementation is heavily influenced by the example code in the book.

Note that creating a typelist in C++ is simplified greatly by using the vtkTypeList::Create<T1, T2, ...> functions.

See also
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template<typename... Ts>
using vtkTypeList::Create = typename vtkTypeList::detail::CreateImpl<Ts...>::type

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