VTK  9.3.20240612
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vtx::VTXSchemaManager Class Reference

#include <VTXSchemaManager.h>

Public Member Functions

 VTXSchemaManager ()=default
 ~VTXSchemaManager ()=default
void Update (const std::string &streamName, size_t step=0, const std::string &schemaName="vtk.xml")
 Updates metadata if stream is changed.
void Fill (vtkMultiBlockDataSet *multiblock, size_t step=0)
 Fill multiblock data.

Public Attributes

double Time = 0.
 current time
size_t Step = 0
 current adios2 step
std::unique_ptr< VTXSchemaReader
 managed polymorphic reader, could be extended in a container

Detailed Description

Definition at line 28 of file VTXSchemaManager.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ VTXSchemaManager()

vtx::VTXSchemaManager::VTXSchemaManager ( )

◆ ~VTXSchemaManager()

vtx::VTXSchemaManager::~VTXSchemaManager ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Update()

void vtx::VTXSchemaManager::Update ( const std::string &  streamName,
size_t  step = 0,
const std::string &  schemaName = "vtk.xml" 

Updates metadata if stream is changed.

streamNameinput current stream name
stepinput current step
schemaNameschema name to look for either as attribute or separate file

◆ Fill()

void vtx::VTXSchemaManager::Fill ( vtkMultiBlockDataSet multiblock,
size_t  step = 0 

Fill multiblock data.

multiblockoutput structure to be filled by m_Reader
stepinput data for one step at a time

Member Data Documentation

◆ Time

double vtx::VTXSchemaManager::Time = 0.

current time

Definition at line 32 of file VTXSchemaManager.h.

◆ Step

size_t vtx::VTXSchemaManager::Step = 0

current adios2 step

Definition at line 34 of file VTXSchemaManager.h.

◆ Reader

std::unique_ptr<VTXSchema> vtx::VTXSchemaManager::Reader

managed polymorphic reader, could be extended in a container

Definition at line 37 of file VTXSchemaManager.h.

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