VTK  9.3.20240618
vtkVariantCast Class Reference

Converts a vtkVariant to some other type. More...

#include <vtkVariantCast.h>

Detailed Description

Converts a vtkVariant to some other type.

Wherever possible, implicit conversions are performed, so this method can be used to convert from nearly any type to a string, or from a string to nearly any type. Note that some conversions may fail at runtime, such as a conversion from the string "abc" to a numeric type.

The optional 'valid' flag can be used by callers to verify whether conversion succeeded.

Developed by Timothy M. Shead (tshea.nosp@m.d@sa.nosp@m.ndia..nosp@m.gov) at Sandia National Laboratories.
vtkVariantCast (Tests)

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